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FRYEBURG ACADEMY 745 MAIN STREET FRYEBURG, MAINE 04037 (207) 935-2001 Daniel G. Lee, Jr., Headmaster David B. Sturdevant Principal & PAC Director Board of Trustees Asa O. Pike IV ‘57, President Thomas D. Shaffner, VP & Asst. Treasurer Steven P. Cote ‘85, Treasurer & Asst. Secretary Carol S. Sudduth, Secretary & Asst. Treasurer Roy E. Andrews ‘56 John Chandler ‘78 John M. Day ‘67 Christopher M. Gordon ‘81 Punyu Ho ‘95 Cooper Campbell Jackson ‘85 Richard A. Jones ‘58 Bradley Littlefield ‘80 Shannon D. McKeen ‘81 Bradley B. Nelson ‘65 James A. Osgood ‘56 Ellen Pope ‘68 David Rohde ‘85 Bretton D. Russell ‘56 Elaine Weeks Trueblood ‘67 Trustees Emeriti Alan D. Bennett ‘60 Richard R. Cote John A. Dunn, Jr. James H. Dutton ‘68 William A. Findeisen ‘71 T. Scott Gamwell June Walker Hammond ‘54 David R. Hastings III ‘68 Nancy S. Hogan, RN, Ph.D. ‘56 Henry T. Raymond III B. Dean Stearns ‘58 George E. Walker ‘50 Administration Nicole Cote-Crosskill ‘77, Dir. School Counseling Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76, Director of Public Relations & Annual Giving Todd Gallagher ‘82, Director of Alumni Chris Hibbard, Director of Admission Kelley Hodgman-Burns, School Counselor Peter Klomp, Director of Gift Planning Barbara Kollander, Business Manager Joseph R. Manning, Academic Dean Stephanie Morin, Dir. Enrollment & Marketing Harvey Nichols, Operations Manager Timothy G. Scott, Director of Development James Thurston, Dean of Day Students Susan Thurston, Athletic Director David Turner ‘88, Dean-Boarding Students Tracy V. Weitz, Dir Ctr for Int’l Students

SCENES - FALL 2012 Headmaster’s Council June Walker Hammond ‘54, Chair Roy E. Andrews ‘56 Col. Noel F. Austin ‘57 George Bishop, Jr. Jean Thebault Breunle ‘83 Dan John Fitzgerald Buck ‘98 Steven P. Cote ‘85 John M. Day ‘67 John A. Dunn, Jr. Tom Eagle ‘72 Richard J. Goff ‘56 Christopher M. Gordon ‘81 Beth Westerberg Griffin ‘83 Tom Hammond ‘93 Heather Pike Hart ‘87 Thomas Henriksen Nancy Schildberg Hogan ‘56 Richard A. Jones ‘58 Dawn Gale LaCasce ‘81 Bradford Littlefield ‘80 Peter J. Malia, Jr. Frank N. Mann Heather Masse ‘00 Bradley B. Nelson ‘65 Lora Lopes Nielsen ‘77 James A. Osgood ‘56 Asa O. Pike IV ‘57 John D. Pinto Bretton D. Russell ’56 Elbridge Russell ‘72 Bruce Smith ‘67 Melissa Chace Trace ‘78 John S. Weston ‘93 James F. Wilfong ‘64

Alumni Association Kelly Bell Lloyd ‘78, President Terry MacGillivray ’81, Past President Christopher Dutton ‘90, Vice President Laura Cummings Lucy ‘85, Treasurer Lonni Lutte Lewis ‘59, Secretary Jennifer Stacy Bartlett ‘93 Heidi Blake ‘82 Dana Charles ‘83 Cindi Nagy Detzer ‘78 Paige Fitts Fox ‘82 Barbara Gushee ‘84 Scott Lovejoy ‘77 David Miller ‘84 Jim Osgood ‘85 David Richardson, Jr. ‘84 Ronald Sanborn ‘64 Makenzie Walker ‘06 Gabe Watson ‘01 Chris Whitaker ‘79 The FA magazine “Scenes” is published twice a year for alumni, current students and their families, faculty, staff, and friends of the Academy. It is mailed out one per household. For more copies, call us or go online at www. Photography by Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76, Barbara Hill ‘74, Jenn Stacy Bartlett ‘93, Tabitha Kiley Blood ‘02, Elsie Reuning Fox ‘44, Todd Gallagher ‘82, Dawn Gale LaCasce ‘81, Maria Gomiz Maillett ‘95, Raina McCarthy, Bjorn Myhre ‘12, Lakyn Osgood ‘12, Meghan Vitters ‘12 and other contributors. FA’s Alumni Office-Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76, Diane Lewey, Jane Lounsbury, Maria Gomiz Maillett ‘95, Barbara Hill ‘74, Tim Scott, Peter Klomp, Todd Gallagher ‘82 & Scott Kelly ‘53


The start of the school year stirs up both memories and excitement as yet another group of eager and mostly excited young people gather for the first time to make their tentative way around our campus. Several years ago we changed the start of school to offer a day just for the newcomers so that they might be less overwhelmed by the strangeness of our campus setting and the 19 varied buildings between which they would soon learn to find their way. These inaugural moments of fresh experience are etched forever in most people’s minds, later seen as the turning point of a new leaf in a life that is, for them, just now gaining speed. Four years is both a lifetime and the blink of an eye, though, of course, they do not know this yet. For those of us who witness this transformation, year after year, it is still a thrill to behold. This fall also marks the start of my 20th year as your Headmaster, working in a school that is proudly beginning its 221st year. It is at once humbling to consider that my years among you constitute but oneeleventh of the Academy’s long history, a perspective balanced only by Mr. and Mrs. LaCasce’s remarkable and celebrated 33 years. This is a school that is both steeped in history while not being wedded to it, thus affording endless opportunity for growth and change in our curriculum and programming that keep us forever ahead of the educational curve. We still excel in the teaching of industrial arts while offering four years of Mandarin. We are exploring a local farm-to-table curriculum at the same time as we offer more than 14 advanced placement courses. And almost everyone who graduates from the Academy goes on to some form of higher education. The Academy is a remarkable school and it will continue to be so as long as we have our independence and, therefore, the freedom to be the best that we can be. Dan Lee, Headmaster, Fryeburg Academy

Not a school to rest for long on its laurels, the glowing 2011 Ten-Year re-accreditation report from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) has given us the courage and momentum to continue to grow and build. Over the next few years, private donations will help us build another faculty housing unit onto Payson-Mulford dorm; they will help us complete the athletic field project on the south end of campus; they will enable us to provide tennis courts, and add classrooms, and at last, renovate or replace the aging Alumni House. In not too many years a new cafeteria and student center will come on line, completing our major building program which began in 1995 with the Eastman Science Center. In less than twenty years, thanks to many of you, the campus will have been truly transformed.

Headmaster Dan Lee visits with Ameeth Deenanath ‘94 in Boston

So I close with these words of gratitude to all of you who in one way or another enable us to offer, year after year, such an extraordinary educational experience to young people from around the region and from all over the world. Watching the sea of faces assemble on campus today reminds me that our work is both important and noble, and that it is those of us who have chosen the education of young people as our career path who have the best jobs of all. Every fall we welcome a new batch of students and every spring we pass another, older and wiser group along to face the world. Thankfully, and with our utmost gratitude to all of you, they will always be well prepared, indeed. Dan Lee

-1Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


And The Search Is on…by now, most of you are aware that Dan Lee, FA’s Headmaster for nearly two decades, has announced his intention to retire from that position next June, at the end of the coming school year. Under Dan’s leadership, the Academy has grown and thrived as an educational institution and as an atmosphere allowing teenagers to grow into solid, young adulthood. By the time he leaves, something in the neighborhood of 3,000 students will have moved through our school, ready to pursue further education or jobs with a Fryeburg Academy diploma in hand. There will be ample time to thank Dan for all that he has achieved, over his long tenure. In the meantime, Job #1 is to find and hire THE correct person as his successor and have that person ready to don the harness, not later than next July 1. Members of our search committee, chaired by Chris Gordon ‘81, have all recently spent the better part of a week in homework mode, studying the thirty applications and resumes that had been compiled by our search consultant, Gregory Floyd, of Floyd Associates. Our group then met on the Academy campus and selected six of the thirty, who will be invited to meet with us for personal interviews during the month of September. To date, applications selected for initial committee review by our consultant have come from 20 states. I must say that this first group is impressive, and our search committee is looking forward to personal interview opportunities with our first selections. Will our next Head of School be among those who will be interviewed next month? That could be, but, if not, we’re early in the game and have time to search further. The search committee’s ultimate task is to find an enthusiastic, qualified, experienced person who, with all of those qualities is, most importantly, the best fitted for Fryeburg Academy, its students, faculty and alumni and tradition. The committee must also be confident our new Head is the one best qualified to shape the school’s future.

A.O. Pike IV ‘57 FA’s President of the Board of Trustees

Fryeburg Academy will have a new Head of School. When students arrive for the school year beginning in September 2013, change is also a regular event affecting the Academy’s Board of Trustees. Most of these fine folks who serve on our board are alumni, but not all. Currently, there are 19 men and women serving actively, two of whom did not attend Fryeburg. However, both of our non-Fryeburg grads have had children graduate from our school. Diversity among our trustee complement has become important, as many Academy graduates now find employment throughout the USA and are, increasingly, living throughout the world. We have been a small, proud New England school for over two centuries, but change has again had its effects, and we must now think of Fryeburg Academy as still a part of New England, but our graduates are spreading throughout the entire planet! This year, I’m proud to be able to say that Punyu Ho ‘95 has become the first person of foreign birth to return to our school as a trustee. He lives in Chicago and also has a residence and business in Beijing, China. In another issue of Scenes, we’ll highlight more trustees. These are the men and women who provide governance for Fryeburg Academy, and they bear full responsibility for overseeing and maintaining its financial health, vitality, direction and growth. I’m personally proud to be a member of that body…and I truly believe every other trustee feels the same. But now, back to our original theme: Change is always occurring. Heads of School arrive, make their mark, then leave, most having achieved their goals. Teachers arrive, ready our students for the next step in education; students come to the Academy as adolescents and leave as young adults, ready to move on in the world, even shaping it. Change is a constant (now there IS an oxymoron…but this one works)! Especially after a long period of growth and achievement, the thought of a shift in the gears of leadership can be unsettling. My take on this is that change is going to happen, much of that nudged by external forces. The economy, the fact that American families are producing fewer children to fill our classrooms, even the political situation here in the U.S. and in other countries which are the source of our international student entries. However, change can also be for the good and can actually present opportunities that result in the Academy becoming an even better school, as it moves proactively to meet and address various new opportunities. My own assessment of our school is that we have never been in better overall condition from the standpoint of faculty quality, curriculum, college acceptance of our graduates, physical plant and the financial readiness to meet nearly any imaginable new situations. I believe that, particularly with the help of alumni and friends, the next couple of decades can make Fryeburg Academy even better than the excellent institution that it is now known to be. And much of the Academy’s ability to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by change will be provided by Heads of School, faculty members, students, alumni, staff and friends of our institution…all of them will, of course arrive, go to work, achieve goals and eventually leave, and Fryeburg Academy will have become a better school for the time spent with us all. A.O. Pike IV ‘57 -2Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

PUBLIC RELATIONS & ANNUAL GIVING Dear Alums & Friends of FA - You’ll notice that this issue of Scenes is bigger, with a new binding process because it’s too big for the old spine staple! Thanks to Headmaster Dan Lee, who said “let’s make the photos bigger with more pages!” We graduated the Class of 2012 on May 27th and welcomed students back on September 6th. Time marches on! Always hard to say goodbye to graduates after four years together. My message is always the same to students - carry your FA relationships and experiences with you and they will carry you. FA is a big part of each of our personal histories...and it’s forever. Nothing drives this point home better than Reunion. My favorite part is being around those who haven’t been together for years. It’s that moment when they see each other for the first time since being an FA stuRachel Andrews Damon ‘76, FA’s Director of Public Relations & Annual Giving, in Boston dent - the moment that takes each one of us with Kate Whitaker ‘05, Ashley Holmes ‘05 & Justine Lathrop ‘05 and makes us 17 again! I can’t champion enough the idea of coming back to see your classmates and this school. It perks us up, soothes the soul and fills our hearts! It’s coming home again. As always, if you’re in town during any other time of the year besides Reunion, please stop by the Alumni & Development Office at FA. You are always welcome. We are open for your visits. And in closing, thank you for your support of your old school. With each donation received, students continue to prosper by you paying it forward. You have my sincere gratitude for your investment in Fryeburg Academy and the future of this school. Always a Raider - Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76 Key to Cover Photos - Scenes - Fall 2012 Front Cover - Photo by Michael Dana-FA Faculty (Photo & Film) - Michael says, “The camera lens of an iPad digital tablet views the entrance to the Main Building from a perch in the stately Red Maple tree that has been growing alongside the Academy since the early 1850’s. The image suggests the current place on the Academy’s long timeline that connects its rich past and ties to tradition with a rapidly changing world of technology in education. It is a view into the future of the continued legacy of excellence in teaching at Fryeburg Academy.” Michael Dana moved with his family from NY to Fryeburg in 2004 after a rewarding 20-year career as a cinematographer in the motion picture industry working on feature films and national ad campaigns. In 2006 he ran into Headmaster Dan Lee at the post office in town and offered to introduce a filmmaking course at Fryeburg Academy at some time in the future. In 2008 Mike was originally hired to teach photography and start building the new Fryeburg Academy Film Workshop that continues today. Currently there are over sixty FA student films, and episodes from FATV News (another new media class), which is online and viewable from a link on the FA website - Inside front cover - FA Seniors at Moose Pond after a community service project at Denmark School-Sierra Moore ‘12, Payton Schwarz ‘12, Taylor Newton ‘12, Ryanne Johnson ‘12, Mike Costa ‘12, Liz McDermith ‘12 & Alex Bosinger ‘12-photo by Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76 Inside Back Cover - Classmates for Life-Rachel Charles Kuvaja ‘60 & Arizona Zipper ‘60; FA Good Kid!-Lionel Rutabayiro ‘12; Bermuda Gals-___, Crystal Richardson Anderson ‘84, Lisa Woodley Wingood ‘81 & Renee Thomas ‘84; Presidential Material-Ryanne Johnson ‘12-2012 Class President; FA FamiliesJimmy Eastman ‘72 & Lynne Jones Eastman ‘73; FA Tears-Kristie Sills ‘12; photos by Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76 Back Cover - FA at Night by Liz McDermith ‘12


-3Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

NOTES & COMMENT FROM ALUMNI HOUSE With reunion coming so early in the summer, we have all felt a sea change sweep over the alumni and development office, the first of what we anticipate will be many large and small changes over the coming year. For most of us, simply having time for a warm-weather vacation was a treat, and it also allowed us unfettered time to visit and connect with alumni, near and far, at a summer pace. Absent the looming activity of a late-August reunion, we have each had time to clean desks, complete projects, and make plans for the new school, and giving, year with a renewed abundance of enthusiasm and energy. This all comes just in time. A year from now we will be settling in with a new headmaster after enjoying twenty remarkable years with Dan Lee at the helm. The school is in such a different place than when he and Susie arrived in 1993 and as it was with Mr. and Mrs. LaCasce, theirs, too, will be hard shoes to fill. No one anticipates that this transition will be simple or easy, and, as with any leadership change, we will all be learning about how things may be different. What won’t change, however, will be our fundamental goal to do whatever we can to make this 221-year-old institution stronger in every way. In this sense, my past 14 years in your midst may have just been a warm-up exercise for what is still to come. This summer, the Trustees met to review and set priorities for capital projects for the next five to ten years. It is at once thrilling to remember and Tim Scott, FA’s Director of Development celebrate how far we have come, and it is equally humbling to consider how much important work lies ahead. Of course, the list of projects never really grows shorter, for as we make improvements we also raise the bar of expectation both for our students and members of the communities for whom the Academy remains a busy hub of year-round activity. The list of new buildings, fields, and programs would have intimidated us even ten years ago, yet the lessons of our annual and capital campaigns have presented us with the belief that all of you really do love your school. We thank you for what you have done, and for what you will help us do in the coming years. At the top of the list is completing the athletic fields to the south of campus. Several years ago we purchased the land and we have been working, as time and money and the great efforts of the Maine National Guard allow, readying these fields for future use. Next, we know that demographic changes are leading us to grow the boarding populations and a second dorm addition in the form of faculty housing is slated for the summer of 2013. The 2011 addition to Hastings Hall has set a new standard for what dorm life should be and it is essential that all of the dorms and faculty housing units be of an equal standard. We also have to do something about Alumni House which is the most tired facility on campus. Once renovated, it could become the true “welcome center” that is envisioned in the master plan. And, looking forward to the probability of ever-increasing energy costs, we are seriously considering installing a biomass furnace to supply campus heating, thus moving us away from oil and toward the renewable resources that abound in Maine. These are all ideas for which the time has come. I hope you will join in the conversations over the coming year, both about the Head Search and about the work we all will do together. Thank you, as always, for all that you do to help us succeed. Tim Scott, FA’s Director of Development

-4Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

ALUMNI DIRECTOR Every time I sit down to write this portion of the Scenes magazine, I try to come up with a theme, or a great speech to catch everyone’s attention. Then, when it is all said and done, Abe Lincoln, I am not. So you won’t be getting the Gettysburg Address in this issue. You won’t even get my home address either. So what am I going to write that will interest you enough to continue past this next sentence……? I am going to write about FRIEND Raising! Everybody has friends, but you can never have enough. Working in the Alumni office at Fryeburg Academy has given me a chance to meet hundreds of people who otherwise I would never have met. Some stop into the office, some call, some Todd Gallagher ‘82-FA’s Director of Alumni with Silvia Siklosi write and others I meet during visits and gatherings. No matter Chandler ‘82, Carlos Hernandez ‘82 & Tim Chandler ‘82 where or how we meet, each and every one of them has a story to tell; as do you, the reader of this article. I have had the privilege of listening to these stories and seeing the joy on people’s faces as they tell them. They go back in time and remember details and classmates and visit a moment that has been etched in their minds forever. I love hearing each person’s take on the Academy. Then they ask about what is going on now and what has changed at the school and suddenly the two worlds are connected. Friend Raising has a warm, personal touch that puts everyone on a level playing field. It does not matter where you went to college, or even if you went to college. It does not matter if you have a family or you are single. It does not matter if you are younger or older; each story is worth the same value, priceless. More often than not, there is a common person or action that comes out of the stories that brings us all together. Having had relatives who attended the Academy throughout the years, I can relate to many of their stories as well. Another great way to Friend Raise is to bring special interest groups back together. For example, classes, teams, groups and clubs. Throughout the years we have had a number of State Championship teams in various sports and extra-curricular activities. We have honored a few of these groups, but I would very much like to honor many more of them. It usually starts with a member of one of these groups to come in with an idea of getting the members together again. That is where I come in and we brainstorm how we can make all this happen. So to anybody out there who falls into this category and who thinks they might like to reunite with those fellow group members, give me a call and we can get started. Many of you already take the time to visit, have a cup of coffee, chew the fat and just be interested in what is going on. It is difficult to do this from afar. It takes a special effort to contact the school or anybody working here if you are out of town or state. We have tried over the years to go to areas of the country that have multiple alums in relatively close vicinity. We have gathered at alums’ homes, at hotels, sporting venues or local tourist attractions. We try to do this so you don’t have to travel all the way back to the “BURG” to find out what is going on. Trying to pick a time that suits everybody can be a nightmare. It is because of this that I enjoy the one-on-one visits that I have had over this last year. To sit down in an alum’s home, share a beverage, enjoy lunch, play a round of golf or to experience an integral part of their life, is a fabulous tool for raising a friend. I especially enjoy meeting a new alum and getting to know his or her memories of Fryeburg Academy. This past year I had the privilege of having conversations with: Kinley Roby ‘47, who told me how he became an author; Frank Joyal ‘66, who told me about his days in the Baltimore Orioles organization as a catcher; Peter Clifford ‘64, Bob Mitchell ‘64 and Ronnie Colter ‘64 who all told their tales of the 1963 State Championship football season; Dan O’Neil ‘82 who is without a doubt the biggest Fighting Irish fan alive; Stuart Hess ‘71, who organized our Rhode Island gathering; Kurt Ela ‘96, who took me on a tour of Los Angeles that ended with a $22.00 hamburger; Clayton ‘47 and Gloria Horne Burnell ‘49, who allowed me to look through all their memorabilia from their days at the Academy; Wilber Hammond ‘61 and Steve DiBiaso ‘61, who kept me in stitches during our dinner at Fish Bones; Lefty Homans ‘46, who was nice enough to bury me on the golf course but then let me set up his new GPS; Makenzi Brown ‘10, who showed me the famous corner of Haight/Ashbury streets in San Francisco; and Malcolm Clark ‘42, who showed me a scrapbook full of pictures and autographs of professional athletes he has known throughout the years. This is just a small sampling of folks with whom I had the pleasure of seeing and sharing time with. Each visit was special and meaningful in its own way. No two were the same and yet they all had something in common. When each visit was done I received a smile, a handshake or a hug and a request to keep in touch. The rekindling of emotions and memories of time spent at the Academy really does bring joy to people’s hearts. Once this emotion is stirred people have a tendency to keep it alive by reconnecting with classmates or the school. If a reconnection is made, then my job is done. And to think, it all started with a simple conversation and ended with the making of a new friend or remembrance of an old friend. So that’s it folks, that’s my speech. Let’s all reconnect with someone we have not seen in years. One of the best ways to do that is right here through my office. Give me a call and I will come visit you and fill you in on what is going on here at school and update you on your classmates and friends if I can. You can never have enough friends!!! (I would like to dedicate this article to the memory of Phyllis Walker Chandler ‘47, my new friend who left us just prior to this year’s reunion. We all need to learn a lot from the way she lived life. I will miss you my friend, greatly.) Todd Gallagher ‘82, FA’s Director of Alumni -5Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


Dear Alums, The invitation to this year’s LaCasce Dinner has been mailed and responses are arriving every day. The date is October 19, 5:00 p.m., in the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center. There will be a performance in the auditorium following a dinner that will feature members of Wheaton College Conservatory of Music. If you haven’t responded, please do so at your earliest convenience. This program, which began as a luncheon in 2004, is now celebrating its ninth year. The remarkable thing is that during this time the number of LaCasce Bequest Society members has grown from 19 to Peter Klomp, FA’s Director of Gift Planning with Ting Ting Zhao, 87! FA Faculty (Mandarin) The LaCasce Bequest Society is a recognition society for those who have provided for Fryeburg Academy through wills, charitable gift annuities and other estate gifts. Some members have designated the Academy as a beneficiary of their life insurance or retirement assets. Members of the LaCasce Society are recognized by name on a wall plaque which hangs in the stairwell of Fryeburg Academy’s Main building. There are 13 spaces remaining to reach 100 and complete this beautiful plaque. Please consider becoming a member of this esteemed society and honoring “Mr.” and “Mrs.” LaCasce. By joining, you are also helping to build upon the legacy of Fryeburg Academy and ensure that we will be around for the next 200 years. It will be my pleasure to meet with you in person for a confidential inquiry or I would welcome a phone call to talk with you for a few minutes about how you can help to protect the future of your family while often helping to maintain the traditions of the past. In November I will be traveling to China where I will meet with Punyu Ho ’95, a recent addition to our Board of Trustees. We will meet with parents of our students in Hong Kong/Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing. An additional visit may be made to Seoul or Tokyo to meet with parents and alumni in those cities. This will be my second visit to China and I am looking forward to sharing the experience in the company of one of our alumni. Punyu can speak to parents in their own language, which makes our presentation even more valuable. Mr. Ho is from Beijing and Chicago and has his own company, Wabash Investments. Punyu visited these same cities in China last year and met with our Chinese parents to talk about College Education in the United States, as well as the importance of Fryeburg Academy in their children’s lives. It will be our pleasure again while we’re in China to meet with as many parents as possible. One of our goals is to determine if there is an interest in having Fryeburg Academy offer additional programs designed to teach English as a second language. The purpose of which is to increase our students score in their required TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam. This is the world’s most common requirement for college and university admissions. Peter Klomp, FA’s Director of Gift Planning The 2012-2013 exhibition season has begun at the Pace Galleries. Our first installation will be Apple Of My Eye. The Fryeburg area was once filled with orchards that provided apples for America’s kitchens. The approach of fall and the opening of Fryeburg Fair remind us it is again apple season. Over 60 paintings and objects dating from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century will delight viewers who love apple season from first blooms to harvest time. The collection is on loan from the same generous collectors who lent us the White Mountain show a few years ago. January will open with a three-person exhibition of Maine painters. Leisa Socor challenges us to see everyday small objects in giant paintings, especially well known are her giant spools of thread. Ann Monkhern will exhibit bright summer coastal scenes (just what we need in mid-winter) and Andre Laporte will provide us a small retrospective of his life in art. The spring will bring two exhibits. First will be a selection of early WPA oils and later abstract pieces, all works from the estate of the late Mark Baum of Ogunquit. The Baum show will conclude in May to be followed by almost 40 works that have been generously donated to the Academy by Helen Nadler in honor of her late husband, Harry Nadler, a college art educator. The Nadler gift is most exceptional in that Helen has specified the work be hung throughout the campus and offices. Donations to the Academy collection have grown through generous donations of oils by B. T. Newman, the Mark Baum family, and monetary donations from the Goldberg Foundation and other friends of the Gallery. In the next few years I hope to show art from the rich and diverse regional artists who live in the White Mountain Valley and work in many genres. Finally, another long-term goal is to call upon alumni who have fine works of art to exhibit them in a show titled Alumni Collect. John Day ‘67, Director-Pace Galleries of Art


-6Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


Fryeburg Academy was very fortunate to have Marc Stowbridge teach a class in Astronomy during our May term this year. Marc is a recently retired family therapist, with an education background, and he has been working with the New Hampshire Astronomical Society since 1999. He was instrumental in developing the “Library Telescope Program”, placing telescopes into public libraries, where they can be checked out, like a book. While at FA this past May, Marc discovered the B.W. Tinker Barbara Hill ‘74, FA Archivist telescope and took the initiative to clean and repair the telescope, taking the parts home to clean and polish, and he also generously donated a zoom eye piece to finish the cleaning and restoration process, as the original could not be located. Berlin W. Tinker was a generous benefactor to Fryeburg Academy and served as trustee from 1923-1954.

Tinker Telescope at Fryeburg Academy

The telescope is a handmade, one-of-a-kind, 4-inch refractor telescope on a German equatorial mount, its length quite remarkable by today’s standards. The mount allows you to track celestial bodies by turning one long control handle. The Tinker telescope was made, according to the plaque on the telescope, by the pupils of Leavenworth High School, in Westbury, CT, and presented to Mr. Tinker sometime in the 1920’s. It has two specially designed lenses in the front instead of just one that corrects color aberrations.

This design gives you a clear image without a halo effect. In the October 1962 Fryeburg Bulletin, the following describes the use of the Tinker telescope, in reference to the dedication of the Science Building addition to the Main building: “Rising from the top floor is a stairway access to the roof platform so that the provisions of the Will of Mr. Berlin W. Tinker shall be carried out. Mr. Tinker had a strong interest in astronomy and bequeathed funds to promote study of the stars through his telescope which he has donated to the Academy.” Fryeburg Academy plans to put the telescope on display in the near future and to utilize the telescope for teaching purposes. The Archives gratefully acknowledges donations from the following alumni, staff and friends: David Jillson ‘74, Michael Davis ‘13, Sylvia Sawyer Sebalist ‘61, Emily Dore Fletcher ‘57, Michelle Andrews Clark ‘88, Lesley Gouin ‘75, Dot Whitney (widow of Paul Whitney ‘62), Jim Thurston-FA Dean of Day Students, Estelle Weeks Wellman (daughter of DeForest Weeks 1907) & Oliveanne Kimball-Scott ‘50. Barbara Hill ‘74, FA Archivist

Dedication plaque on Tinker Telescope

Plaque on entrance to viewing platform

-7Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Dear Alumni and Friends: What a wonderful and busy year the Fryeburg Academy Alumni Association encountered! This 18-member board worked hard with the very best interest of Fryeburg Academy and our 7,000+ strong Alumni! At the beginning of 2012, the Association welcomed Melissa Duffy Anderson from Duffy Anderson Financial as guest speaker; started discussion of our first-ever Golf Ball Drop fundraising event and the March Annual Family Social and Ski event at Shawnee Peak; sent out requests for faculty awards, graduating senior alumni scholarships and book awards; ordered senior gifts; worked on details for June Reunion and started our own budget process. The Alumni Association proudly made several faculty donations and monetary donations to every Fryeburg Academy state champion team in sports, performing arts and academics. The FAAA also made donations to Bo Apt ‘04, Gregg Sanborn ‘84, Project Graduation, and Fryeburg Academy. Congratulations and best wishes to all. The March Annual Family Social and Ski Event brought approximately 100 alums, family & friends for an evening of fun, food, relaxation, laughter, music and skiing. Thank you to the gifted alumni musicians who once again entertained the crowd throughout the evening. If you have not yet attended this event, please mark your calendar for Friday, March 1st, 2013. It’s a night of Fryeburg Academy Alumni memories being made! Reunion brought many returning alums back to our beautiful campus for the first time in 5, 10, 15, 20….even 50 years! The Alumni Association was pleased to give morning tours of our newest campus buildings to many returning classmates. Of course, the delicious banquet is always appreciated – thanks to Alan Whitaker ‘77 and his staff. We proudly honored Bruce Smith ‘67, the 2012 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award. FAAA thanks the hundreds of alum, community members, friends of Fryeburg Academy and total strangers who purchased tickets to the Golf Ball Drop! What a fun event and one to be continued for years to come. A special thank you to Ned Sullivan who donated his time, pilot expertise and helicopter to drop over 500 golf balls onto FA’s football field. And to the Association and their children for picking up the balls! We awarded three cash prizes to Lewis Bartlett ‘78; Gary Mayo-friend of FA; and Tate Gordon, son of Chris Gordon ‘81. At this time, we would like to thank Dennis Emery ‘44 (dec.) and family, Melissa Duffy, Bruce Smith ‘67, Gary Mayo, Cardinal Printing & Jim Stacy ‘72 and many others who donated to the Alumni Association this year. Without your help, many of the above awards and donations could not continue to happen. Your Association has been an organization since June 11, 1889, and we look forward to this next year! Warmest regards to all, Kelly Bell Lloyd ‘78-President At Reunion 2012, the FA Alumni Association had a fundraiser called The Golf Ball Drop - whichever ball dropped closest to the target from a helicopter (the ball drop thanks to pilot Ned Sullivan) - the winner of $1,000 was Lewis Bartlett ‘78; Photo below - Members of the Fryeburg Academy Alumni Association - Jenn Stacy Bartlett ‘93, Makenzie Walker ‘06, Paige Fox ‘82, Kelly Bell Lloyd ‘78, Jim Osgood II ‘85, Barbara Gushee ‘84, Ned Sullivan, Scott Lovejoy ‘77, Ronald Sanborn ‘64, Chris Dutton ‘90, David Miller ‘84 & Heidi Blake ‘82

-8Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


Teacher…Coach… Alumni Coordinator every new day has a wee bit of joy to it after fifty-four years of Academy campus life! For instance, the “Annual Giving” thank-you telephone calls or emails provide great remembrance stories from alums and how their experiences at the Academy helped change them, as well as turn their lives around. The outpouring of goodwill given back to them (alums, parents) through our kindness and openhearted conversations are proof of gratitude well received and freely given back with the Academy spirit. A fine example came from an alum, a member of the Class of 1947…an anonymous gift to reach the class goal of $1,500.00 to purchase a theater seat in the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center to commemorate their 1947 reunion gift. This prompted another spiritual gift of a theater seat in memory of Phyllis Walker Chandler ‘47, who passed away a few days before the muchanticipated FA alumni weekend in June. Such random acts of kindness continue to prevail; for instance, the get-well campaign by Kenneth ‘Tinker’ Kiesman ‘65 and Russ Tolles ‘65 for Herman “Leo “ Coombs ‘65 on Orr’s Island, ME…get-well cards, telephone calls, and personal visits to Leo from various members of the FA football teams from 1963 to 1965, before Leo passed away on August 2, 2012.

