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fter so many days of very warm temperature, it is good to feel the change in the weather. Autumn is on its way! The kids are back in school and we are putting away our summer attire and pulling out the heavier clothing. Autumn is also a time to renew the mind, body and soul. It gives us another opportunity to tell someone about the goodness of God. The North American Division Women’s Day theme, was “Our Testimonies: God’s Delight.” There are several meanings to this word “testimony.” For example, Webster defines it as “a public profession of a religious experience.” The word “testimony” also implies that somewhere along life’s journey, you have been tested or have gone through a most difficult time and God provided “a way of escape.” Because of this experience you now celebrate God’s deliverance from this trial. What a fitting way for us to tell our stories to each other. As women we often have something to tell. Why not tell about God’s goodness toward us? When we share our testimony, we are telling the world about an experience that only God could have orchestrated. The Bible is replete with stories of women’s testimonies that are uplifting and encouraging as in the story of the woman at the well. I will not retell the story here, but before she had a testimony, she

By Patricia Reed


allas and its surrounding cities are experiencing a health crisis in the form of West Nile. It seems as if every other day the news reports another case of West Nile, or unfortunately a death associated with the virus. I asked Dr. Andrea V. Brown for her take on this very important health issue and here are the facts: West Nile infection usually causes no symptoms. However, in rare cases, the disease can lead to permanent brain damage or death. Symptoms which include slight fever, headache or a rash, may occur 2-15 days after a person is bitten by an infected mosquito. At times, serious illness and even death

3rd Qtr

“In His Presence We Dwell in 2012”

met Jesus. He dealt with things she probably was not willing to face. He said to her “Go call thy husband…” Jesus is saying there are some things in you I want you to acknowledge. There are some things in you I want you to come face to face with. There are some things that are holding you back from the power I want to give you. Before God can bless, He has to purge us of wrong attitudes, wrong affections of the heart (because it controls your will), pride, fears, guilt and shame. Then and only then He can work. As a result, the woman at the well was now able to run into the city with her testimony saying, “Come see a man.” Her testimony was so powerful that almost the whole city came out to meet Jesus. Just think about that! Your testimony can have such an impact that the entire city of Dallas will want to know who Jesus is. The thing to remember is that these women in the Bible could not have had a testimony without a deep encounter with Jesus. The deeper the experience, the more profound our testimonies will be. As we continue throughout this year, may our testimonies take on a new dimension with God. May they continue to bless and inspire other. Yours for His service, Patricia Reed Editor

are possible when symptoms such as sudden severe headache, high fever, stiff neck, confusion, weakness, seizures, and coma occur. Of 150 persons infected with WNV, only one will become severely ill, with people over the age of 50 at greatest risk. The most efficient diagnostic test for WNV is a blood test collected within 8-14 days of the onset of the illness. However, prolonged waiting will make a definitive diagnosis much less likely. Unfortunately, no specific treatment is available for WNV infection. In severe cases, management consists of supportive care that often involves hospitalization, intravenous fluids, respiratory support and prevention of secondary infections. Prevention is the best way to avoid the disease by using DEET-infused mosquito repellant, covering arms and legs, and emptying standing water containers. Also, it is recommended that you stay indoors during dawn, dusk and early evening hours.

3rd Qtr

3rd Qtr


lder Eunice Bailey hails from the state of Oklahoma where she graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa. She is a proud alumnus of Oakwood College, now Oakwood University and Southwest Adventist University in Keene, Texas. She also matriculated to Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. On one of her visits home from college, she met the talented, well mannered evangelist, Carl Maceo Bailey, Sr., a young man who loved the Lord. This wonderful couple soon married and became parents of four Christian children: Jennifer, Carlyn, Carl Maceo, Jr., and Cecil. In time they were also blessed with six grand children: Jade, Jaes, Bailey, Tyler, Taylor and Kamryn Reed (adopted granddaughter). Elder Bailey’s greatest joy at present, comes from her conference call Family Worship with her children and grandchildren and listening to them as they praise God for His blessings. She states that, “This joy is but a raindrop during a heavy storm compared to the inexpressible joy I will experience when I sit at the feet of Jesus surrounded by my family and the saints of all ages.” Elder Bailey was asked what advice she would give to the ladies in the church as it relates to leadership roles. Her response was: “Always do the right thing even if it hurts; always treat others as you want to be treated; ask God’s guidance in all that you do.” The question was posed: Sometimes as women we become discouraged with ourselves and others in the area of soul winning. What advice would you give to help us increase our efforts in this area? Elder Bailey responded like a true warrior for Christ: “John 4 is the perfect


indi Smith was born in Dallas, Texas but currently resides in Farmers Branch with her three daughters: Claire who is 16, Audrey who is 11, and Emily who is 6. She was married for eighteen years, but that union was dissolved last year. Cindi has a Master’s Degree in counseling and is an elementary school teacher in the Dallas Independent School District. She was introduced to City Temple Seventh-day Adventist church by her good friends, Crispin and Deborah Amaro. “I have

