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Iggy was walking as the sun shines down on her. A light breeze stirred the trees. Colorful daisies swayed in the light breeze. Iggy was a beautiful she cat and her pelt color was a mix of browns. she had big green eyes, that sparkled. Iggy kept walking feeling sad and lonely. She had lost her home, because of her folks and now was stuck in the woods. plus she didn’t not know anything about the woods and any animals in it. Iggy stopped to take a break by a fence with moss covered around it. Iggy pulled the moss off and placed it by a tree. She curled up and fell asleep.. She woke up and heard a mouse and she jumped to

pounce on it, but the mouse escaped before her paws could get it.

“Dang it� hissed Iggy. She was hungry, lonely and sad. She didn't know what to do.. She felt lost and

hopeless. She walked over to her moss, picked it up and carried it in her mouth. She walked until she came to a cave. “Anyone there?” Iggy asked, no reply. She walked in. She put her moss down and walked out. She saw a stream and quickly raced toward it. She put her tongue in the water. She felt the icy water touch her tongue. “Finally water!!” she breathed. She looked around. Her stomach growled loudly. “I need food” Iggy yowled. She carefully walked around. “There should be just a bowl of food waiting for me but where?”

she asked.

“Are you kidding me?� Said a voice. Iggy jumped in surprise.

“I am not kidding,” Iggy snapped nervously while a huge dog came out. “Haha” he yelled “There must be a bowl for me somewhere but where?” he mimicked Iggy “Don't make fun of me!” hissed Iggy. “Ha puny kitty cat,” he growled. “I am no puny cat. Anyway leave me alone. I did nothing to you,” snapped Iggy fiercely. “You did do something............................did you know you're in MY woods” questioned the dog. “This is not your forest you mangy dog” hissed Iggy. she walked away.. Iggy went to her cave. She searched the cave and found A entrance to the top where there was a grassy spot with a fence. She soon turned around and there was the dog.“Thought you would get away just by running. I don’t think so,” he barked. Iggy quickly looked around and jumped off of the grassy. Spot she landed and felt her legs tremble as she sprinted. Soon found a bush. she speedily went inside it. Suddenly she heard the dog. “Peek-A-Boo!!! I am gonna get you!!” he growled. Iggy thought as she ran again. “The fence,the fence!!” She ran into the cave, up the entrance, and she scrambled up the fence. The dog finally appeared. He was panting. He jumped to get up the fence, but it was too high. Suddenly a girl came out of a huge house. The dog ran away as fast as lightening. Iggy looked at the girl and meowed, but the girl was not watching Iggy. She was watching the dog. Iggy climbed down into her cave. She couldn’t even get close to describing how

she felt. Suddenly She felt herself whimpering and she

whimpered the whole night. She slowly opened her eyes and asked,“Am I dead?”Iggy got up and went to the water and jumped in. Her claws were sheathed and she pounced on a big fish. “Yayyy!! I have food. I can have a feast....” Iggy shouted.. She carried her fish and dropped it in her cave. She walked back out trying to block out everything that had happened yesterday. She got long grass and crafted it into a bowl. She got water in it and brought it back to her new house in the cave. She heard someone in her cave. She listened more carefully “Mmmmm... Finally food. I need to become a doggypet.”Said a familiar voice. That dog is consuming my fish!” She hissed. She sprinted into the cave. “Get out of my cave!” she screamed. Iggy saw the evil dog. He looked like a wreck. “Pleaseee. I am sooo hungry and I know I was mean to you yesterday but I just try to act tough,” whimpered the dog. “Ok fine....but I am trusting you,” mewed Iggy. she went out and. made another grass bowl and filled it with water and she got some more fish. She brought it all back. “Here” Iggy said softly and placed the water by the dog. “now that I am letting you stay here would you please tell me your name?” Iggy asked nicely. “Of course. I must have forgot my manners. My name is Bunny,” said the dog. “Oh that’s a beautiful name. My name is Iggy. I have lost my home and I decided to live here for a little bit... until I find a home or I might have to live here for the rest of my life....” mewed Iggy. “I love that name and I am so sorry about yesterday. your such a kind cat,” said Bunny. Iggy and Bunny soon fell asleep after talking, eating and watching the sun set over the horizon. Their eyes drooped and they closed their eyes and fell into a nice sleep. They woke up seeing the sun shining bright in their eyes. They walked slowly up to the grassy spot on the top of the cave. Iggy jumped onto the fence while Bunny stayed laying in the nice grass. Suddenly the girl came out again. This time she saw Iggy.

