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Symington Building Artwork Commission Expression Of Interest

Richard Dawson Visual Artist / Designer Contact 07932 050926 Postal: 60 Stamford Road Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL50BG Studio: Unit W2/429 Woodend Mill Manchester Road Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL5 9RR Contents • • •

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Symington Building Artwork Commission Expression of Interest Richard Dawson – Visual Artist / Designer About My background is in three dimensional design and I have worked in numerous industries including Production Design for Television and Theatre and bespoke display settings for public building. For the past ten years I have worked as a freelance Visual Artist and Designer including extensive work as creative practitioner in a community setting, often working with groups to create locale specific public artwork in a variety of mediums. I have being commissioned to produce public artworks both individually and collaboratively and produce my own work in response to self initiated briefs often in partnership with other artists as group undertakings. The Symington Building Artwork Commission The Commission appeals to me for a number of reasons; the collaborative and community elements are both factors which form the core of my work and areas that I have strong experience and abilities within, this combined with my skills working in a variety of materials, mediums and approaches make me able to respond to and fulfill the brief in a successful and unique manner. I relish collaborative working across specialisms and the exploration of history and heritage and it’s expression through artwork created for the Symington Building offers a fantastic opportunity to work with curators, Arts Education and Interpretation specialist, heritage experts, museum and library staff and also local community to produce an exciting, unique and truly collaborative piece of the work. The scale of the work suggested allows the piece to be collaborative and encompass a wide range of elements amongst which could be truly personal and individual elements as part of the whole. Partially due to having my studio in the last of the Three Counties Cotton Mills in Mossley I have over the past eight years developed an interest in responding to heritage and history through visual and contemporary art. The Symington Building Artwork Commission offers me an exciting opportunity to explore this part of my practice in a new location with a rich and diverse history, that through the textile and corsetry industry offers parallels to the heritage I have explored locally in my work. I believe being from outside the area allows me to engage in an open manner and undertake a journey of discovery similar to that which I foresee the artwork presenting to visitors. The location and profile of the commission is exciting and inspiring provoking a deep response and offering opportunity for a true artistic and collaborative undertaking. Creating a piece of work that responds to it’s surroundings and is sympathetic to and enhances the buildings new appearance and purpose along with expressing and linking Market Harborough and the Symington Building’s place in the locale’s history from the Iron Age, through the 1800’s to

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today and into the future is an immensely challenging and appealing opportunity and one I feel I would be fascinating and rewarding to undertake. I have not included an exact idea of what the final piece would be as this would be developed through research, investigation and collaboratively with all the stakeholder groups but I wanted to include some initial start points for approach developed from previous projects and few ideas the artwork formats that I believe would be suitable for the commission. Ideas for approach Recreation of artifacts within the artwork On a number of projects I have found exploring ‘our place and history’ through investigations into the unique objects and artifacts specific to a location or industry a successful approach. Artifacts provide a tangible and fascinating (and possibly tactile and hands on) method for people to respond to an areas history and can build very strong links between now and the past by providing contrast and comparison if everyday objects and activities. Oral History presented within the artwork I am also interested in in oral history and peoples memories, stories and reminiscences and have on previous projects found this a great way to provoke an intergenerational dialogue between family members around working and living experiences. I am interested in exploring creative ways to present these memories in new and appealing ways. Community Elements I believe that community created elements are vital to making a public artwork relevant and that where possible elements actually created by the community should be included in the final piece to ensure direct personal links and pride in the undertaking and the achievement of the work created. There are many mediums and methods for achieving this and the exact approach for the Symington Building would be decided following a site visit and further investigation. It is important that the incorporation of community chosen or created elements allow the work to express to visitors the character and responses of the area and it’s community and ensure the local communities ownership of the project and building. Initial community engagement with the project will allow and facilitate the community to engage with, explore and respond to their heritage and through creative outcomes express what is important for them about Market Harborough past, present and future. Start point Concepts Some initial notes of how I would be interested in approaching the artwork and keynote, Harborough – A Sense Of Place

Richard Dawson 07932050926

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Timeline – Combining 2D and 3D artwork and incorporating artifacts, words, images and community generated elements and referencing other local landmarks and areas of interest. Map – A 3D plinth based artwork relating the Symington Building geographically to Market Harborough and showing it’s place as central to it’s history and future. Interactive or tactile elements Oral history elements Bringing the surrounding environment inside ‘Locator map’ with indications of directions and distances to landmarks and events from Harboroughs history. Informative elements within artwork – historical, location, etc Harborough – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow – The Future.

