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Denmon and Denmon Law is a full-service criminal defense and family law firm founded by Christian Denmon and Nicole Denmon. The firm practices law throughout Florida, with offices in throughout the bay area, including Tampa, New Port Richey, and St. Petersburg. Contact an experienced St. Petersburg Divorce Attorney or St. Pete, FL Criminal Attorney to discuss your case. St. Petersburg Criminal Attorney & St. Pete DUI Attorney The consequences of a criminal conviction include probation, fines and costs at the very least. In many cases, a criminal conviction can result in jail time or even prison , along with the loss of the right to vote and carry a weapon. The St. Petersburg, FL Criminal Attorneys at Denmon Law know what it takes to avoid or minimize these penalties. A DUI charge, for example, can result in thousands of dollars of fines, the loss of your license, and even jail or prison. A DUI charge also carries a strong social stigma and potential issues with your employment that you will have to carry with you for the rest of your life if convicted. We can help.

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Contact our firm to speak to a St. Petersburg Criminal Attorney today to schedule a free, private consultation. In criminal cases, especially DUI matters, a criminal attorney in St. Pete, FL will have the best chance at winning your

case if he can work the case from the very beginning. Don’t waste time if you want to achieve a successful

outcome of your case. A successful outcome may include a reduction of your charge to a reckless driving, an outright dismissal, or victory at trial.

St. Pete, FL Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Marital and Divorce Law requires extra care and consideration because of the heightened emotions involved. For many people, their divorce or family law issue will be the most trying time of their life. Our Family Law Attorneys

understand that your family law matter means everything to you, and we handle your matter accordingly.

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Whether your loved one is facing criminal charges or a pending divorce, you want the best possible result you can get. Our At. Petersburg Attorneys are seasoned in the courtroom, with almost a 100 jury trials and countless non-jury trials to our credit. This experience in the courtroom puts our St. Petersburg Lawyers in an advantageous position when it comes to negotiating your matter. Our St. Petersburg, FL Divorce Lawyers have extensive experience handling:




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Call and speak to a lawyer today at 727-753-0049. Ask to the speak directly to an Attorney to handle your ●

matter. We proudly serve all of Pinellas County, We have St. Petersburg Divorce Lawyers, St. Petersburg DUI and Saint Petersburg Criminal Attorney’s, Clearwater Criminal and DUI Attorney’s, Clearwater Divorce Attorney’s, Largo

Divorce Attorney’s, Largo DUI and Criminal Lawyers, , St. Pete Beach DUI and Criminal Attorney’s , Safety Harbor Divorce Attorney, and Tarpon Springs.

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Saint Petersburg Criminal Lawyer  

We are St Petersbrug FL Criminal Attorneys, and Saint Pete DUI Lawyers. Call us today at 727-493-5610

Saint Petersburg Criminal Lawyer  

We are St Petersbrug FL Criminal Attorneys, and Saint Pete DUI Lawyers. Call us today at 727-493-5610