By Mina E. Dawes model to be emulated by all of us even though the circumstances may differ widely. When Jesus said, “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you,” He meant, among other things, we were to give ourselves to soul winning even as He did.” How did Elder Bailey juggle the roles of being the wife of a pastor, a church member and a mother? She simply allowed God to be her guide. She knew that she had a source of strength beyond her own. When undertaking difficult assignments or making tough decisions, she was happy to know that she did not have to depend on her own energy, knowledge or judgment. She knew that a sacred trust needed the resourceful wisdom and strength of an all-knowing God. As a staunch supporter of Christian education she recommends to parents who want to see their children educated in church school that they ask God for guidance. Prioritize, rearrange and reshuffle their finances and their time and do whatever it takes to allow the children to get the best education possible. It’s not easy but with God, it’s workable. She dreams of a totally equipped academy with well-prepared

learned so much in the eight months I have been attending church at City Temple,” she said. Cindi is so grateful that God led her to the Temple and the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine. She enjoys playing tennis and activities that allow her to enjoy nature. She also enjoys spending time with her friends in fellowship. Ms Smith really loves the Bible studies she attends as well as the church services. She looks forward to this path that is leading her toward an intimate and personal relationship with God. Cindi, we are so happy to have you join the City Temple church family. If there is anything that any of the women could do to assist you, please do not hesitate to ask. Welcome!

teachers and a school that has a state of the art library/media center. She also dreams of a vegetable garden and wishes it were already here. Then she envisions the continued growth of the school where children can grow in the fear and knowledge of the Creator and be prepared for this life and the life eternal. What in your heart is a practical way that WOW can serve not only the women of the church but also women in the community? Elder Bailey responds, “Every Sabbath you are looking at many hurting women in the pews. Find out their needs by any means necessary.” As a grandmother, Elder Bailey admonishes us that we do not have to be specialists in anything to electrify the grandchildren. We need to spend quality time with them, pray with them and for them, write encouraging letters and teach them by example not by sermonizing. As a female leader in the church she states that each of us has an area of influence for which we are accountable. To the young ladies she says, “You will face many challenges as you strive to work in a leadership role but the challenges are nothing that God and you together can’t handle. Stay away from politics in the church and know that it is never ok to misuse people.” Pastor and Elder Bailey were blessed to raise their children to become productive citizens of our community. On this point she advices struggling young parents to take the raising of children as a sacred responsibility, recognizing that it requires much prayer and self-sacrifice. Be faithful to God in all that you do and God will be faithful to you. She feels that she is “A LIVING WITNESS OF GOD’S FAITHFULNESS.”

To City Temple The women of City Temple would like to welcome all our new members to our congregation: Alexandria Culpepper Eunice Cummings Vernice Jones

Cynthia Smith Blazianae Williams

By Sonya Blocker


hen the opportunity was presented to me in the last issue of the WOW Connection to attend a women’s retreat, I thought I might attend. When I saw that one of the facilitators would be Beverly Sedlacek, I knew for sure I would be attending. Last year, tucked away at Prayer Mountain, Mrs. Sedlacek had challenged us to “take away the masks” that we wore. I was so blessed! That was my introduction to Mrs. Sedlacek’s ministry and was the beginning of the Holy Spirit breaking up the ground in preparation for what I experienced a few weeks ago. The retreat started on Friday afternoon with introductions and the layout of how the weekend would flow. The presenters: Beverly Sedlacek, MS, RN and Clinical Director of Into His Rest

Ministries, Joanne Palmer, Addiction Counselor, and our own Dr. Andrea Brown, ushered us through a weekend filled with breakthroughs of joy, tears, pain, testimony, acknowledgement of past and present hurts, recognition of

an ever present God, and a realization that we have a responsibility to be in the best mental health possible; not only for ourselves, but for all those in our sphere of influence.

