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Running Away by Eve Ryan was bored out of his mind. He wanted to be doing something fun, like playing some football, soccer, or even just jog around the high school track a few times. Instead, he was sitting on his living room couch, with three electric fans on and pointing at him because his parents had asked him to stay in his house while they went on an

important errand. But then he had an idea.

Ryan picked up his phone and called his friend Jack. “Hey Jack, it’s me, Ryan. Do you wanna go to the park?” “Sorry man, I’m at a swim meet. You should ask your parents to take you to Disney World. If you go, though, can you take me along? I love going to Disney World.”

“Thanks for the idea, Jack.” Ryan hung up. He slunk back to the couch. He totally wanted to go to Disney World, but he knew his parents would never agree because he had been begging for years and they hated begging. That night before Ryan’s parents went out to dinner with their neighbors, he asked. They said no, just as he thought they would, even though they were only 20 miles away. So Ryan thought for a moment. Then he came up with an idea that would solve everything, if it worked out correctly. He was going to run away to Disney so he could be there. It wouldn’t take too long, right? Lizzy (The boys call her Dizzy), the neighbor whose parents went out to dinner with Ryan’s, saw him through her window and jogged out, catching him in seconds. They

were friendly to each other but not really friends. She loved running more than anything and was the fastest kid in the whole middle school, even though she was only a 6th grader. After Ryan told Lizzy he wanted to go to Disney World, she wanted to tag along. Ryan said yes. And off they went.

Ryan and Lizzy jogged for most of their trip. Every time Ryan slowed down (which was a lot) Lizzy would stop and remind him of Disney World, the place they’d be at in less than 6 hours. “I can’t go any further,” Ryan panted. He was covered in beads of sweat and it was dropping off of his nose and onto his shirt. They had been running for half an hour, but they had only run five miles because Ryan was not a

strong distance runner at all, even though he was a bulry kid.They were on the outskirts of a small town. “Please can we keep on going? We can find a hotel or something for you rest at! I promise!” Lizzy pleaded in what was supposed to be a reassuring voice. “NO! I CAN’T GO ANY FURTHER, I TOLD YOU THAT ALREADY!!!” Ryan yelled.

Then Lizzy had an--“Wait, I have an idea! What if we, no YOU sit on-that-bench-over-there-to-restand-once-you-have-your-energy-back-we-can-run- backto-our-homes-and-maybe-even-get-backbefore-our-parents-get-home-from-dinner-and-theywon’t-even-know-we-were-gone!!!!!” Lizzy said at breakneck

speed. “Good idea!” Getting back before their parents got back from dinner was their plan. Luckily, they made it in time. Ryan jumped in bed just as his parents were getting home. They didn’t suspect anything. Ryan couldn’t believe it! Lizzy still thinks that her parents are still kind of confused that her light was on for a second after they came home, but they didn’t give it a second thought.




A few days later, Ryan’s parents told him something that totally surprised him. They said they were sorry to

disappoint him about Disney World, which they predicted was going to be an awesome trip. The truth was they had been trying to surprise him with a trip there next weekend, and they didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Once they saw how sad he was, they decided to break the news to him. They also told him he was allowed to bring one friend along. Sorry Jack.