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Providing you a great selection of used Drilling, Lathe and Other machine in excellent condition

Now there is no need of investing lot of money in purchasing machinery because RD Machine trader bring you best price in the market. RD Machine trader is providing you used machinery in excellent condition. Machines will provide you the best quality and they are safe and durable like brand new machines. Used machines are properly analysed, tested and survey before being delivered. RD Trader deals with machines like Drilling, Lathe, Grinder, Surface Grinder and Shaper machines. Used Drilling machines and Lathe machines are available for sell and they have been tested by group engineers for achieving healthy customer satisfaction and good results. Different type of lathe machines available are CNC Lathe Machine, Multi Spindle Lathe Machine, Centre lathe Machine and Turret Lathe Machine and different type of drilling machines available are Upright Drilling machine, Multiple Spindle Drilling machine, Radial Arm Drilling machine and Micro Drilling machine. Buying a brand new machine will cost you more money and its output may be slightly different from the one we are offering you. Machines requires little attention and care for remaining new as it was. All the parts of the used machines which we are providing you are in an excellent condition and they are examined and tested for giving you the best output. Some of the machine are completely atomised (CNC Lathe Machine) which requires skilled workers. New machine will cost enormous high if second hand machines having excellent condition are available then you must go for it.