By Evita Tezeno

Each woman left that retreat armed with tools to begin the transformation into that healthy minded person God wants us to be. All of the women who attended have a special bond that will not be broken because of what was experienced through the working of the Holy Spirit. To those ladies who attended with me; “In God’s economy there are no losers!” I am praying for you and I know you are praying for me! Walk in faith Women of Worth, for the “battle is not yours; it’s the Lord’s”! A year ago the soil was broken up by the Holy Spirit and the seeds were planted that weekend. I know, because I have a harvest!!! There is a definite difference in some areas in my life that needed immediate attention. I know that as I grow, doing the necessary work in my life, God will continue to bless.

By Priscilla Brown



What raw food menu for any special occasion - would be complete without mashed potatoes? This creamy goodness of cauliflower brings to you a raw rendition of the most beloved classic. Ingredients 2 cups cauliflower ½ cup chopped cashews, soaked 1 tsp olive oil 2 tbsp water ¼ cup chives, chopped ½ garlic clove ½ lemon juice, minced 2 tsp sea salt (or to taste) Directions: Place cashews and cauliflower in a blender. Add lemon juice and water, 1 tbsp at a time, while blending in order to create a creamy consistency. Remove mixture from blender and place in a large bowl. Fold in garlic, chives and sea salt. Garnish with chives.


ity Temple women once again shared their passion for ministering to the needs of other women at the annual Back-to-School Blast, hosted by the Community Services Department in August. Six racks and several tables of donations boasted a treasure trove of gently used items that included everything from church and business attire to casual clothing, shoes, hand bags and accessories. Women of all ages easily searched through items carefully arranged by type and size to find clothes that perfectly fit their needs. Teens were able to find clothes for school, while adults left with great finds for church, work and play. There was even a good collection of evening wear. “We are so excited about the number of women we

were able to help,” said WOW committee member Hazel Roper. “The amount and quality of donations received made it possible for guests to take as many items as they needed.” Not only did the ladies donate their wares, they also gave of their time. More than 10 women volunteered to help set up the Clothes Closet and help our guests search the donations and package their findings. “I want to thank all the women who donated clothing and time to make this event a success,” said WOW Director, Norma Carter. “We could not have done it without you!” The items not chosen, were distributed to Goodwill and the Genesis Women’s Shelter.

3rd Qtr Happy Birthday to the following ladies: WOW celebrates Father’s day with a special luncheon honoring all of City Temple’s dads. JULY Aneta Wells – 7/2 Crystal Crain – 7/19 Charita McNorton – 7/25 Rosalee Taylor – 7/28

Shontaye Winslow – 8/8 Shayla Jones – 8/9 Joanna Henry – 8/10 Jasmine Reed – 8/14 Shanica Pompey – 8/14 Venita Jessup – 8/15 Gladys O’Hara – 8/17 Tonya Coleman – 8/27 Denise Simeon Young – 8/28 Marchelle Simmons – 8/28

AUGUST Nicole Carter – 8/1 Violet Maxwell – 8/6 Helen Whatley – 8/6

Janelle Jessup – on her graduation from Concordia University with a Masters degree in Education

Upcoming Events: •

Wednesday Night Praise and Worship - TBD

WOW Special Emphasis Day – October 27, 2012

Progressive Holiday Party – December 15, 2012

SEPTEMBER Chloe Virgil – 9/1 Cyndei Blackburn – 9/5 Danica Brown – 9/5 Katrina Bailey – 9/9 Andrea Brown – 9/20 Shontaye Valentine – 9/24

Mairelis Rodriguez – on her marriage to Clifton Jessup, III Aleesha Houston – on her marriage to Javon Paxton Joanna Sookie-Henry – on being asked to lead a weekly group meeting on depression and anxiety at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship church Evita Tezeno – on Taste of Paradise–Celebrity Kitchen at the State Fair, September 28 - October 21, 2012

Condolences WOW Council would like to extend our condolences to the following individuals on their recent loss: Bessie Denton Ellaine Hoard Sondra Howard-Foster Brenda Kemp Linda McClain

Anne Ogutu Emma Pearl Hazel Roper Marchelle Simmons Family of Kim Griffin

Vision/ Mission City Temple’s Women of Worth (WOW).

City Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church 1530 Bonnie View Road, Dallas, TX 75203 214-942-3870

Daughters of Zion, In His Presence We Dwell in 2012, summarizes the WOW vision and mission. WOW is a mission driven organization; a ministry of the City Temple Discipleship core ministry with the strategic objective to ‘Keep’ or develop people in Christ. WOW fulfills its strategic mission by implementing activities that cultivate church/community relationships (i.e. Prayer Breakfasts). WOW is recruiting members who catch the vision of Zion and desire to engage in a rewarding mission in ministry to women within and without our walls.

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