Scott Kelly ‘53, FA’s Alumni Coordinator, & his wife, Sandy

Another heartwarming alumni/campus/community act of kindness was for Gregg Sanborn ‘84 of Sidney, ME. Gregg was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma and needed to find a matching stem cell donor. Greg is the head of the Maine Warden Service. Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 told Todd Gallagher ‘82, FA Alumni Director, and Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76, FA Director of Public Relations and Annual Giving. Ellen, along with many others, spearheaded a stem cell donor search drive on May 19th, and 20th, 2012, and approximately $50,000.00 was raised to offset the costs of the donor search. There was a great dinner turnout at the Academy’s Wadsworth Arena and well over 100 new donors were added to the Stem Cell Donor Database because of the donor drive. To date, Gregg has a donor and is undergoing the transfer process in Boston, MA - an incredible experience to observe, as well as to be a participant! The sharing of grief or loss with families, when we lose an alum, faculty, or staff who was one of us either in the classroom, dormitory, athletic team, or in Fine Arts, presents us in the Alumni Office with a humbling Fryeburg Academy family experience. This past June 2012 the 40th (fortieth) class reunion of 1972 had a dedication around a celebration of the many faculty members at the time of their graduation. Having been one of those so honored, it was such an uplifting Fryeburg Academy spiritual experience. We were all overtaken with such gratitude and humility with their efforts forty years later. Kudos to the likes of Keith Durham ‘72, Gary MacFarlane ‘72, Mike Ross ‘72, John Garner, Jr. ‘72, Penny Snow Dougay ‘72, Becky Kiesman Leonard ‘72, Elbridge Russell ‘72, Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72, Lynne Jones Eastman ‘73, James Eastman ‘72 and the many others behind the scenes. Another joy as Alumni Coordinator is being a participant in the growth of the LaCasce Society with my colleague, Peter Klomp, FA Director of Gift Planning. Peter has made it his personal mission to promote the benefits of naming Fryeburg Academy in LaCasce Society members’ wills. In addition, Peter Klomp has become the new Asian Fryeburg Academy alumni and parent ambassador. His tireless drive is directly responsible for the growth of our Asiatic travels for alumni affairs, personal parental visits, and newsletters. And most recently, Peter is working to encourage interest in Fryeburg Academy’s entrepreneurial program by introducing an entrepreneurial capital growth plan. All of these efforts have brought the Academy to the forefront worldwide, or cutting edge if you will, in secondary school education circles! The neophyte participation in our new “Hall of Excellence” at Fryeburg Academy has proved most gratifying relative to the research of the candidates and their acceptance of the honor. Thanks to our Archivist Barbara Hill ‘74 and other local historians, we have been blessed with success. Our campus curb appeal as you drive by is a ‘portrait’ of the work of Kristen Russell McDermott ‘83 and her landscaping team. Wow, what a gift! Two other acts that are ongoing as coordinator are the various alumni socials in places like Florida, Boston, New York, the West Coast, Maine, Chicago, Connecticut, and Rhode Island proved to be the most interesting research when working with office personnel Tim Scott, FA Director of Development, Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76, Peter Klomp, Todd Gallagher ‘82, and Headmaster Dan Lee. Did you know we have three new trustees? Punyu Ho ‘95, Brad Littlefield ‘80, and John Chandler ‘78!! To sum up what the Alumni Coordinator’s life is like at Fryeburg Academy’s Alumni Office, I would like to quote Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan: “It’s a dream job and a labor of love!” Scott Kelly ‘53, FA’s Alumni Coordinator -9Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA - SCHOOL COUNSELING School Counseling vs. Guidance The term “guidance” was the popular designation for the counseling movement in schools for well over fifty years. Today, the term has been replaced with “school counseling” because guidance is only one component of a counselor’s work. School counselors deliver a comprehensive program, and “guidance” is a word that does not encapsulate the broad scope of services that those in our profession provide. Initially, guidance counselors were introduced into schools to assist students with occupational and vocational choices, as well as to provide college preparatory support. However, today the role of school counselors is to help students Nicole Cote-Crosskill ‘77, FA’s Director of School Counseling Services with through personal and social development, enBrenna Kackley ‘11 hancing academic achievement in order to better ensure successful careers. School counselors manage comprehensive services for every student, rather than just for individuals who need a service. They hold a Master’s degree in school counseling, a degree which includes a focus on mental health in order to better understand and respond to the challenges that the youth face today. The school guidance curriculum is dispersed throughout the school’s overall curriculum and delivered both in group activities and through individual work. It is supported by educators in the classroom and through our advisor program. Advisors serve as a support to academic and social needs and complete academic status checks during the homeroom period to assist the Academic Dean in developing student schedules. In addition, school counselors coordinate activities to help students establish personal goals and develop future plans, plans that typically include post-secondary education at colleges and universities. They also provide support in response to events and conditions in students’ lives, and nurture the school’s climate and culture. Professional and confidential relationships with students are established to help students resolve and/or cope with problems and developmental concerns. School counseling has evolved significantly during the past decade in response to the changing needs of students in our 21st century society. Counselors now implement comprehensive programs that include instruction, identification of a student’s skills and interests, and the development of personal plans that align with those skills and interests, in order to establish lifelong goals. As stated in the Academy’s Mission Statement, “The Academy believes that a strong school community provides the best conditions for learning and growth,” and the Academy builds on this foundation by incorporating the principles of respect, tolerance, cooperation and responsible citizenship. The school’s counseling vision is founded on our school’s mission and works to enhance the learning process of every student by providing academic/college counseling and career development, as well as addressing personal/social needs. The Fryeburg Academy community is proud of all its graduates and the hard work they demonstrated to reach their goals. This fall, our students plan on attending prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Cornell, Colby and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in addition to a wide variety of other outstanding colleges that were identified as a great fit for them. 83% of our seniors applied and are planning to attend post-secondary institutions, with overall 813 acceptances to 195 different institutions. We know that individuals with post-secondary degrees are more likely to be employed, and we especially applaud those students who are the first generation in their family to attend college. That they succeeded despite the additional challenges they faced in their pursuit of a post-secondary education is commendable, and we recognize the fortitude that is essential in choosing this path. We also honor those individuals who have selected to serve our country in a military branch. In conclusion, the school counseling department wishes every graduated senior from the class of 2012 the best of luck in pursuing their unique set of life goals. Nicole Cote-Crosskill ‘77, Director of School Counseling Services -10Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

LEURA HILL EASTMAN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER The Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center has had another busy six months. We always try to find a wide variety of shows so we have something that everyone will enjoy. These last few months have been filled with shows that featured our own Fryeburg Academy students, members of the local community, and some famous performers from around the country. For those who were here for reunion weekend, we hope you enjoyed the Palmina F. and Stephen S. Pace Galleries of Art Exhibit: Strangers and Others. It was a unique collection of photographs and sculptures by artists from Maine. The current exhibit features paintings of apples, apples trees, apple blossoms, and is suitably named Apple of My Eye. The spring months in the theater brought us some wonderful shows by our talented music department. The Annual Jazz Cabaret was split into two nights due to the number of jazz combos and vocal groups that competed this past year for the Academy. The crowds were thrilled by the two nights of great music – the perfect send-off for the Vocal Jazz Choir to bring home their seventh straight State Title! Later in the spring we enjoyed hearing all of the music students in the Annual Spring Concert. We added the First Annual Fryeburg Academy Awards to our spring line-up. It was Sarah MacGillivray-FA’s Leura Hill Eastman a spectacular evening of fun to honor our film students and their great accomplishPerforming Arts Center Box Office Manager with ments. Plans are already underway to continue this fabulous night, which not only Isabel Hodgman-Burns ‘14. featured great films, but brought back for a second show, the popular band of seSarah is FA’s Interact Advisor as well. niors from the class of 2012, Punkapalooza. Their first show was such a hit, we’re hoping there is another rock band that will want to take the stage this year! We will of course be looking forward to the All School Musical this November, which is Anything Goes, and the Annual Candlelight Services on December 16th. Our summer included our regular events such as The Metropolitan Opera Encore Series and a limited number of summer movies. We brought back the amazing Preservation Hall Jazz Band, who once again thrilled the audience. When you can fill just about every seat in the theater, and then have all those people dancing for the 30-minute encore, I guess you know you’ve got a great show on your hands! A good time was had by all! We once again closed out summer with a community presentation by White Mountain Musical Arts - the 24th Annual Bach Festival. We were thrilled to have another chance to hear these impressive performers who bring such beautiful music to our stage. The closeto-capacity audience on hand for the Saturday program was not disappointed, and the folks who were here for Herr Bach’s appearance on Friday were delighted and learned so much! On screen, our Metropolitan Opera Live in HD Series remains one of our most popular series. With eleven operas this season, there has never been a better time to come out and give opera a try! To make the experience even better we have added Dolby© Surround Sound to our theater! Fryeburg Academy’s own Joe DeVito prepares a wonderful opera lecture every Wednesday prior to an opera. We continue our similar series from The National Theatre of London. They opened the season this month with the new play based on the book, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.” We have had the local community theater company, Arts In Motion, on stage for a number of their shows. We are always impressed by their quality performances. This year we’ve enjoyed: Peter Pan, Charlotte’s Web, Songs of Barbra Streisand, and a number of performances at the end of their kids’ theater camps. They will be back in November to celebrate their 20th Anniversary with a special celebration featuring the youth of our community! Speaking of community, we’ve had a number of local groups using the facility for events to help them raise funds. Mother Seton House, the White Mountain Health Care Center and a number of school teams or clubs have all done very well with their shows. As always, if you are in the area, check the Fryeburg Academy website for the most up-to-date information on all of our performances, because we would love to see you at the PAC. It is all happening here! Written by Sarah MacGillivray, Box Office Manager -11Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Eye on Alumni Lillian Bisbee Banfill ‘43

I recently was able to fulfill something on my lifetime “TO DO” list and that was to visit with my 7th and 8th grade teacher, Lillian Bisbee Banfill ‘43. Known to almost every local Fryeburg area student as the ever-diligent, almost general-like, English teacher, “Mrs. Banfill.” She is regarded as one of the most respected teachers in Fryeburg history. It is with no disrespect that I refer to her as

“Lillian” in this article! Lillian Bisbee Banfill ‘43 was born at home on September 22, 1925, in Tuftonboro, NH, to parents Wilbur & Beulah Bisbee. Wilbur worked for Ossipee Oil most of his life and Beulah was a homemaker and mother and eventually was a teacher. Lillian is an only child. The Bisbees moved to Fair Street in Fryeburg in 1934 when Lillian was nine years old. Her father drove oil trucks up Mt. Washington to service the Observatory. Lillian attended C.A. Snow School, then called Fryeburg Elementary, through 8th grade. She began at Fryeburg Academy in 1939 and graduated in 1943. “We only had the one main building back then,” Lillian says. Lillian Bisbee ‘43 - age 12 “My mother was a school teacher and she insisted that I take Latin. Latin and I did not agree. But I got through it okay thanks to my friend, Dave Hastings ‘42. If it wasn’t for him, I would never have passed Latin. I owe him a lot! I was the only girl in Latin. There were only six or seven of us. I remember our teacher, Miss Piper, was always late, so we got to talk a lot.” I asked Lillian who her other friends were at FA – “Helen Abbott Rankin ‘43 and her husband, Herbie Rankin ‘43, Henry Black ‘43 and Clara Thurston ‘43 were a few. Clara always beat me out at everything! I couldn’t catch up with her.” About “Mister LaCasce” – Lillian says, “Everybody liked ‘Mister.’ He was an advocate for kids. His office was just as you go in the main building (where the Dean’s Office is now). I was an A & B student. I liked academics. If I had been Lillian Bisbee ‘43 allowed to take maybe some of the courses I wanted to take, I might have been a better student. I knew I wanted to go to college. If I didn’t know it, my mother reminded me all the time! My father did not say much about my education except when I got a ‘2’ (instead of a perfect ‘1’) in penmanship. I never had such a lecture from him again. I was expected to get all 1s. I was not an athlete, that was not my thing. I did do archery at one time and I did tap dancing until I had to have an operation on my neck – end of tap dancing.” After graduation in June of 1943, Lillian went off to the Normal School, now the University of Southern Maine at Gorham. She attended a three-year course in teaching and attended night classes for her fourth year. Lillian Bisbee met Fred Banfill as a young girl. Her grandparents lived in Tuftonboro, NH, and Lillian and Fred were playmates most of their lives. They married in 1946. Lillian Bisbee ‘43 in front of the Congregational Church at I met Fred Banfill for the first time when I visited Mrs. Banfill for this Baccalaureate 1943 -12Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

article at their vacation home, now pretty much their permanent home, in Bartow, FL Their only daughter, Jo-Beth Banfill Holt ‘68 was visiting as well. Fred is one of the nicest men I have ever met. He was drafted right out of high school and had to return after the war to get his GED. He entered the U.S. Army in January of 1943. Fred says, “I served for two years, ten months and 29 days. I got out on December 5, 1945. I was all over Europe, in France, Germany, Belgium, England, Holland and Italy. I saw a lot of the country but sure not as a tourist! I was not on the front lines, but we had plenty of bombing going on around us. Every night enemy aircraft were dropping bombs. We had one we called Bedcheck Charlie, because he showed up every night at 11 o’clock. At one location our mess hall ended up being part of the funeral parlor. A lot of guys couldn’t eat in there because you could smell the formaldehyde. We were all doing what we had to do and hoping to end the war.” Lillian says, “One of my biggest memories is Pearl Harbor Day. We had friends with a radio and I used to be at their house a lot. I was over there on the day they announced the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was such a beautiful day at home and then all that destruction happened. I was only a kid and don’t think I ever realized what was going on. But I knew the adults were very upset.” Lillian says, “You (Fred) came home by bus and then train in the middle of a hectic storm in December. We picked you up in Ossipee, NH.” She turns to me and says, “Yes, I was thrilled to see him. We talked about marriage then and bought a house, too.” Fred Banfill-U.S. Army 1943 Fred says, “When the war ended everybody was just excited, ecstatic really.” Fred and Lillian were married on June 29, 1946, on the lawn of their family house in Fryeburg. They have been married for 66 years. Lillian says, “We’ve had our ups-and-downs but most of it has been wonderful. When I was at Gorham I used to lie in bed looking towards Portland at the searchlights going. We once had a submarine that almost came into the harbor. Fred and I wrote to each other all the time he was in the war.” After their wedding, the Banfills moved to Laconia, NH, as Fred took flight training at Laconia Airport. This was an opportunity for him to learn a new trade, and he had always loved aircraft and flight. Fred got most of his flight ratings and training at Laconia. The Banfills lived in a little camp the size of a living room out in the woods near the airport. Lillian says, “I was torn between being a teacher and a librarian. I spent a week in Augusta with a friend and went to the Maine State Library. There I found out it really wasn’t for me, and I knew then I wanted to be a teacher and started my career in 1950. I began teaching in Sanbornville, NH, and taught in Lovell, Sweden and Brownfield before doing the bulk of my years at Sadie F. Adams School in North Fryeburg and C.A. Snow School in Fryeburg. I was the last to teach at the Black Mountain School before it closed. We had bats in that schoolhouse. The classroom was divided down the middle. I taught on one side with the bats on the other! I was in Brownfield for two years before this. There were four teachers there. I had 6th, 7th and 8th grades with 37 students, and I taught all subjects.” “In Sweden the boys had to take care of the wood stove and the girls had to sweep. Two boys did the janitorial work before I got there.” Fred adds, “That’s what they call, ‘the good old days.’” “At Sadie F. Adams I only taught English. I was always determined to teach and loved English. I have always been a reader. I still read. Both Fred and I are big readers. I like historical fiction novels, but really will read anything except for science fiction.” Jo-Beth, Fred and Lillian’s only child, was born on December 8, 1949. In the 50’s the Banfills moved to Fryeburg and Fred worked for Lillian’s father at the Gulf Oil Corner Filling Station. Fred went on to work for Hood’s Milk for 15 years. After leaving Hood’s, Fred went to work at the Fryeburg Airport as a mechanic. He was a pilot in his own right, as well as a flight instructor and had his own aircraft. He also eventually worked at North Conway Airport. Lillian says about teaching, “I loved teaching. I enjoyed the children…..most of them…. I had a lot of good students. I had one group I could walk anywhere in that building and they would keep on working.” Fred & Lillian Bisbee Banfill ‘43 on their wedding day “I didn’t have favorite students. I enjoyed them all. I always June 29, 1946, in Fryeburg, ME ended up with some of the misbehaved ones. We got along quite well. -13Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

I worked with Thelma Hapworth. I liked Thelma. She was really an advocate for kids. You’d never know it. She really cracked the whip. But you couldn’t help but like her later on. One day I saw her take this one young man over her knee. He must have been six feet tall. I asked her what he had done and she said he had gone down in the boys basement and found a way to the girls basement so I guess he deserved it. I worked with Olive Palmer ‘33, Dolly LaCasce, Catherine Jones & Flora Katsiaficas. They were all co-workers and friends. I always liked these folks. I also taught with Tom Doughty and Alma Lord. Tom was a wicked jokester and Mrs. Lord was not. He once told Mrs. Lord that she had a flat tire. She really didn’t. After checking her car, she stormed into his classroom and grabbed him by the ear. A young Wayne Infinger ‘71 said to Mr. Doughty, ‘Now you know what it’s like!’” Mrs. Banfill was hesitant to name names when I asked her about memorable students, but she did Lillian Bisbee Banfill ‘43 Fred Banfill at his home in Bartow, FL say this, “I remember Steve Cote ‘85. He was a good student. I liked the 1968 class – Jo-Beth’s class – with Brenda Buzzell ‘68, Dave Hastings ‘68 and Russell Ross ‘68. I remember Brad Littlefield ‘80 as well. Those were some of my good students but there were many others, too. I see Brad at the golf course in Lovell sometimes. I don’t golf anymore. I ended up going through one of the bridges on the golf course. My leg went right down through it. It wasn’t very wide. Paul Lusky ‘57 and Fred helped me out. I understand they have a sign on that bridge now that says, ‘Banfill Bridge’…” Lillian Banfill taught school for a total of 36 years and retired in 1987. Besides lots of reading, Mrs. Banfill loves to knit and used to be an avid golfer. The Banfills did lots of snowmobiling in their younger years and have also ridden Harley Davidsons. Their daughter, Jo-Beth, adds, “My mother did ride her own snowmobile. She created trails where there weren’t any and ran into a stone wall once. She woke up in the hospital in North Conway. She was wearing a helmet at the time so there’s the good news.” I asked Mrs. Banfill how her current health is; she says, “I am 86 years old and will be 87 in September. Fred is 88. “My health is not 100% but it’s not really bad either.” “I do see some of my old students around. I saw Steve Hatch ‘77 one day when I was getting gas. He waited on me. He said, ‘How did you ever stand me?’ I don’t remember my answer but he was fine. Most of my students will come and talk to me if they see me. I can’t remember names now.” Jo-Beth adds, “I am obviously very close with my parents. It’s like my mother always was a teacher even when she retired. I can’t imagine her in any other career really. I’ve had a lot of people run into me in later years and tell me that my mother was their teacher and they elaborate on how they disliked her at the time, but are now so grateful for what she made them do. I know she is very respected by her former students.” Fred says, “They hated the work she gave. She was tough. But all of them are happy about it now. She brought home lots of work over the years. People realize now that she taught well and with good reason.” Jo-Beth lives near her parents in Maine and spends a few winter months in Florida near her parents. It is with my fondest respect and admiration that I share this article with all of the former students of Mrs. Banfill. On behalf of her students, I wish to thank her for her years of service to MSAD72 kids and her dedication to the English language! Email Mrs. Banfill at: Written and photographed by “Mrs. Banfill ‘43” at her retirement home in Bartow, FL Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76 -14Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Eye on Alumni Gregg Sanborn ‘84

May 19, 2012 - Gregg gets warm greetings from classmates, Linn Charette ‘84, Betsy HoplerMcClare ‘84 & Barbara Gushee ‘84

Buzz Brine ‘66 - Friends of Gregg Sanborn volunteer

In April 2012, we learned that FA alum, and Chief Deputy with the Maine Warden Service, Gregg Sanborn ‘84 had been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 and friends of Gregg’s went to work with the Be The Match-National Marrow Donor Program ( to help find a match and match funding for Gregg who had been unsuccessful in finding a donor up to that point.

The group, “The Friends of Gregg Sanborn,” led by Ellen began planning. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and strangers came out in record numbers to support

Marion Heald Brine ‘65 selling raffle tickets

The Sophomore Class (Class of 2014) gave $200 from their treasury to The Friends of Gregg Sanborn Fund. Sophomores Seth Benoit ‘14 & Sullivan Briggs ‘14 (son of Ronnie Briggs ‘74) presenting the gift to Kim Barton Newton ‘76 (cousin of Gregg Sanborn ‘84) & Ellen Benson Alan Whitaker ‘77-FA’s Director of Food Services Guilford ‘72 (chairman of The Friends of Gregg Sanborn). -15Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Gregg. A benefit supper and auction was held along with a stem cell match donor drive at the FA gym with over 500 people in attendance. Ellen says, “The whole community came out to save someone’s life. I’m amazed and just so proud. Gregg was not only supported by his friends, colleagues and classmates but by those of his parents and family as well. This small community is very supportive. This was huge. People were there who hadn’t seen each other in 30 years. It was so great that Gregg was there too. He has been very sick and we weren’t sure he could be there - but it seemed to me he got energy from the rest of us. His color improved as the events went on. He was sitting on a cooler talking to people and laughing and telling stories with old friends. It truly felt like we were giving him life.” In mid-June, we got the phenomenal news that a match was found! We received this letter from Gregg shortly thereafter: “Please extend my appreciation and gratitude to all those who organized, planned and attended the “Be the Match” events over the weekend of May 18th at Fryeburg Academy. Whoever coined the phrase “you can’t go home again” was never given the opportunity to experience such an event. I was truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of

Wardens Adam Gormely & Peter Herring of the Maine Warden Service & Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 serve up supper at the benefit dinner for Gregg

Flora Katsiaficas-FA Former Faculty & Elizabeth Andrews ‘80

David Ross of the Maine Game Warden Service helps raise funds for Gregg

Gregg & his mother, Blanche Sanborn, retired Fryeburg teacher

Ryanne Johnson ‘12-FA President of the Class of 2012 & Taylor Newton ‘12-cousin of Gregg

Barbara Gushee ‘84 serves up supper at the benefit for Gregg

-16Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

support from the greater Fryeburg Community. Not surprisingly, during the past year I have noticed that the simple activities that normally bring me contentment and happiness, such as bird hunting with my dogs, flyfishing with my family or a round of golf, have failed to do so. The uncertainty of the immediate future and planning my life around doctors’ appointments and medical testing has made cancer an entity that is always present. However, I found myself having a good time during the events of that weekend in May and forgetting about the fight that lies ahead. Cancer took a back seat for a weekend, and for that a big ‘thank you’ as well. Now, to relate a bit of good news that was confirmed this week. I was notified by Dana Farber that a match has been found. Under the rules of “Be the Match” the only information that can be released to me for one year is that the donor is a male, 26 years of age. At this time I do not even know what state or country he is from. Staff at Dana Farber tells me that this profile is a very good match for me and increases the chances of a successful stem cell transplant. Whether or not my match comes from Fryeburg, ME, or Fairbanks, AK, the fact a match was found clears one of the biggest hurdles on my way to being cured. Hopefully, one or more of the 190 or so potential donors that were swabbed at Fryeburg will someday get the call to save someone’s life. The awareness that my disease has created and the subsequent “Be the Match” drives have resulted in over 700 names from Maine and New Gregg Sanborn ‘84

Bill Perry ‘80 - Volunteer

Gregg with caring classmates, Jeff Seavey ‘84, Lesa Day ‘84, Liz Thorman ‘84, Linn Charette ‘84, Betsy Hopler-McClare ‘84 & Barbara Gushee ‘84; Andrew Beebe ‘84, Laurie Blood Ramsay ‘84, Kathy Springham-Mack ‘84, Gregg Sanborn ‘84 & Ann Linnell Arsenault ‘84

Karylann Walker ‘14 & Abby Rolfe ‘14 serve up whoopie pies; Photo right-Priscilla Buzzell Barton ‘57 with daughters, Jody Barton Hesselin ‘83 & Vicki Barton Berry ‘80 & granddaughter, Anna Berry -17Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Hampshire being added to the world-wide registry. That is definitely a positive that was created out of a real negative diagnosis. As it stands right now, I will be admitted to Brigham and Women’s hospital on July 9th, to start the stem cell transplant process. As I understand it, the first 8 days I will be receiving high doses of chemotherapy and radiation and will only be semi-conscious. The goal of that is to kill all cancer cells. On day eight, I will be receiving the donated stem cells that will rebuild my immune system that the first eight days of treatment has completely destroyed. The donated stem cells are my life line. I will need to be in isolation to protect myself from infections until my new immune system is strong enough, usually about a year. It will be a long year before I can resume “normal” activity and go back to work. I will miss seeing everyone at the fair this year, but I’ll catch up with everyone next year. My doctors say if this works, I’ll be trading this one year for 30 or more good ones. I’ll hang onto that in the days ahead. Again, thank you for all that was done for my family and me. Sincerely, Gregory W. Sanborn, FA Class of 1984” Jay Brenchick ‘84 & Andrew Beebe ‘84 - Volunteers

Kyle Barboza ‘14 with Sgt. Jason Luce of the Maine Warden Service & Andrew Emery ‘13 - Volunteers

Richard Murray-Fryeburg Police - Donor

Lori Jardine ‘84 - Donor

Alicia Leavitt ‘07 & Lori Lusky ‘82 - Volunteers

Gregg with cousins, Kim Barton Newton ‘76 & daughter, Taylor ‘12

-18Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Jay Brenchick ‘85 with Gregg

Diane Lewey-FA’s Database Administrator wth husband, Paul - Volunteers

Wardens Sara Miller and Kris Barboza wait for stem cell testing

Owen Mills ‘70 - Donor

Taylor Newton ‘12 - Donor

Gregg spent six weeks at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. He has received his stem cell transplant and is at home where he will spend the next year gaining back his health and strength. If you wish to be in touch with Gregg, email him at or drop him a note at 545 Quaker Road, Sidney, Maine 04330. Our best wishes are with Gregg for a quick recovery! Written by Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76 Warden Sara Miller - taking the test! -19Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


Inductee John Garner ‘72 with Dan Turner-FA Faculty (Science & Math)

Carl Perry ‘64-father of Erica Perry ‘00 Inductee Chris Gordon ‘81 with Valerie Hammond Tripp ‘81

Inductee Brent LaCasce ‘78-FA’s Chair-Fine Arts with his wife, Dawn Gale LaCasce ‘80 Inductee John Gordon ‘80

Todd Gallagher ‘82 FA’s Alumni Director

Amy Alexander representing inductee Emore Alexander ‘49

Inductees & brothers, Chris Gordon ‘81 & John Gordon ‘80, with their father, Jack Gordon-FA Former Faculty

Sally Reynolds Whitaker ‘55 Hall of Excellence Committee

-20Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Brent LaCasce ‘78 & Dan Petillo, grandson of Frank PetilloFA Former Faculty (Music)

Inductee Erica Perry ‘00 & husband, Dan Williams

Sue Thurston-FA’s Athletic Director & Hall of Fame Committee

Susie Lee

Inductees Steve Cote ‘85, Catherine Riddle ‘85 & David Rohde ‘85

Inductee John Garner ‘72 with his sister, Marianne Garner Fenton ‘67 & his mother, Pauline

FA Headmaster Dan Lee

Representing Inductee Robert Jones ‘56, son-Lloyd Jones & wife, Lynn

-21Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Inductees Richard Heikkinen ‘62 & John Garner ‘72

Representing Inductee Robert Jones ‘56, his brother, Richard Jones ‘58

Representing Inductee Robert Jones ‘56, his son, Lloyd Jones

Hall of Fame Class of 2011-front row -(l-r)-Karen Schildberg Pike ‘58 representing Nancy Schildberg Hogan ‘56, Erica Perry ‘00, Catherine Riddle ‘85, David Rohde ‘85, Brent LaCasce ‘78; back row-Amy Alexander representing Emore Alexander ‘49, John Gordon ‘80, Richard Heikkinen ‘62, Chris Gordon ‘81, John Garner ‘72, Lloyd Jones representing Robert Jones ‘56, Frank Petillo’s grandchldren-Amy & Dan Petillo -22Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FRYEBURG ACADEMY’S HALL OF EXCELLENCE ANNOUNCES ITS CLASS OF 2012 The Fryeburg Academy Hall of Excellence announces its Class of 2012. This year’s class spans 70 years of Academy history. The nine inducted are: John F. Weston ‘27, Celestine Perkins Harnden ‘46, Beverly Osgood Duthie ‘53, Mary Grover Jones ‘66, Alison Hale ‘71, Shelly Osgood Walker ‘82, Steven P. Cote ‘85, John S. Weston ‘93 and John H. Atwood as a contributor. John F. Weston ‘27, was a graduate of Dartmouth College in 1932. He was a founding member of the Fryeburg Winter Sports Committee that introduced downhill skiing to Fryeburg. John also served as the Vice President of the Board of Trustees at the Academy. He served as President of the Fryeburg/ Lovell Kiwanis Club and the Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs. He was a Chairman of the Maine Republican Committee, the Maine State Harness Racing Commission and the M.S.A.D. #72 School Board. He was a Director of the Fryeburg Water Company, the Western Maine Forest Nursery and the North Conway Bank. John also spent nine years as a Selectman in the Town of Fryeburg. Celestine “Sally” Perkins Harnden ‘46 - While at Fryeburg, Sally served as Secretary and Vice President of the National Honor Society. In three years of Prize Speaking she took first place her freshman year and second place the next two years. Sally was unable to participate in other extra-curricular activities due to the fact she was needed at John F. Weston ‘27 home. However, after her high school years she made up for lost time by being involved in many civic activities. Sally was involved in the East Fryeburg Grange, the D.A.R., was a Sunday school teacher at the New Fryeburg Church, Assistant Scout Leader of the Brownies, President and Secretary of the Morrill School P.T.A., Trustee of the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, President and Secretary of the Fryeburg Library Club and a charter member of the Raider Booster Club. Sally also received the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2001. Beverly Osgood Duthie ‘53, was a standout athlete in her time at the Academy. Beverly played four years of field hockey earning three varsity letters. She played three years of basketball earning one varsity letter and four years of softball, lettering in each year. She was Celestine Perkins Harnden ‘46 captain of the basketball team. Beverly did what most of us can only dream of, and that was to hit a two-run home run in her final at bat to defeat Sanford 7-6 and complete an undefeated season for Fryeburg. She was a member of the Girls Athletic Council from 1951 to 1953 and served as President in 1953. She also participated in the Glee Club, Student Council, Chorus and the One-Act Plays. Beverly was a Carnival Queen candidate in 1953 and she was voted “Most Athletic Girl” her senior year. After high school, Beverly was involved in the Historical Society and became the homemaker that she still is today. Bev Osgood Duthie ‘53 Mary Beth Grover Jones ‘66, was a four-sport athlete in her time at Fryeburg. Beth played four years of softball and field hockey, three years of basketball and skied her freshman year. She received four varsity letters and was named All-Star goalie and catcher in field hockey and softball respectfully, her senior year. She received the Girls Athletic Association award for participation her sophomore and senior years. Beth also was involved in four years of Chorus and the Christmas and Spring Concerts. After graduation, Beth attended Husson College and played three years of basketball and softball and one year of field hockey. Her extra-curricular events at Husson included Accounting Club, Husson Christian Association, Student Senate, Volleyball, President’s Cabinet, Juris Prudence Committee, Academic Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Head Proctor for two years. Beth returned to Fryeburg Academy for a brief period from 1973-1976. She then returned for good in 1979 as a teacher, field hockey and softball coach, dean, houseparent, bus driver and IT Department Technician. Beth served as President of the Alumni Association for four years, as well as President Mary Beth Grover Jones ‘66 of the FATA on three separate occasions. Alison Hale ‘71 showed a true mixture of athletics and arts while she attended Fryeburg Academy. She played four years of field hockey, was a member of the Alpine ski team all four years and ran track three years. She was in band, chorus and theatre. Alison attended Mt. Holyoke College graduating in 1975. She earned her MM & DMA degrees at the Manhattan School of Music. Since 1975 she has been a musician and a professor. She has been an adjunct instructor Alison Hale ‘71