Materials Chosen from those that are relevant to the location, reflect heritage materials and local industry are high quality and long lasting. Should the commission delivery require the contracting of additional artists, designers, fabrication or installation specialists (ie Graphic Designer, Furniture Designer, Metal Artist) I have a network of persons I have collaborated with on previous projects who I would consider engaging for this project within budget constraints. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at any time on 07932 050926 or via Many thanks

Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson 07932050926

Symington Building Artwork Commission Expression of interest images

Richard Dawson Visual Artist / Designer 07932 050926 Livingstone Museum Client: The Livingstone Centre, National Trust Scotland Location: Blantyre, South Lanarkshire Museum display artworks consisting of an interactive map and World Explorers globe presenting the journeys of David Livingstone. Cold cast bronze, steel, LED lights.

Miners Roll Tactile Artwork Client: Leciestershire County Council Misc materials including brass, fabric, rubber convey belt, cold cast aluminium.

A Miner's Day An artist’s response to the experiences of miners in Leicestershire through exploration of everyday items that formed parts of the world of mining. The main body of the artwork is made from materials from traditional British Coal donkey jackets and miner’s overalls. As the artwork is unfolded it reveals object used unique to miners; an overall pocket contains tally’s that were a simple yet vital way to record who was working and ensure safety, the work boot unlaces to reveal the ubiquitous tool belt and shot firers key: a ‘penknife’ like tool used to prime and detonate explosives. The ‘kit bag’ that forms the center of the work is made from conveyor belt material and is inspired by a satchel bag in the Leicestershire Museum collection, it contains a working miners headlamp and piece of coal. The final section explores the miner’s return to everyday life representing the communal showers, contrasting footwear and NCB safety promoting beer mats.

Richard Dawson Visual Artist / Designer 07932 050926

Symington Building Artwork Commission Expression of interest images Warp, Weft, Words Self Initiated ACE funded. Cotton, fabric, print, beech.

Warp, weft, Words created as part my lead role on Cotton On: A Creative Exploration of Mossley’s Industrial Heritage. Warp, Weft, Words takes phrases from oral history recordings made during the project and that I initially presented as an immersive sound scape in Woodend Mill and literally weaves these words (printed onto fabric) into a wall mounted artwork. The passages chosen express the strongest memories of working in the Cotton Mills and are supported by original spindles and hand crafted oversized ‘flying shuttles’.

Tactile Artworks: Memory Flip Book, Reliquary of the Everyday, Turning Table and Memory Roll Client: Leicestershire County Council A set of tactile artworks responding to and expressing Leicestershires history and the lives of it’s residents past and present. Based around representing evocative everyday items from the past in new ways to provide an experience combining sound, touch, sight and interaction.

Symington Building Artwork Commission Expression of interest images

Richard Dawson Visual Artist / Designer 07932 050926

LOOM VI Client: AFI Kinetic artwork commission responding to the cotton industry in Shaw, Oldham and based on reimagined movements and components of looms and mill machinery. Misc materials including reclaimed treadle sewing machine parts, electric motors, electronics, cold cast aluminium.

Hyde Indoor Market Artwork Client: Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council Public signage artwork to promote and enhance the entrance way to the indoor market with each letter of the words Hyde Indoor Market showing a unique product or service available in the market. . Created through a consultation and creative engagement process with various stakeholder and community groups with elements of the final work being created by community members working directly with the artists. Misc materials including polyurethane resin, fabric, timber, photographs, comics, metal.

Richard Dawson Visual Artist / Designer Contact: Postal: 60 Stamford Road, Mossley, Lancs, OL5 0BG.

Studio: W2/429 Woodend Mill, Manchester Road, Mossley, Lancs, OL5 9AY.

Mob: 07932 050926 Email: Web:

Art forms: 3D, sculptural, interactive, moving image, sound and sculptural kinetics. Background, Skills and experience: I trained in 3D design and communicative media and initially worked in industry as freelance designer maker in product and toy design specialising in movement and mechanisms for licensed characters. Following this I worked as a designer maker in theatre and moving image including engagements at WYP and Opera North and from this moved into Production Design for the BBC, department head for HOT animation and worked freelance for numerous production companies. Through my role as Senior Lecturer in Design and Art Direction for Moving Image at LMU I became involved community art with young people and have since shared my creative skills and passion for making artworks as a creative practitioner on many projects over the past eight years. My personal practice stems from the reconciliation of my technical design background with an interest in environment, heritage, sustainability, craft and traditional materials. I create work in varied mediums in response to my surroundings, the environment and in order to explore my place in the world. I enjoy facilitating collaboration and working in partnership to develop projects especially across disciplines. I am currently chair of Woodend Artists and have wide experience of developing partnerships and managing creative projects of all scales and have recently been appointed associate artist for UHC Manchester. Inspirations: The surrounding environment, heritage, maps, technology, recycling, sustainability, literature, performance and film, traditional crafts, myth, poetry, music. Interests: Rock climbing, art, writing, cycling, music, theatre, photography. CRB: Enhanced. Public Liability Insurance: 5 million First Aid Qualified BBC Design Risk Management Parts 1&2 trained. Iosh Creative Industry Safety Passport – 5055 BECTU member

