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Social 31 Drive local Business to your door and make real money! Be a part of the €4.8 Million drive to get Irish Businesses advertising online and utilising social media to maximise profits. After 20 years in hard copy publishing bringing over 52 independent publications to the Irish and international market, RD Marketing & Media are entering the next growth phase. COST: The total cost of this package including a Facebook management service is just €3.95 per week, and includes live customer care available within office hours.

Affordable & Flexible We want our existing clients and all Irish SME’s to benefit from this move and look at this expansion as an opportunity to share our skills with the business community. We have set our fees at rock bottom prices and expect to create a marketing relationship with your company that will set the industry standard. With this product, we are providing a service that is affordable, flexible and gives real return. We would like to help small and medium businesses to make real money. Our aim is to take every business online by 2017 by providing online advertisements from as little as €3.95 per week.

No Risks, No Contract, Leave at any time.

What have you got to lose? See how we can help you.

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We currently have 12 websites that are managed 24 hours a day, with up to 50 high traffic websites for our clients to choose from by December 2014. Here’s just a small sample of what we have to offer:

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If you do not already have an advert, our qualified designers and journalists with a combined experience of over 45 years, will design one for you for just €25.

You can alter your advertisement up to six times per year with each subsequent redesign costing only €10.

We provide a Facebook management service by a dedicated team who will ensure increased activity and likes on your page as well as guaranteeing to post a minimum of one status a week on your behalf.

If you have prizes you would like to provide, we can run competitions for you to increase your followers.

When you engage in our services we create an online presence that is guaranteed to make your business a household name and triple your revenue in just one year. We are seeing a fast growing trend in the correlation between social media and profits.

With such low subscriptions fees no business can afford to miss this opportunity.

Social network and online media gives a voice to your business. It is an efficient, cheap and effective way to build that trust, but you need a constant presence, which isn’t always possible when dealing with the core responsibilities of business.

Social media requires not only real time marketing and management but a 360 degree view of the marketplace. You might be a big company, small company, or an individual; regardless of the size of your business, social media platforms show your customers, both old and new, that you are invested in both your product and your service.

As part of this service you will receive one double page spread on our digital online magazine. You can also sign up for our monthly marketing magazine packed with real “no cost” or “low cost” methods of marketing your business.

We have the facilities to produce a YouTube video advert to further promote your business, linking back to your webpage for real connectivity.

Your advert will stay live on YouTube until it reaches one million hits. If you do not have a YouTube video then we can create one for you at trade prices.

If you do not already have a website one can be provided for you, to our high standards, for as little as


FAQ’S You may ask why we are charging so little for this service? We are trying to replicate our print clientele with a similar onlineclientele database and this is the ideal introduction to our products. We need to create a market for the 52 publications we intend to take online. We have massive cost savings by not printing 100’s of 000’s of paper magazines

We are able to sell a greener product for less. We have reduced distribution costs. We have reduced design costs. We are recreating a similar client database for RD Marketing.

Do low prices equal low quality service? No, during our 20 years in printed publication RD Marketing & Media have been working with qualified and experienced designers and journalists who have maintained an excellent standard of work, within our tight deadlines, to ensure timely delivery to our clients, along with a marketing team who strive to deliver customers straight to the door of your establishment. To prove this we are giving you the opportunity to try our service with no contract and a money back guarantee.

Will this be time consuming? You can have as much or as little input as you like. We listen to our clients and understand that they want their business to have a voice they can trust. Our team of designers, journalists, webmasters, marketing and admin staff will devote their time and efforts to presenting your business to the highest standard, with any changes you wish to make incorporated in a timely manner.

What is the IIPC? IIPC is a widely distributed, exclusive & branded loyalty card - produced in association with “Carry Out” off licenses offers real value reductions updated daily. It is only available online – updated regularly and available internationally.

What is the DPS Article? Double page spread Article. This is term given to the layout of the proposed article that our journalists would create around your business, your supplied images ( or our stock photography) and the positive attributes of your operation. It normally covers two facing pages in any of our digital magazines or newspapers. However if you wanted to alter the layout that would not be a problem. Usually there is a single page advert and a single page of editorial. This can be commissioned by us or it can be created by yourself. In print advertising, double-page spreads are very costly and are usually used only when the advertiser is making some special announcement, such as the introduction of a new product, or a new brand promotion...Remember that we include the price of the double page spread in your weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments. All our magazines are distributed on line using the latest in flip page technology.

How do I pay? There are several methods of payment with Laser card, Visa debit, Visa MasterCard credit cards as the most popular and convenient. We also accept PayPal payments (with a €1 surcharge to cover bank charges) or by standing order/direct debit....In the case of a standing order/direct debit the first payment must be paid by card and must be for at least an amount equal to two months subscription to cover the associated administrative costs. If you elect to pay by cheque then we will need a payment of six months in advance (your money back guarantee remains.).

What is SEO? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of driving the visibility of your website or your web page on our sites in a search engine’s unpaid results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and the more frequently a site appears in the search engines results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. To this effect we link all our clients’ sites with all of our own websites to ensure that you are driven to the top of the majority of search engine activities.

What other online services are included in my subscription? We will register all advertisers with Wikipedia - again driving them up the search engine rankings - along with registering you with Google Places and LinkedIn. This will maximise your visibility on line while our SEO experts will list our articles with links to your website or Facebook page to ensure your constant appearance in the best position possible online. We can also design websites, create Facebook pages, act as your PR agents, advertising agency and telemarketing services.

Contact Us RD Marketing & Media, Unit 1, Office 5, Airport Business Park, Waterford Rachel Sheehan: Operations Manager - Tel: 051-364267 • Mob: 0894375960

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Laura Warren: Senior Sales and Marketing Consultant Eamonn Carey: Content Creator

RD Marketing & Media, Unit 1, Office 5, Airport Business Park, Waterford Rachel Sheehan: Operations Manager - Tel:051-364267 • Mob:0894375960 Laura Warren: Senior Sales and Marketing Consultant Eamonn Carey: Content Creator

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All you need to know about the Social 31initiative and how it can get your business real cash spending customers