-23Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

of flute at USM, Bates, Bowdoin and Bennington Colleges. She is currently an instructor at Amherst College, as well as Mt. Holyoke College; and she is a member of the Portland Symphony Orchestra. She also found time to be the Athletic Director at St. Michael School in Vermont from 1998-2003. Alison’s accomplishments in the music world have gained her countless awards and notoriety, such as the C.D. Jackson Master Award at the Tanglewood Festival in 1980, a debut at Carnegie Hall in NYC in 1982, and being listed in Who’s Who in America in 2006. Alison is also a member of the American Federation of Musicians, the National Flute Association and the Chamber Music America. Shelly Osgood Walker ‘82 earned ten varsity letters in her 11 seasons as a field hockey player, skier and softball player. In field hockey she was a Captain and elected First Team All-conference her junior and senior years. Shelly was a Co-captain of the 1981 Class “A” Runner Up Team, and the Captain of the 1982 State Championship team. Also in 1982 she was elected to the Maine State All Star Ski Team, winner of the Julie Grace Memorial Award; and she was invited to the Jr. Olympic tryouts in Lake Placid, NY. Shelly received the “Good Citizens Award” from the Southern York Conference, was voted “Most Athletic” by her classmates and was Winter Carnival Queen. Shelly attended Becker Junior College and was the starting field hockey goalie her freshman year. She has been a WSI for over 20 years and has been a volunteer coach in the Fryeburg Rec. Dept. since 1993. She is a Director of the Raider Booster Club. She has been a licensed day care provider since 2004. Steven P. Cote ‘85 played one year of football and four years of basketball and baseball. He earned three varsity letters in each of those sports. In basketball, Steve was a tri-captain, he was named to the Holiday All-Tournament Team three consecutive years (1982-1984), first team SYSSA All-Conference and Western Maine Class “B” AllTournament team in 1984 and All-Conference Honorable Mention in 1985. In baseball he was a co-captain in 1985, a member of the 1983 Shelley Osgood Walker ‘82 Class “C” State Championship Team and the winner of the Clifford Gray Award in 1984. Steve also was involved in one-act plays, the Latin Club, yearbook staff, National Honor Society, French Club and the Raiders Digest. Steve’s other honors include: Class Valedictorian and graduation speaker, MSPA Academic/Citizenship Award, the Larrabee Award, DAR History Award, National English Merit Award and the International Foreign Language Award. He also was a Boys State Delegate in 1984. Steve played a year of varsity baseball at Bowdoin and he is currently the boys varsity basketball coach at Kennett High School. Presently Steve is an insurance agent and trustee of Fryeburg Academy. John S. Weston ‘93 earned 12 varsity letters in soccer, skiing Steven P. Cote ‘85 and track and was captain of all three teams his junior and senior years. In soccer, John was named Portland Press Herald 2nd Team All-State in 1993, as well as All-Conference. In 1992 he was named MVP. John was a regional qualifier in the long jump, triple jump, 200, 300, 400 and the pole vault. In Nordic skiing, John received honors with J2 New Englands in 1991 and with New Englands again in 1993. He was All-Conference in 1992-93, Conference Champion in 1992 and All-State in 1993. John received the Larry Davis Ski Award, the Heine Hertz Track Award, the Skip McBride Award, the Vincent Manoriti Award, the Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award and the Ruth French Award. He was a member of the National Honor Society. John has been a director of the Alumni Association since 1998. He is a Fryeburg Fair trustee and 4-H Superintendent since 1993. He is a Director of the MWV Chamber of Commerce and on the Board of the Norway Savings Bank. John served on the Phoenix Project Steering Committee. John has been the Nordic ski coach at FA since 1998 and has coached three individual State Champions, two team State Championships (2001 and 2002) and two team State Runner-Ups (2005 and 2006). John is a licensed USSA Level 2 Ski Official and the recipient of the Howard Ross Ski Service Award in 2008. John H. Atwood - FA teacher, coach and administrator, has John S. Weston ‘93 been elected to the Hall of Excellence as a member in the contributing category. John graduated from Kimball Union Academy in 1941. He attended UNH for one year before entering the military. He was a member of the U.S. Army ski team in 1945. He returned to UNH and graduated in 1948 with a degree in hotel management. He was the Asst. Mgr. of the Sunapee State Park Ski Area from 1948-1951. He then managed the Exeter Inn from 1952-1954 and then managed the Severance Lodge 1954-1966. In 1967 John made his way to Fryeburg Academy and was a fixture here for the next 14 years. He taught business education, and was the Athletic Director from 1967-1975. John founded the Girls Ski Team and the Golf Team in 1967. He coached both of those teams his entire time at the Academy, bringing home a State Championship title in Skiing in 1976. John founded the Fryeburg Jr. Ski Program in 1958 and organized it from 1958 into the 1960’s. He was a member of the Lake Kezar Country Club, serving as President from 1970-1978, and as a Director from 1970-2010. In recognition for his contribution to skiing, Fryeburg Academy honored John with the Howard Ross Service Award in 2010. He was also recognized by the State of Maine, and was elected into the Maine State Ski Hall of Fame in 2010. Story by Todd Gallagher ‘82, FA’s Alumni Director John H. Atwood -24Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA T O D A Y FA SPEECH COMPETITION - The winners are-Alec Perry ‘13, Robinson Jiang ‘15, Gefei Li ‘13 & FA’s English Chair-Jim St. Pierre

Melissa Foster ‘13 & Dakota Delan ‘15

Wyatt Andreoli ‘12 & Lakyn Osgood ‘12

Geraphy Reyes ‘12, Bright Amoako ‘13 & Henry Santana ‘15

PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION-North Conway Camera Club hosted a junior photography contest - Bjorn Myhre ‘12-1st Place Winner, Alex Fauver (from Kennett)-2nd, FA Junior Megan Vitters ‘13-3rd & Avery Wu ‘13-4th; photo right-FA Ice Cats Goalies-Pavle Stepanovic ‘13 & Topi Laakso ‘13 -25Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Supporting FA Teachers! Liz McDermith ‘12, Ryanne Johnson ‘12, Bobby Ramsay ‘12 & Sage Hennessy ‘12 with Jenn Bartlett Stacy ‘93; Nolan Hunsicker ‘12-FA Lacrosse

FA Lacrosse - Asst. Coach Steve Bush & Head Coach Scott Lees with Captains Maurice Williams ‘12 & Steven Caracciolo ‘12, Asst. Coach Matt Haley ‘03

Liuke Yang ‘15

Fryeburg Academy Girls Cross-Country Team

Corinn Bedell, Laura Pulito ‘12, Sage Hennessy ‘13 & Meghan Costello ‘12

-26Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA Lacrosse Coaches & Captains-Coach Katie Dunn, Ellie Jones ‘12, Kendra Fox ‘13, Brenna Gerchmann ‘12 & Bob Cobb-FA Faculty (History)

Fryeburg Academy Girls Tennis Team - Justin Chaffee ‘03 Coach

Fryeburg Academy Boys Tennis Team Coach Chris Chaffee ‘03

Fryeburg Academy’s Baseball Team with Coach Rich Ela ‘87 & Coach Stu Frost-FA Faculty (Math)

STONE MTN ARTS CENTER-starring FA Musicians

FA Musicians perform at Stone Mtn Arts Center -27Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Giovanna Chiarella ‘13 - FA musicians perform at Stone Mtn. Arts Center

Mike Sakash-FA Faculty (Music)

Photos above-Chris Schubert ‘14; Isabel Hodgman-Burns ‘14; Shannon Friberg ‘12, Michelle Boucher ‘13 & Jamie Gullikson ‘13; Photo left-Connor Reeves ‘12; Photo below-Louisa Glonner ‘13 & FA Singers at Stone Mtn Arts Ctr

-28Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

PROM 2012-Nicole Shivers ‘12 & Fred Stearns ‘12

Ian Shea ‘13 & Alicia McDonald ‘13

Alex Bosinger ‘12 & Ethan Jordan ‘14

Katie Knowles ‘12 & friend & Sylvia Brooks ‘12 & Forest Edson ‘12

Paul Kurnick ‘12 & Kyra Hunsicker ‘13

Hideaki Nakamura ‘14, Mahina Gardiner ‘13, Conrad Smith ‘13, Josselyn Tillock ‘13, Erin Fahey ‘13 & Ben Welch ‘13

Patrick Moody ‘13

-29Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Steven Flaherty ‘13, Semina Bildik ‘14 & Egehan Deniz ‘12

Alden Gagnon ‘13 & Matt Stoker ‘12

Courtney Webster ‘12 & Caleb Young ‘11

Punika Limpanudom ‘12 & David Fulton ‘12; Devin Ludwig ‘12, Jack Bernazzani ‘13 & Emma Mason ‘12; Autumn McGrath ‘12 & Sean Harris ‘12

Amy Charles ‘12 & Matt Frost ‘12

Sophie Creegan ‘12 & Bjorn Myhre ‘12

Prom King & Queen 2012-Fred Stearns ‘12 & Nicole Shivers ‘12

-30Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

BACCALAUREATE 2012-Egehan Deniz ‘12, Maria Ensesa ‘14 & Andres Izquierdo-Merigo ‘12

Morgan Ramsey ‘12 & Sierra Moore ‘12

Chandler Blake ‘12 & Mike Costa ‘12

Thomas Wu ‘12

Forrest Emery ‘12, James Brenchick ‘12 & Zach Charette ‘12

Jenny Prince ‘12 & Maddy Smith ‘12

Jenny Jeffrey ‘12

Nava Fox ‘12

-31Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Fryeburg Academy Class of 2012 - Dorm Photo

Fryeburg Academy Class of 2012 - Generation Photo -32Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Wyatt Andreoli ‘12 & his mother, Helen, & Paul Kurnick ‘12 Nolan Hunsicker ‘12 & family

Jamie Tibbetts ‘12, Savannah Howard ‘12, Heather Peavey ‘12 & Abby Brown ‘12

Lionel Rutabayiro ‘12

Autumn McGrath ‘12

The hard part - goodbyes - Taylor Newton ‘12

Jake Schrader ‘12

-33Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

END OF YEAR EVENTS-Seniors perform community service work during May-here at Denmark School preparing for the planting of their orchard-front row-Corinna Adams ‘12, Mike Costa ‘12, Liz McDermith ‘12, Abby Smith ‘12; back row-Brittany Bartlett ‘12, Jamie Tibbetts ‘12, Morgan Ramsey ‘12, Taylor Newton ‘12, Ryanne Johnson ‘12, Alex Bosinger ‘12, Sierra Moore ‘12 & Payton Schwarz ‘12

Alex Bosinger ‘12

The Class of 2012 enjoys a day at St. Joseph’s College Pool

The long awaited yearbook makes its debut - and Carol Kneeland-FA Faculty Retired is dedicated this year to Durland Barker ‘65-FA (Publishing) with her latest & final yearbook Faculty (Chair-Math) with Djordje Obradovic ‘12 before retirement

Kyra Hunsicker ‘13 & Adam Armington ‘12

-34Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Kaila Richardson ‘12 & Chelsea Richardson ‘12

Kara Karpowich ‘12 & Sullivyn Panno ‘12

Currenn Mackie-Malcolm ‘12, Corinna Adams ‘12 & Saird Mackie-Malcolm ‘12 at Project Graduation


The Class of 2012 landed in Boston for Project Graduation Ian Scrimger ‘12 with one of the Blue Man Group

Fryeburg Academy’s Class of 2012 (about 1/2 of them) at The Blue Man Group show in Boston -35Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

GRADUATION DORM RECEPTION Jiaming Liu ‘12 & his parents

Jacky Liu ‘12 , Tracy Weitz-FA’s Director of the Ctr for Int’l Students, Alex Zhou ‘12, Neo Chen ‘12 & Junhao Lin ‘12

Pengfei Zhang ‘12 & Youn Joo Kim ‘12 Egehan Deniz ‘12 & his family

Kristie Sills ‘12 & Punika Limpanudom ‘12 with Kristie’s parents

Thomas Wu ‘12 with family & friends at the Graduation Dorm Party

-36Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

GRADUATION 2012 arrives - FA Faculty

Maggie McConkey ‘12 & Jiaming Liu ‘12

Milos Todosijevic ‘12 receives a corsage from Susie Lee

Jamie Tibbetts ‘12 & Brianna Bartlett ‘12

Wyatt Andreoli ‘12, Tyler Stankiewicz ‘12, Khalil Fair ‘12 & Lionel Rutabayiro ‘12; right-Connor Reeves ‘12; far right-Ryanne Johnson-2012 Class Pres.

-37Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA Faculty-John Urgese (Science), Robin Wiley ‘73 (Library), Beth Grover Jones ‘66 (Technology) & Scott Cote-Crosskill (Science Chair)

Class Speakers were David Fulton ‘12, Bethany Bennett ‘12 & Laura Pulito ‘12

Excerpts from Graduation 2012 Speeches: “We did not earn these caps and gowns by ourselves. It was those around us who taught us what we needed to know to be who we are today. When I look back over these four years, what shocks me is the sheer number of relationships I have been blessed with, and the incredible impact those relationships have had on me.” by David Fulton ‘12; “I guess that for many of us, it’s a combination of fear and excitement of what is to come, but even greater is the fear of losing what we have kindled a deep affection for. We have grown so comfortable here that the idea of leaving is often more daunting than it is exhilarating.” by Laura Pulito ‘12

Presentation of diplomas by FA Headmaster Dan Lee to Saird Mackie-Malcolm ‘12 & Andres Izquierdo-Merigo ‘12 -38Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Maddy Smith ‘12 Isis Wang ‘12 & Family

AO Pike IV ‘57, President of the FA Board of Trustees & his wife, Karen Schildberg Pike ‘58 & Harvey Nichols-FA’s Facilities Manager

Finn Park ‘12 & his mother

Darrian Bynoe ‘12 & Friends

Devin Ludwig ‘12 & Family

-39Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Allyce Day ‘12 & Evelyn Cronin ‘12 & families

Khalil Fair ‘12 & his family

Jake Schrader ‘12 & his family

Laura Pulito ‘12 with her father, Bob Pulito-FA Faculty (Technical Arts), brother-Tom Pulito ‘14, Bob Potter-FA Transportation & his wife, Loren

Tae Keon Yoon ‘12 & his parents

Joel Rhymer-FA Faculty (Science) & Damion Hubbard ‘12 & Bobby Ramsay ‘12

Bright Amoako ‘13 & Geraphy Reyes ‘12

Gefei Li ‘13 & Xiofen Yu ‘12

-40Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Fryeburg Academy Class of 2012 Awards The Oliver Award - Laura Pulito Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship - Sylvia Brooks The Richard Denney Scholarship - Laura Pulito Susan Souther Page English Medal - Laura Pulito Elizabeth W. Tinker Prize - Kristie Sills Elizabeth W. Tinker Prize - Xinyue Deng George Haley Prize - Hieu Van Major Clayton Warren Pike and Margaret E. Pike Science Prize Xinyue Deng Elizabeth W. Tinker Prize - Jenny Jeffrey The Priscilla Higgins Merrifield French Award - David Fulton Walter A. Robinson Classical Prize - Destiny Deroche The Fryeburg Academy Spanish Award - Destiny Deroche Elizabeth W. Tinker Prize - Scott Pelkie Theodore P. Blaich Social Studies Award - Destiny Deroche Andrew B. Welch Life Science Award - Laura Pulito John F. Weston Award - Lionel Rutabayiro Ralph M. Larrabee Award - Mark Schrader The Lester W. Hammond Jr. Award - Hieu Van Eleanor P. Andrews Award - Megan MacGillivray Philip G. Andrews, Jr. Award - Eleanor Jones Barbara Douglass Intercultural Ambassador Award Lionel Rutabayiro Fryeburg Academy Teachers Association Scholarship Sylvia Brooks The Priscilla MacGillivray Goff Award - Lakyn Osgood The LaCasce Award - Hieu Van and Geraphy Reyes Dean’s Cup - Hieu Van Senior Esprit de Corps Award - Connor Reeves Ruth Shaw French Award - Khalil Fair The Graustein Awards - Sage Hennessy and Robert Ramsay Robert S. Crabtree Service Award - Ryanne Johnson Erickson Award - Nathaniel McCann The Gibson Memorial Medal - David Fulton The Fryeburg Academy Alumni Association Awards Megan MacGillivray and Lakyn Osgood Bretton Frost Memorial Award - Robert Ramsay Marjoray “Dolly” LaCasce All-State Music Awards Connor Reeves and Matthew Stoker The Fryeburg Recreation Department’s Dick Cote Community Service Award - Laura Pulito National Society DARGood Citizens Award - Laura Pulito The Charles G. Rutter Industrial Arts Award - Todd Walker Dorothy P. Ingraham Award - Tayla Hamilton Charles E. and Blanche M. Fox Award - Laura Pulito Stella Nickerson Gray Award - Megan MacGillivray Madeline A. Savard Medical Award - Jenny Jeffrey The Stella N. and Lawrence M. Gray Award - Zachary Frank The Class of 1950 Award - Allyce Day John Fordyce Prize - Lionel Rutabayiro The Cal and Sally Harnden Award - Laura Pulito The Kendal C. and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation Scholarships Kevin Brown, Carrie Cressy, Forest Edson, Scott Pelkie, Maggie McConkey and Robert Ramsay Harry G. True Memorial Scholarship - Lakyn Osgood Brian (BJ) Day Award - Madeline Smith Colin Hurd Memorial Award - Robert Ramsay Maine Principals’ Association Principal’s Award - David Fulton The John Freeman Memorial Award - Marcus McLellan The MELMAC Education Scholarship - Destiny Deroche

Boyle Fund Award - Alexi Mullen Virginia Lee Nixon Award - Marcus McLellan Wallace Blake Scholarship - Kristie Sills Nancy Brooks Heath Nursing Award - Corrina Adams The Frank Petillo Memorial Fine Arts Award - Connor Reeves The Drama Award - Samantha Soucy and Derek Strassburg New England Science Teachers Award - Hieu Van Vincent Manoriti Memorial Book Award - Meghan Costello Raiders Booster Plaques for Outstanding Athletic Performance Eleanor Jones and Kirk Hubbard Fryeburg Academy Soccer Award - Austin Ward Paul “Skip” McBride Memorial Award Brenna Gerchman and Paul Kurnick Joseph R. Austin Football Award - Robert Ramsay Eldon W. Heartz Track Award - Sage Hennessy Harry G. True Basketball Award - Michael Costa Susan Harnden Fox Wrestling Award - Connor Sheehan Jay Boschert Memorial Award - Nathaniel McCann Katelyn Dagan Scholarship - Kevin Brown Fryeburg Lions Club Scholarship Carrie Cressy and Brianna Pelkie Fryeburg Fish and Game Association Scholarship Brianna Pelkie and Laura Pulito Mount Washington Valley Old Car Club - Charles Wiesemann The Frank W. Shaw Post #137 American Legion Award Stephanie Mowry Alumni Association Book Awards – Chandler Blake, Eleanor Jones, Elizabeth McDermith, Laura Pulito, and Hoang Anh Vu The Denmark Lions Scholarships Chandler Blake, Michael Costa, Evelyn Cronin, Forest Edson, Emma Mason, Elizabeth McDermith, Taylor Newton, Zachery Sargent, Madeline Smith and Charles Wiesemann Campbell Conference Football Award - Robert Ramsay The Lovell Lions Scholarships: The Malcolm Wilson Memorial Scholarship - Brittany Fox; David Mason Recreational Scholarship – Ryanne Johnson; Chester Adams Memorial Scholarship – Abigale Brown; Winfield Adams Memorial Scholarship – Paul Kurnick Fryeburg Area Rotary Scholarship Megan MacGillivray, Stephanie Mowry and Michael Costa Raiders Booster Club Book Award - Chandler Blake, Sylvia Brooks, Michael Costa, Zachary Frank, Eleanor Jones, Megan MacGillivray, Stephanie Mowry, Lakyn Osgood, Brianna Pelkie, Scott Pelkie, and Laura Pulito Dollars for Scholars of Mount Washington Scholarships Chandler Blake, Sylvia Brooks, Michael Costa, Eleanor Jones, Megan MacGillivray, Elizabeth McDermith, Matthew Stoker and Matthew Stryker The Pingree-Trumbull Scholarship - Charles Wiesemann Poland Spring Good Science Scholarships - Eleanor Jones, Megan MacGillivray, Nathaniel McCann, and Laura Pulito The Knights of Pythias Award - Scott Pelkie Joan Irish Award - Sylvia Brooks Marion Rodgerson Scholarship - Eleanor Jones Settlers’ Green Outlet Village Scholarship - Sophie Creegan The Western Maine Conference Citizenship Award David Fulton and Megan MacGillivray

-41Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Fryeburg Academy Class of 2012 College/Military/Work Destinations Corinna Adams - Elmira College Amarit Nond Aiemchareon - Workforce Serdar Altunkaya - Lynn University Wyatt Andreoli - Bentley Univ. Ignacio Araluce - Univ. of Madrid, Spain Adam Armington - SMCC Christopher Armstrong - USM Brianna Bartlett - Workforce Bethany Bennett - Cazenovia College Chandler Blake - Colby College Hunter Blake - Workforce Alexandra Bosinger - UMaine-Orono James Brenchick - Full Sail Univ. Richard Brett - Workforce Sylvia Brooks - UMaine-Farmington Abigale Brown - USM Kevin Brown - UME James Bumbaca - Workforce Katelyn Butters - Workforce Darrian Bynoe - Workforce Peter Caffrey - Workforce Sang Woo Cao - Canisius College Steven Caracciolo - Montana State Univ. Devon Carroll - Workforce Destiny Champion - Workforce Zachary Charette - USAF Amy Charles - SMCC Jin Chen - Univ. of Colorado Michael Costa - Bridgewater State Univ. Meghan Costello - Navy-CTI Sophie-mary Creegan - Saint Joseph’s College Carrie Cressy - Husson Univ. Evelyn Cronin - USM Cheyanne D’Amico - Workforce Allyce Day - UMaine-Machias Xinyue Deng - MIT Egehan Deniz - Westminster College Destiny Desroche – U King’s College, Canada Lin Dong - Ohio State Univ. Christopher Eastman - US Army Forest Edson - Suffolk Univ. Forrest Emery - Workforce Khalil Fair - Northeastern Univ. Emma Flaherty - Workforce Brandon Follett - Workforce Brittany Fox - Thomas College Nava Fox - USM Zachary Frank - SMCC Matthew Frost - USM Thomas Fuller - SMCC David Fulton - Harvard Univ. Wei Gao - Ohio State Univ. Brenna Gerchman - UMaine-Orono David Gerrish - Workforce Matthew Graves - Thomas College Morgan Grover - Workforce Tayla Hamilton - Workforce Sean Harris - Workforce Sage Hennessy - Northwestern College Savannah Howard - Workforce Xiao Huang - Workforce Damion Hubbard - SMCC Kirk Hubbard - SMCC Nolan Hunsicker - Plymouth State College

Andres Izquierdo-Merigo - Workforce Jenny Jeffrey - MIT Ryanne Johnson - Univ. of Tampa Eleanor Jones - St. Lawrence Univ. Kara Karpowich - CMCC HaNeul Kim - Workforce Hong Joo Kim - Workforce Youn Joo Kim - Univ. of Wisconsin Dominic Knight - NMCC Katherine Knowles - SMCC Kevin Knowles - Workforce Paul Kurnick - UMaine-Orono Ryan Leahy - Workforce Derek Leavitt - Workforce Shutong (Meg) Li - Emerson College Xingyi Li - Workforce Tsao-kai Liang - Workforce Ashley Libby - Workforce Punika Limpanudom - Syracuse Univ. Junhao Lin - Montana State Univ Jianfeng Liu - Syracuse Univ. Jiaming Liu - Suffolk Univ. Wei Liu - Workforce Yilin Liu - Clark Univ. Zhiyue Liu - Tulsa Univ. Suyun Lu - Workforce Devin Ludwig - Workforce Megan MacGillivray - Univ. of Pittsburgh Currenn Mackie-Malcolm - Elmira College Saird Mackie-Malcolm - Elmira College Cody Marceau - Workforce Emma Mason - Wentworth Inst. of Tech. Nathaniel McCann - UMaine-Farmington Maggie McConkey - Salem State Univ. Elizabeth McDermith - UMaine-Orono Autumn McGrath - Keene Beauty Academy Brianna McKenzie - Workforce Marcus McLellan - UMaine-Farmington Tymothy Meserve - Saint Joseph’s College Milos Mijokov - Workforce Sierra Moore - UMaine-Orono Stephanie Mowry - USM Pablo Moysan - Workforce Dana Mozzoni - SNHU Alexi Mullen - USM Bjorn Myhre - Luther College Tyler Nadeau - SMCC Taylor Newton - UMaine-Orono Arianna Normandin - Workforce Tiara Normandin - Workforce Haden O’Rourke - CMCC Djordje Obradovic - Las Vegas Prep School Victoria Bergskaug Olsson - Workforce Lakyn Osgood - USM Andrea Ouellette - Workforce Sullivyn Panno - CMCC Sang Woo Park - Univ. of Wash.-Seattle Brianna Pelkie - UMaine-Orono Scott Pelkie - CMCC Riley Pingree - Workforce Jennifer Prince - UMaine-Orono Laura Pulito - Cornell Univ. Robert Ramsay - UMaine-Orono Morgan Ramsey - Workforce

Connor Reeves - Sibelius Academy - Finland Geraphy Reyes - Lehigh Univ. Ronald Rideout - Berklee College of Music Anastasia Ripley - Saint Joseph’s College Kerri Robblee - Workforce Casey Rosenberg - Rochester Insti. Tech. Lionel Sheja Rutabayiro - Workforce Zachery Sargent - Thomas College Lacey Schasel - UMaine-Orono Taylor Schoonover - Workforce Mark (Jake) Schrader - UMaine-Orono Payton Schwarz - Saint Joseph’s College Ian Scrimger - UMaine-Orono Sonam Chopel Sherpa - Workforce Nicole Shivers - Workforce Kristie Sills - Skidmore College Stefan Sjekloca - Duquesne Emily Smalley - Granite State CC Abigail Smith - UMaine-Orono Madeline Smith - UMaine-Orono Samantha Soucy - Workforce Tyler Stankiewicz - Univ. of Virginia Fred Stearns - Workforce Matthew Stoker - Wentworth Inst. of Tech. Derek Strassburg - Workforce Matthew Stryker - Western NE Univ. Yuexuan Tang - Suffolk Univ. Siena Tatum - Workforce Jamie Tibbetts - SMCC Milos Todosijevic - International Acad-Tampa Hieu Van - St. Benedict/St. John’s Univ. Emily Violette - Curry College Hoang Anh Vu - OSU Todd Walker - Workforce Ke Wang - Workforce Yingxi (Isis) Wang - UCLA Austin Ward - UMaine-Orono Courtney Webster - SMCC Charles Wiesemann - NMCC Maurice Williams - Lasell College Barrett Wilson - UMaine-Farmington Emily Wilson - Thomas College Xinya Wu - Michigan State Univ. Yilun Wu - Univ. of California Tae Keon Yoon - Workforce Xiaofen Yu - Michigan State Univ. Jiaming Zhang - Pratt Institute Pengfei (Philip) Zhang - Indiana Univ. Yufei Zhang - Univ. of Wash. Fanqin Zhou - Univ. of Miami

Angie Garrett & Carol Johnson-FA Faculty

-42Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA SOFTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP-Elle Burbank ‘15, Maddie Pearson ‘13, Abby Brown ‘12, Sarah Harriman ‘14 & Makayla Frost ‘14 FA ECOLOGY TRIP to Arizona-Front row (l-r): Laura Spencer ‘14, Van Nguyen ‘13, Nathan Hart ‘13, Tyler Hill ‘13; 2nd row-Mary Roseen-FA Faculty (English), Sasha Azel ‘13, Shannon Friberg ‘13, Allie Gagnon ‘13, Van Nguyen ‘15, Joel Rhymer-FA Faculty (Science); 3rd row-Hannah Plowden ‘13, Christina DiPietro ‘13; Back rowMichael Davis ‘15, Mitchel Mahanor ‘13 & Steven Flaherty ‘13

Maddie Pearson ‘13 with Wayne Rivet, Asst Softball Coach

FA Softball made another run for the state championship! The girls won the Western Maine Class B title for the 5th year in a row but lost to Old Town for the state title. A great season with a 17-2 record! Photo left-Sarah Harriman ‘14-Pitcher; Photo above-Ariel McConkey ‘12;

FA’s Head Softball Coach Fred Apt with Carla Tripp ‘13

FA Softball Team 2012-Maddie Pearson ‘13, Carla Tripp ‘13, Kylie Locke ‘14, Sidney Charles ‘14, Sarah Harriman ‘14, Ellen Bacchiocchi ‘13, Ellie Burbank ‘15, Makayla Frost ‘14, Emily Davidson ‘14, Brianna Pelkie ‘12, Maddie Smith ‘12, Maggie McConkey ‘12 & Abby Brown ‘12; Coached by Fred Apt-Head & Assts Kristina Stevens, Wayne Rivet & Chris Dutton ‘90 -43Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


FRYEBURG FAIR 2011-Fireman’s Muster with Phil Richardson, Mike Shrier ‘05, Dana Costello ‘10 & Josh Shrier ‘98

Mike Shrier ‘05, Dana Costello ‘10 & Craig Bartlett ‘03

Rich Merrill ‘78

David Hastings III ‘68

Florence Graves Tripp ‘55

Roy Andrews ‘56

Future Fryeburg Fair Dates - FYI! Fryeburg Fair 2012 - September 30-October 7 Fryeburg Fair 2013 - September 29-October 6 Fryeburg Fair 2014 - September 28 - October 5 Fryeburg Fair 2015 - October 4-October 11 -44Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Jack Wadsworth ‘66-Livestock

Toby Hammond ‘63-Woodsmen’s Field Day

Amy Wright-Mead ‘04-Sunflower Farms Pizza

David Charles ‘79, Ron Sanborn ‘64 & Cindy Charette-Turner ‘83 working at the VFW Booth at Fryeburg Fair

Brandon Follett ‘12, Aimee Freeman ‘10, Victoria Westleigh Rand ‘07 & Buddy Rand ‘06

Lanny Snow Doe ‘66, Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 & Penny Snow Dougay ‘72

Jeff Bartlett ‘79 & Bobby Barber ‘76 with Caroline Cutbirth, Jennifer Wayne & Tayla Lynn (Stealing Angels-Fryeburg Fair’s Nightshow)

-45Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Fryeburg Academy students perform at Fryeburg Fair Photo below-Brent LaCasce ‘78-FA’s Chair Fine Arts, Ron Rideout ‘12, Connor Reeves ‘12, Andrea Ouellette ‘12, Connor Reeves ‘12, Allie Gagnon ‘13, Eliza Neidlinger ‘13 & Austin Ward ‘12

Rhonda McBurnie Frisch ‘81 & husband, Mark

George Weston ‘60-Fryeburg Fair Livestock & 4-H

Erica Martineau ‘03 with mother, Gail, & friend

Joey Sarcia ‘05, Andrew Kahkonen ‘05 & Tim Martineau ‘06 Fair Nightshow Stage Crew

-46Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Steve Graustein ‘80 & wife, Bethanne Fryeburg Fair Office

Doug Farnham ‘04-Fryeburg Fair Exhibitor; Hattie Gushee Kimball ‘10-Fryeburg Fair Livestock

Diane Gushee ‘79-Fryeburg Fair Livestock

Laura Pulito ‘12-walks her goat in the Fryeburg Fair parade

Abby Brown ‘12-Fryeburg Fair Livestock

Tom Ackley-FA Faculty (Math) & Mike Costa-FA Guidance OfficeFryeburg Fair Musicians

Liz Adams Kiesman ‘65-works at Fryeburg Fair Tractor Pulls

-47Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Dara Hamlin Guptill ‘02 with husband Derek Guptill ‘02 walking in the Fryeburg Fair parade with Pequawket Kids Association

FA Band members Chelsea Abraham ‘14 & Liuke Yang ‘15 Fryeburg Fair Parade

Brent LaCasce ‘78-FA Bandleader & Chair-Fine Arts-Fryeburg Fair Parade

Tristan Hunter ‘13-FA Band member-Fryeburg Fair Parade

Junyu Liu ‘13

Tinker Kiesman ‘65 Fryeburg Fair Tractor Pulls

Caitlin Walker ‘10 rides her horse-Fryeburg Fair Parade

-48Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

BERMUDA with Joey Robinson ‘71

Renee Thomas ‘84 & Ricky Darrell ‘75

Cal DeShields ‘75

Crystal Richardson Anderson ‘84

Laverne Philpott (mother of Shannon ‘04 & Shaun ‘00)

Tony Trott ‘75 & wife, Sally

Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76 & Tony Trott ‘75

Crystal Richardson Anderson ‘84, Tony Trott ‘75, Lisa Woodley Wingood ‘81, Cal DeShields ‘75, Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76, Renee Bean ‘04, Ricky Darrell ‘75, Kim Ball ‘82, Tamara Bean ‘00 & Renee Thomas ‘84 -49Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Ian Rollins ‘85

Lisa Wingood Woodley ‘81

Ron Smith ‘70 & sister, Sonia Smith Haley ’79

Shawn Outerbridge ‘85

Stephanie Morin-FA’s Director of Enrollment & Marketing with sisters, Tamara Bean ‘00 & Renee Bean ‘04

Crystal Richardson Anderson ‘84, Shawn Outerbridge ‘85 & Renee Thomas ‘84 Great Bermudian Hosts!

