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Adoption Disaster By Lily Rose Guillette “Martha is really weird,” Abby Smith whispered to her friend Kelly Black. It was a sunny spring day in New York City. Eleven year old Abby and her friend Kelly who was also eleven were hanging out in Abby’s room in Martha’s Orphanage. Martha was the very odd orphanage owner who was always invading everyone's personal space. Abby loathed Matha. “I agree,” Kelly replied. “Abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbby!” Martha yelled. “What does this old bat have to say now?” Abby wondered. “See you in a minute,” Kelly said. “Okay, bye,” said Abby.

Abby walked slowly down the hall. She saw the hard wood floor with the pictures of clowns hanging in the purple picture frames. She stepped down the stairs that had a yellow railing and walked across the entry hall with the hideous orange and blue wall paper. “Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!” Martha screamed even though she was right in front of Abby. Martha was wearing orange jeans and a purple shirt with a rubber ducky on it. “Er...Hi creep I mean Martha,” Abby stuttered as she was backing away. “Hi, hi ,hi how are you doing today honey?” Martha shouted. “Umm, so why did you call me?” Abby stammered. “Oh yeah about that...This is Marty Gross and Greselda Gross they are going to be adopting you today! Don’t worry there human,” Martha screamed at the top of her lungs. Greselda threw Martha a homely look. Abby giggled. Marty and Greselda were just about to most unhappy and mean people in the world. “Gross, yeah you both do look pretty gross,” Abby muttered.

Whoops Abby thought she meant to say that in her head. Marty was a big fat green haired monster looking guy whose outfit was so ripped up that he looked like he could be on that TV show Survivor. Greselda was a disgusting looking woman who was so ugly it made Abby want to cover her eyes. “WHAT DID YOU CALL ME YOU LITTLE!!! I mean hi sweety,” Greselda screamed. “YOU TWIRP!!! I mean er...Hi I’m Marty,” Marty shouted. “Uh...Er...Um... Hello,”Abby stuttered. Abby could already tell that

Marty and Greselda were very harsh. “I need your phone numbers and your adress now please now please...” Martha said as she was cut off by Greselda. “Yeah yeah whatever were taking the kid!” Greselda screamed as she yanked Abby by the arm. Abby slipped over one of Martha’s rotten banana peels and did a face plant right on to the hardwood floor. So by now Abby was being dragged on the floor by Greselda. Well Greselda’s

very hostile Abby thought. Greselda pulled Abby through the double doors and out on to the sidewalk. “Get off the ground you pitiful excuse for a human being!” Marty yelled to Abby. Abby brushed the dirt off her white shorts and her neon pink tank top and got up from the gum covered sidewalk. “So what’s your name you little creep,” Greselda insulted. “Abby,” Abby answered. “Abby Smith,” “Well you're not changing your last name to Gross,” Marty commented. “Yeah, you would just ruin the family name,” Greselda said. “I really wasn't planning to you bunch of psychos,” said Abby angrily. “Did you just call us psychos?” Greselda asked angrier. “You are not only psychos your annoying psychos too,” Abby replied.

I guess I won't be seeing Kelly again Abby thought. “Right back at you loser,” Marty insulted Abby. They climbed into a red 80s van that said be a goth in fat black letters written on the side of the car. This is going to be a long life Abby thought. Everyone was too furious to talk. They drove all the way to the house without uttering a

single word. The car rolled up the gravel driveway and came to a sudden stop. “Get out dork,” Greselda said finally after the long car ride home. Abby stepped out of the car and saw the grayest and smallest house that she had ever seen. She hated gray anyway nevermind on a house. Abby new things could only go donwnhill from here.

“Well don’t just stand there like a dummy. GET INSIDE NOW!!!” said Marty as he gave Abby a really hard kick in the back. Abby stumbled forward and took a huge fall to the hard ground. “WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT FOR!!!” Abby screamed as she was getting up from the ground. “You’re too slow kid,” Greselda answered. “Yeah it’s pretty slow,” said Marty rudely. “Did you seriously just call me an it!” Abby exclaimed. “Of course I did,” Marty replied. “That’s strange coming from a big oaf like you,” Abby said coldly.

“Don’t call me that!” Marty yelled. They walked in the door way and... “This is the most hideous dump I’ve ever seen!” Abby blurted out without thinking. “What did you just call my wonderful home,” said Greselda calmly. “Nothing,” Abby answered. The Gross residence really could not have been any uglier. The furniture looked like it was from 1437 or something. It had rips all over the orange and brown striped matching couch and chairs. “Greselda, make sure to sign it up for school. You know the one next door Hollow Elementary School,” Marty said rudely. “Yeah, we don’t want to have to take care of it,” said Greselda. “Stop calling me an it and don’t either of you two work-like have a job?” asked Abby. “Nah, too much work were both unemployed,” Marty replied. “Oh,” said Abby. That night Abby ate the dinner that Marty and Greselda gave her, a bag of stale goldfish and an unknown beverage. “Greselda, I was wondering if tomorrow you could take me back to the orphanage because I just remembered that I forgot my stuff?”Abby asked. “Yeah right in your dreams. We’re never going back to that horrible orphanage to see Martha,” Greselda answered rudely. “Anyway school starts tomorrow,” Marty commented. What? Abby

thought tomorrow? Abby marched up the creaking staircase and climbed into to her new bed which, if even possible, had a bedspread thatwas even uglier than the couch and chairs downstairs. Uggg Abby

thought. I have to wear theese clothes forever.