Recent Work as Visual Artist with Community Engagement Tatters to Treasure Lead Artist – ACE funded junk sculpture and art bike project creating parade and performance artworks from reclaimed materials working with hard to reach young people from Young Offenders and Pupil Referral Units. Tameside Heritage Film Project Lead artist and curator - moving image project creating a series of short films of contemporary life and from heritage footage and stills for screening with live music accompaniment – recommissioned for development in 2014 Cheshire East Creative Engagements Lead Artist - Community Arts Project to Create Public Art for Youth Spaces with participants 10yrs to 16yrs at local youth centres and community hub Waste Creative – Recycling Education Creative Project Lead Artist – Sculpture and Animation with participants 8yrs to 43yrs creating a resource pack, DVD and animal sculptures for exhibition – funded by Recycle for Greater Manchester Catalyst Junk Sculpture Lead Artist – Kinetic Junk Sculpture. A major arts engagement project for Oldham Borough Council working with participants 8yrs to 56yrs at Community Allotment, library and park to create large kinetic sculpture for parade and performance including Manchester day Parade. Big Green Recycled Queen Jubilee celebration project with participants 8yrs to 60yrs creating a large queen parade puppet from recycled materials as part of Tameside’s Jubilee Day celebrations Colshaw Estate 3D ‘street art’ project for Lime Arts. Creative practitioner with young people 5 Ways to Well Being sculpture project for MCC and JHU NHS campaign launch creative project working with homeless young people 18yrs to 26yrs creating sculpture form recycled materials Spike Island Flood Awareness Artwork for Spike Island Lead Artist – Kinetic artwork developed through story telling by older residents presented as puppet performances by school group and turned into a permanent artwork for a community hub. Mossley Environmental Art Project for Mossley Hollins School and Woodcraft Folk Environmental art trail in local woodland Origami Workshops and entrance artwork for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Patient created artwork with work taking place on the Haemodialysis ward Kinetic and animation workshops, The Hub,Runcorn. Workshop Facilitator. Moorfield School Community Week. Creative Practitioner (film) ‘Burger The Kid’ Award winning First Light Community film Recent Exhibitions and Public Art Commissions: Ongoing creative engagement with RSPB Working with RSPB officers to develop creative methods to enchance engagement with Dovestone reserve – includes Dove Stone Memory Bank oral history project. ‘Binn Green Arch”. Sculptural arch to enhance new pathway to view point from reclaimed oak. RSPB 2012

“Hyde Market Artwork”. Sculptural lettering to promote Hyde Indoor Market. TMBC commission 2012-13 “Tactile Panels and Held In The Hand”. Interactive/ tactile panels for Leicester Arts Tactile Table artwork for dementia patients. “Handy Weigh Green Machine”: interactive kinetic sculpture for recycling education centre, Preston. ‘Music for the Imagination’: moving image response to classical composition by The Sterling Trio shortlisted for and performed at UK Young Artists ‘Paperworks 3’: 2 kinetic sculptures for Bury Art Gallery exhibition including new commission ‘migration 2’ and mechagami community workshops ‘Chew The Float’: installation of ‘Lumen Memoria’ for a group show at Victoria Baths, Manchester ‘Like Swift Mercury Beneath Our Feet’: Commissioned sculpture for Illumini 2010, London. ‘trees dream of water they see as insects hear’: commissioned soundscape for Soundfjord Gallery Exquisite Corpse project, cd release, November 2010 ‘Runcorn Hub Life’: Kinetic sculpture collaboration with ArtMikanic. ‘Origami Carousel’: Kinetic Sculpture Commission for Birmingham Childrens Hospital. ‘Tempest’: filmed projections for theatrical performance, Rhodes Art Complex. ‘Seventeen Thousand, Nine Hundred and Eighty Two Frames’: Timelapse documentary commission following the creation of ‘Together We Are Greater’ by Jacqui Symons.

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Symington building artwork commission expression of interest by Richard Dawson