Kim Ball ‘82

-50Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FAAA Shawnee Peak Ski Night Bobby Barber ‘76 & daughter, Anna Barber ‘08

Kim Barton Newton ‘76, Heidi Blake ‘82 & Beth Barber Varney ‘81

Barbara Gushee ‘84 with daughter, Hattie Gushee Kimball ‘10 & son, PJ

Kelly Bell Lloyd ‘78-President FA Alumni Association & Dana Charles ‘83 Maria Gomiz Maillett ‘95-FA’s Database Administrator with daughter, Ana

Lewis Bartlett ‘78 -51Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Barbara Gushee ‘84, Elizabeth Andrews ‘80, Heidi Blake ‘82 & Beth Barber Varney ‘81

Diane Gushee ‘79

Brianna Pelkie ‘12, Walker Day ‘13, Brylie Walker ‘10, Makenzie Walker ‘06 with son, Colson, & Colson’s father, Evan Thurlow

Jeremy Holden ‘10

Laurie Blood Ramsay ‘84 & daughter, Desiree ‘09

Foster Maxwell ‘05 & Anna Barber ‘08

-52Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Melinda Lawrence ‘98

Brian McBurnie ‘90 & Terry MacGillivray ‘81

Foster Maxwell ‘05 & Terry MacGillivray ‘81-FAAA

Terry MacGillivray ‘81-FAAA & Larry Butters ‘74

Kelly Bell Lloyd ‘78-FAAA President

Meghan Moody ‘10

Melissa Smith Holden ‘82

Brothers & Ski Rivals - Bond MacGillivray ‘85 & Terry MacGillivray ‘81-FAAA

-53Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

HARLEM SUPERSTARS SHOW-Fred Apt-FA Softball Coach & son, Bo Apt ‘04

Pam Ward-Harlem Superstars Chair & FA Parent

Photo above-The Home Team-Randy Davidson, Barbara Anderson, Brenna Gerchman ‘12, Melissa Albert, Lionel Rutabayiro ‘12, Joe Leavitt-FA Faculty (Science, Dorm), Billie L’Heureux-FA Faculty (Wellness), Dan Waterhouse ‘02, Larry Johnson, Emily Kirkpatrick, Mark Schrader & Bob Dow; Photo left-Connor Reeves ‘12 & Billie L’Heureux

Diane Caraciolo (mother of Steven ‘12) & Jen Richardson-FA Faculty (Science)

Steve Faulker “Surfer Boy” Harlem Superstars (

-54Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Divine Dockery ‘12 & Khalil Fair ‘12

Chris Turnquist “Super Chicken” of the Harlem Superstars

Nolan Hunsicker ‘12 with sister Kyra Hunsicker ‘13 & father, Calvin

Ricky Lopes of the Harlem Superstars with Stefan Sjekloca ‘12 & Milos Todosijevic ‘12

Home Team players-Billie L’Heureux-FA Faculty (Wellness), Brenna Gerchman ‘12 & Lionel Rutabiyiro ‘12

Steve Faulkner “Surfer Boy” of the Harlem Superstars with local school children

Local middle school teachers Roger Wheeler & Meg Dyer were the lucky referees of The Harlem Superstars vs. The Home Team game. The Superstars won.

-55Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA EVENTS-FLORIDA-Home of Andy & Ellen Hastings Zelman ‘76 Margaret Hatch Eastman ‘64 & Elsie Reuning Fox ‘44

Margaret Hatch Eastman ‘64 & husband, Mel ‘61

Joyce Reed Fitts ‘65 & husband, Stan Fitts ‘55

Ellen Hastings Zelman ‘76

Former FA Basketball Players-Chris Gordon Somers ‘75, Tom Hastings ‘74 & Mark Abbott ‘74

Jane Hastings Rosenberg ‘82

FA EVENTS-FLORIDA-Ringling Museum Barbara Cornick Hammond ‘65

-56Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA Florida Events-Sarasota-Ringling Museum-Harrison “Lefty” Homans ‘46

Elsie Reuning Fox ‘44 & husband, Rod

Dick Thompson ‘61 & wife, Hazel & Dick Snow ‘64 & wife, Mary Anne

Scott Kelly ‘53-FA’s Alumni Coordinator & wife, Sandy

FA Headmaster Dan Lee & wife, Susie

Peggy Evans Harris ‘57 & husband, Dick

Wilbur Hammond ‘61, Scott Kelly ‘53 & Barbara Cornick Hammond ‘65

-57Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

CELEBRATION OF LIFE CONRAD EASTMAN ‘48 Fryeburg Academy was honored to serve as the host of this event for one of our finest leaders.

Eva Dunn Ward ‘49 & Dick Hill ‘49

Conrad’s grandson, Travis Zadeh ‘94 and his wife, Supriya

Conrad Eastman ‘48 in 2004 - President of the Board of Trustees - Conrad loved FA

Conrad’s brother, Steve Eastman ‘62 with wife, Jean, and sons Silas ‘13 & Seth ‘11

Ron Hill ‘49 & family, including daughter Sara Hill ‘80, son-Donald Hill ‘77, wifeAlice Breen Hill ‘53 & son-Michael Hill ‘79

Jack Gordon-FA Former Faculty & Mike Gagnon ‘77

-58Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Mary-Ellen Thompson Mohla ‘83 & Violet Mills Eastman ‘77

Sandra Eastman Nager ‘89 & Dan Turner-FA Faculty (Science)

Peter Eastman ‘75 & his mother, Sarah Eastman

Bobbie Muse-FA Former Faculty Dick Krasker & daughter, Andrea Gavin;

Diane Reo-FA Interact Advisor & husband, Victor Rollins

Barbara Gushee ‘84 with Ann-Michele Ames & Becky Martin

Peter Eastman ‘75 & Violet Mills Eastman ‘77

-59Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA EVENTS-BOSTON-Museum of Science-Steve Wilson ‘62, Frank Owen ‘64 & Phil Wilson ‘63

Kurt Rothschild ‘76 & Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76

Susie Lee & Phil Wilson ‘63

Patty Cogswell ‘74

Casey Bauer ‘90 & husband, Jeff Blaisdell

Dennis Manitsas ‘68 & Dan Lee

John Bennett ‘59

Steve Wilson ‘62 & Asa O. Pike IV ‘57

-60Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Kate Whitaker ‘05, Ashley Holmes ‘05, Nick Whitney ‘02, Justine Lathrop ‘05, Ameeth Deenanath ‘94 & Mike Alimi ‘99

Cherie King ‘94

Lucinda Ross ‘70 & Keith Durham ‘72

David Jillson ‘74 & Jackie Collupy

Jay Sharrock ‘63 with his high school photo!

-61Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FA EVENTS-NYC-Dan Lee ‘00 & wife, Kelsey

Coco Fritzlen ‘11 & mother, Lynn

Joey Kohn ‘01 & wife, Katie

Dan Lee with wife, Susie, son-Daniel ‘00 & daughter-in-law-Kelsey Peter Mason ‘76 & wifeLynne

Zack Drew ‘03 & Dan Lee yucking it up in New York City -62Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Marc Murphy ‘88 is the owner of the NYC restaurant Landmarc (it’s great! -

Dan Lee & Coco Fritzlen ‘11

Marc Murphy ‘88 trying to convince Dan Lee that he did not deserve all those detentions!

Zack Drew ‘03 with David Rohde ‘85 & his wife-Kristen - all three attended Brown University -63Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


Senior Alums – 1930’s-1946’s - Row 1: Florence Page Kimball ‘37, Polly Pendexter Lutte ‘36; Row 2: Leona Emery Mains ‘46, Betty Bell Baker ‘44; Row 3: Hugh Hastings ‘44, Sylvia Shaw Lydick ‘43, Elsie Reuning Fox ‘44, Celestine Perkins Harnden ‘46; Row 4: Richard Fox ‘41, Philip W Lord ‘44, Joanne Richardson Sargent ‘46

Class of 1947 - Row 1: Amo Kimball, Mary Hastings Dumas, Janette Gerry Bennett, Martha Coe Ritchie Row 2: Dave Conrod, Charles Perkins, Hubert Clemons, Betty Mathieson Masse -64Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Class of 1952 - Row 1: Jennette Eldridge Hodge , Faye Cross Hussey, Don Quincy, Jean Henley McAllister, Alice Perreault Leavitt; Row 2: Richard Eastman, Jim LaCasce, Jackson Perkins, Ken Harris

Senior Alums – 1948’s-1960’s - Row 1: Barbara Tufts Browne ‘50, Theresa Perreault Day ‘54, Suzanne Pinkham Blanchard ‘54, Betty Linnell Paquette ‘59; Row 2: Eva Ward Dunn ‘49, Carol Brown Brooks ‘53, Lonni Lutte Lewis ‘59, Carol McGarigle Hutchins ‘59, Skip Watkins ‘59; Row 3: Robert Jewett’49, Conrad Hartford ‘51, Bill Grover ‘58, Grace Madsen Leach ‘55; Row 4: Bruce Nason ‘48, Dave Bowles ‘53, Jim Osgood ‘56, Brett Russell ‘56, Roy Andrews ‘56 -65Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Class of 1957 - Row 1: Peggyann Evans Harris, Sherry Littlefield, Beverly Lancaster Goldstone; Row 2: Lola Largey Layne, Ruth Wadsworth Payne, Charlotte Huntress Perreault; Row 3: Jean Stone Perry, Bob Payne, Noel Austin, A.O. Pike; Row 4: E. Harlan Bartlett, Marilyn Bennett, Alex Burgess, Chandler Buzzell Class of 1962 Row 1: Mary Wadsworth Lowatchie, Richard K Walters, Carolyn Smith Knights, Marsha Lee Locke Hansen, Pamela Ennis Hilton Row 2: Ronald Saunders, Sylvia Brooks McAllister, Peggy Pandora Mills, Sharon Maynard Memmelaar Row 3: Roger Smith, Sandy Payne Utterstrom Row 4: Dick Heikkinen, James Hadlock, Wayne Hadlock, Albert J. Fox Row 5: Stanley Hargraves, Barry Woodbrey, Roger Roberts, Douglas Struven, Ed Bennett Inset (top): Kathy Giovanella Chaiklin, Melvin Cherry Inset (bottom): Barbara Rice Howard -66Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Class of 1967 Kenneth Kimball, Betsy Oliver Bonello, Debbie Lord Dolley, Jean Fox Blake, Donald Wood

Class of 1972 Row 1: Jim Eastman, Penny Snow Dougay, Jill Johnstone Jutras, Albert Nelson Jr., Jacklyn Monson MacFarlane, Joyce Chamberlain Egge, Ellen Benson Guilford, John Garner Row 2: Ike Roberts, Roberta Thurston Saunders, Melinda Chace Bracken, Becky Kiesman Leonard, Elbridge Russell, Craig Urquhart Row 3: Keith Durham, Gary MacFarlane, Donald Emery, Jim Stacy

-67Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Class of 1977 - Row 1: Bruce Ela, Mike Gagnon, Deb Murphy Brock, Donald Miller; 2nd row-Brad Baker, Norman Hicks, Pam Pingree Hale, Roseanne Farrington McKenzie, Brenda Hatch Warren, Lori Libby Stacy, Cindy Charles Priest, Jennifer Davey, Lora Lopes Nielson, Gail Brooks; Back row- Larry Thompson, Brian Baker, Jeffrey Ray, Glenn Gilman, Jay Ramsey, Rita Hale Reutershan, Ernest Perreault, Scott Lovejoy, Susan Brown Farrington, Gilbert “Lynn” Rolfe, Steven Hatch, Bruce Anthony, Douglas Wood, Tim Craig, Eric Gaudette; Photo below-Class of 1977

-68Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Class of 1982 - Row 1: Tim Chandler, Silvia Siklosi Chandler, Bobbi Moody Johnson, Denise Sanborn Brown, Carol Wilson-Smith, April Robie Tibbetts Robie; Row 2: Lee Wright, Ken Wright, Lori Lusky, Jackie Johnstone Fearon, Terri Gnecco Lucas, Melissa Smith Holden, Sheila Duane; Row 3: Heidi Blake, Gara Lloyd Henley, Sandra McAllister Parent; Row 4: Rob Eastman, Ryan Kelly, Gabe “Michael” Gabrielson, Carlos Hernandez, Todd Gallagher, Russ Guptill

Class of 1987 - Row 1: Russ Hale, Brian Moody, Sue Burris Parmenter, Mary Trumbull, Letitia Wiesemann Genest, Julie Weston James, Julie Irish, Melanie Barker Farrington; Row 2: Melissa Noble, Betty Hilton LeGoff, Scott Emery, Renee True, Michelle Grondin Tyne, Stephanie Payne Sears -69Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Class of 1992 Row 1: Jonathan Sarty, Libby Childs Corbo, Jessica Yocum, Jill Hanson Braun, Erin Stewart Bonello; Row 2: Leon Emery, Belinda Rolfe, Patsy Johnson Jordan, Heather Thompson Gendron, Sametta Day, Becky Pratt; Row 3: Megan Webster Day, Nina Lipiatos Bianchino, Marcie Brine Bean, Bill Young

Class of 1997 - Rebecca Towne, Ryan Knowles-Lane, Cassandra Kennard

Class of 2002 - Row 1: Carolyn Findeisen, Christina Hubbard Gunn, Tabitha Kiley Blood, Courtney LeCroy, Kelly Joubert Simpson; Row 2: Cassandra Wright Parsons, Emily Eastman Kubichko, Heather Shuman, Douglas Waterman, Katelin Urgese Paquette Class of 2007 - Vincent Osgood, Liz Atwood, Whitton Lucy -70Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


REUNION 2012-CLASS OF 1972 AWARDSCelebrating their 40th Melinda Chace Bracken ‘72 & John Garner ‘72

Gary MacFarlane ‘72

Keith Durham ‘72 & his wife, Cathy

Penny Snow Dougay ‘72 & Mary Ellen Brown Mackin

Ken Brown-FA Former Faculty

Dan Turner, Dave Woodsome & Scott Kelly ‘53 received awards & laughs from the Class of ‘72

The Class of 1972 gave out awards to some of their respected and dedicated teachers - Elbridge Russell ‘72 with Mrs. Marilyn Bean receiving on behalf of Roger Bean-FA Former Faculty (Science)

-71Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Jill Johnstone Jutras ‘72 & Lynn Jones Eastman ‘73

Gail Brooks ‘75 & Dan Turner-FA Faculty

Keith Durham ‘72 & Ken Brown-Former FA Faculty

Betsy Hammond Eaton ‘86 with daughter & family friend received the Class of 1972 award on behalf of her father, Bill Hammond ‘47-FA Former Faculty

Photo left-Scott Kelly ‘53 & wife-Sandy surprise Lynn Jones Eastman ‘73 with photos from days past Photo above-Craig Urquhart ‘72 & Dave WoodsomeFA Faculty (Wellness) -72Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 & Class of 1972 award recipient, Janice Lowell Whittemore-Former FA Faculty (English)

Rebecca Kiesman Leonard ‘72 & Penny Snow Dougay ‘72


FA Musicians-Paul Allen ‘06, Jon Dana ‘11, Emily Holden ‘08 & Tim Even ‘08 -73Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Joanne Richardson Sargent ‘46

Jon Dana ‘11 & Meghan Bradley ‘11

Katie Blynn ‘06 & Paul Allen ‘06

KC Root ‘02 & Brent LaCasce ‘78

Brent LaCasce ‘78, Bill Young ‘92 & David Sturdevant-FA Principal

Mark Strange-FA Faculty (Technology Arts) with Owen Conforte ‘08 & Allison Melton (fiancee of Josh Strange ‘06)

Jay Brenchick ‘85, Dana Charles ‘83 & Jim Osgood ‘85

-74Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

REUNION 2012-A CONCERT BY FORMER FA MUSICIANS-Tim Even ‘08; Louise Alfano ‘09, Jess Allen ‘08 & Caitlin Armstrong ‘08

REUNION 2012-ART EXHIBIT OPENING Owen Conforte ‘08 & Bobby Sheehan ‘09

Holly Hatch Strange ‘81 with son, Josh Strange ‘06

Bond MacGillivray ‘85

-75Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

REUNION 2012-Parade-Molly Ballard ‘14 & Skye Dole ‘13

Dan & Susie Lee ride in the parade

Charlie Scott ‘06 & Sheila Whitaker Kackley ‘83 wave the blue & white at the Reunion parade

Betty Walker-FA Former Staff, 102 years old, rides in the Reunion Parade with Dick Goff ‘56

Elizabeth Andrews ‘80 revisits her role as the 1980 Class Clown for the Reunion parade

Katherine Knowles ‘12 plays the part of Marilyn Monroe (also a member of the Class of 1957) aboard the 1957 float

-76Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Dan & Susie Lee in the FA Reunion Parade

The Lovell VFW Honor Guard

Julie Tarsetti & husband, Jim, of the Thriftway Supermarket in Fryeburg participated in the Reunion parade with a great float

-77Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Brian Baker ‘77 cheers on the Reunion parade!

Horses back on campus-yes! With thanks to Illusion Farms of FryeburgDan & Kathleen Hathaway & Caitlin Walker ‘10

Kathleen Hathaway, Illusion Farms, Cornshop Road, Fryeburg

REUNION 2012-RECEPTIONS David Conrod ‘47 & wife, Ann

Celestine Perkins Harnden ‘46

Reunion Hugs-Skip Watkins ‘59

Class of 1962 celebrates their 50th

-78Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Class of 1962 celebrates their 50th

E. Harlan Bartlett ‘57

Marilyn Bennett ‘57

Sylvia Shaw Lydick ‘43 & Ray Bicknell

Karen Schildberg Pike ‘58

Barbara Gushee ‘84 & Heidi Blake ‘82

Carol Hutchins McGarigle ‘59 & Bill Grover ‘58

Burt Brooks ‘53 & Carol Brown Brooks ‘53

-79Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Jane Hartford (wife of Connie Hartford ‘51) & Zeena Watkins (wife of Skip Watkins ‘59) Marsha Lee Locke Hansen ‘62 & husband, Wayne

Phil Lord ‘44 & wife, Mary

Lola Largey Layne ‘57 & Charlotte Huntress Perreault ‘57

Peggy Pandora Mills Bigelow ‘62

Virgil Ward ‘48-Former FA Faculty (Business)

-80Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

George Walker ‘50

Jane Brown Karpoe ‘45

Skip Watkins ‘59 & wife, Zeena

Louise Giovanella Chaiklin ‘62 & Barbara Rice Howard ‘62

Lori Lusky ‘82

Connie Hartford ‘51 & wife, Jane

Barbara Tufts Browne ‘50 & Gordon Wood

-81Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Patti Leach Swett ‘60 & husband, Doug

Libby Child Corbo ‘92 & Family

Jean Stone Perry ‘57 & Roy Andrews ‘56

FA Headmaster Dan Lee & FA Principal David Sturdevant

Melissa Smith Holden ‘82, Todd Gallagher ‘82-FA Alumni Director, Carlos Hernandez ‘82 & Sheila Duane ‘82

Jill Hansen Braun ‘92, Jessica Yocum ‘92 & Libby Childs Corbo ‘92

Betty Bell Baker ‘44, Hugh Hastings ‘44, Elsie Reuning Fox ‘44 & Phil Lord ‘44

-82Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Kimberly Guptill (wife of Russell ‘82), Denise Sanborn Brown ‘82, Sandra McAllister Parent ‘82 & Gara Lloyd Henley ‘82

Sheila Duane ‘82

Roger Smith ‘62 & wife, Carol

Ron Sanborn ‘64

Betsy Oliver Bonello ‘67 & husband, Ed

Cathy Trott Wood ‘69 & Don Wood ‘68

-83Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Deb Lord Dolley ‘67 & Stan Dolley ‘60

Nettie Kimball Bennett ‘60 & Alan Bennett ‘60

REUNION 2012-BANQUET Justin Bartlett ‘94

Brian Smith ‘65

FA students help at Reunion

Bea Baker Head ‘45

Robin Brennan Wiley ‘73FA Faculty (Library)

Sylvia Baker Wiggin ‘56 & Clyde Wiggin ‘53

-84Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Kelly Bell Lloyd ‘78-FA Alumni Association President awards Bruce Smith ‘67 with the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award

Joyce Chamberlain Egge ‘72 & husband, Bill

Eva Dunn Ward ‘49

Roy Andrews ‘56 & wife, Duddie, with Karen Schildberg Pike ‘58 & AO Pike IV ‘57

-85Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Whit Lucy ‘07-FA’s PAC Tech Director, Liz Atwood ‘07 & Vinnie Osgood ‘07

Clyde Wiggin ‘53 & Sylvia Baker Wiggin ‘56

Cathy Trott Wood ‘69 & Bobbi Jo Moody Johnson ‘82

FA Principal David Sturdevant & wife, Beth-FA Former Faculty

Polly Pendexter Lutte ‘36 & Jim Record ‘48

Brett Russell ‘56 & wife, Cindy

Amo Kimball ‘47 & Alice Hill

-86Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Polly Pendexter Lutte ‘36 & Betty Hill Baker ‘44

Class of 1982

Alan Bennett ‘60, Nettie Kimball Bennett ‘60 & Elaine Kimball Rice ‘62

Keith Durham ‘72 & wife, Cathy with Lynn Jones Eastman ‘73 & Jim Eastman ‘72

Ron Kiesman ‘59, Skip Watkins ‘59 with wife, Zeena, Carol Hutchins McGarigle ‘59, Lonni Lutte Lewis ‘59 & Phil Maynard ‘59 -87Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

David Bowles ‘53 & wife, Betty

Phil Lord ‘44 & wife, Mary, with Hugh Hastings ‘44 & wife, Rene

Patty Cogswell ‘74, Sue Pinkham Blanchard ‘54 & David Jillson ‘74 & girlfriend-Jackie Collupy

Todd Gallagher ‘82 & Denise Sanborn Brown ‘82

Ed Whitaker ‘53, Sally Reynolds Whitaker ‘55, Judith Reynolds DeMille ‘64 & Dwight DeMille-FA Staff (Maintenance)

Jim Eastman ‘72, Lynn Jones Eastman ‘73, Rick Eastman ‘72 & his wife, Kate

-88Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Keith Durham ‘72, Penny Snow Dougay ‘72, Jill Johnstone Jutras ‘72, Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 & Jim Eastman ‘72

Denise Sanborn Brown ‘82, Ron Sanborn ‘64 & Grace Madsen Leach ‘55

Russ Tolles ‘65 & wife-Sandra

Jim Osgood ‘85 & Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72

Elaine Kimball Rice ‘62, Kathy Giovanella Chaiklin ‘62, Wayne Hadlock ‘62 & wife-Jane

Ryan Kelly ‘82 & girlfriend-Tina

Brad Littlefield ‘80, Todd Gallagher ‘82 & Steve Cote ‘85

-89Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Jill Johnstone Jutras ‘72 & Jackie Johnstone Fearon ‘82 & husband, Paul

Brad Littlefield ‘80 & wife-Tina, Steve Cote ‘85 & wife-Lisa & John Chandler ‘78 & wife-Brenda

Penny Snow Dougay ‘72, Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72, Craig Urquhart ‘72 & Jill Johnston Jutras ‘72

Bea Baker Head ‘45 with her son-Earle and her daugher-in-law, Jennifer Lowell Wentworth ‘77

Paige Fitts Fox ‘82 & Marcus Fox ‘82

Kathy Giovanella Chaiklin ‘62 & Barbara Rice Howard ‘62

-90Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Christina Hubbard Gunn ‘02 & husband-Sam

Ellen Hastings Zelman ‘76 & Melissa Smith Holden ‘82

Norman Hicks ‘77

Heather Shuman ‘02 & Carolyn Findeisen ‘02

REUNION 2013 JUNE 7, 8 & 9

Cassandra Wright Parsons ‘02 & husband-Justin Parsons ‘00 & Emily Eastman Kubichko ‘02 & husband-Anthony

-91Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,


1941 Harry Eastman ‘41 and his wife, Lillian, have been married for 66 years. Harry says, “We both are retired and keep busy with our five married children who live locally. We have enjoyed our last eight years residing at our Cornerbrook Condominium. We spend time at our cabin in Chatham, NH, also at Highland Lake here in Windham (ME) with families, including nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. We do get the Scenes and enjoy reading it.” 1947 Martha Coe Ritchie ‘47 of Scarborough, ME, wrote to say: “Ever the student, I attend OLLI (senior college) classes at USM. This fall’s course was on Sub-Saharan Africa: people, politics, cultures, Luther “Smitty” Smith ‘41 & Bea Baker Head ‘45 etc. I’m still picking ‘em up and setting ‘em down at aerobic dancing, albeit at an increasingly more sedate level. Again this year, my team ‘Martha’s Miracle Walkers’ participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” fundraising event. The vegetable garden was a complete failure, but there’s always next year! I still play bridge with occasional success; and have been knitting to help raise funds for one of my grandson’s trip to Europe next summer.” 1948 Corliss Watson ‘48 was honored for 65 years of service during the Fryeburg Fire Department’s annual banquet held on April 25th. He was presented the award by Fire Chief Ozzie Sheaff. (Bridgton News 5/17/12) 1950 Hilda Kaye Berry ‘50 writes, “It was sad to learn we’d lost three classmates, Clyde Eastman ‘50, Clayton Richardson ‘50, and Francis Hartford ’50, in just several months. A reminder, if one chooses, that donations in remembrance, can be made to our class fund as: Class of 1950 Fund/Fryeburg Academy and sent to the Academy. The fund has now provided 11 consecutive monetary awards since year 2000 to a college-bound F.A. graduate. Nice job class. Good wishes go to Sheila Bennett Trott ‘50, who had multiple injuries from slipping on ice, and kudos to her sister, Carmalita Bennett Higgins ‘50, who dropped everything to move in with Sheila with TLC. We hope things are getting back to normal. So nice to have your own private nurse!” Kenneth Williamson ‘50 writes, “Want to get in touch with old classmates from 1947 thru 1950. I was on the Varsity Track team; my specialty was high jump and ran the high hurdles. I remember Mister LaCasce and a geometry teacher called “Pop.” History teacher was Professor Blake. The cook in the kitchen was called Arnie, and made fabulous spaghetti dinner. Mr. Grey was in charge of the boy’s dorm.” Email Kenneth at

Gay Kiesman ‘44-Fryeburg Fire Dept.

1955 Brad Brooks ‘55 writes, “I lost my Carolyn (Burnell Brooks ‘55) to cancer on Dec. 15, 2010, so my life is very different now. I am very busy with Church, Grange, Kiwanis, our new performing arts center, and our country music band that Carolyn started, called ‘Carolyn & Friends’. She wanted the music to continue, so now we are called ‘Carolyn’s Friends’. I do the scheduling, play bass, and do the sound (I have

Hugh Hastings ‘44

-92Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Celestine “Sally” Perkins Harnden ‘46 with family Celestine “Sally” Perkins Harnden ‘46 with photo of husband, Calvin Harnden ‘42 and her including Jeff Leach ‘96, Jennew FA diploma nifer Leach Pelkie ‘92, Nancy Harnden Leach ‘71. Celestine received her diploma from FA a bit late in life - as she married during the 40’s (to Cal Harnden ‘42 dec.) and at the time was not allowed to stay in school. Dan Lee, FA Headmaster fixed this antiquated ruling! Jeff Leach ‘96 with wife, Allison, & children, Elsie and new baby, Clarence Archer. They also have a son, Watson

Patricia Leach Swett ‘60, Celestine “Sally” Perkins Harnden ‘46 & Edie Watson Leach ‘49

all the equipment). I also do the sound for all the other performances around here.” Brad says he and John Bradeen ‘62 (also living in Colebrook, NH) have more in common than just FA; John’s hobby is restoring old John Deere tractors and Brad has a 1956 JD 420. 1956 Gordon Leach ‘56 writes, “Sorry I missed our Reunion. I hope this finds everyone well!” 1957 Emily Dore Fletcher ‘57 has retired from the post of Fryeburg Town Librarian. “All you need to do is visit the library to see that Emily’s dedication and commitment preserving the history and making the library a special place has been a priority for her in the 12 years she has worked for the town,” said Sharon Jackson, Fryeburg Town Manager. “I want to take this opportunity to thank Emily for a job well done,” said Jackson. “She will be missed.” Beginning in July 2012, Donnette Ela Barnes ‘70 will be the librarian. Donnette has been working part time at the library since July 5, 2005. (Bridgton News 7/14/12) 1960 Carol Severance Taylor ‘60 writes, “I am retired from 35 years of teaching and we do enjoy getting to our cabin in Lovell frequently. Also have enjoyed catching up with high school chums, Lonni (Lutte Lewis ‘59) and others. Your June reunion idea is a good one as -93Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Retired Chief Ralph ‘Woody’ Woodward ‘48 of Center Conway, NH, was presented with a commemorative axe by Chief Richard Marr at the November meeting of the East Conway Fire Department. Surrounded by his family and the members of the fire department, Woodward was thanked for his many years of involvement in his community and his continued support of the fire department. He was also reminded by the chief that the department had no intention of letting him retire any time soon. The East Conway Fire Department was organized in 1949 during the years when the men of the community left the fields, woodlots, and mills to respond to fires with whatever equipment they had available. After the great fire in Brownfield and Fryeburg in 1947, the decision was made to establish a fire department on this side of the river to protect the lives and property of the citizens of East Conway; Ralph Woodward has been serving his community ever since. (The Mt. Ear 12/1/11)

Gloria Horne Burnell ‘49 & Clayton Burnell ‘47 at their summer home in Hiram, ME

Beverly Osgood Duthie ‘53 rides in the Reunion Parade

many people are busy in August with family events and vacations. We will actually not be here this June as we’ll be helping to build homes for Habitat for Humanity in Fiji. It will be my 9th Global Village Build and my husband Hal has done many more.” 1961 Nancy Stewart Perkins ‘61 was honored by the National Association of State Boards of Education by being awarded its 2011 Distinguished Service Award. Nancy is a member of MEA-Retired and former chair of the Instruction and Professional Development Committee. A member of the Maine State Board of Education since 2009, Nancy started working in education more than 30 years ago as a 6th grade teacher Earle Chaplin ‘55 visiting from Colorado at Bonny Eagle Middle School in Buxton, ME. In just two years on the State Board, she has played a major role in the development of the Maine board’s five-year strategic plan, chaired the Certification and Higher Education Committee and testified before legislative committees. Outside of the State Board, she has done curriculum work with the Portland Harbor Museum, which involved reviewing the Shafiqullah “Shafi” Mujadadi ‘11, Cindy Russell & museum’s collection of educational resources for alignment with Brett Russell ‘56-FA Trustee -94Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

the state’s academic standards, and she has written monthly educational book reviews for the Maine Education Assoc. specifically geared to teachers. The award was presented at NASBE’s national conference in Atlanta, GA, on Oct. 14, 2011.

