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WHAT IS OUR POST-16? Our Post-16 is offered on a human scale; we know all of our students personally and build strong relationships; hold them to account on their progress and help them achieve; construct a curriculum based around smaller class sizes and real learning partnerships. We have our own first class area within a ÂŁ33 million building with state-of-the-art facilities for the subjects we offer. Our courses are carefully chosen based on the specialist and high quality of teaching, learning and facilities in those areas.

WHAT CAN WE OFFER? We help, support and guide our students to reach their full potential. While academic achievement is imperative, we appreciate there are many other ways to achieve personal goals and successes. We have built a curriculum which guides students at their own level, with a drive for progression. We specialise in a Level 2.5 approach, where students have room for improvement and a route to Further Education.

WHY ARE WE UNIQUE? Our Post-16 gives an experience which is much more student centred than many other providers. We genuinely go out of our way to know all of our students and drive them to succeed. We value learning as a route to work as much as a route to Further Education, and respect students for the decisions that they make. We are a Business and Enterprise specialist college who truly believe in our students and our community.

COURSES ON OFFER Courses on offer are dependent each year upon demand. We also vary the level depending upon the achievement of the group.

BTEC (1/2 YEARS) Level 2 requires 4 Ds at GCSE Level 3 requires 4 Cs at GCSE ICT Business Public Services Sport Music Technology Hospitality and Catering Psychology/Sociology short courses Health and Social Care English Art and Design Maths Travel and Tourism WorkSkills Employability ASDAN CoPE


“The sixth form students participate enthusiastically in the daily life of the college. The sixth form works well with a range of providers to provide an increased focus on life skills and in preparing students for the world of work.� Ofsted 2011

Director of Post 16: Ryan Lewin ( Administrator for Post 16: Beverley Hopkinson ( Post 16 @ BEC, Hungerford Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5EY 0117 377 2055 /

Post 16 @ Bec  

Brouchure for Post 16 at Brislington Enterprise College

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