“Who is she bunny?� asked Iggy while staring


at the

“I think...oh right her name is Rosie....I used to go to her house, but then she got a new dog.....and forgot about me,” replied Bunny. Rosie came close to the fence, but Iggy darted away.“Let her take you into her house. She will take care of you,” barked Bunny. “I am not leaving you Bunny!” Iggy yelled. Iggy ran into the cave. She turned her head and there was the girl. She put her hand out and moved it back and forth. Rosie said, “I have to go.” And she walked away. Iggy collapsed into memories of her old folk. Iggy felt confused and felt lost. What about her old folk? She suddenly got snapped out of her thoughts. “Go with her,” said a voice. She got dizzy and fainted in her cave.. The next day she woke up she saw a face. “Mewwwwww,” Iggy screamed. The girl sat down in iggys cave and took out a little toy mouse. Iggy looked at it and rushed to Rosie and started purring. ”Oh hi little one. What’s your name?” Rosie asked softly. Her voice was gentle and like music. Iggy looked down at her collar. She had forgot about it the whole time. Rosie touched it and carefully examined it. “ Oh your name is Iggy and here I guess I can call....your owners,” her voice was sorrow. Rosie took out a thing out of her pocket and she pressed these buttons. Then she put it up to her ear. Iggy watched her. Watching every detail. Rosie looked at Iggy while she heard the phone ring ,ring, ring.. Bunny came into the cave and barked. Rosie turned around and saw him. “Bunny! I have not seen you in a while. Stay here and then we can go inside my house.” exclaimed Rosie. The thing started ringing. Then someone on the other end of the phone said “Hello. How may we help you?” “Hello. My name is Rosie and I think I found your pet. Her name is Iggy,” replied Rosie.

“Oh...that little devil. Keep her if you want. We don’t like her and don’t want her back. Why do you think we threw her out.Then the cat fell in the stream? Just cause we felt like it? No of course not! Keep the cat if you want!” Then a beep came out of the thing. Then Rosie stammered “They.... ummm hung up and I guess I can keep both of you” Iggy looked away remembering what had happened. She was all happy with them and then boom they threw her out. She shaked. remembering the cold that she had felt when she was in that icy cold water and it dragged her down. .It was like an avalanch of water. Then she got to land and that’s when she started walking. Iggy realized she was shaking hard and Rosie was trying to calm her down. “Such mean people throwing in a little cute, sweet cat. I just don’t get why they would do that.’’ Rosie murmured. Rosie picked Iggy up and put her head close to Iggy’s. Then Iggy, Rosie and Bunny walked out of the cave and went into a house. Rosie opened a door and walked into a huge room. She walked up a flight of stairs and into another room. It was huge and it had a lovely colorful bed full of stuffed animals and pillows. She placed Iggy on the bed. “Oof” barked Bunny. who was panting hard. He came into the room and plopped onto a couch in

the room. “This is my room Iggy. Bunny knows that this is my room because he used to visit.� said Rosie

excitedly. “ Now you guys can stay with me at my house!!’ exclaimed Rosie. Iggy and Bunny were sooo happy. Suddenly Rosie got up and ran to a little opening that was in her room. Iggy slowly jumped down from the fuzzy bed and suddenly collapsed as she hit the ground hard. Rosie snapped her head around to look at Iggy. “Iggy!! are you ok?!” shouted Rosie. Suddenly Iggy felt like she couldn’t make it and couldn’t walk anymore. Iggy looked around and saw 2 Rosies and 2 Bunnies. Her body suddenly went numb and her breathing slowed and became shallow.She closed her eyes and let out one more meow before she fainted. “Doctor she must have got hurt in the wild.............” screamed Rosie. she stayed at the vet for the whole night and when she woke up, She found Iggy curled around her head. The vet had revived her. She only needed rest and a good home with lots of love.In the end Rosie and Iggy went back home and found Bunny. They went into the kitchen and made popcorn. Iggy climbed up the counter and sat by the popcorn while Rosie got a bowl. Iggy flicked her tail against the popcorn bag and it cracked open with a pop. The popcorn spilled out in a hurry and landed right in Rosies bowl. Rosie smiled and got beverages. Then they watched TV together. In the end they lived happily ever after.

The Kitty Cat Adventure  

5DG Short Stories

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