Juanita Harmon Lusky ‘58 & Paul Lusky ‘57 out walking

Richard Jones ‘58-FA Trustee

1962 Beth Barter Somes ‘62 writes, “I receive the Scenes and enjoy looking at all the photos. So much has changed. I was hoping to attend my 50th Reunion but I am having knee and hip replacement early April. Happens to some of us athletes from Fryeburg.”

Alex Burgess ‘57 visiting FA

Alan ‘60 & Nettie Kimball Bennett ‘60 at granddaughter’s (Bethany Bennett ‘12) graduation with family: ???

1963 Pat Desjardins ‘63 writes, “We are now greatgrandparents! May 2011 our granddaughter, recently returned from Iraq, gave us our wonderful greatgrandson, Jaylen. Being a grandparent is fantastic; being a great-grandparent is awesome!! Would love to hear from FA friends.” Email Pat at plouised@aol. com

Arizona Zipper ‘60 & daughter, Lydia Zipper ‘11

Fellow Wrestlers - Trevor Henschel ‘15 & Bruce Thurston ‘61

1965 Melanie Stacy Frost ‘65 writes, “I am still working for RSU 57 in the Middle School - Adm. Assistant just love it - I am thinking about retiring, but when you love what you do it is really hard. I have two grandchildren that are the most precious things in the world and they go to RSU 6 - both are academically excelling and participate in sports - can you tell how proud I am of them. I work to travel - going to Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland this April

-95Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Peggy Pandora Mills Bigelow ’62 married Arlin Bigelow on August 4, 2012, at Crystal Lake Park, Harrison, ME. Arlin & Peggy have nine children together and 15 grandchildren. The Bigelows enjoy kayaking, fishing and trap shooting. Arlin, a retired school bus driver, is a competitive shooter. Peggy is an accomplished quilter. Email Peggy at:

with Valley Travel - I think there are 36 of us going - the world is calling me and I want to see it. Fryeburg Academy did a great job in educating me to the wonders of the world. I do appreciate it.” Lee Pascal ‘65 of England wrote in an email on 10-23-11 to Mr. Scott Kelly ‘53: “Hi Mr. Kelly, or may it be Scott after all these years? I have been in touch with my old roommate at Fryeburg, Randy Tenney ‘65, and he mentioned that he had contacted you. He also told me that you remembered my cousin, Barbara Pascal Mintzberg ‘59, and I shall pass on your regards when I see her in Montreal in December. I have fond memories of your classes at Fryeburg, and it is thanks to you that I know the difference Shafiqullah “Shafi” Mujadadi ‘11 & Jim Wilfong ‘64-FA Faculty (En- between my tibia trepreneurship). Shafi is from Afghanistan, attends Lycoming College in and my tarsus. I Williamsport, PA, and was one of Jim’s entrepreneurial students also recall happy evenings spent in the biology lab studying parts of the frog for the pin test the following day. Although I haven’t pursued a life in Science, I am fortunate to be living in England with lots of television exposure of David Attenborough and a fifteen-minute train ride to the Science and Natural History Museums in London. I’m sure the grounding I had in your classes, and your enthusiastic approach to the subject, have kept my interest and excitement in Science alive. I’m also sure that your approach to teaching, along with a few others at Fryeburg, encouraged me to take up teaching as a career. Indeed, it was as a trainee tutor at a summer school at Fryeburg that sparked an interest in Bailey Damon ‘05 gives a congratulatory hug to Dyslexia that has been my main education interest throughout my life. I am now Durland Barker ‘65-FA Faculty (Chair-Math). semi-retired, offering lectures on Dyslexia and Study Skills to teachers, and have coThe 2012 FA yearbook was dedicated to Durland. written a couple of books for students. I now spend a good deal of time on cruises to Bailey lives in Boston and works at all parts of the world. I trust all is well at Fryeburg, and that the students are as well Regan Communications. -96Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

educated and looked after as we were. With best wishes, Lee.” 1966 Ben Feldman ‘66 writes, “Our hilltop home is located at the point where the towns of Athol, Petersham and Phillipston meet at stone marker (check out Google Maps). With Margaret Hatch Eastman ‘64 & Melvin Eastman ‘61 with grandchil- almost 400 acres of our dren, Christopher Eastman ‘12, Brianna Pelkie ‘12 & Emily Wilson ‘12 own, and our neighbor Harvard U with over 1000 acres, it feels like living in Maine. Susie, my best friend and spouse of 43 years, and I are both retired and have begun the give-back stage of our lives. For 19 years I was an elected official (Treasurer) and ten years appointed official (still Lanny Snow Doe ‘66 & husband, Ed, Treasurer) of the Town. Susie taught elementary working at the matching donor drive for school art in Orange for almost 30 years. Now, Gregg Sanborn ‘84 aside from enjoying taking care of our land, we give back to our community being on various committees and volunteering our labor to work on projects that no longer have public funding.” Ben and Sue live in a beautiful place, and maintain many trails on their property for hikers and horseback riding enthusiasts. 1967 Deborah Soltvedt Tetreault ‘67 wrote recently, “Loving retirement!” To stay in touch with Deborah or catch up on old times, email Deb at 1969 Elizabeth Blake Wentworth ‘69, BAM (Books-A-Million) store manager, recently celebrated the new bookstore opening in Settlers’ Crossing on November 12, 2011. 1970 Peter Neff ‘70 writes, “After teaching in New Haven, CT, for 33 years, I retired and accepted the position of Director of Public Works in Clinton, CT. I am starting my fifth year as Director and plan on serving for five more years. Lynn, my wife of 39 years, built a wonderful home in Chamberlain, ME, five years ago and we spend as much time as we can there. We have been blessed with two wonderful children, Heather and Mike, and have enjoyed watching them grow into young adults with careers of their own. We return to Maine as often as our work permits and I hope to one day attend the reunion.” Elaine Weeks Trueblood ‘67 lives in Delaware and is an FA Trustee

Kathy Bean Davis ‘69 with mother, Marilyn Bean & family at Mr. Roger Bean’s-FA Former Faculty (Science) celebrataion of life held at the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center; Photo right-Kathy with Bruce Smith ‘67 -97Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

1971 Gary Deabler ‘71 of St. Charles, MO, wrote, “Hard to surmise since 1971-USAF Veteran 20 years, Vietnam and Gulf War I vet; have been involved in aviation since 1971, now work as a Quality Engineer for Boeing. Got my BS and MAS after Fryeburg. Any classmates can contact me at” 1973 Darla Snow Barber ‘73 writes, “A little over a year ago, my son, Josh, at age 30, lost his will to live. He was hospitalized numerous times, only to come out more withdrawn. There is a huge gap between hospitalization, discharge and safe return to everyday living. There is no follow up after discharge, no ‘safety net’. They hand you an appointment card to call another doctor in a week. My family and I have tried to pull ourselves together and have started a non-profit organization to raise awareness and money to start a pilot program at Butler Hospital in Providence, RI. It is a huge undertaking, but so necessary. I am dedicating my life to it. My daughter, Maggie, has made our website, (WAMO). Please take a minute to look. I’d appreciate it.”

Donna Monson Hobbins ‘69, Carol Gray Williams ‘69 & their friend, Jane Kilbride, at the Tri For the Cure in July 2012. Carol says, “Our team was called Donna’s Dames and we did terrific. It was a great experience for us.”

Mary Downs Tubman ‘73 writes, “You do an amazing job keeping up with all of the alumni and I enjoy getting the ‘scoop’ on what’s happening at FA. My husband, Ken, and I ‘downsized’ last year

David Hastings ‘68 with his sister, Ann Hastings ‘70

Brad York ‘69, Susan Wheaton Logan ‘70, Ann Hastings ‘70, Lucinda Ross ‘70 & Kathy Bean Davis ‘69

Steve Wilson ‘70 stopped by FA this summer

Rev. Ron Smith ‘70 & his wife, Tirzah, in Bermuda

-98Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

so we could do more traveling and visit more with the family. We are very blessed to have such a large family; seven children, 20 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren (#31 is due in August) and two great-greatgrandchildren. We’ve been on several cruises, including one to Alaska, which was just breathtakingly beautiful scenery. But Maine still holds my heart as that’s where I grew up and we try to get up as often as we can. Keep up the great work; I know how hard of a job it is to keep everyone updated and listed. Thanks for everything.” Email Mary at:

Scott Leach ‘71 hard at work for FA Maintenance

1974 Fred Smith ‘74 is a firefighter/EMT with the Kennebunk (ME) Fire Rescue. Fred and his emergency crew were honored by the American Heart Assoc. with its “Heart Saver” Award. In June, Fred and his partners were credited with saving the life of a man who was unresponsive and not breathing, and the coronary artery blockage doctors found is known as the “Widow Maker.” Well done, Fred! (York County Coast Star 8/16/12 – sent to us by Stephen Russell ‘50)

John Garner ‘72 speaking at the Bobby Valentine Day celebration.

1979 David Brown ‘79 wrote: “We have finally given up the cold weather and relocated to Dunedin, FL. However, I still have offices in Boston and Chicago so I will have to come back but hopefully not in the winter months. Stay warm.” David Charles ‘79 is a Junior Warden in the Pythagorean Lodge. He, along with brothers, Danny Charles ‘81 and Dana Charles ‘83, presented their father, John, with his 50-year service medal. The four family members total over 117 years of Masonic service. (The Mt. Ear 2/9/12) 1980 Willie Aragundi ‘80 writes, “I want you to know that Fryeburg Academy will always have a special place in my heart. As for me, I retired from the NYC Police Department in November 2010 after 23 years of service. Worked for Garda Armored as a Corporate Security Investigator for a year and now I work for the Brooklyn Museum as Assistant Manager of Security. Everything is well and

Members of the Fryeburg Fire Department include several alums - thank you FFD!

Clyde Watson ‘74-Fryeburg Fire Dept.

-99Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Patty Cogswell ‘74 was a past North East Regional Comfort Keeper of the Year. Patty was one of eight caregivers across the U.S. honored by CK Franchising, Inc., for exceptional caregiving. “Patty was selected to represent the North Shore office of Comfort Keepers because of her great devotion to delivering the highest quality of care to her clients,” said Kathy Goodwin, RN, coowner of the Beverly Comfort Keepers office. “This really is an incredible accomplishment,” said Warren Goodwin, CSA, co-owner. “Our office nominated four very qualified candidates, and they were culled by a team at Franchise Support in Dayton. Three were chosen from each region, and then a short, non-identifiable bio was posted on the Internet for the regional offices to vote — one vote per franchise owner. Patty was chosen by this vote of the owners in our region. She really stood out.” “I am overwhelmed by this award,” said Patty. “This award is not only recognition of my efforts, but of those of the entire Comfort Keeper caregiving staff. Our goal is to make our clients’ lives better, and I am thrilled to be able to make a difference.”

Tony Trott ‘75 with his wife-Sally, & daughter-Wanda in Bermuda

hope everyone associated with Fryeburg Academy is doing the same.” Bill Perry ‘80 is Secretary of the Pythagorean Lodge. The new officers for 2012 were announced in January. (The Mt. Ear 2/9/12) 1982 Ryan Kelly ‘82 participated in the 24th annual Lobster Dip in Old Orchard Beach on Sunday, January 1, 2012. The dipper was participating in the fundraiser to raise funds for the Special Olympics. 1985 Christy Berry ‘85 is the 2012 MWV Habitat for Humanity’s choice for a new home owner. The building project is well underway on Menotomy Road in Fryeburg. Christy is a medical biller for Major Medical Billing in Conway and also works as a server at the 302 Smokehouse in Fryeburg. She lives with her two daughters, Nora, aged 14, and Natalie, aged five, who are enrolled in the Fryeburg school system. Christy, along with family and friends, will work over the next several months on Thursdays to earn ‘sweat equity’ in the home construction process. (The Mt.

Dale Nelson ‘75 & wife-Kitty & children-Matt Nelson ‘02 and Molly Nelson ‘00 at Fryeburg Fair

Ear, 11/20/11) Tammy Bresette ‘85 writes, “My daughter, Chelsea, and I moved to California in August of 2009. Chelsea (age 20) is attending college, and I am working as a speech therapist at a pediatric clinic in Lake Forest.”

Erin Barber Greenlaw ‘01, Elise Barber ‘06, Bobby Barber ‘76 & Anna Barber ‘08 at Erin’s wedding reception in Denmark, ME

Laura Cummings Lucy ‘85 knew where the library was in every different town where she lived. She was a voracious reader, found the Hardy Boys series at the tiny library in Chatham, NH, her first hometown, then devoured every word of every page. It is no wonder that she says having a bookstore is fantastic. That’s quite a bold statement these days when big box bookstores are folding and is truly a giant in

-100Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

the business of books. “White Birch Books will be here twenty years next year; I have worked here for fifteen,” says Laura, the mother of an eight-yearold boy and owner of White Birch Books in North Conway. Lucy tells her tale of the coming Ken Richardson ‘75 & wife-Susan, boating on Moose Pond to own the bookstore and how an independent (indie) bookseller survives these days. Back in the days of first jobs, Lucy worked retail but had never worked in a bookstore. Some fifteen years ago she took a position at White Birch Books founded by Donna Urey. “When I began here, it reminded me of how as a kid I wanted to be a librarian,” says Laura. Well she didn’t become a librarian, but seven years ago she became a bookstore owner when she purchased the business from Urey. Laura explains White Birch Book’s approach to a new age. “We bring a lot to the table,” she says. The staff and community involvement: “Some of our staff have been Kim Barton Newton ‘76 & daughter, here almost twenty years. We have staff selection, too,” she adds, meaning staff Taylor Newton ‘12 at FA graduation members read and recommend books for customers. Comments are posted on the book jackets and online at “All of our staff are involved in the community, sitting on various non-profit boards,” adds Lucy. Any book can be ordered for next-day delivery or ordered online at the store’s web site. There’s the special events hosted by White Birch Books, meet the authors, book clubs and an offering of gift cards and other little treasures in the bookstore. “We are open-ended, we are doing whatever we can do to stay alive and afloat,” she adds. Understanding economics: “If a customer’s budget doesn’t allow for new books, we offer used books. You can come and buy six to eight books and not spend more than twenty dollars,” she says. “Hopefully bookstores won’t become obsolete, but the answer is still out there,” she says. One thing Lucy and her staff do know for sure: “We love what we do.” (The Mt. Ear 11/20/11) Mary-Lou Nash ‘85 returns home for Christmas from South African vineyard. Mary-Lou and daughters, Hanna – nine and Francesca – eight, spent the holidays in Mount Washington Valley, enjoying their first-ever experience with snow. Mary-Lou is one of four children in a family that includes younger sister Annabel Nash ‘86, who teaches in Fryeburg; former US cross-country ski Olympian Marcus Nash ‘89, the youngest in the family and now a commercial airline pilot for Cafe Pacific, married to Katerina who is representing the Czech Republic in the 2012 Summer Olympics, and oldest brother Mac, now of Concord, MA. After college, Mary-Lou and Annabel went to Japan to teach English for two years, and then traveled to Asia for another two years. She had planned to stay on for a year at her father’s in South Charles Gilman ‘76 - Firefighter. Charlie Africa helping with the farm. “That was in & his wife, Karen Rideout Gilman ‘86, own 1995. I never left.” “My first production was Webster’s Country Store in East Conway, NH, and have two daughters. Charlie is Master 4,000 bottles- in 2010, we produced about Russell Burnell ‘76-Firefighter - Russell works of the Pythagorean Lodge. The new officers 4,000 cases of 12 bottles each, or 48,000.” Her biggest market is North America. She at Hunting Corporation in Fryeburg for 2012 were announced in January. -101Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

just got word that her Shiraz is going to be served at Disney World and Disneyland’s white table cloth restaurants and is also going to be carried in 2012 on American Airlines flights. Her Black Pearl Shiraz is available locally at the Good Beer Store in Fryeburg. For more information visit or email Nash at (Conway Daily Sun 1/14/12) Susan Moody ‘85 has written a book entitled, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and it is illustrated by her sister, Bobbi Moody Johnson ‘82. Susan writes, “Every day children are bombarded with messages about what makes them successful and important. Many of Michael Cressey ‘76 with wife-Ella, mother-Jean, sister-Joan Cressy McBurnie ‘90, those messages tell them that physical beauty, son-Aaron Cressy ‘04 & daughter-Carrie ‘12 at FA graduation popularity, and financial success are the way to judge value in a person. But all of those things can change in an instant. Our value needs to be found in something much more permanent and lasting.” Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Book Website: is a children’s book for all ages! Based on Psalm 139, this lyrical piece presents God’s truth about who we are and how we were made intentionally and lovingly by Creator God. Called “Dr. Suessical” by some, the words of this piece, paired with the intricate full color cut-paper illustrations, make this work truly unique. Susan and Bobbi’s work reflects the very message of this book. The sisters were born from the same parents, and yet are very differently gifted. Susan is a speaker, writer and graphic designer. Bobbi is a classroom teacher and an artist who works with paper and paint. The way their contrasting gifts complement each other in this project is a picture of the way God gifts different people to work together to accomplish His purposes in the world at large. Email Susan at: 1987 Caleb Hopler ‘87 and his wife, Deena, welcome a daughter, Sienna, born April 21, 2012. Sienna joins Hunter Blake ‘12, age 17; and Mercedes Hopler, 21 months.

Wendy Lovejoy Davidson ‘84 & brother-Scott Lovejoy ‘77

Bruce Anthony ‘77 & Deb Murphy Brock ‘77 at Reunion 2012

Robin Miller, Sullivyn Panno ‘12, Tyler Miller ‘13, & Don Miller ‘77

-102Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Mike Chaplin ‘78 in photo with wife, Cathy, and daughter at Gillette Stadium waiting in line to see U2, his daughter’s favorite band, writes, “Music has been a big part of my life, and I realize it more as time goes on. I was in the music program at FA, but mainly I have always listened to a lot of music. I used to collect a lot of Classic Rock music, then in the 90’s I started collecting Mississippi Delta Blues music when I realized that was where much of Classic Rock came from. I once had a goal of having the best and largest collection of Blues music in Maine, but I gave that up, that’s not really the point. In the late 90’s, a friend of mine loaned me a Miles Davis CD, and I started to get into jazz music, and now I have quite a large jazz collection as well. As my daughter grew up, I shared my love of music with her and taught her as much about it as I could (e.g. during car rides on the weekends to give Mom a break). She never wanted to admit she liked my jazz music, but she eventually took up the clarinet in 5th grade, and long story short, she has really taken to music, she has played for years in the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble (PYWE, they play twice a year at Merrill Auditorium), she played in school concerts, in the Jazz Bands, and has won Instrumental Musician of her class since 8th grade. And now she plays in a community band, Saco River Jazz Ensemble, which has players from 14 yrs. to 60+ yrs. They play big band and swing music at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and are now in the process of linking up with the Alzheimer’s Association of Maine because they play the music that older people love, and it has been found to be very therapeutic for them. I am getting involved with Saco River Jazz Ensemble to try to help them fund-raise, and plan to continue to help after my daughter goes off to college this fall (she will be majoring in music therapy). I am just recently getting involved in trying to save the 5th grade band program at SAD 6, which is where she was introduced to the clarinet, even though my efforts won’t benefit her, because I’m just trying to help support music in the community. It was years after that I realized how good the FA music program is, which is great. I was able to watch the FA Jazz Combo fronted by Brent LaCasce ‘78 daughter, Devin LaCasce ‘11 two years ago in Mount Desert Island at the State Jazz Festival, they were great.” Children of Melissa Chace Trace ‘78: Daughter Cameron Trace ‘12 spent her freshman year at FA, playing varsity soccer and participating in the music program. She graduated from Xavier High School in Cedar Rapids, IA, and will be attending Creighton University, in Omaha, NE, in the fall. She’s in Creighton’s Business School. Son Colby will be a senior in the fall. He’s running cross country, playing spring soccer, skateboarding, and working at a golf course.

Paul Legare ‘78 & Kay Fox Legare ‘79 own Melby’s Diner in Wateford ME, and have one daughter, Michelle Legare ‘96, a Fryeburg Police Officer.


Jon Webb ‘87 writes, “All is well here in CT. The boys are still into BMX (bicycle motocross) and love every minute of it. Last year we hit the regional race circuit with them and raced from VT to VA. We are excited for another fun year with races beginning in April and probably not ending until Oct. (or possibly later). Even though their track is closed, with the great weather (last) winter they enjoyed getting on their bikes a few times to ride. In their offseason they play lots of soccer and ski/snowboard when we get the chance to head north. Elizabeth and I are doing great as well. We stay in shape just trying to keep up with them. We hope to be up for a visit to ski in Feb. and for a week’s vacation on Trickey Pond in Naples in July.”

Cindi Nagy Detzer ‘78 & husband, Curt

1988 Paul G. True ‘88, Lake Region Athletic Director, recently accepted a $1,000 donation check from the Cap Memorial Corporation treasurer, Charles Priest. The donated funds will be used to purchase new equipment for the high school and middle school baseball programs.

1989 Randall Millett ‘89 and his wife, Claudia, welcome a son, Wyatt, born January 9, 2012. Wyatt joins siblings Jacob and Cassandra. Maternal grandparents are Roger and Pamela Ellsmore of Harrison, ME. Paternal grandparents are Wendell Millett ‘66 and Laurette Fortin of Lisbon, ME, and Bonnie Millett of Oak Hill, FL. (Bridgton News 1/19/12) Sandra Eastman Nager ‘89 and her husband, Eric, are thrilled to welcome a daughter, Brooklee Kimball, born December 4, 2010. Brooklee joins five-year-old sister Nicole at home in Daphne, AL. Sandy writes, “Our family enjoyed a lovely Christmas season in Maine seeing some FA friends during our stay. I was so happy to attend the FA Christmas program this year in the beautiful new performing arts center. What talented musicians! The new buildings on campus since my years there are fantastic. I love being a stay-athome mom to our two girls. They keep me on my toes. We enjoy reading, scrapbooking, attending concerts, and traveling. Hope to escape our southern heat for a summer visit in Maine this year or next.” Jotham Oliver ‘89 and Catherine Duthie welcome a daughter, Hana, born August 24, 2011. Maternal grandparents are Beverly Osgood Duthie ‘53 and Alexander Duthie of Fryeburg, ME. Paternal grandparents are Donese and Jimmy Oliver ‘64 of Fryeburg, ME; and Dwight-FA Staff (Maintenance) and Judith Reynolds DeMille ‘64 of North Fryeburg, ME. (Bridgton News 9/29/11)

Marygrace Smith Cimino ‘79 with daughters, Daria & Siena Tatum ‘12

Eric Perkins ‘78

Abigail Smith ‘12 with parents-Barry Smith & Alyson Davis Smith ‘80 & family

-104Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Lorie Meinking Reed ‘89 writes, “Been out of touch for awhile, but thanks to Facebook I’ve been able to find the people who meant the most to me growing up. I miss the beauty of Maine and I hope to make it back some day soon.” 1991 George Walker ‘91 has been named the Fryeburg Fire Department’s “Firefighter of the Year.” He also received Chief Ozzie Sheaff’s “Outstanding Service Award.” Walker has been a member of the department for ten years. (Bridgton News 5/17/12) 1992 Jonathan Sarty ‘92 performed with the White Mountain Boys at the Brick Church for the Performing Arts in Lovell on Thursday, July 19, 2012, at 7:30 pm. Jonathan has performed throughout the USA presenting his Americana style, a blend of classic American, roots country, and folk rock, to audiences of all ages. Over the past two decades, Jon has developed a strong stagecraft, an increasing client network, and a support system of dedicated fans. He has worked with various independent labels in both California and Tennessee. He

Devin LaCasce ‘11, Brent LaCasce ‘78 & Dawn Gale LaCasce ‘81

Kelli Barton Caiazzo ‘80 & Jeff Bartlett ‘79

Jahn Deschambeault, Carol Bresette Belanger ‘78, Chicky Bresette Deschambeault ‘80 & Laurie Bresette Panno ‘82

The Perry Family at the wedding of Dawn Perry Carbon ‘04 - Lawrence Perry ’66, George Perry ’69, Wendy Woodard Vagentic (former FA jv girls basketball coach), Jeff Perry, Nicole Perry, Teresa Perry ‘88, Chris Perry ‘10, Bride Dawn Perry Carbon ‘04, Matt Perry ‘97, Erica Perry ‘00, Bill Perry ‘80, Travis Perry ‘87, Jen Perry ’13, Louise Perry ‘65, Tammy Woodard, Carl Perry ‘64

Shannon D. McKeen ‘81-FA Trustee

-105Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Heidi Blake ‘82 with her son, Chandler Blake ‘12 at his FA graduation and her sisters, Carol Blake ‘68 & Paula Blake Spruill ‘80

Sullivyn Panno ‘12, Laurie Bresette Panno ‘82 & Victor Panno ‘82

Rob Eastman ‘82 is an accomplished artist Todd Gallagher ‘82 enjoys a visit with classmate Dan O’Neil ‘82, his wife, Laura, and daughters, Megan & Katie. Dan came in with his family for a tour of the F.A. campus.

Joel Bartlett ‘83 with his grandson - Joel lives in Belfast, ME and works for Central Maine Power

Laurie Blood Ramsay ‘84 with husband-Bob, at the FA 2012 graduation of their son, Bobby Ramsay ‘12 & Damion Hubbard ‘12

-106Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

has worked with many artists in the studio and onstage from Los Angeles to Nashville and throughout New England, where he calls Jackson, NH, home. Jonathan has opened for John Anderson, Jimmie VanZandt, Bull Gap and the PSO (Portland Symphony Orchestra). Among other David Walsh ‘83 is a Registered Maine Guide. Here he is projects, Jonathan “guiding” on the Kennebec River beside his sister, Kathy Walsh Lops ‘86. Kathy’s two children, Caroline & Justin, are in front of them. is founder of the long-standing Cooper Campbell Jackson ‘85-FA Trustee old-time country and honky-tonk group, The White Mountain Boys and New England-based record label, booking and publishing company, White Mountain Music Group. WMMG released last year Jonathan’s original CD “This Road” David Rohde ‘85-FA Trustee

Jim Osgood ‘85, Coco Fritzlen ‘11 & Andrea Smith Osgood ‘86

amid critical acclaim. (Bridgton News 7-12-12) 1993 Jesse Pimental ‘93 will be taking over the Woodstock Academy football program this fall. He was a member of the Salve Regina football Team from 1997 to 2000, and has spent the last few years as an assistant coach at several high schools in New England. Jesse has also played semi-pro football, but now he’s settling down with three children and a position as a special education teacher at Brooklyn Middle School. (Norwich Bulletin 4/5/12)

Teri Scanlon Phillips ‘86, with husband, Page, and their son, Wanny, who is 3 ½ years old.

John Weston ‘93 emceed the Mountain Division Rail Trail ribboncutting ceremony, formally dedicating the one and one-half mile length of the Mountain Division Rail Trail that will connect the Visitors Center on Route 302 in Fryeburg to Porter Road. Those joined together for the ribbon cutting ceremony cheered on several members of the Fryeburg Academy Track Team, as they ran in the pouring rain toward the Visitors Center, to kick off the festive October event. David Hastings ‘68 addressed the group, saying, “This is really an exciting day for the Rail Trail partnership. It exemplifies what an asset this trail is to Western Maine. The State

-107Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Marc Webster ‘89 & Marc Solari ‘88 on the Gunnison River in Colorado. Keith Johnson ‘01 was also on the trip.

Michelle Maynard Hovis ’90 of Eastover, NC, wrote in a Christmas 2011 letter: “…Now to the complicated part of the year. I wasn’t going to put this in our Christmas letter, but thought this would be an appropriate time considering you are all our friends and family, and those are the people we need now to pray for us and be there in our time of confusion. Since April I started coming down with some scary issues, i.e., slurred speech, odd muscle movements, and erratic mood swings. Finally, I decided to go to the doctors when the effects became worse. To make a long story short: My parents; my husband, Mark; my daughter, Darlene; and myself went to Duke in November and saw Dr. Bedlack (one of the best ALS doctors in the country). He gave us a preliminary diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease). We will take every day as another day to smile and be thankful for what we have! I want to let you know we are doing ok! Having a great family and such wonderful friends makes all the difference! Our door is always open so don’t be shy and stop on by!” Michelle sent an update in May saying the diagnosis was confirmed January 3, 2012. “I am being strong and holding hope for a cure. This coming weekend my husband and I are going to Washington DC to ask congress for money to help with trials and ALS patients. There will be many ALS people there either with the disease or helping find a cure. As of now I have had symptoms for 13 months, but thankfully still walking, breathing, and talking all on my own. My job no longer will keep me, but I keep smiling and hoping for this bad dream to go away!”

of Maine had the foresight to acquire this rail corridor. Over my eight years in the State Senate, there has been a constant push for the Rail Trail — to bring it back to life. It’s been years since I’ve heard this is going to happen. The time will come when the trail will take us from here to Portland - maybe to North Conway (NH) and beyond…I look forward to the next steps - they may be slow and may be small - but every step is in the right direction. I thank all of you who worked so hard.” Another section of the trail will be constructed next summer and will continue from Porter Road another two and one-half miles to the Eastern Slope Airport Road near the Brownfield town line. The Town of Brownfield has already submitted an application to fund the construction of the section of the Rail Trail that will connect to Fryeburg, according to David Kinsman. The Fryeburg trail project brings to fruition six years of planning by the Town of Fryeburg, the Maine Department of Transportation and the Mountain Division Alliance. Six miles of the Mountain Division Trail connect Windham, Gorham and Standish, and engineering for another five-mile section that will connect

John Wiesemann ‘90 & son, Charles ‘12, at FA graduation

Becca O’Brien ‘91 & her son, Reid O’Brien ‘15, & grandson, Ethan

Dale Butters ‘90 with daughter, Katelyn ‘12, & Julie Brown

-108Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Megan Kelly Heagney ‘92 with her children, Rowen, Luke, Ethan & twins, Caiden & Quinn; & parents, Sandy & Scott Kelly ‘53.

