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Eye on Alumni Gregg Sanborn ‘84

May 19, 2012 - Gregg gets warm greetings from classmates, Linn Charette ‘84, Betsy HoplerMcClare ‘84 & Barbara Gushee ‘84

Buzz Brine ‘66 - Friends of Gregg Sanborn volunteer

In April 2012, we learned that FA alum, and Chief Deputy with the Maine Warden Service, Gregg Sanborn ‘84 had been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 and friends of Gregg’s went to work with the Be The Match-National Marrow Donor Program ( to help find a match and match funding for Gregg who had been unsuccessful in finding a donor up to that point.

The group, “The Friends of Gregg Sanborn,” led by Ellen began planning. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and strangers came out in record numbers to support

Marion Heald Brine ‘65 selling raffle tickets

The Sophomore Class (Class of 2014) gave $200 from their treasury to The Friends of Gregg Sanborn Fund. Sophomores Seth Benoit ‘14 & Sullivan Briggs ‘14 (son of Ronnie Briggs ‘74) presenting the gift to Kim Barton Newton ‘76 (cousin of Gregg Sanborn ‘84) & Ellen Benson Alan Whitaker ‘77-FA’s Director of Food Services Guilford ‘72 (chairman of The Friends of Gregg Sanborn). -15Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Gregg. A benefit supper and auction was held along with a stem cell match donor drive at the FA gym with over 500 people in attendance. Ellen says, “The whole community came out to save someone’s life. I’m amazed and just so proud. Gregg was not only supported by his friends, colleagues and classmates but by those of his parents and family as well. This small community is very supportive. This was huge. People were there who hadn’t seen each other in 30 years. It was so great that Gregg was there too. He has been very sick and we weren’t sure he could be there - but it seemed to me he got energy from the rest of us. His color improved as the events went on. He was sitting on a cooler talking to people and laughing and telling stories with old friends. It truly felt like we were giving him life.” In mid-June, we got the phenomenal news that a match was found! We received this letter from Gregg shortly thereafter: “Please extend my appreciation and gratitude to all those who organized, planned and attended the “Be the Match” events over the weekend of May 18th at Fryeburg Academy. Whoever coined the phrase “you can’t go home again” was never given the opportunity to experience such an event. I was truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of

Wardens Adam Gormely & Peter Herring of the Maine Warden Service & Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 serve up supper at the benefit dinner for Gregg

Flora Katsiaficas-FA Former Faculty & Elizabeth Andrews ‘80

David Ross of the Maine Game Warden Service helps raise funds for Gregg

Gregg & his mother, Blanche Sanborn, retired Fryeburg teacher

Ryanne Johnson ‘12-FA President of the Class of 2012 & Taylor Newton ‘12-cousin of Gregg

Barbara Gushee ‘84 serves up supper at the benefit for Gregg

-16Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

support from the greater Fryeburg Community. Not surprisingly, during the past year I have noticed that the simple activities that normally bring me contentment and happiness, such as bird hunting with my dogs, flyfishing with my family or a round of golf, have failed to do so. The uncertainty of the immediate future and planning my life around doctors’ appointments and medical testing has made cancer an entity that is always present. However, I found myself having a good time during the events of that weekend in May and forgetting about the fight that lies ahead. Cancer took a back seat for a weekend, and for that a big ‘thank you’ as well. Now, to relate a bit of good news that was confirmed this week. I was notified by Dana Farber that a match has been found. Under the rules of “Be the Match” the only information that can be released to me for one year is that the donor is a male, 26 years of age. At this time I do not even know what state or country he is from. Staff at Dana Farber tells me that this profile is a very good match for me and increases the chances of a successful stem cell transplant. Whether or not my match comes from Fryeburg, ME, or Fairbanks, AK, the fact a match was found clears one of the biggest hurdles on my way to being cured. Hopefully, one or more of the 190 or so potential donors that were swabbed at Fryeburg will someday get the call to save someone’s life. The awareness that my disease has created and the subsequent “Be the Match” drives have resulted in over 700 names from Maine and New Gregg Sanborn ‘84

Bill Perry ‘80 - Volunteer

Gregg with caring classmates, Jeff Seavey ‘84, Lesa Day ‘84, Liz Thorman ‘84, Linn Charette ‘84, Betsy Hopler-McClare ‘84 & Barbara Gushee ‘84; Andrew Beebe ‘84, Laurie Blood Ramsay ‘84, Kathy Springham-Mack ‘84, Gregg Sanborn ‘84 & Ann Linnell Arsenault ‘84

Karylann Walker ‘14 & Abby Rolfe ‘14 serve up whoopie pies; Photo right-Priscilla Buzzell Barton ‘57 with daughters, Jody Barton Hesselin ‘83 & Vicki Barton Berry ‘80 & granddaughter, Anna Berry -17Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Hampshire being added to the world-wide registry. That is definitely a positive that was created out of a real negative diagnosis. As it stands right now, I will be admitted to Brigham and Women’s hospital on July 9th, to start the stem cell transplant process. As I understand it, the first 8 days I will be receiving high doses of chemotherapy and radiation and will only be semi-conscious. The goal of that is to kill all cancer cells. On day eight, I will be receiving the donated stem cells that will rebuild my immune system that the first eight days of treatment has completely destroyed. The donated stem cells are my life line. I will need to be in isolation to protect myself from infections until my new immune system is strong enough, usually about a year. It will be a long year before I can resume “normal” activity and go back to work. I will miss seeing everyone at the fair this year, but I’ll catch up with everyone next year. My doctors say if this works, I’ll be trading this one year for 30 or more good ones. I’ll hang onto that in the days ahead. Again, thank you for all that was done for my family and me. Sincerely, Gregory W. Sanborn, FA Class of 1984” Jay Brenchick ‘84 & Andrew Beebe ‘84 - Volunteers

Kyle Barboza ‘14 with Sgt. Jason Luce of the Maine Warden Service & Andrew Emery ‘13 - Volunteers

Richard Murray-Fryeburg Police - Donor

Lori Jardine ‘84 - Donor

Alicia Leavitt ‘07 & Lori Lusky ‘82 - Volunteers

Gregg with cousins, Kim Barton Newton ‘76 & daughter, Taylor ‘12

-18Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Jay Brenchick ‘85 with Gregg

Diane Lewey-FA’s Database Administrator wth husband, Paul - Volunteers

Wardens Sara Miller and Kris Barboza wait for stem cell testing

Owen Mills ‘70 - Donor

Taylor Newton ‘12 - Donor

Gregg spent six weeks at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. He has received his stem cell transplant and is at home where he will spend the next year gaining back his health and strength. If you wish to be in touch with Gregg, email him at or drop him a note at 545 Quaker Road, Sidney, Maine 04330. Our best wishes are with Gregg for a quick recovery! Written by Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76 Warden Sara Miller - taking the test! -19Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

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Gregg Sanborn '82  

An article about Fryeburg Academy alum Gregg Sanborn '82