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The Red Tutu BY Maya Rhodes-Kropf

One bright sunny Saturday morning Hudson was in her backyard spinning around practicing ballet. She had spun around six times and paused because she was dizzy. She heard a quiet voice singing and light little footsteps jumping around. She grabbed a stool and set it next to the fence, then she stepped up two steps. Hudson could not believe her eyes. Her sassy neighbor, Lucy, was wearing the bright red tutu she longed to have. “Lucy,” called Hudson. “Where did you get that pretty red tutu?” “Duh, the dance store down town ... oh and if you think you’re getting one, good luck because I got the last one!” said Lucy in a rude tone voice.

Hudson hopped down turned around and ran inside. She ran down the stairs and ran into the laundry room right up to her mom. “Mom,” Hudson whined. “Can I get that pretty red tutu Lucy has?” “Not right now sweetheart. First you need to learn to count to 100. I want you to learn and then you’ll get the tutu as a reward,” she said as she wiped her hands off on her apron. She continued to wash the laundry, and Hudson ran outside. She stepped up on the stool and yelled, “Lucy!” for the second time. Lucy answered with an attitude, “What?” Hudson quickly spat out, “Howdoyoucountto100?” without stopping for a breath. Hudson was panting and feeling very impatient. Lucy turned around and gave Hudson an evil grin. “Try, this,” she snickered. “One two, skip a few, 99, 100.” Then she turned and continued to practice ballet all the while laughing to herself. Hudson stepped down from the stool, turned around, ran inside, down the stairs and right up to Mom who was now loading the clothes into the dryer. “Mom, Mom,” Hudson shouted with excitement as she hopped from her right foot to her

left. “I can count to 100! Can I get my tutu now?” “Not unless you show me,” said Mom. Hudson sounded a little annoyed, but replied anyway. “1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100.” Mom gasped and turned around and practically yelled, “No sass talk young lady! Stop making mischief!” Hudson was surprised and her mouth was hanging open. She wandered out of the room wondering what she had done wrong. She went back to Lucy. “You set me up didn’t you? And now my mom is mad and it is all your fault!” she exclaimed. “Ha Ha!” Lucy had burst out laughing. The next day Hudson decided to go to the library and see Ms. Douglouw, her favorite librarian. As she was walking she was skipping the cracks for good luck, thinking, “I hope the library has some good counting books for me.” “Hi Miss. Douglouw,” whispered Hudson. “Why hello Hudson! It is good to see you again. What book would you like this time?” asked Miss Douglouw as she was sorting books on her desk. “I would like a counting book so I can have a tutu because mom said that if I could learn to count to 100 I can get that pretty red tutu that hangs in the window of the shop called Ballet Away and I would really really like that tutu,” Hudson practically yelled all in one gigantic breath. “Please quiet down.” “Sorry I am just very excited,” replied Hudson. She got up and walked down to the childrens section and looked up “ too high, “ she mumbled, and pulled over a ladder. She climbed up but she just couldn’t reach. She looked down and called to Hudson, “Hudson,” she called. “ Get me that fat orange book.” Hudson turned around to see the orange book on the red table. She picked it up and walked over to the ladder. She got on her ballet tip toes and gave the book to Miss Douglow. “Thank you,” Miss Douglow whispered as she stepped on it gently trying not to hurt the book. She pulled the book down with the tips of her fingers. “I think this will work. If it does not work, come tell me.” “Thank you,” whispered Hudson. Then as the librarian walked away Hudson decided to go sit down at the red table and read. About an hour later Hudson was really good, she could count to a hundred without looking. So Hudson got up, replaced the book where she had found it, and tiptoed out of the library, ran

down the steps, and twirled her way home, skipping the cracks as she went. Hudson wiped her feet on the doormat and walked in. “Mom,” called Hudson. “Yes,” she answered. “Where are you?”Hudson asked as she was looking in the living room. “I am in your room.” Hudson ran up the stairs . “Mom, Mom, I can count to a hundred without looking”

Hudson did not wait for an answer as she zoomed through the numbers. “That’s amazing,” she said as she put down the laundry basket to clap. She hung up her apron, got her wallet and drove Hudson down to Ballet Away and purchased the tutu. And that my friend is the story of my dream come true, with a little hard work.