Heather Bush ‘93 stops in at the FA school store

David Smith ‘93 with his sons, Tristan & Tanner. David lives in Conway and works at Time Warner Cable. Casey Acker Wolberg ’95 and Jay Wolberg were married March 31, 2012, in Sonoma, CA. The couple resides in San Francisco. Casey is the VP of Social Media at Wells Fargo Bank.

Windham and Westbrook is being completed this fall. At its completion, the Mountain Division Trail will connect nine communities between Portland and Fryeburg with a 52mile recreational trail that will also serve as an alternative transportation corridor and a safe route for school children.

Sue Sudduth Hammond ‘93 & Tom Hammond ‘93 & son, Carter James Hammond, born October 6, 2011

1994 Cherie King ‘94 writes, “I’ve had a rough 2011, I took on caring for my mom, Jean Crandal, full-time until her passing on June 26, 2011, at the age of 57. She had received a double lung transplant October 1, 2008, but some illnesses

-109Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Monroe Mann ‘95 is proud to report that the feature film he and his team shot during summer 2010 in Lovell (“You Can’t Kill Stephen King”)... has been picked up by a Los Angeles agent, has been screened at the Cannes Film Market in France, and has already been sold to a number of territories worldwide and accepted to a number of international film festivals both stateside and abroad. It recently won Best Feature Film at the Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival in Maine. A U.S. distribution deal is expected before year’s end. You can watch the funny trailer at Monroe has also recently penned another Sarah Mason Andre’ 95, Kelly Brown Bell ‘95, Maria Rodrigues book, this one called, “Romantic Suicide - the 45 Unbreakable Rules of ‘95, & Trisha Pratt Tousignant ‘95 (holding Lucy) - Photo by Greg Dating” which you can find on both Amazon and He shot a few Strom. Maria married Adrian Reed August 6, 2011, in Lovell, ME. music videos for his motivational speaking and rock album, “Get Off Your The couple live in Australia with their daughter, Lucy. Ass”, and you can find the album on iTunes and the videos on YouTube. For his ‘day job’, Mann is currently working as an attorney, and specifically as a public defender in Westchester County, NY, representing those accused of felonies who cannot afford an attorney. He is also pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology through Capella University. He can be reached via email at

Beth Thomas Folger ‘96 married Scott Folger on April 30, 2011 at the Lake View Pavillion in Foxborough, MA. Beth with parents Marilyn and Douglas Thomas of Cape Coral, FL. Wedding party included Beth’s sister, Meredith Thomas Mansfield ‘94, and brother, Michael Thomas ‘00. The couple honeymooned in Tahiti and Bora Bora. They reside in Stoneham, MA. Beth is a graduate of Northeastern University and is employed as a senior consultant by QueBIT Consulting. Scott is a graduate of Chelmsford High School and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He served in the U.S. Army, attaining the rank of captain, and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is employed as an account manager by IBM/Cognos Corp. -110Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Kurt Ela ‘96 and Gwen Davis got married July 4, 2012, in Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Greg Strom-FA Former Faculty (Fine Arts Chair)

Michelle Hatch Dutton ‘00, Casey Dutton ‘97, Caine Dutton ‘97, Chris Buck ‘94 & Darcy Lantz at Gwen Davis and Kurt Ela ‘96 wedding in Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Greg Strom-FA Former Faculty (Fine Arts Chair)

Josh Maillett ‘98, Nathan Infinger ‘96, Amos Maillett ‘95, Jonathan Bean ‘96 & Travis McFarlin ‘96, who came home for reunion 2011.

are harder to fight when on immunosuppressants. I moved back east to Boston, MA. Struggling even now as a homeless person w/o work, but I found Occupy Boston and new friends and family who are all very supportive. I have hope. But miss my mother every day. So please be an organ donor. Try and enjoy a root beer or butter pecan ice cream, and remember my mom; my #1 fan.” Email Cherie:

Kelly Muse ‘96

Meredith Thomas Mansfield ‘94 and Marc Mansfield are married. Meredith attended the University of Vermont and currently works as a fund controller at TA Realty in Boston. Marc attended Northeastern University and is currently the Owner/ President of Celera Networks, Inc., in Boston. 1995 Trisha Foster Antalek ‘95 and her husband, Michael, welcome a daughter Arianna, born December 20, 2011. Maternal grandparents are Henry ‘70 and Holly Bell Foster ‘71 of Fryeburg, ME. Andrea Raynsford Macomber ’97 and her husband, Todd Macomber ’94, welcome a daughter, Hannah, born February 28, 2012. The maternal grandparents are David and Ellen Rogers Raynsford ’75 of Fryeburg, ME. The paternal grandparents are Steven and Candy Macomber of Scarborough, ME. (Conway Daily Sun 7/17/12)

Robert Collins ‘95 and Karin Maher welcome a son, Tanner, born June 3, 2012. Tanner joins Skyler, age 12. Maternal grandparents are Thom and Rhonda Maher of Norway, ME. Paternal grandparents are Mike and Ida Collins of Lovell, ME. (Bridgton News 6/29/12)

Brockie Gerry ‘97 and his wife, April, welcome a son, Jack Robert, born May 8, 2012; he joins two sisters, Brooke, age 6 and Bryleigh, age 2.

-111Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Betsy Thibodeau Pitreau ‘98 and her husband, Jim, welcome a son, Garrett James, born August 1, 2012. Maternal grandparents are Brenda and Don Thibodeau ‘72 of Fryeburg, ME.

Stacey Noble ‘95 writes to let us know she is engaged to Richard Holden and planning to wed in August of 2012. Email Stacey at Class of 1997 - Front row: Jessica Grey ‘97, Kara Seymour ‘97, Jessica Wilkey ‘97, Crystal Coen Drew ‘97, Erin Sylvia Savage ‘97, Stephanie Berg Martin 1997 ‘97, Casey Dutton ‘97; 2nd row: Jessica Tamulis Orinak ‘97, Jamie Willoughby Crystal Coen Drew ‘97, IBCLC, is a Clinical McIver ‘97, Cassandra Kennard ‘97; Back row: Stephen Woodward ‘97, Rob Drew Coordinator of the Special Delivery Family Birthing ‘97, Ryan Lane ‘97, Eric Davis ‘97 & Matthew Perry ‘97

Center at Bridgton Hospital. She told The Bridgton News in October 2011, “Baby-Friendly USA is the US authority for the implementation of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI), a global program sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).” Crystal added, “The initiative encourages and recognizes hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Based on the 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, this prestigious international award recognizes birth facilities that offer breastfeeding mothers the information confidence, and skills needed to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding their babies.” Crystal also said that the entire staff of the Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at Bridgton Hospital is committed to pursuing this rigorous certification process in order to obtain this important designation for the babies and mothers of our community. For full details about the obstetrics unit, including childbirth and breastfeeding classes and breastfeeding support group schedules, please visit www. or contact Crystal at 207-647-6130. Shana Britton Gilstrap ‘97 writes, “I have been so disconnected from everyone for so long. Please I really want info on the happenings of Fryeburg. I have been deployed for a very long time and lost contact with everyone.” Email Shana:

Eric Whitaker ‘00 & son, Brendan

Ryan Lane ‘97 and his wife, Jessica Knowles, welcome a son, Declan, born March 19, 2012. Declan joins Finn, 11; and Adam 6. Maternal grandparents are Rob and Cathy Knowles of Bridgton, ME. Paternal grandparents are Danny ‘66 and Peggy Eastman Lane ‘72 of Brownfield, ME. (Bridgton News 4/5/12) Rebecca Almy Infinger ‘01 and her husband, Michael Infinger ‘01, welcome a daughter, Jillian Jane, born February 20, 2012. The maternal Grandparents are Bill & Jeannette Almy of Fryeburg, ME. The paternal grandfather is Wayne Infinger ‘71 of Chatham, NH.

Sara Thurston ‘97 and Richard W. Murray III welcome a son, Noah Scott Murray, born Nov. 23, 2011, at Bridgton Hospital. Maternal grandparents: Karen and Scott Thurston ‘71 of Fryeburg, ME. Paternal grandparents: Richard and Karen Murray of Naples; Dennis and Connie Ryan of Blue Hill. (Bridgton News 12/15/11)

-112Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

1998 Kevin Hale ’98 and his wife, Kelly, welcome a son, Jordan, born June 20, 2012. Maternal grandparents are Barry and Christine Jordan of Sebago, ME. Paternal grandparents are Pam Pingree Hale ’77 of Fryeburg, ME; and Laurie and Roger Hale ’74 of Naples, ME. (Bridgton News 7/19/12) Robyn Stanicki Lorom ’98 writes, “Things are going well for me and my family. I have a great job working with Veterans in Social Services. My son, Evan James Leon Lorom, was born in July of 2011. Together with my daughters, Sarah - 10, Sunnie - 6, and my husband, Leon, we make our home right outside of Bangor, ME. I love all of the changes made to the campus at FA. Love all of the newer buildings!”

Hillary Wiley McAllister ‘01 and her husband, Michael McAllister ‘84, welcome a daughter, Brennan, born March 24, 2012. The maternal grandparents are Rex ‘78 and Robin Brennan Wiley ‘73 of Fryeburg, ME. T6/5/12)

Karen Dunn Rogers ‘98 and her husband, Brian, welcome a daughter, Niaomi Anne, born July 17, 2012. She joins Lucas Rogers, 13; and Alexis Rogers, 15 months. The maternal grandparents are Wendy Shaw Dunn ’74 and Kenneth Fox ‘73, of Stow, ME. The paternal grandparents are Shelia and Orrin Rogers, of Conway,

NH. (Conway Daily Sun 8/21/12) 1999 Hillary Stacy Allocco ’99 received a master’s degree in Science in Education from Saint Joseph’s College. (Bridgton News) Kimberly Miller Bishop ’99 and her husband, Ernest, welcome a daughter, Melanie, born October 3, 2011. Melanie joins three brothers, Trent, 14; Kyle, 6; and Gavin, 2. Maternal grandparents are Robin and Donald Miller ’77 of Brownfield, ME. (Bridgton News 11/10/11)

Rebecca Almy Infinger ’01; Molly Sylvester Hill ’01 and her son, Henry; & Melissa Blau Hayek ’01 and her son, Stephen.

Garrett Price Goldsmith ’99 married Kelsey Elizabeth Jewell on Sept. 24, 2011, in a timber frame barn at Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield. Notary Public Timothy Wilson officiated the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Lorie Olson and Robert Jewell II, both of Paris. Grandparents are Shirley and Pat Erin Barber ‘01 & Andrew O’Brien of Rumford and New Port Richey, FL and Georgette Jewell of Paris. The groom is the son of Stephen and Martha Greenlaw were married on June 15, 2012, in a private Goldsmith of Lovell. Grandfather was Robert “Red” York ceremony at Thistle House ‘44 of Brownfield. Charlee Jewell was the maid of honor in St. Catherine’s in the for her sister. Nathan York ’94 was the best man for his West Highlands of Argyll, brother. Attendants included: Kristin York ’91, Rob Jewell, Scotland. Erin received her Christopher Bowden, Emily Delamater, Matthew Delamater, master’s of science degree in Nichole Foley, Steven Todisco, and Matthew White. Emily nursing from USM in May 2012 and achieved national Mickool served as flower girl, Jack York as ring bearer, and Jonathan Mickool as usher. The mother of the bride and the certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Andrew mother of the groom, together, participated in the ceremony. received his master’s of A reading was shared by Kathryn Mickool, Jennifer Mickool, science degree in physics Sarah Mickool and Hannah Mickool. Following the from the UMass Lowell in ceremony, guest had a farmhouse dinner in the same timber May 2012 and has accepted frame barn. The bride is a 2002 graduate of Oxford Hills a position as a Radiation Comprehensive High School. She holds a bachelor’s degree Physicist at Harvard University. Erin is the daughter from the University of Vermont. She is employed by the US Senate. The groom is a 1999 graduate of FA. He holds a of Bobby Barber ’76 of bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. He Denmark, ME and Gail Brooks ’77 of Bridgton, ME. is employed as an elementary school teacher. The couple (Bridgton News 7/19/12) resides in Portland. (Bridgton News 12-15-11) -113Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Colin Mitzkus ‘01 and his father, Frank, visited with us and writes, “ For us, especially for me, the trip to Fryeburg was very special. Seeing Fryeburg again was a wish since I left it. It has been amazing to see all that after such a long time - everything has still the same charm like I used to know it - and that after more than ten years. Wow. And on that point a big thanks to the complete office for the warm welcome back that day. What am I doing now? After the half year in Fryeburg, I graduated in Hamburg and started studying business administration. Four Years ago I went to Cologne to work for RTL, the biggest German TV-Channel. Here I m doing the marketing (especially advertisement and media) for our online & mobile products. Please find attached two pictures from our trip to Fryeburg. One of them was taken up, as you can see, the Jockey Cap Hill - a place of which I have wonderful memories.”

2000 Heather Murphy Perkins ’00 and Howard Perkins III ’94 welcome a son, Declan, born November 22, 2011. Declan joins Elizabeth, age 3. Maternal grandparents are Alan and Kathie Davis of Fryeburg, ME. Paternal grandparents are Howard Perkins, Jr. and Beverly Blake Perkins ’65 of Fryeburg, ME. (Bridgton News 11/24/11) 2001 Diana McAllister ’01 and Goshe King are engaged. Diana is the daughter of Sally and Ronald McAllister ’57 of Center Lovell, ME. Goshe King is from Chakri, Punjab. The couple will travel abroad for their wedding this fall. Future plans include loving life in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. (Bridgton News 8/2/12) Justin McIver ’01 is Founder and President of Main Eco Homes, which builds “custom homes that support healthier living, are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and less expensive to maintain,” in the words of the company’s mission statement. Justin was recently honored as one of Maine’s up-and-coming leaders by MaineToday Media. Justin has been building homes since 2005 and, in addition to several current projects, has recently finished an energy-efficient commercial building on Depot Street in Bridgton, ME. After graduating from F.A., Justin went on to Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH, and earned a degree in business administration. He returned to Maine to work in the family The Hill children - Henry & Hagen Molly Sylvester Hill ‘01 and her husband, Barry Hill business, D.M. Electric, ‘98, welcome a son, Hagen, born February 8, 2012. before founding Main Eco Jenny MacFarlane Valente ‘01 and her husband, Casey, welcome a daughter, Kendall Elise, born January 20th, Hagen joins Henry, who is two years old. The mater- Homes. nal grandparents are Kinzer and Jonathan Sylvester of Lovell, ME. The paternal grandparents are Janice and Barry Hill ‘69 of Oquossoc, ME. (Conway Daily Sun 4/3/12)

2012; she joins sister Addison Riley. Maternal grandparents are Gary MacFarlane ’72 & Jacklyn Monson MacFarlane ’72 of Denmark, ME. Paternal grandparents are Anthony and Catherine Valente of Ludlow, VT.

-114Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Bridesmaids (left to right): Allison Leach, wife of Jeff Leach ‘96; Liz Maillett, wife of Josh Maillett ‘98; Catherine Stainbrook, maid of honor and sister of the bride. Bride, Rebecca Khiel; Travis Khiel ‘01; Groomsmen (left to right): Best man and brother of the groom, Greg Khiel ‘02; Caleb Maillett ‘01; Greg Seymour ‘00; Nate Hutchins; and flower girl, Olivia Stainbrook, the bride’s niece. Photos by Spring Smith ‘02 Travis Khiel ‘01 and Rebecca Boewe, originally of Tamworth, NH, were married on October 16, 2011, at the Migis Lodge in South Casco, ME. Travis manages his family’s logging and chipping business and works with his father, John Khiel III ‘79, and his brother, Gregory Khiel ‘02. Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and also works with Travis and his family. Travis and Rebecca live in Denmark, ME, with their two Yorkies, Beau and Isabelle.

Travis Khiel ‘01, John Khiel III ‘79, Gregory Khiel ‘02 - Photo by Spring Smith ‘02

Caleb Maillett ‘01, Greg Seymour ‘00, Travis Khiel ‘01, Greg Khiel ‘02 & Nate Hutchins Photo by Spring Smith ‘02

Joe McMurdo-Minnich ’01 and his wife, Hayden Draper, celebrated their first wedding anniversary on August 20, 2012. They were married last year in the Jaffrey meetinghouse among friends and family from near and far away. The couple lives in Fryeburg, ME, with their two dogs, Casper and Cashew, and both are teachers at Fryeburg Academy. (Conway Daily Sun 8/21/12) 2002 Elizabeth Hicks ’02 and Michael Fecteau welcome a son, Kaden, born November 1, 2011. Kaden joins Tyler, 11; and Victoria, 6. Maternal grandparents are Norman Hicks ’77 of Fryeburg, ME, and Jolene Richardson Paige ’81 of Grottoes, VA. Paternal grandparents are Steve Fecteau of Casco, ME, and Barbara Mastroianni of Casco, ME.

Jenn Bartlett ‘01 with Luka Vujotic ‘14 at Moose Pond, Denmark, ME while on April vacation. Luka is an FA dorm student from Serbia and part of the homestay program at FA during vacations & holidays.

Haley Cook ‘96 & Beth Alimi Cook ‘02 with Dede Frost FA Faculty (PVAS) & Coach

-115Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Harper Shea, born February 19, 2012, to Jaclyn Lathrop Smith ‘02 and her husband, Peter. Email Jaclyn at: Buck Brown ’02 and Stevie Dimmick were married on June 25, 2011, near the Kenai river in Soldotna, Alaska. Buck works as a pipefitter for welding construction and Stevie is a sales representative for the Odom Corporation, in Anchorage, Alaska. Both reside in Eagle River, Alaska. Pictured above are Buck and Stevie with Buck’s parents, Jeff ’81 and Denise Sanborn ’82 Brown.

Rachel Allen Hicks ’02 writes, “I just completed my first year teaching 3rd grade at Center Drive School in Orrington, ME!”

Michael Costa ‘12, Mike Costa FA Staff, Cynthia Costa, & Lindsey Costa ‘02

Heather Leach ’02 teamed up with another local professional photographer Nicholas Whitney ‘02 and his wife, Melanie, announce the birth of their daughter, Meredith Lillian, born on Roger March 12, 2012. Meredith is welcomed by paternal Marcoux grandparents Susan Frost of Fryeburg, ME, and Keith to launch and Gail Whitney of Gorham, ME; as well as maternal an aerial grandparents Bonnie Jeanne Tibbetts of Pittsburg, PA, and Ken Duval of Scituate, MA. photography Email: business, DragonFly Aerials LLC. Using DragonFly One, their state-of-the-art robotic camera platform, the two are able to film extremely smooth, highdefinition video from ground level to altitudes of 400 feet. For more information visit www. they can also be contacted via email at Cassandra Wright Parsons ’02 and her husband, Justin Parsons ’00, welcome a son, Bodhi, born December 7, 2011. Bodhi joins five-year-old sister, Kaiya. Maternal grandmother is Cynthia Wright of Watertown, CT. Paternal grandparents are Larry ’62 and Fran Barton Parsons ’68 of Brownfield, ME. (Bridgton News 1/19/12)

FA Graduation - Siblings - Joe Frank ‘02, Henry Frank ‘03, Zachary Frank ‘12, Emily Frank ‘07 & Philip Frank ‘05

2003 Dakotah Woitko Atchinson ’03 and her husband, Andrew, welcome a daughter, Quinn, born November 5, 2011. The maternal grandparents are Jay and Vicki Woitko

-116Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Duane McAllister ‘02 married Brittney McGreal on May 26, 2012 in Portland, Maine. Best man was Doug Walker ‘02 in photo with his wife, Andrea Newton Walker ‘03, and son, Finn. Wedding party above includes Gordon McAllister ‘00, parents of the groom-Ormie McAllister ‘64 & Cynthia Andrews McAllister ‘77, Audrey Graves Andrews ‘54, Aubrey Lemons McAllister ‘95, Saige Woolf ‘16 & Michael McAllister ‘88

Chris Andrews Estes ‘74 & Craig Estes ‘74; Ormie McAllister ‘64 & Cynthia Andrews McAllister ‘77, Duane & Brittney, parents of the bride; Riley Pitman ‘11 & Jenelle Lane ‘11; Ormie, Duane, Doug & father of the bride; Cleon Charles ‘62 & sister, Audrey Graves Andrews ‘54 FA Alums Charlotte and Mike Boucher ‘00, Craig Estes II ‘95 & friend, Jody, Rhiannon True Logan ‘00 and Bob Logan ‘94, Aubrey Lemons McAllister ‘95 and Mike McAllister ‘88 with son, Keegan -117Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Chris Chaffee ‘03 – The following is taken from an interview with Chris on posted by Scoop Malinowski: First memory of tennis: My first memory of tennis was probably taking lessons at a tennis camp when I was five in upstate New York at the Jon Spear Tennis Camp. Tennis inspirations: Andy Murray is my hero on and off the court. Favorite players to watch: Andy Murray, for his guile, fighting spirit, and love of the game. Greatest tennis moment: Getting my picture and seeing Murray play in Montreal. Any of the (21) singles titles I won have been special, but the one that stands out the most is coming back and winning my last college (University of Southern Maine) match for my singles flight from being down. Everyone was watching, it was for the title in my flight, and the title for our team. I came back and won and it was so emotional to have everyone there. Worst tennis memory: Losing the singles flight in the final my first year in college, took a few weeks to get over, but made me work even harder and I won my flight the next three years. Favorite courts to play at: I loved playing on the Hilton Head Academy courts. Shoes: Adidas Barricade. Racquet: Head Youtek IG Radical Pro. Funny tennis memory: My college teammate was playing a singles match next to me. He was playing a long point against his opponent and called a ball a few seconds after it bounced – a correct out call. His opponent said, “Late call!” He replied, “Sorry, I was busy breathing.” First famous tennis player I ever met: Ivan Lendl when I was a little kid skiing at Hunter Mountain with my dad. Chris Chaffee is a USPTR certified tennis pro at the Cranmore Family Fitness Center in North Conway, NH.

Annie Rae Ross Marques ‘03 with children at the FA Office

Jamel Torres ’05 writes, “After graduating from FA, I received my B.S. in Environmental Studies from UVM in May 2009, with a focus in Ecological Design and Land Use. I minored in Geospatial Technologies. Following my graduation at UVM, I moved to Oregon with my girlfriend, Avery, for a year. Out there I explored the beautiful Pacific Northwest through hiking and skiing trips. Avery and I moved to Portland, ME, in May 2010, and began our postgraduate student careers. Recently, I received a Master’s Degree in Community Planning & Development from the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service concentrating on regional issues such as food systems, community development and economic development. I am currently working on a local food processing project in the Brunswick area, and hope to take on more projects promoting the consumption of locally grown foods while creating social and economic opportunities.” Jamel, SAD 61 School Health Coordinator, was among several others from the SAD 61 district to be honored at the White House. SAD 61 was recognized for its work at LRMS, Stevens Brook Elementary, Songo Locks School and Sebago Elementary School. In October 2011 SAD 61 earned national recognition for their new look and new attitude in school kitchens. SAD 61 was a bronze medalist, recognizing the district’s “excellence in nutrition and physical activity.” First Lady Michelle Obama honored them as part of the Healthier US School Challenge Celebration. The First Lady congratulated educators and school administrators on their “creative efforts” – from developing school gardens, running clubs and fitness competitions – during tight economic times to offer children more nutritious meals and promoting the importance of daily physical activity. (Bridgton News 11/10/11)

Dan Sturdevant ‘03 writes, in May I graduated from Duke University in Durham, NC, with a master’s degree in Liberal Studies. Additionally, in August I began teaching AP US History at St. David’s School, an independent day school in Raleigh, NC. My wife, Christa, is entering the final year of a Ph.D. program in microbiology at the UNC School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, NC. Christa, Dan, & their dog, Teddy, live in Raleigh NC.

Bethany Scully ‘04 writes that she and Adam Jackman welcomed a baby boy named Grayson Gregory Jackman on 7/8/11, weighing 8lbs. 1 oz. and 20 inches long. “We now are living in Cranston, RI, and have set a wedding date for 9/22/12.”

-118Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Emily Hawley ‘06 & Josh Walker ‘06 (Prom King & Queen of 2006!) were married on June 23, 2011 at Centenary College in New Jersey. They both graduated from Centenary. Emily was the Valedictorian of her class at Centenary and Josh was the Salutatorian. Josh & Emily were featured on Good Morning America as Emily surprised Josh with a marriage proposal to him during her Valedictorian speech at Centenary Commencement exercises. Emily & Josh in photos with Greg Strom-FA Former Faculty & Professional Photographer & Jim Thurston-FA’s Dean of Day Students.

of Fryeburg, ME. The paternal grandparents are Scott and Lynda Atchinson of South Paris, ME. (Conway Daily Sun 2/7/12) Joshua Broyer ’03 is currently employed by Shaw Engineering and was recently assigned to work in China on one of their nuclear power plants. Dennett Chandler ’03 is engaged to Breanna Madison. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Madison of Aurora, NE, together with Mr. and Mrs. Tim Chandler ‘82 of Fryeburg, ME, are pleased to announce the engagement. Breanna, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, is employed at the University of Phoenix in Omaha. Dennett is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Omaha, NE. A May 2012 wedding was planned. Jeff Hatch ’03 and his sister, Michelle Hatch Dutton ’00 work side by side with their mother, Kathy Sherman. Kathy became a full partner of Sherman’s Farm in the 1990s and now manages the operation of the farm. The family believes in and follows the farm’s mission statement: “To produce excellent quality and great tasting farm food products in an efficient and respectful manner.” In addition to its year-round farm stand, Sherman Farm every fall also operates a corn maize. (Conway Daily Sun 4/18/11) Kristal Joy Merrill ’03 and Jeffrey Merrill ’03 were married September 10, 2011, at a private ceremony behind their home in Fryeburg, ME. The reception was held at the home of Jeff’s sister, Tiffany Merrill ’01. Kristal is the daughter of Wanda Joy and Marc Lowrey, of Fryeburg, ME; and Ronald Joy and Debra Burke, of Rochester, NH. Jeff is the son of Lillian Tillson, of East Conway, NH, and the late Steven Merrill ’69 of Brownfield, ME. Kristal currently works for Cross Insurance and Jeff works for Green Thumb Farms. They reside in Fryeburg with their son, Bradley Steven Merrill. (Conway Daily Sun 2/7/12) Laura Holtby Vartanian ’03 and her husband, Thomas, welcome a son, Bentley, born February 1, 2012. Bentley joins a sister, Alexia, 11; and two brothers, Dylan, 5 and Kaleb 1. Maternal grandparents are Donna Cormier of Center Conway, NH; and Robert Holtby, of Denmark, ME. Paternal grandparents are Lorraine Vartanian of Woonsocket, RI, and Thomas Vartanian, Sr., of Otisfield, ME. (The Mt. Ear 2/9/12) 2004 Fredrick ‘Bo’ Apt ’04, son of Fred Apt-FA Coach and Ruth Apt, of Brownfield, ME, suffered a severe neck injury after a dirt bike accident in early July. His prognosis is good; however being a commercial fisherman, he has no health insurance and will be out of work for at least a year. A benefit spaghetti dinner was held for Bo at Fryeburg Academy’s Ada Cram Wadsworth Arena on Saturday, -119Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

November 5th, 2011. (Conway Daily Sun 11/4/11) Orsolya Bader ‘04 writes, “As for me, life is going pretty well. I found the career path that I love. I ended up finishing my college degree in International Relations at the American University of Hungary and studied abroad in Egypt, as well as in Spain (where I was the roommate of Cristina Obregon ‘05. I began to work for the United Nations in Geneva, where I covered human rights and humanitarian affairs on the behalf of Hungary. Right now I am planning to start my Ph.D.” Faith Davidson Carone ’04 and her Samin Fox ‘07 & Anisa Fox ‘06 & Family at sister’s, Nava ‘12, graduation from FA husband James Carone ’97 welcome a son, Jackson, born March 28, 2012. Jackson joins Sophia, age two. The maternal grandparents are Michael and Shirley Shaw Kenney ’75 of Fryeburg, ME; and Donald and Sherri Davidson of North Fryeburg, ME. The paternal grandparents are Robert and Christine Cole Carone ‘71 of Stow, ME. Stephen Whitney ’04 and Christina M. Paiva welcome a son, Keegan James Whitney on September 26, 2011. The maternal grandparents are William J. Paiva, Sr. and Tracy J. Paiva, of Eaton. The paternal grandparents are Terrie A. Ayres, of Fryeburg, and Stephen P. Whitney ‘82, of Bridgton, ME. (Conway Daily Sun 11/15/11) 2005 Craig Barry ’05 and Megan Foreman are engaged. Craig is the son of Leslie and John Barry, Jr. ‘78, and Teresa Watson Prouty ‘81 and Robert Prouty of Fryeburg, ME. Megan is the daughter of James and Rilda Foreman of Fort Kent, ME; and the mother of Maddison Lavertu-Foreman of Fryeburg, ME. Megan graduated from Fort Kent Community High School in 2000 and received dual bachelor degrees in business management and secondary education in mathematics from the University of Maine at Fort Kent in 2005. She is currently employed by Molly Ockett Middle School as a math teacher and is pursuing her master’s in administration from St. Joseph’s College of Maine. Craig is employed as a truck driver by John Khiel (’79) Logging and Chipping. A June 23, 2012, wedding is planned in Fryeburg. (Conway Daily Sun 12-6-11) Nathan Broyer ’05 is employed at BAE in Nashua and will be married in September. Alan Broyer, Nathan’s father, writes, “Fryeburg Academy provided my sons with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their education, as well as in their careers. We’re very proud of them, as well as the Academy.” Jaclyn Rutherford Dorff ’05 writes, “After graduation in 2005, I went on to Curry College (MA) to receive my BA in Biology and Health Education. After meeting my husband in college, I moved to his home state of Florida and got a job teaching Biology at Rockledge High School (Rockledge, FL), as well as coaching cheerleading. My husband, Trey, and I have a year-old son named Travis.” Email Jaclyn: 2006 Paul Allen ’06 played the role of Captain Hook in Arts in Motion’s production of “Peter Pan: The Musical.” The production was put on in January 2012 at Fryeburg Academy’s Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center. The cast was made up of 65 community children and adults. Paul played across from two different Peters, Natasha Repass and Taylor Hill, who traded off playing the role between performances. Paul enjoyed playing against Hill for the second time, having previously worked with her on Arts in Motion’s production of “Rent.” (Conway Daily Sun 1/6/12) Krystal Brown ’06 and Derek Moss welcome a son, Mason, born May 12, 2012. Mason joins Dakota, 5 and Haiven, 4. The maternal grandparents are Mary and Mike Elliot of Fryeburg, ME; and Bradley and Robin Foster Brown ’87 of Conway, NH. The paternal grandparents are Donald Moss of North Conway, NH; and Lycia Morley of Scottsdale, AZ. (Conway Daily Sun 6/28/12) Stephen Mead ’06 and Jennifer Frazier are engaged. Jennifer is the daughter of Zoe Monroe, and William and Cindy Frazier of Louisville, CO. Jennifer graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in December with bachelor of science degrees in civil engineering and psychology. She is pursuing her master’s degree in civil & environmental engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Stephen is the son of Susan Hamlin and Robert Mead of Lovell, ME. Stephen graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012 -120Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

with a degree in electrical & computer engineering. Stephen is employed as an electrical engineer at Duquesne Light Company in Pittsburgh, PA. An August 2012 wedding is planned. Nichole Roberts ’06 and Nicholas Rehmert welcome a son, Keagan, born March 26, 2012. Keagan joins Krista, age 4. Maternal grandparents are Jon Roberts of Norway, ME, and Sharon Kinsley of Denmark, ME. Paternal grandmother is Becky Bowen of Bridgton, ME. (Bridgton News 4/5/12)

Cassidy Schwarz ‘09 & Tyler Schwarz ‘06 at sister Payton Schwarz ‘12 graduation from FA

Brian Trafford ’06 and Melissa Murch welcome a daughter, Myla, born August 25, 2011. Myla joins Noah, age two. Maternal grandparents are Michael and Julie Murch. Paternal grandparents are Dean Trafford ’82 and Ruby Small. (Bridgton News 9/22/11)

Katie Shorey ‘06 writes - “Greetings from our nation’s capitol! I’m still living in Washington, DC and thoroughly enjoying my time here. After 1.5 years at the Partnership for Public Service, I recently changed jobs and now work for Clifton Consulting, LLC ( We offer a range of services—such as helping organizations and individuals establish a compelling brand, training effective communicators, and developing women’s leadership curriculums. I am passionate about my work and am gaining invaluable skills. Hopefully soon I’ll be implementing trainings myself! I live in downtown DC with my great roommate (she’s a Lake Region alum!) and my free time is spent cycling, at CrossFit, or exploring all the city has to offer. I recently completed my first triathlon (Tri for a Cure) in Portland, ME and I’m excited for my next one! Please keep in touch! E-mail - Katelyn.shorey@gmail. com Makenzie Walker ’06 and Evan Thurlow welcome a son, Deagan, born May 1, 2012. Maternal grandparents are Dwight ’77 and Shelley Osgood Walker ’82 of Fryeburg, ME. Paternal grandparents are Malcolm Thurlow of Casco, ME, and Jacqueline Grover of Portland, ME. (Bridgton News 6/28/12) 2007 Katelynn Barton ’07 and Adam Chaplin welcome a son, Daniel Robert, born August 3, 2012. Maternal grandparents are Peg and Randolph Barton ’83 of Brownfield, ME. Paternal grandparents are Glen and Amy Chaplin of Harrison, ME. (Bridgton News 8/23/12) Anna Gamwell ’07 received a degree in Equine Management from Mount Ida College (MA) on May 18, 2012.

