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A Comprehensive Guide on Different Features of Light Table


Introduction A Light table is an integral part of laboratory furniture. In fact, these are widely used for transferring images from one piece of paper to another. With help of a light table you can backlight your original image so that the layer of materials can be read through clearly. There are several factors that you should keep in mind before choosing a light table for your work environment. By selecting a good quality light table the inspection process can be enhanced. This furniture is used in so many industries. They can be used for making drafts, checking manufactured parts and also for displaying x-rays to a group of doctors.

The Different Types of Functionalities of Light Tables Light tables are available in different styles and sizes for meeting different kinds of requirements. Based on the size and the constructional design, this type of furniture can be used for multiple purposes like tracing an image from paper to watercolor a drawing or sketch. However, for this purpose you should make sure that this particular lab furniture is made of high-quality construction, and it must have light pressure tolerance. The light table can also be used for serving the larger needs like stained glass application, reviewing Mylar drawings, studying blueprints and many others. Thus, before selecting just any light table you should look for the following features: (Information Credit –


The size the backlit portion

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The source of light Angle of working area Height of working area The materials that are required to lighten the area

The Material Used For Constructing the Light Table: The glass used in light box is highly durable and it creates an extra protective layer on the surface. However, if you need to use anything heavier or you are required to apply pressure on the table then you should choose a material that is highly durable. Light tables are used by the stained glass artists for tracing and score shaping before snapping the glass. The process scoring requires pressure and broad expanse of glass is more susceptible and can be damaged easily. You can use heavy Plexiglas on the surface of the table for such application. The frame of the light table should be durable enough to support the glass and should be able to handle the pressure applied on it. Some important features that you should notice before buying a light table is to see whether it has tilting top, gaps for venting the heat, easy accessibility to replace the damaged bulbs. The Working Procedure: When you are going to buy a light table it is important to keep in mind your working procedure. For example, if you are architecture by profession then you required performing accurate drawings or Mylar and light table with tilted surface is excellent for this purpose. You can effectively perform the work by keeping the top angled then you won’t need to pile or load anything on top it. For those people who needs to work on flat surface, should choose a light table that are made of durable glass like Plexiglas.

The Source of Light: When you are going to buy a light table you should go for the light table that uses LED technology. It is widely popular as it offers intense light with very little heat buildup, under the glass. The application light table is large enough as they can easily use four for fluorescent tubes which are efficient source of light with low heat. Thus before buying any light table for sale you should consider the source of light very carefully. You should also look for the ventilation of the table and should consider the space that is also required for working in a convenient manner.


How You Can Improve Your Business with the Help of a Light Table Many light tables are portable because of their sturdy legs, some light tables are designed in a way that it can be easily tilted for easy reading. You can order light table according to your specific working demands. However, there are some important characteristics that you should look for before buying any light table. Some of the important characteristics are discussed below:

1. Base: You can buy a light table that can be rolled on the surface or can remain fixed depending on your work process and various types of methods. However, having a centrally located light table is considered as the best choice. This type of table can be moved easily. In fact high quality castors with locks can be moved easily and they can be easily relocated and can be easily fixed. 2. LED light: The light source of your table needs a power cord or you can also go for battery powered light table. The light should be cool to touch as the light source usually sits under the glass or Plexiglas panel and the employee’s work on the top or the surface. So it is important that the surface should be cool and comfortable for working. In case the employees are using x-rays or other film, then, it requires abundant light to be visible. For this purpose, clinical light will be more suitable. 3. Clean surface: It is important that the surface of the table should be clean for performing correct inspection. However, for this purpose Plexiglas surface cannot be used. 4. Work surface: It is important that the light table has durable work surface. You can install sides or trays on your light table for some extra convenience. If you need to move the light table with the parts on it then it is always advisable to go for the clear viewing surface that will help in reducing the risks like dropping or damaging the new parts. A high quality light table can serve various purpose like it can act as an inspection aid, as an extra x-ray viewing station or it can be used as a standing draft table or a display station. Thus, using a light table helps in your business growth by providing more accurate and easier display.


Conclusion Light tables are irreplaceable lab furniture because of its versatile use across the multiple fields. It is always advisable to buy a good quality light table as they serve variety of purposes like architecture and drafting, graphic design, clash detecting. They are also used in medical field.

A comprehensive guide on different features of light table  

A Light table is quite an important part of lab furniture. It is primarily used for transferring images from one piece of paper to another....

A comprehensive guide on different features of light table  

A Light table is quite an important part of lab furniture. It is primarily used for transferring images from one piece of paper to another....