“Get up you lazy blob!” Abby heard Greselda scream from down stairs. “You have school so...GET UP!” Abby listened to Marty’s voice yell. Abby jumped out of bed and stomped downstairs on the creaky staircase. Over the next few weeks in school Abby made a new friend, Christina Hamburger and was at Christina’s house quite often. Christina was one of two kids. She had a older brother Rodrick. One night Abby was lounging around in her bed...

That is it, Abby thought. I can’t take these freaks anymore. I’m busting out of this dump. Abby tiptoed over to the windowsill and hoisted the badly painted brownish window open. She jumped onto the windowsill and started sliding down the gray roof. “AAAHH!” Abby exclaimed. She slipped and fell all the way down to the cold wet grass. It had rained last night. I wonder what the neighbors would think of an eleven year

old girl sliding down the roof at one in the morning Abby thought to herself. Abby got up and dusted herself off. She began walking down the road barefoot. I need to get to my destination. I know where I’m going

Abby thought, to Christina’s house. Abby began to run because she did not want Marty or Greselda to see her... “WHERE IS SHE!!!” Abby heard Greselda scream. “DO YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD KNOW!!!” she heard Marty reply with a yell. “LET’S GO OUT AND SEARCH...NOW!!!” shouted Greselda. Oh my god

Abby thought, I better run. Abby started to sprint as fast as she could. She turned the corner and quickly hid behind a brick building. She could

hear Marty and Greselda right on her tail. By now Abby could see them. Marty was carrying a orange flashlight and shining it all over creation. “WHERE IS THAT LITTLE BRAT?!?!?!” Marty wondered. “I don’t know,” Greselda replied “YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THE FLASH LIGHT!” They were coming closer and closer. Abby could hear the clicking of Greselda’s 7 inch high heels on the concrete. Who wears 7 inch heels

at a quarter past one in the morning Abby thought. Surprisingly Marty and Greselda walked right past the brick building where Abby was hiding. Thank God Abby thought. She watched Greselda and Marty turn the corner, and she and ran to Christina’s house using the shortcut Christina taught her. DING DONG!!! Abby rang the doorbell on Christina’s beautiful yellow house with a nice red door.

Whoops Abby thought. Its only like one fifteen in the morning. Christina’s fifteen year old older brother Rodrick flung the door open.

“What?” Rodrick said sounding annoyed. He was wearing pink pajamas with unicorns on them. “Ugg...err...umm...Hello,” Abby stuttered, looking at his unusual pajamas. “Yeah, yeah whatever I was in the middle of my sleep,” Rodrick said lazily. “I can see that,” said Abby. “What on Earth is happening!” Christina yelled at Rodrick as she stepped down the stairs. She was wearing purple fuzzy pajama pants and a neon green tank top. She had not noticed Abby yet. “Hi Christina,” Abby said happily now that she was not stuck with Rodrick. “Abby!” exclaimed Christina. “Good morning Abby,” said Christina’s mother Kate popping out of nowhere. “Oh, good morning,” Abby said startled. “Who is this git? And why is she here?” Rodrick asked. “Rodrick you’re so rude,” Kate commented. “Rodrick you’re such a freak,” Christina insulted. “Right back at you,” Rodrick replied. “Abby’s not a git she’s my best friend,” Christina corrected her brother. “Stop fighting you two,” Kate said pointing at her kids “Abby may I ask why are you here?” “Oh yeah, Marty and Greselda you know my new parents?” asked Abby.

“Yes,” Kate replied. “Well about twenty minutes ago I escaped from my room and now they're looking for me every where!” exclaimed Abby. “What! So they're basically trying to locate you,” Christina yelled. “Pretty much,” Abby answered. “So are they trying to like kill you or something,” Rodrick wondered lazily. “No Rodrick,” Kate said “Of course not.” “Nah, he’s actually on the right track,” Abby admitted. DING DONG the doorbell rang. Kate confidently swung the red door open and a gale blew through the door. “EEEWW!” Rodrick screamed “WHAT ARE THOSE HIDEOUS CREATURES!”. He was pointing at Marty and Greselda. Oh no Abby thought. Greselda and Marty both looked directly at Abby. “Rodrick!” Kate yelled. “Hi I’m Kate Hamburger and these are my kids Christina and Rodrick,” Kate said holding out her hand for Marty and Greselda to shake. “Whatever,” Greaelda and Marty said rudely to Kate ignoring her hand. “Hello,” Abby said nervously. “Why on earth did you escape?”Marty asked Abby. “Because I just did,” Abby replied quickly. Abby knew the real reason was that Marty and Greselda were big fat meanies. “DO YOU NOT WANT TO LIVE WITH US!?!?” Greselda wondered angrily.

“Maybe,” Abby answered shyly. Christina and Rodrick were gazing at the whole thing. “Fine, I really hate you guys,” Abby blurted out. “WHAT!” Marty yelled “BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE US!” “Aren't we the nicest people you've ever met!” Greselda asked hopefully. “No,” Abby replied calmly. “You're the meanest.” “Well if you'd like I could take care of Abby,” Kate offered. “YES!” Abby begged. “YEAH!” Christina chimed in. “This kid is a real handful you sure?” Marty lied. Everyone just ignored Marty’s rudeness. “So would you both be okay with me taking Abby?” Kate asked. “Yeah yeah whatever,” Greselda commented. “Just take the kid” Marty yelled. Marty and Greselda stomped out the door and down the front steps. Now Abby was not a Smith not a Gross she was a Hamburger.

Adoption Disaster  

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