Liz Atwood ‘07 & Tim Even ‘08 met up at the ECAC Championships. Liz graduated from St. Lawrence College and is now a dean and teaches environmental science at The Hyde School in CT. She coaches soccer and indoor track. Tim graduated from USM.

Lauren Grafe ’07 writes, “I am currently in my first year of PT school at the University of Evansville. After 2.5 more years, I will hopefully earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree (DPT). I commute from home and have a great amount of family support as I go!” E-mail Lauren at Vinnie Osgood ‘07 & sisterLakyn Osgood ‘12

Shauna Henry ’07 and Jeffery Bryan welcome a son, Oliver, born August 22, 2011. Oliver joins Lillian, age two. Maternal grandmother is Beverly Henry of North Carolina. Paternal

-121Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

grandparents are Dana Bryan of Conway, NH, and Harold Bryan of Albany, NH. (Bridgton News 9/22/11) 2008 Halley Alfano ’08 received the Senior Psychology Award at Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, awarded annually to an outstanding senior majoring in Psychology. She graduated from Saint Joseph’s College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. (Bridgton News 5/17/12 & Conway Daily Sun 7/19/12) Caitlin Armstrong ’08 was named to the dean’s list for the spring 2012 semester at UMaine. Amy Lynn Cherry ’08 graduated from Berry College (GA) with a BA degree in international studies. (The Mt. Ear 5/17/12) Tim Even ’08 is studying at the University of Southern Maine. He continues to be an outstanding runner, competing in a number of Anna Barber ‘07 & Foster Maxwell Track & Field Championships. Tim ‘05 recently bought a house in Lovell, came in first in the 2012 Harrison ME Rec 5K Run by the Lake. (Bridgton News 7/19/12) Nicolaus Fox ‘08 received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Vermont on May 20, 2012. (Bridgton News 6/21/12) Daniel Gibson ‘08 was named to the dean’s list for the spring 2012 semester at UMaine. Stavroula Katsigiannis ‘08 was honored for scholastic achievement with induction into the Saint Joseph’s College Chapter of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. Stavroula received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. (Bridgton News 5/17/12 & Conway Daily Sun 7/19/12)

Alyssa Lusky ‘08 received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications & Journalism from Lasell College in Newton, MA, on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2012. Her mother, Nettie Bressette Lusky ‘84 reports that it was the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Alyssa graduated magna cum laude and received the Student of the Year Award and the Book Award for her department of study. Alyssa interned with the Boston Globe’s Design New England magazine. Her parents, Nettie & Scott Lusky ’84 and brother-Levi Lusky ’13 are very proud.

Cooper Maxwell ‘08 was named to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Buzzards Bay) President’s List for the spring 2012 semester. The President’s List is the Coreen Hennessy ‘08, in photo with her sister, Sage Hennessy ‘12 highest academic achievement that a cadet can earn at the Academy. was named the Saint Michael’s College women’s basketball senior (Bridgton News 7/19/12) captain Northeast-10 Conference Weekly Honor Roll. While helping the Purple Knights go 1-1 at the season-opening Wolf’s Bus Lines Classic at Shippensburg University. Coreen averaged 18 points during 25 minutes per contest, adding 3.5 assists. The 5-foot-7 shooting guard connected on 54.2 percent of her shots, going 13-of-24 from the field as well as 8-for-11 on free throws. She was among five players named to the all-tournament team. Coreen had 20 points, going 7-of-11, in addition to three assists and two steals during an 85-76 loss to the hosts on Saturday before totaling 16 points, four assists and three rebounds against 2011 NCAA Tournament qualifier University of Charleston (WVA) in a 70-53 win. By averaging 18 points, far surpassing her career average of 5.9, Hennessy has helped Saint Michael’s to a 1-1 mark thus far. Coreen, a senior sociology and anthropology major, was named to the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 Dean’s List at Saint Michael’s College. (Conway Daily Sun 11/17/11, 3/31/12 & The Mt. Ear 6/21/12)

Kathryn Mitchell ’08 received a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at Simmons College in Boston, MA. (Bridgton News 7/19/12) Jordan Pandora ’08 and Robert Smith welcome a daughter, Daisy, born April 6, 2012. Maternal grandparents are Paul and Jamie Boschert Pandora ’72 of Fryeburg, ME. Paternal grandparents are Robert and Bonnie Smith of Center Conway, NH. (Bridgton News 5/10/12) Kimberly Parent ’08 and Cam Robinson ’08 welcome twin boys, Ryan and Austin, born June 7, 2012. Maternal grandmother is April Parent ’93 of Brownfield, ME. Paternal grandparents

-122Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

David Smith ‘09 & Ashley Smith were married March 19, 2011, in FL. David is in the U.S. Army. He recently earned the Army Achievement Award for quick thinking during an accident when the bus his troops were riding in overturned on their way to training in Canada in July 2011. David is a Medic with the 251st Sappers. As well, he earned a second award for his service during Hurricane Irene when his unit went to Vermont to help with the disaster. David & Ashley welcomed a son, Aiden Jonathan Smith, born May 6, 2012, weighing 9 lbs., 1 oz., and 21 ½ inches long.

are Darrell and Naomi Robinson of East Conway, NH. (Bridgton News 6/28/12) Sequoyah Reynoso ’08 graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College on June 10, 2012. He received a bachelor of arts degree in neuroscience and psychology, and was initiated into the Phi Beta Kappa Society on June 9, 2012. Sequoyah received Honors in Neuroscience for successfully completing an honors thesis. He received the Benjamin G. Benner 1969 Undergraduate Research Fellowship prize. He is headed to California in the fall, where he has been accepted into a five-year neuroscience Ph.D. program. His proud parents are Heather MacLeod and her husband Joe Keller of Brownfield, ME. (Conway Daily Sun 8/10/12) James E. Russell ’08, son of Elbridge ’72 and Linda Russell, will be commissioning as an ensign in the US Navy on May 25th. A graduate Nina Antonucci ‘10 & Cody Osgood ‘09 of Fryeburg Academy, Russell will be graduating are engaged to be married with a bachelor’s degree in industrial and management engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. While at Rensselaer, he was Naval ROTC Unit RPI midshipman commanding officer and a member of the RPI Alpine Ski Team. Russell has also been on the dean’s list every semester and is a member of Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society as well as Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering Honor Society. He has service selected submarines and will be attending Naval Nuclear Power School in Charleston, SC upon commissioning. (Conway Daily Sun 5/17/11) Tim Even ‘08 & Stacy Katsigiannis ‘08 came to FA to cheer on the softball team

Hannah Sawyer ’08 graduated magna cum laude from Gettysburg College (PA) on May 20, 2012. Hannah majored in English. 2009 Yasmin Azel ’09 made the spring 2012 dean’s list at Endicott College (MA). Yasmin majored in Fine Arts. Dan Broyer ’09 is a sophomore at UMaine-Orono and made the dean’s list; he is doing very well. Dan is headed to Taiwan this summer for a semester then in the spring he will be studying in China. Alexis Chaplin ’09 of Lovell was named to the 2011 fall semester Dean’s List at Simmons College in Boston, MA. Alexis is an International Relations major. To qualify for Dean’s List, undergraduate students must obtain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, based on 12 or more credit hours of work in classes using the letter grade system. (Bridgton News 5/17/12) -123Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Eden Cianciolo ’09 was named to the University of New England Dean’s List for the fall 2011 semester. Eden is majoring in dental hygiene. As a freshman and sophomore, Eden was a member of the UNE women’s basketball team. However, her course of study in dental hygiene has not allowed sufficient time to participate in the basketball program this year. (Bridgton News 1/26/12) Logan Cline ’09 was named to the dean’s list at the University of New Hampshire for the fall and spring semesters of the 2011-2012 academic year. (The Mt. Ear 7/5/12) Elizabeth Delmonico ’09 was named to the Elmira College (NY) Dean’s List for academic achievement for the fall 2011 term. Elizabeth is majoring in psychology. (Bridgton News) Jessica DiPietro ‘09 & mother-Ann, & sister-Cristina DiPietro ‘13 before Prom 2012

Jessica A. DiPietro ’09 of Kearsarge, NH, a member of Stonehill College’s 2013 class, was recently named to the

Spring 2012 Dean’s List. To qualify for the Dean’s List, Jessica had to achieve a semester grade point average of 3.50 or better and have completed successfully all courses for which she was registered. Seamus Feider-Sullivan ’09 was named to the annual dean’s list at Union College (Schenectady, NY). Seamus is a mechanical engineering major. (Bridgton News 8/9/12) Chris Graves ’09 and Brian Layne ’10 of Saco Valley Sports Center teamed up to win the Candlepin Bowling Doubles’ Championship in Westbrook, ME. Chris “The Prodigy” is on a roll when it comes to winning Candlepin Bowling tournaments. In January, bowling in his first tournament with Ron Pelkie ’91, the pair won the Men’s Doubles. This time, teaming up with Brian “Chuckum”, the duo won the Doubles’ Championship. (Bridgton News 2/23/12)

Jennie Caffrey ‘09 & family with brother, Peter Caffrey ‘12 at FA Graduation

Hannah Hill ’09 has transferred to the University of Maine to play for Lynn Coutts (Head Coach of the Black Bears). Hannah, the Gatorade and Maine Sunday Telegram Player of the Year in both 2008 and 2009, had been at Seton Hall in South Orange, NJ. She has two years of eligibility remaining after sitting out last year with a medical redshirt. She received a partial scholarship and is immediately eligible to play. Hannah, who is a chemistry major, said it was simply time to leave Seton Hall. “I loved the school but I didn’t love the (softball) program as much as I wanted to,” she said. “After spending three years at Seton Hall and trying really hard to help the program and impact it, I didn’t get out of it what I hoped. That’s why I looked at other options.” Hannah added, “I love pitching but softball is my real love. If I’m asked to do something else, that’s part of being a team player. If she needs me to keep score, I’ll keep the best scorebook I can.” (Portland Press Herald 8/16/12) Lyndsay C. Snow ’09 graduated from Basic Training for the Air Force Reserves at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. She continued on to Ft. Lee in Virginia for training in Air Transportation, where she graduated with honors. Lyndsay is the daughter of Alfred ‘77 and Jolene Bartlett Snow ‘81, here riding in the 4th of July parade in Denmark, ME

Stephen Lansing ’09 was named to the dean’s list at Springfield College (MA) for the fall 2011 term. Stephen is studying health science/pre-PA. Jesse Sawin ’09 was named to the dean’s list for the spring 2012 semester at UMaine.

-124Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Cassidy Schwarz ’09 was named to the dean’s list for the spring 2012 semester at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH. Cassidy is majoring in business administration. (Bridgton News 7/5/12) Brianna Thurston ’09 Adam Shorey ‘10, Janna Kurnick ‘10 & Tevin Johnson ‘10 - Adam was named to the attends Northeastern and is majoring in communication studies. Janna dean’s list at Saint attends UMO and is majoring in Marine Science. Tevin attended Boston Joseph’s College College and is now working. Preston Jones ‘09 & sister, Ellie Jones ‘12 at her (Standish, ME) for the fall 2011 semester and the spring 2012 semester. (Conway Daily Sun 1/28/12 and FA graduation Bridgton News 6/21/12) 2010 Jake Albert ’10 had an exciting end to his sophomore season as a member of the Dean College Football Team. He was part of the Bulldogs’ roster that played in the Valley of the Sun Bowl in Phoenix. Jake logged six solo tackles and seven total tackles this season as linebacker for the Bulldogs. He helped the team claim the Northeast Football Conference Championship, the fourth conference title for the Bulldogs in the past five years. (Lake Region Weekly 12/2/11) Clayton Barker ‘10 is now on his last leg of his schooling in Washington State. He says it is beautiful there. He will be back in NC at the end of April to join his fleet and start working on aircraft. He is really enjoying himself, seeing the world and loving it as he says. “We are all so proud of him,” writes Jolene Barker ’75. Clayton and his wife, Ariel, welcome a son, Beau Alexander, born April 7, 2012. The maternal grandparents are Mark Wynn of NC and Torri Collins of TX. The paternal grandparents are Frank and Jolene Barker ’75 of Fryeburg, ME. (Conway Daily Sun 8/16/12) Lisa Costello ’10 was named to the Dean’s List at Saint Joseph’s College (Standish, ME) for the 2012 spring semester. (Bridgton News 6/21/12) Justin Foster ’10 and Ashley Damico welcome a daughter, Adrianne, born March 13, 2012. The maternal grandparents are the late Tammy Broad and Shawn Damico of Westbrook, ME. The paternal grandparents are Linda Chapman ’84 and Robin Foster ’91, both of Brownfield, ME. (Conway Daily Sun 6/5/12) Indigo James ’10 was named to the dean’s list for the fall 2011 semester and the 2012 spring semester at the University of Vermont. Indigo is a junior majoring in women’s & gender studies in the college of Arts & Sciences. (Bridgton News 1/26/12 and 6/21/12) Danielle Robie ‘10 attended the Empire Beauty School and works at Supercuts

Kyle Fox ‘11 attends Central Maine Community College and works at Olympia Sports

-125Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Dede Frost-FA’s Director of the FA’s Pequawket Valley Alternative School & Field Hockey Coach with former players Brylie Walker ‘10 & daughter-Bailey Frost ‘11. Bailey was named to the dean’s list at Husson. She has played on the Husson Field Hockey Team this year as a freshman, and the team won the NAC Conference Championship. She was also recognized as a student athlete carrying a GPA of 3.4 or better. Bailey is in a five-year accelerated master’s program in occupational therapy. Brylie attends UMO.

Lisa Costello ‘10 with father & brother-Dana Costello ‘10 at FA graduation

Chelsea Kiesman ’10 was named to the dean’s list at the University of New Hampshire for the spring semester of the 2011-2012 academic year. Colby Locke ’10, a Conway Recreation Department first-year summer counselor, was recognized by Conway selectmen at their weekly meeting on July 10, for his quick-thinking actions to save the life of a ten-year-old boy who was choking on candy on a recent Rec. Center group trip to the Splashtown Water Park in Saco, ME. Selectmen responded with a round of applause, with board chair David Weathers saying, “Congratulations, and thanks on behalf of the board.” “I’m very proud of him,” said Conway Rec. Department Director John Eastman, who accompanied the incoming Ithaca College sophomore to the meeting with selectmen. According to Eastman, Colby and his group of 10- to 14-year-olds were at the water park on June 28, when a ten-year-old boy appeared to be having trouble. The boy was choking on Gummy Bears, and apparently embarrassed, walked away from the group, trying to cough up the candy. He then turned back to Colby, and made the choking sign to his throat. “Colby jumped into action and slapped him on the back,” said Eastman. “It was only five or six seconds, but it shows our young people just how quickly a kid’s life can be in their hands, so it’s important to recognize the signs.” Colby told selectmen he gave a back blow rather than perform the Heimlich Maneuver because sometimes small children’s ribs can be injured from that treatment if the squeeze is too forcefully invoked. Eastman praised Colby, who is 6-foot, 4-inches, for his responsiveness. “He’s great with kids, gentle and responsible. He was calm when this happened, which is what we need. He did what he and everybody should do and what they are trained to do,” said Eastman. He said counselors all undergo CPR and First Aid certification and also receive training from the Local Government Center. He said Colby is a Fryeburg Academy graduate who played basketball and football while there. He was recruited for football at Ithaca but sat out his freshman year due to a knee injury. Colby is studying athletic training under the school’s health science human performance program. “Good job,” said Selectman Weathers. (Conway Daily Sun 7/12/12) Erin Meltzer ’10 has been attending Johnson and Wales University, majoring in travel and tourism. Erin participated in division 1 sailing, the student athletic advisory council, and the university involvement board. Mariah Staires ’10 of Denmark, ME, wrote: “I’m proudly serving in the United States Army as a Mechanic!” You can send an email to Mariah at Conrad Ward ‘11 & Zoe Ward ‘14 with brother, Austin Ward ‘12 and parents, Justin & Pam, at FA graduation -126Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Connor Reeves ’12 and two friends, Jacob Weese and Ethan Johnson, are supporting breast cancer research by riding their longboards. Last summer the boys raised $4,200 for breast cancer research by riding their longboards from Ellsworth to Old Orchard Beach. What was a 150mile, four-day trek in July 2011, was this year an eightday, 300-plus-mile trip down the east coast all the way to Times Square. The goal this time is $8,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The boys secured donated lodging each night as they boarded their way from Old Orchard into NH, then down to Boston, Providence and CT; then a ferry boat from New London, CT, to Orient Point, Long Island, NY; then from there into midtown Manhattan. During their trip last summer, the boys said they learned a lot about people and their willingness to donate to the breast cancer cause. “One of the things I learned is that there’s a lot more people than I expected that had breast cancer,” Weese said. “Various people along the trip would stop and give us donations; some said they were survivors.” They said they found that breast cancer is not age specific - women young and old can get the disease. Connor plans to attend either Berklee School of Music in Boston or Sibelius Academy for music in Finland. (Taken from a Maine Today article written by Doug Harlow)

Brittney Tainter ’10 and William Rogers ’10 were married on April 21, 2012, in Rollinsford, NH. Parents of the bride are Amanda and John Bromley of Fryeburg, ME, and Burton Tainter of Concord, NH. Parents of the groom are Lisa Crocker of Fryeburg, ME, and Ken Rogers of NH. The bride and groom reside in Rochester, NH. (Bridgton News 5/10/12)

Paige Barley ‘11 - (I ran into Paige at the airport in Charlotte, NC, in March! - RAD)

Raymond White ’10 was named to the dean’s list at Northeastern (Boston, MA) for the spring 2012 semester. Raymond is majoring in electrical engineering. (Bridgton News 7/19/12)

2011 Meghan Bradley ’11 was named to the dean’s list at Saint Michael’s College (VT) for the fall 2011 semester. Meghan will be attending St. Joseph’s College of Maine, beginning in the fall 2012 semester. She will major in psychology. (Bridgton News 7/26/12) Molly Cavanaugh ’11 was named to the dean’s list at the University of Maine at Farmington. Molly is an English major. (Bridgton News 8/23/12) Jonathan Dana ’11 was named to second honors on the Clark University (Worcester, MA) Dean’s List. (Bridgton News 7/26/12) Kayla Durgin ’11 was named to the dean’s list at Husson University for the spring semester 2012. (Bridgton News 6/7/12) Stefan Emery ’11, serving with the 136th Engineer Company of Maine National Guard, was promoted to private second class in November 2011. (Conway Daily Sun 12/27/11) Riley Pitman ’11 writes, “There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of the Academy and all it has done for me. I owe my successful start, and further accomplishments to the school and people who have helped me along the way.” Riley is attending South Dakota State University (and doing very well!). He is the son of Mark ’84 and Patricia McAllister Pitman ’86. Kelsey Sheehan ’11 was named to the dean’s list at the University of Rhode Island (Kingston) for the spring 2012 semester. (Bridgton News 6/21/12)

Michael Creegan ‘11 poses with sister-Sophie Creegan ‘12 at the Gazebo in Fryeburg (lots of Prom photos are taken there!) Sophie is at St. Joseph’s College in Maine majoring in international business.

-127Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Carol Kneeland-FA Faculty (Director of Student Publications & Language Retraining) & Ted Kneeland-FA’s Director of Studies then Director of Faculty retired from Fryeburg Academy in June 2012. The Kneelands moved to Millerton, NY, to be near their son, Doug, a teacher at Hotchkiss, and his wife, Dr. Crystal Akers, a teacher at Central Connecticut State Univ. Doug & Crystal just gave birth to the Kneelands’ first grandchild, a boy, Theodore Joseph Kneeland. Thank you to the Kneelands for their great contributions to this school. Photo taken at their retirement festivities.

Ashley Watkins ’11 writes, “I have greatly enjoyed my first semester at Elmira and look forward to continuing my nursing education there. I chose to join the Elmira Heights Fire Dept to meet required community service hours through Elmira Djordje Obradovic ‘12 with Liam & Maeve Hibbard, children of College. Upon Stephanie Morin, FA’s Director of Marketing & Enrollment & Chris acceptance, Hibbard, FA’s Director of Admissions I became an active member of the Elmira Heights Fire Dept in October, attending weekly meetings and trainings. Since that time, I have decided to pursue a more involved, advanced participation level by signing up for the next Firefighter I Course that will require 140 hours of my time (two nights a week for the next five months). EHFD will also assist me in passing my national EMT certification for the course I took and passed through Fryeburg Rescue.” Former Faculty Karen Eisenberg FF was one of several local artists who had work on display at the Jackson Art Studio and Gallery. There was a holiday show and sale with an opening evening reception on Friday, November 18, 2011. Ms. Eisenberg’s work was shown with work by Randy Rackliff, Anne Garland, Joe Klementovich, Melanie Levitt, and Lori Badger. (Conway Daily Sun 11/17/11)

Gary McClurg FF (Guidance & Athletics) writes about his recent business venture: “The idea of ‘Angel Wings’ Photos came to me over a year ago; at that time it was just a thought with very little substance. This project’s name ‘Angel Wings’ is to honor my late wife, Sheila, who was a living angel for 43 years. I didn’t actually pursue this path and put my dreams into motion until March 2012. My goal was to put together a project that in some way would benefit the surrounding communities and reach out to people in crisis. I decided to use my hobby – photography – as a vehicle to reach my goal. I proceeded to have 5x7 collage pictures made with inspirational quotes. I thought it important to include photos that expressed natural beauty such as landscapes, flowers, butterflies, sunsets. The next step was deciding on the organizations and their clients that could benefit from the photos. The answer came to me instantly and I knew I was on the right path. Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation supports Mt. Washington Valley cancer patients as they fight their battle; Starting Point - a local domestic violence support center; Harvest Hills Animal Shelter; North Conway Hospice; Southern Maine Hospice in Scarborough and hospice programs in Oregon and in Florida. I want to reach out in as many states as possible. I am funding this project and feel very fortunate that a few local businesses have offered to sell my photos with proceeds supporting the continuation of donating pictures to the organizations and their clients in need. By purchasing a picture you will be spreading love to individuals in need. If interested in purchasing a photo, please contact me by email with your name and address. Photos are $5.00. Email:

Gary McClurg-FA Former Faculty (Guidance) -128Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

IN MEMORIAM Section by Barbara Hill ‘74, FA Archivist ( Phone-(207) 935-2001 x 3158 & Maria Gomiz Maillett ‘95, FA Database Administrator ( Phone-(207) 935-2001 x 3131

Prudent Bedard, Jr. ‘65, 64, of North Fryeburg, died peacefully at home, after a brief illness. He was born in Norway, ME, on December 15, 1946. Prudent served in the Army after his FA graduation. After completing his time in the Army, he married his wife, Barbara Thurston. Although recently retired due to illness, his previous employment history was as a logger and truck driver for many local businesses. He was predeceased by his father, Prudent J. Bedard, Sr., in 1993 and his mother, Geneva Forristall Bedard, in 1983. He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Barbara Thurston Bedard; his three children, Prudent Joseph Bedard III ‘91 and his wife, Elizabeth, of Center Conway; Harold Bedard ‘93, of Conway and Bernice Bedard ‘94, of North Fryeburg. He is also survived by many siblings; a sister, Penelope Bedard Severy ‘66 and husband, Danny Severy ‘74, of Fryeburg; and six brothers, George Bedard ‘71 and his wife, Brenda, of Poland, ME; Bruce Bedard ‘74 and Kermit Bedard ‘75, of Port Charlotte, FL; Ricky Bedard ‘76, of Fryeburg; and Fred Bedard and his wife, Gail, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; and Greg Bedard ‘70 and his wife, Jennett, of Zephyhills, FL. He had 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, as well as his Aunt Bert and Uncle Cecil Haynes of Torrington, CT. Linwood Bell ‘58, 71, died unexpectedly November 18, 2011, at the Maine Medical Center. Born April 7, 1940, in Cornish, he was the son of the late Edward and Dorothy Harrington Bell. He was a graduate of Husson University and retired in 1999 as Senior and Managing Partner of PWC (Coopers & Lybrand Portland), having been affiliated with them since 1967. Lin and his wife, Jill, split their time between homes in Falmouth and Naples, FL. He and Jill enjoyed traveling and special walking and hiking trips they did with friends. He is survived by his wife, Jill, of 26 years; his son, Lance Bell and his wife, Beth, of South Portland; his daughter, Deborah Rand, of Portland; and three grandsons.

Linwood Bell ‘58

Hope Harriman Birkbeck ‘60, 69, passed away on May 25, 2012, at Memorial Hospital in North Conway. She was born October 12, 1942, in North Lovell, ME, to Wilbert ‘1915 Linwood Bell ‘58 (Shorty) and Hallie (McKeen) Harriman. In 1964, and again Photo from a visit with me at his home in 1973, she was a graduate of the University of Maine Gorham in Naples, FL shortly before his passing. A wonderful man. RAD Campus. Hope moved to the Mount Washington Valley in the summer of 1964 and for 36 years she was a teacher at the Jackson Grammar School in Jackson, retiring in June of 2000. The family includes her stepson, Corey Birkbeck and his wife, Carrie, of Conway; three nephews and two nieces,. She was predeceased by her husband of 30 years, William “Bill” Birkbeck, in 2005, her parents and two brothers, Robert Harriman ‘49 of Agawam, MA and David Harriman ‘53 of Gorham, ME.

Maurice Boivin ‘60, 69, of Oak Street in Fryeburg, died December 9, 2011, at Fryeburg Health Care Center. He was born in North Conway, NH, a son of Raymond and Vivian Goodridge ‘39 Boivin and attended local schools. Maurice was employed by Shaw’s Supermarket for many years and most of that time as manager of the produce department. He is predeceased by his parents, Raymond and Vivian Boivin; a brother, Bruce; and a sister, Brenda ‘58. He is survived by his wife, Ronda, of Fryeburg; a son, Keith ‘83 and Hope Harriman Birkbeck ‘60 his wife, Bonnie Bodeau Boivin ‘83, of Brownfield; and daughters Aubrey and Tessa Boivin of Fryeburg; one sister, Pamala Boivin ‘66; and three grandchildren, all of Brownfield. Phyllis Walker Chandler ‘47, 83, of Fryeburg, died unexpectedly at her home. She was born in Lovell, on June 28, 1928, the daughter of Percy and Irene Abbott Walker. She was looking forward to Maurice Boivin ‘60 her 65th class reunion. On June 26, 1949, she married Irving Chandler, of Sweden. They lived most of their lives in Lovell, where she was a homemaker. She was predeceased by her husband, Irving; two daughters, Norma and Paula; a son, Stephen; her two brothers, Paul and William ‘50, and a sister, Harriett Walker. Phyllis is -129Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

survived by her daughters, Kathleen Chandler Adams ‘70 and her husband, Craig, and Deborah Chandler Jones ‘72 and her husband, Erwin, Jr., both of Stoneham, ME; four grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Cynthia Newton Christopher ‘61, died May 9, 2012, in Hudson, OH. Cynthia was born on May 18, 1943, in Providence, RI. She was the wife of Roy Christopher and daughter of Albert and Elizabeth (Rodger) Newton of East Providence. She lived in Rumford, RI for 30 years. After moving to Hudson, she was an Office Manager in a dental office for 32 years. She was the mother of Carlton Christopher and sister to Meredith Partington and Phyllis Ross, both of Seekonk, MA.

Phyllis Walker Chandler ‘47

Thornton Cody, Sr. ‘40, 90, died December 31, 2011, at his home at Birch Hill (aka Hillcrest) Terrace, Manchester, NH. He was born September 22, 1921, in Brookline, MA, the son of Meriel Phyllis Walker Chandler ‘47 and Michael Cody. He grew up in Brookline and Concord, MA. Photo taken a few days before ReHe attended Northeastern University. When the war ended, he union - Phyllis with her classmate, returned to Northeastern and completed his business degree in Charlie Perkins ‘47 1948 and then attended several years of graduate work. There he met Harriet Crosby, and they married on July 20, 1946. He worked 23 years for the Ludlow Corporation (now a division of Tyco International) and for six years with Towle Manufacturing Company, as Corporate Credit Manager and Assistant Treasurer. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Harriet Cody, and two sons, Kenneth B. Cody, vice chancellor and treasurer of the University System of New Hampshire, and Thornton S. Cody, Jr., physician, of Springfield, VT. He had four grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and many friends. He was predeceased by his brother, Coleman Cody.

