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Rainbow By Sara

To Summer McSpring, October 6th was a normal day. She got out of bed, fed the dog, ate breakfast and brushed her curly red hair. She packed her favorite lunch a bagel and cream cheese sandwich. As she mounted her bike she watched Rainbow in her backyard. “Oh Rainbow…” she sighed, “what am I going to do with you?’’. As she said this the little terrier attempted to wriggle it’s way through the tightly knit fence. As Summer continued down the street she passed the park and waved to the friendly ice cream vender, Mr.White Sinbong waved back with the friendliest smile in town. As Summer rode down the winding road that flowed through quaint town she thought she glimpsed a smirk cross Mr. White Sinbong’s usually friendly face. As she arrived at school she heard a yell and turned to see as her best friend run across the schoolyard. “Hi Summer” Lizzie smiled and caught her breath as Summer glimpsed for the second time something out of place on her bright bubbly friend, the faint linger of concern. Lizzie and Summer had grown up together and had been best friends through thick and thin. They meet playing in the sandbox at the elementary school where their brothers had gone to school. Summer was concerned when Lizzie was concerned.

“What…,” Summer said her concern as obvious as Lizzie’s had been ”Is everything ok?’’ “Well I saw your mom chasing Rainbow down the street again,” Lizzie confessed “I think he’s starting to push your mom’s buttons” she added with a terse laugh. “Well if thats all,” Summer sighed as the conclusions Summer had jumped to quickly dissolved. Summer sat down in homeroom and she stared past the window at the only taxi the town had rolling down the bumpy road and wondered who would be important enough to ride in a taxi in her ½ a mile long town. Summer watched as her mom walked stubborn as little Rainbow by the school and of course he had gotten out again and of course she was mad as a hawk. As the day went on the school showed signs of abnormality but things didn’t start getting weird until after school when Summer and Lizzie were sitting on the bench behind the school. They spotted Mr. White Sinbong walking along with Rainbow on a leash. “Hello Mr. White Sinbong,” Summer yelled “what are you doing with my dog?’’ “Oh, Ms.Summer.. Umm he got out again… yes thats right!’’ he stuttered “and I was returning him to your house,” “Mr.White Sinbong you don't have to make that long trip back to my house,” she said and turned to face him or turned to where seconds ago he had just stood because Mr. White Sinbong was nowhere to be seen. “LLLLLIIIIIIIZZZZZZZIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” she cried as she came to the realisation that Rainbow had been stolen. As Lizzie came running she grabbed

her bike and the girls took off calling and screaming as they rode down the winding road to the park where Mr. White Sinbong lurked. Summer and Lizzie bolted through the park, screaming and crying through the misty forest. Many times they thought they saw the flash of a Rainbow collar and a strand of white hair flash behind a tree but then it would be nothing and Summer and Lizzie grew discouraged. As dusk crept upon them the girls slumped back through the forest and out of the park. Summer was scared, of what would happen to Rainbow it they didn’t find him, and what her parents would say when she came home with dirt in her hair and no dog to show for it. She said goodbye to Lizzie and shrugged through the door. She did a double take as her mom whizzed past her on her way up the stairs. “Mom?” She yelled she scurried up the stairs. “Mom what are you doing?’’. It was then that she noticed that her mom was in her room scrambling for something under her bed. “Ah Ha!” her mom yelled as she sat up with a little package of puppy food and ripped it open. Of course the puppy food, she’d seen Rainbow jump a 3 foot brick wall to get to this little bag of treats, so of course he would we would get our puppy back. As soon as Summer had time to find the phone Lizzie was there panting and screaming as Summer shot out the door. They were in the park before they realised that one, they couldn’t even see the trees it was so dark out and two, they had forgotten the treats. Defeated they trudged blindly through the forest, stopping only when they thought they

saw a bright flashlight but then it quickly shut off. Summer started to cry to her it seemed like her sweet little puppy was gone forever. It was then the sun began to rise and she knew she could run home grab the treats. Summer watched as the world seemed to move in slow motion as they pedalled down the road and scrambled up the stairs to find the dog treats. “Mom where did you put those dog treats?’’ Summer yelled. “I left them in the kitchen, why do you need them?” she yelled back. “I’m gonna find Rainbow!” Summer said as she grabbed the dog treats and left without another word. Lizzie and Summer sped through the woods searching for Mr. White Sinbong. They knew just knew he was out there with Rainbow and they figured if they kept searching. It was then they heard the rumbling of a car on the path and swung around to see the taxi crawling up the dirt path. Of course Mr. White Sinbong had, alibi he was the one important enough for the town taxi… “DAD?” Summer screamed. Her dad was the one in the taxi. Summer hadn’t seen her dad since the day that Rainbow had went missing. “Summer… I um didn’t expect to see you here” her dad stumbled. “WHERE DID YOU THINK I WOULD BE?!?! The dog that you got me has gone missing, and that dog was MY dog so what do YOU think you're doing?” Summer said and she started to boil she was screaming. “Summer come on it’s not his fault,” said another familiar voice. “Mom?’’ Summer asked “Was it your fault?!’’ “No, you're right your father is at fault. Your dad has been in contact with Mr.White Sinbong this whole time, but not the way you think,” Summers mom had that motherly tone to her voice that calmed Summer down. “I know where Rainbow is,” Summer’s father admitted “follow me. Oh Lizzie it’s… Uh nice to see you” “Nice to see you to Mr. McSpring” Lizzie stuttered. The girls followed Mr.McSpring through the light forest and to the clearing where the girls had been so sure they had heard Rainbows bark the day before. “Mr. White Sinbong has a tree door,” he said as he knocked on the nearby oak.The girls rushed through door only to run smack into the wall, they were in an elevator. “Which button do we press” Lizzie joked as she stared at the one button the wall. The slow moving elevator inched it’s way down until finally they reached their stop. “Follow me” Mr. McSpring said. At that moment things started to blur as Mr. White Sinbong ran up to them pleading with them not to call the police, and they walked into the unfamiliar living room where Rainbow ran up to them and into Summers arms.

Two Days Later “Oh Mr. White Sinbong will you get us two sodas?’’ Summer yelled. Rainbow barked along as the servant rushed to the fridge. The pathetic old man had arranged to serve the McSpring’s in exchange for not calling the police. Summe’rs dad had been on their side all along. He had been searching for Rainbow and was just about to save Rainbow when they found him. “Lizzie, Summer why don’t you take Rainbow for a walk?” Summer’s mom yelled from the kitchen. The girls smiled, they knew exactly where they would take him. “Mom we are taking Rainbow to the Park!” Summer smiled. f

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