Herman “Leo” Coombs, Sr. ‘65, 65, of Bailey Island, passed away August 2, 2012, at his residence. Leo was born in Brunswick Cynthia Newton Christopher ‘61 on January 21, 1947, the son of Herman and Louise Madelyn Murray Coombs. He graduated from Northern Maine Vocational Technical Institute in Automotive Mechanics in 1967. Besides owning and operating H.L. Coombs Construction, he drove trucks for Cook’s Lobster House. Leo married Janet Viehman on March 9, 1968. He is survived by his wife, Janet, of Bailey Island; his brother, William Coombs ‘60 and his wife, Denise, of Bailey Island; three daughters, Adelaide Warnock and her husband, John, of Millington, TN, Mary Coombs of Bailey Island, and Melody Moore and her husband, John, of Orr’s Island; his son, Herman Coombs, Jr. and his wife, Monique, of Orr’s Island; five grandchildren; brothers-in-law, Eugene Viehman, Jr. and his wife, Leah, of LaSalle, CO and Richard Viehman and his wife, Cindy, of Gunnison, CO; a sister-in-law, M. Susan Stier and her husband, Dale, of Belle Plaine, MN; his aunt, Grace Leeman, of Orr’s Island; and several nieces, nephews, cousins and his best buddy, Bowzer. Herman “Leo” Coombs, Sr. ‘65

Thornton Cody, Sr. ‘40

Members of the Class of 1965 visit Leo at his home-Russ Tolles ‘65 & wife-Sandy, Leo Coombs ‘65, Tinker Kiesman ‘65, Liz Adams Kiesman ‘65 & Leo’s wife, Jan

-130Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Hazel Manchester Durfee ‘38, 91, of Bridgton, passed away peacefully on February 15, 2012, at the Bridgton Health Care Center. She was born in East Fryeburg on July 23, 1920, the daughter of John and Nellie Parker Manchester. She was predeceased by her parents; her husband, Aldan Durfee; son, Dana Durfee; sister, Shirley Malone; and brother, Norris Manchester ‘33. Hazel is survived by her nine children – Roberta and husband, Tod Yates, of Dayton, OH; Sandra Huntress, of Bridgton; Rodney Durfee, of Lantana, FL; Donna Fitch, of Bridgton; Linda and husband, Larry Schott, of Pine Bush, NY; David Durfee and wife, Joann, of Highland Falls, NY; Clifford Durfee and wife, Carol, of Congers, NY; Danny Durfee and wife, Jessica, of Middletown, NY; Jody and husband, Lee Cooper, of Wheeling, IL; a brother, Clifford Manchester ‘41, of Ithaca, NY; a sister, Reta Manchester Lander ‘36, of Bridgton; 28 grandchildren, 47 great-grandchildren; 21 great-great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. Conrad Eastman ‘48, 80, of Fryeburg, passed away on December 20, 2011, at his home. He was born in North Conway, son of Harry ‘21 and Leura Hill Eastman ‘27. He went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he earned a degree in chemical engineering. He later completed a master’s degree in engineering administration from Washington University in St. Louis. After his US Navy service during the Korean War, he spent 16 years with Monsanto Company. In 1971, Conrad returned to Fryeburg, and became a partner in Western Maine Nurseries, a business his father had helped run since 1938. He retired from the nursery in 1997. In recent years he spent many happy hours at the Fryeburg Fair as its Treasurer and a Trustee. But perhaps his greatest imprint was made on Fryeburg Academy. In 1986 he was elected to the board of trustees and a few years later began 11 years as its president. During his association with the Academy, he saw the building of the Harry K. Eastman Science Center, the Bion R. Cram Library, the Gibson Athletic Center and Ada Cram Wadsworth Arena and the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center. Conrad was predeceased by his Conrad K. Eastman ‘48 first wife, Sylvia Ann, and his brother, Clyde ‘50. He is survived by his wife, Sarah, of 45 years; three children from his first marriage, Cynthia Rae Eastman, of San Luis Obispo, CA, William Eastman, of Winter Springs, FL, and Peter Eastman ‘75, of Cape Coral, FL; Conrad’s and Sarah’s daughter, Sandra Eastman Nager ‘89, of Daphne, AL; his sister, Diane Eastman Powell ‘53, of Federal Way, WA; his brother, Stephen Conrad K. Eastman ‘48 Eastman ‘62, of North Chatham; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. David Eastman ‘61, passed away peacefully, on March 25, 2012, at his home. Dave was born on February 15, 1943, in Fryeburg, the fourth of six children of Dorothy and George Eastman. Dave grew up in Fryeburg, and served his country in the US Army and Army Reserves. He married Millie Buchanan, of Ossipee, NH on March 20, 1964. They just celebrated 48 years of marriage. They settled in Albany and began a family that included two sons, Dave Eastman, of San Antonio, TX, and Darren Eastman, of Madison, NH; and three grandsons. Dave also leaves behind many sisters and brothers-in-law that loved him very much. Dave owned and operated several businesses - Eastman Esso in Albany, North Country Tire and Transmission and Silver Horse Antiques in North Conway. Dave was predeceased by his mother and his father, in-laws, Ralph and Vera Buchanan and brother, Raymond Eastman.

Everett Herbert Eastman ‘44

Everett Herbert Eastman ‘44, 84, of Chatham, NH, passed away peacefully at his homestead farm on December 17, 2011. Herb was born on August 10, 1927, at his farm in Chatham and was the eldest of seven children of Everett and Carrie Eastman. Herb started working for the State of New Hampshire in 1943 until he was drafted by the Army. Upon his return, he continued his career with the State of New Hampshire, until his retirement in December, 1984. Herb was predeceased by his wife, Kathryn Jordan Eastman ‘60. He is survived by his son, Jason Eastman ‘92 and his wife, Jennifer Zulker Eastman of Chatham, NH; his brother, Norman Eastman ‘47, of Soldotna, AK; his brother, Richard Eastman ‘52 and his wife, Loretta Eastman of Chatham, NH; his brother, Frank Eastman ‘54 and his wife, Barbara McAlister Eastman ‘54, of Chatham, NH; his brother, Nelson Eastman, of Chatham, NH; his brother, Charles Eastman and his wife, Marilyn Eastman of Silver Lake, NH; his sister, Jean Eastman,of Chatham, NH, as well as many nieces and nephews. He was also predeceased by his special companions, OlaMae Dickey Wheaton ‘44 and Anna Eastman. Everett Herbert Eastman ‘44

-131Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Dennis Emery ‘46, 85, of Fryeburg, died November 13, 2011. He was born in Fryeburg in 1926, to Bertrand Emery and Myrtie (Adams) Emery. After his FA graduation, he started working in a store in Lovell, starting his long career as a retailer and store owner. He married Janet Khoronen Emery after school and lived in Lovell, where they managed their grocery store until they moved to Fryeburg to buy what was to become Emery’s Red and White Market. The small town grocery store and the man became a fixture of this community for 40 years. Dennis was predeceased by his parents, Bertrand and Myrtie Adams Emery and by his brother, Byron Emery ‘39. Dennis is survived by son, Brian Emery ‘79, of Fryeburg, daughters, Diana Emery Van Riper of FL and Lori Emery Leaman of NJ, and seven grandchildren. Thomas Fessenden ‘48, 81, of Hartford, NY, passed away on November, 24, 2011, at the Heritage Health Care Center in Utica, Dennis Emery ‘46 NY. Born January 5, 1930, in Fryeburg, he was the son of the late Winfield and Irene Hall Fessenden. He earned his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. In 1955, Tom married Janet Nelson of Bethpage, NY. They made their home on Long Island, where Tom worked at Grumman Aerospace Corp. for 29 years, retiring as vice president of engineering in 1981. Tom is survived by his wife of 56 years, Janet; son, Tom and his wife, Meridith, of Dumfries, VA; daughter, Sally Robbins and her husband, Kyle, of Glens Falls, NY; siblings William Fessenden ‘51 and Elizabeth Fessenden Vorlaufe ‘45; and five grandchildren.

Dennis Emery ‘46

Donald Flint, Jr. ‘42, 88, of West Baldwin, died April 4, 2012, at the Bridgton Hospital. He was born in Skowhegan on January 4, 1924, the eldest son of Donald and Helen Flint of West Baldwin, ME. He served during World War II in the US Army Air Corps as the turret gunner on B17 bombers flying out of England. After the war, he briefly returned home, then signed up with the newly established US Air Force. He finished his military service as a Warrant Officer level 3 in flight line maintenance in Strategic Air Command. Besides his Thomas Fessenden ‘48 parents, he was predeceased by three wives, the last being Phyllis Penek, of Parsonsfield. Surviving are his sisters, Mary Flint Irwin ‘40, Betty Flint Hilton ‘44 and Margaret Flint Brown ‘47; and his brother, Walter Flint ‘50. Also surviving are his eight children from his first marriage; four stepchildren from his marriage to Phyllis Penek; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Patricia Morrison Guild ‘47, died on January 22, 2012, at her home in Topsham. Patricia had lived with periodic recurrences of cancer for Donald Flint, Jr. ‘42 over 20 years. Patricia was born in Boston, MA, on March 19, 1929, to Lawrence Winifred Jarrett and Evelyn Victoria Randall. Patricia attended Westbrook Junior College, majoring in medical technology. When she graduated in 1949, Patricia underwent a rigorous training program at Maine General Hospital and became a registered Medical Technologist with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. In 1990, at age 61, Patricia graduated summa cum laude with a BA in history from the University of Southern Maine. She worked in job training from counselor to a program administrator when she retired in 1997. Patricia married William ‘Cheever’ Archer Rogers in 1950. William predeceased Patricia, losing his life at sea on the schooner, Windfall, in 1962, off Cape Hatteras. Patricia married Kenneth H. Morrison in 1964 and was predeceased by Kenneth in 1992. Patricia married Colonel Walter Guild, US Army Ret., in 1994. Patricia is survived by her husband, Walter; and her children, Michal and her spouse, Jeremy Gould of Pownal, Jonathan and his spouse, Kathleen McKay of Benton, and William, of Tiverton, RI. Patricia is also survived by four grandchildren.

Patricia Morrison Guild ‘47

Marcia Stearns Hamlin ‘49, 81, of Rumford and Lovell, passed away at Maine Medical Center in Portland, on June 15, 2012, after a courageous battle with a muscle disease. Marcia was born in North Conway, NH, on November 14, 1930, the middle child, to lifelong Lovell residents Marcus Stearns ‘24 and Esther Allard Stearns ‘24. Marcia received her RN degree from the Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing in Boston in 1952. After graduation, she stayed at the hospital, working as charge nurse until her marriage to South Waterford resident and WWII veteran, George Hamlin, in September 1953. Her husband, -132Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

George, predeceased her in 2004. She leaves behind her older sister, Marguerite Stearns Kimball ‘48, of Millinocket; younger brother, Albert Stearns ‘52 and wife, Jacky, of Lovell; three children: Paula and husband, Michael Prevost, of Bolton, MA; Sue Hamlin and husband, Robert Mead, of Lovell; and Mark Hamlin and wife, Debi, of West Peru; two grandsons; sister-in-law, Nancy (HamlinCoccia) and husband, Ed Hunter, of Port Saint Lucie, FL; sister-in-law, Pearl Hamlin, of Milford, NH; and many nieces and nephews.

Marcia Stearns Hamlin ‘49

Samuel Harper ‘47, 83, of South Waterboro Road, Alfred, passed away on May 12, 2012, at the Greenwood Center. He was born in Saco on July 19, 1928, the son of Morrill and Florence Scammon Harper. He attended florist school in Boston and then worked for Minots’ Florist in Portland. He later opened his own shop called Harper’s Florist. In later years he worked for MAC Finance Company and First Industrial Bank. Sam was a stand-in double for George Peppard in the Banachek series, which ran from 1972 until 1974. He is survived by two sons, David of Aptos, CA, and Richard Harper of Las Vegas, NV; four daughters, Martha Phernetton of Stillwater, MN, Sara Vacca of Edison, NJ, Faith Richards of Lyman, and Elizabeth Riordan of Hampton Falls, NH; seven grandchildren; and Marilyn Zanca and Natalie Harper.

Clement Hartford ‘49, 81, died on February 21, 2012. Clem was born November 3, 1930, in Hiram, the son of Herbert and Lora (Marston) Hartford. He grew up on Tearcap Mountain in Hiram. After his FA graduation, he joined the Air Force, traveling extensively during his four years of service. As his Air Force years were ending, he was stationed in the Washington, D.C. area. It was there that he met Faith Nelson. She so loved his stories about life in Maine, they moved here and were married on December 31, 1955. Clem went to work as a lineman for the telephone company and they bought a home in Minot. Clem retired in 1982, and then moved to Florida in 1984 with his wife and son, Matthew. In April 2011, Clem returned to Maine to live with his daughter and her family in the home he bought 50 years earlier. He leaves children, Sharon Petrie of Minot, Tom Hartford of Minot, Eric Hartford of Rockledge, FL, and Matt Hartford of Merritt Island, FL; his seven grandchildren; his three great-grandchildren; his brother, Owen Hartford ‘40; and sister, Elaine Hartford Sanborn ‘45. He was predeceased by his wife, Faith; and brother, Herbert (Slick) Hartford ‘42. Francis Hartford ‘50, 81, of Effingham Falls, passed away Clement Hartford ‘49 December 24, 2011, at Wolfeboro Bay Care and Rehabilitation. He was born October 29, 1930, in Hiram, a son of Herman and Alice Freeman Hartford. His favorite job was working for Milt Chamberlain, who owned race horses and York County Campgrounds. He traveled with the race horses from Maine to New York and Ohio for racing and breeding purposes and enjoyed seeing the countryside. He is survived by his wife, Janet; two sons, Robert and Michael, both of Effingham, NH; two daughters, Diane Hartford, of Kingfield, ME, and Nancy Eldridge and her husband, Ralph, of Saugus, MA; five grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and a sister, Martha Hartford Doughty ‘51, of West Baldwin, ME. He was predeceased by a brother, Herman Hartford, Jr. ‘44, in WWII, three sisters, Ethel Hartford Keniston ‘34, Doris Hartford Bryant ‘37, and Marie Hartford James ‘46. Sandra Howard Heath ‘57, 71, of Bridgton, died on November 26, 2010, at her home, after a courageous battle with cancer. She was Francis Hartford ‘50 born in Bridgton, on September 19, 1939, a daughter of Freeman ‘33 and Martha Hilton Howard. She married Paul Heath on January 11, 1958. Sandra had a day care center for many years in her own home. Later, she worked for several years at the Jacob Hazen House in North Bridgton. Besides her parents, she was predeceased by a brother, Freeman Howard II ‘62. Surviving are her husband, Paul Heath, of Bridgton; three sons, Paul Heath and his companion, Dianna Emmons, Randy Heath and Mark Heath and his wife, Lisa, all of Bridgton; a daughter, Tami Campbell and her husband, Brian, of Jefferson, ME; a sister, Patricia Howard Bell ‘57 and her husband, Gerald, of Windham; five grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Robert Kenerson ‘47, 82, passed away peacefully November 25, 2011, at Bridgton Hospital, after a lengthy illness. He was born in North Conway, on December 11, 1928, the son of Percival Kenerson Sandra Howard Heath ‘57 ‘1916 and Arolin Jewett Kenerson ‘1916. Soon after his graduation from FA, he entered the US Navy and was honorably discharged in 1950. In June, 1951, he married Lucille Annis. After moving back to Fryeburg, the couple owned Kenerson’s 5 and 10 cent store for nearly twenty years. He tended his Christmas tree farm in -133Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

East Fryeburg until recently. Robert was predeceased by Lucille, his wife of 59 years, in 2010; his son Reginald ‘70; his brother Phil ‘51; and his sister Irene Kenerson Yoder ‘41. He is survived by his son, Rob ‘75, and his wife, Kathi, of Levant; his daughter, Teresa Kenerson Price ‘81, and husband, Ed, of Fryeburg; his sister, Beverly Kenerson Bartlett ‘58 and husband, Waine ‘53, of Windham; his brother, Paul ‘54 and wife, Betty, of Jacksonville, FL; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Rollin Loyzelle ‘47, 83, of Proctor, VT, died January 11, 2012, at the Rutland Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, following a long illness. He was born on September 4, 1928, in Proctor, the son of Harry and Lillian Fregosi Loyzelle. Mr. Loyzelle grew up in Fryeburg and graduated from Portland Jr. College, Castleton State College and earned his master’s degree from the University of Connecticut. He taught school in Uncasville, CT, for many years until he retired and relocated to Port St. Lucie, FL. Survivors include a sister-in-law, Ada Loyzelle, his cousin and caregiver, Mary Fregosi, of Proctor and several other cousins. He was predeceased by two brothers, Henry Loyzelle and Harry Loyzelle, Jr. ‘44.

Robert Kenerson ‘47

Carl Lusky ‘54, passed away peacefully at his home in North Anson, ME, on August 14, 2012, after a courageous battle with cancer. Carl, the eldest son of Frederic Lusky and Hilda Hanscom Lusky ‘34, was Rollin Loyzelle ‘47 born on August 15, 1936, in his grandmother’s house in Chatham. After graduation, Carl joined the US Air Force and served for twenty years. On March 2, 1956, Carl married Rosemary Greene ‘54. They travelled the world with Carl’s job in the military and had five children. After retiring from the USAF, Carl worked for Dearborn Precision in Fryeburg for 18 years, during which time he also ran his own business in Center Conway under the name of Carl’s Tool Service. Carl is survived by his wife of 56 years, Rosemary Greene Lusky ‘54; his sons, Jon Lusky and wife, Norma, of North Fryeburg, Jan Lusky, of Denmark, ME, Jay Lusky and wife, Penny, of North Fryeburg, Joel Lusky and wife, Jeanette, of Denmark, ME; his daughter, Julie Lusky, of Fryeburg; his brothers, Paul Lusky ‘57, of Stow and Olin Lusky ‘59, of Stow; 11 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Carl Lusky ‘54 Dorothy Harmon Malone ‘47, 83, passed peacefully January 24, 2012, at her daughter’s home in Laconia. She was born June 8, 1928, in Stow, the daughter of Charles ‘23 and Eleanor Bryant Harmon. She graduated in 1951 from Boston City Hospital School of Nursing. She was the evening charge nurse in the Boston City Hospital emergency room until she left to start her family. She later worked from 1963 until her retirement as a nursing supervisor at the Youville Hospital in Cambridge, MA. She is survived by her four daughters, Dorothy Malone-Rising and her husband, Charles, of Johnson, VT; Ellie Malone, of Laconia; Deborah Hesketh and her husband, William, of Chester; Denise Zera and her husband, Alfred, of Hartland, VT; her brother, Arnold Harmon ‘58 and his wife, Susan, of Otisfield, ME; her five grandchildren; and her five great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her sisters, Dolores, Betty and Diana Harmon Loder ‘54, and her brother, Merle.

Roger Meserve ‘47, 83, of Dummer, died February 3, 2012, at Merriman House in North Conway, from Lewy Body Dementia. Dorothy Harmon Malone ‘47 Roger was born on January 23, 1929, in North Conway, NH, the son of Orman and Rena Rogers Meserve. Roger grew up in Jackson, NH. After graduation he joined the Army in 1951, where he served five years as a medic. After his service to our country, Roger attended Keene State College and received a bachelor’s of science degree in education. During this time he met his future wife, Patricia Anne Potter and they were married in May 1954. Following their marriage, they moved to Gorham and he taught Physics in Berlin for a number of years. Before his retirement Roger taught Industrial Arts at Colebrook Academy in Colebrook. The family includes two children, Marianne Dinardo and her husband, Warren, of Titusville, FL, and Gregory Meserve and his wife, Karen, of Milan, NH; three grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Robert and Barbara Barbieri, of Milan. He was preceded in death by his wife, Patricia Meserve and parents, Orman and Rena Meserve. Roger Meserve ‘47 -134Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Clarence “CJ” Minors, Jr. ‘82, 48, of Franklin, MA, died November 13, 2011, at UMASS Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. He leaves behind his wife, Michelle LaFargue Minors, of 24 years, and his daughter, Brittany Michelle Minors. Born in Bermuda, on October 21, 1963, he was the son of Clarence Eugene Minors, Sr., of Bermuda and the late Jeanette (Vickers) Minors. Mr. Minors was a resident of Franklin for 18 years. He worked for the MA Department of Corrections for many years and previously worked as an Auxiliary Police Officer in Franklin. In addition to his wife, daughter and father, he is survived by his brother, Shawn Minors and his stepmother, Sharon Minors, both of Florida and two sisters, Charlotte Minors and Roloni Wesley, both of Chicago, IL. He is also survived by his father-in-law and mother–in-law, Leo and Joan LaFargue, of Pembroke and his sister-in-law, Laura LaFargue, of Quincy, MA. Pauline Thompson Morey ‘49, 80, of Stow, ME, died February 15, 2012, at the Bridgton Hospital in Bridgton, ME. She was born in West Fryeburg, to Perley Thompson and Ida Ballard Thompson, residents of West Fryeburg, on April 15, 1931. She was educated in Fryeburg schools until her freshman year of high school, when she started working on the farm to help out. Her last thirty years of employment were at the Bailey Manufacturing cut shop in Fryeburg. She was predeceased by her Clarence “CJ” Minors, Jr. ‘82 husband of 40 years, Harry Morey, Jr., in 1987. Of her six siblings, she was predeceased by two brothers, Robert Thompson and Ralph Thompson; as well as by three sisters, Beverly Thompson, Alice Eastman and Carolyn Small. She is survived by one brother, Perley Thompson, Jr. ‘54, of Fryeburg, a daughter, Sherry Morey McAllister ‘67, of Stow, ME, and her fiancée, Leonard Yeaton, Jr., of Conway; a son, Ronald Morey ‘73, of Stow, ME, and his wife, Donna Morey, of Boothbay, ME; six grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and two greatgreat-grandchildren. Constance Patricia Barker Murkland ‘43, 84, of Venice, FL, died peacefully on Saturday, March 19, 2011, in her own home. Born in Flushing, NY, on April 14, 1926, Pat was the daughter of the late Mark Stanley Barker and Mary Alice (Jenkins) Barker. She grew up in Montvale, NJ, and she completed a secretarial course after FA and worked for Snelling & Snelling in New York City. She was married to Richard H. Burt in 1946. They divorced and she made a new home in North Port Charlotte, FL, in 1962, with her three children. In 2000, she married Frederick Murkland ‘43. Pat was one of thirteen original employees at First National Bank of Venice and worked there until 1973. She was then self-employed as a bookkeeper and caregiver until her retirement. She was predeceased by her son, Richard Burt, in 1996, and her sister, Toni Scott, in 2001. She is survived by her daughters, Constance Burt of Bath, ME, and Kim Morgan of Pensacola, FL; two grandchildren; four great-grandchildren, two nieces; two nephews; and her three grand-nieces. Constance Patricia Barker Murkland ‘43

Frederick Murkland, Jr. ‘43

Frederick Murkland, Jr. ‘43, died peacefully May 22, 2012, in Golden, CO. He was 87. Mr. Murkland was a dedicated teacher, an all-around athlete, and a WWII US Navy veteran. Mr. Murkland was born January 11, 1925, to Frederick William and Esta Murkland, in Wakefield, MA. At the University of Maine, Mr. Murkland met Doris Bourassa and, in 1948, they were married. After graduating in 1950 with a UMaine bachelor’s of science degree in education, Mr. Murkland spent the rest of his life learning and sharing science with others. He obtained a master’s of science degree in education in 1962 from University of Connecticut and later pursued doctorate studies in marine biology at Bowdoin College and UConn. As a teacher, Mr. Murkland’s science classrooms included those at Putnam, CT High School, and at Bethel High School, where he taught biology from 1967 until retiring in 1988. In his retirement years in Venice, FL, Mr. Murkland was married to Pat Barker ‘43, a former Fryeburg schoolmate, from 2000-2011. Mr. Murkland is survived by his children, Richard, Daniel, James, Patricia, and Margaret Murkland; 2 grandchildren; his sister, Evelyn Murkland; and his sister-in-law, Sister Rita Bourassa, OSU.

Pat Barker Murkland ‘43 & Fred Murkland ‘43

Beverly Mills O’Boyle ‘56, passed away on March 2, 2012. She was 74. Born and raised in Fryeburg, Mrs. O’Boyle was the daughter of the late Edward and Clara Curtis Mills. While serving in the US Air Force, she resided in Oklahoma and Delaware, prior to moving to Bucks County, PA, 40 years ago. She was the accounting manager for O’Boyle’s Ice Cream in Bristol, PA, for -135Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

25 years. Wife of the late Vincent O’Boyle, she was the mother of Teish Henline and grandmother of three. Mrs. O’Boyle is also survived by her siblings, Violet Mills Eastman ‘77, Roxanne Mills ‘74, Jean Mills Hubbard ‘59 and Clayton Mills ‘63 and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by two siblings – Carlton Mills ‘65 and Roger Mills ‘58. Juanita Wilkinson Perkins ‘44, 85, of Main Street, Lovell, died August 25, 2012, at Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway. She was born in New Castle, IN, a daughter of Melvin Wilkinson and Violet Waitman Wilkinson. Juanita was a teacher at Westbrook Junior College and Lexington High in Lexington, MA. She was a bookkeeper for the town of Lovell for many years, a homemaker, and a photographer. She is survived by a son, Eric Perkins ‘78, of Lovell; a son, Chad Perkins ‘81, and his wife, Tonya, of Augusta; one grandson; and four stepgrandchildren. Beverly Mills O’Boyle ‘56

Juanita Wilkinson Perkins ‘44

Lucinda Potter Pizzo ‘67, 63, died May 27, 2012, at Martin Medical Center, Stuart. She was born in Waterbury, CT and lived on the Treasure Coast since May 1999, coming from Mesa, AZ. She was a homemaker. Survivors include her son, Daniel Laneville III, of Bethany, CT; daughter, Kristen Dana Brennan, of Port St. Lucie, FL; mother, Marijane Potter, of Stuart; brother, Russell Charles Potter, Jr., of Torrington, CT and three grandchildren. James Pratt ‘69, 62, died peacefully, December 29, 2011, at the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House, Scarborough, ME, after his long struggle with muscular dystrophy. James was born on October 7, 1949, in Rockland, the son of Charles Pratt and Ada Glennis (Ames) Pratt. James was a direct descendant of the original settlers of Matinicus Island. As a young boy, James was raised on Matinicus, where he attended the Matinicus Island School. James was a US Navy veteran. While at Gosnell, he fondly remembered his tour of duty in the Mediterranean Sea. James eventually settled in Portland and lived there up until his final days at Gosnell. Marilyn Wescott Quincy ‘52, 76, of Durgintown Road in Hiram, died on November 18, 2011, at the Fryeburg Health Care Center, Lucinda Potter Pizzo ‘67 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was born in Hiram on December 5, 1934, the daughter of Howard and Beryl Burgess Wescott. After graduating from Fryeburg Academy, she went on to Burdett Business College in Boston. She was the secretary for the business she and her husband, Don, owned, Northeast Communications in Portland. She later was the director of the Downeast Recording Library for the Blind in Portland. Besides her parents, she was also predeceased by a brother, Edwin Wescott. Surviving are her husband of 55 years, Don Quincy ‘52, of Hiram; two sons, Gary Quincy and wife, Cindi, of Bridgton, and Dana Quincy, of Windham; and four grandchildren. Mary Ann Watt Redlon ‘51, 78, slipped away peacefully at Mercy Hospital, in Portland, on November 29, 2011. She was born in Bridgton, on June 28, 1933, to CB Watt and Christine Jewett Watt. After she graduated in 1951, Mary Ann moved to Portland to attend Mercy Hospital’s School of Nursing. It was in Portland where she met Paul E. Redlon. They Marilyn Wescott Quincy ‘52 married in 1956. Mary Ann loved being a nurse. She worked in various disciplines from OB to gerontology. She rose to the position of Director of Nursing at Brentwood Manor in Yarmouth. Mary Ann also loved to teach. Mary Ann was predeceased by her parents; her husband, Paul Redlon, her brother, Bernard Watt ‘50, and her sister, Veronica Watt Lewis ‘48. She is survived by her three children, John Redlon III and Bernardette Redlon, both of Gray, and Rachael Redlon of Tampa, FL; her only grandson; and many nieces and nephews who made up her large family. Left behind as well, is her feline companion, Cocoa - the last in a lifelong parade of her animal friends. Clayton Richardson ‘50, 80, of Stanley Hill Road in East Fryeburg, passed away suddenly on December 8, 2011, at Bridgton Hospital in Bridgton, ME. He was born on October 29, 1931, in East Fryeburg, a son of Warren and Laura Hill Richardson. He lived in East Fryeburg his entire life. He

Mary Ann Watt Redlon ‘51

-136Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

married Dorothy Bennett in 1951 and they had 46 happy years together before she passed in 1997. He spent most of his on-theclock years at Fred. P. Saunder’s Dowel Mill in Bridgton, ME. He was predeceased by his parents, his wife, three brothers, Donald ‘52, Francis, and Harold, all from Fryeburg; and by a grandson, Matthew Young, of Albany, VT. He is survived by three daughters, Gloria Richardson Pingree ‘70 and husband, Tom ‘69, of Denmark; Sharon Richardson Pendexter ‘63 and husband, Harry, of East Conway, NH; Jane Richardson Warren ‘78 and partner, Steven, of Brownfield; and his stepson, Howard Perkins ‘65 and wife, Beverly Blake Perkins ‘67, of East Fryeburg; his brother, David Richardson ‘60 and wife, Martha, of East Fryeburg; his sister, Hilda Richardson Barker ‘62 and husband, Richard, of South Casco; six grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; one greatgreat-grandchild; and many nieces and nephews. Clayton Richardson ‘50

William Robbins ‘54, died June 6, 2012, at Bridgton Hospital. He was born in North Conway, a son of Cleveland and Florence Abbott Robbins. Bill was a lifelong resident of the Fryeburg area. He served in the US Air Force. He was owner of Bill Robbins Excavation, established in 1960, for 51 years. He is survived by his wife, Adrienne “Sis” Robbins; four children, Becky Robbins ‘78, Jim Robbins ‘81 and his wife, Claire, Chuck Robbins ‘83 and Loreen and Kati Robbins Swisher ‘84 and her husband, Todd; 10 grandchildren,; 12 great-grandchildren; five stepchildren, Steve Casteel and his wife Diane, Joe Casteel, Bob Casteel, Beverly “Cookie” Taylor and her husband, Chuck and Donald Casteel; seven step-grandchildren, and four step-great-grandchildren.

Clayton Richardson ‘50

Donald Schulz ‘56, 74, died November 26, 2011. Mr. Schulz was born in Quincy, MA and moved to Florida from Norwell, MA in 1992. He worked for the Stone and Webster Engineering Company as a quality assurance engineer and he also worked for 15 years as a bus driver for the Citrus County School system. Survivors include his wife of 48 years, Phyllis, of Lady Lake, FL; son, Thomas Schulz, Quincy, MA; daughter, Laurie (Kurt) Davis, Hanover, MA; and two grandsons. Donald Schulz ‘56

Richard “Cappy” Shaw II ‘65, passed away on March 20, 2012, at home in Touisset, Warren, RI, following a long illness. Cappy was born on September 20, 1946. He is survived by daughters, Caitlin Pereria (Steve), of East Boston and Meredith Shaw, as well as his sister, Charlotte Shaw Tracy, of Bristol, and brother, Peter Shaw, of Touisset, Warren, and five nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents, R. Read Shaw and Helen Shaw, of Barrington and Touisset. Cappy attended Barrington High School and graduated from Fryeburg Academy. He also attended Roger Williams College. Joan Campbell Wallman ‘56, died peacefully at home in Randolph, VT, after a battle with liver cancer. She was born in Andover, ME, the daughter of Graydon Campbell and Dorothy Young Campbell. She graduated from Richard “Cappy” Shaw II ‘65 Gould Academy & Fryeburg Academy in Maine. She worked at the Brattleboro Retreat, Montgomery Ward’s in Barre, Bellmain’s in Randolph and retired from Ethan Allen in 2000. She is survived by her husband, Harold Wallman; a brother, John Campbell and his wife, Marie, of Durham, NH; three daughters, Deborah Coolbeth, of Titusville, FL, Rebecca Giroux, of Newport, RI, and Heidi Wallman, of Hinsdale, MA; two sons, Graydon Coolbeth, of Port Orange, FL, and Eric Wallman, of Randolph; eight grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by a grandson. Lyndon Ward ‘47, 82, of Pequawket Trail, died on October 25, 2011, at his home, after a brief illness. He was born in Baldwin, on June 5, 1929, a son of Harry and Ida Spencer Ward. He served in the US Navy on the USS Ingraham during the Korean War. He married Jeannette Howell on July 16, 1954. Lyndon was a truck driver for most of his working life. He worked for FE Wood in East Baldwin and for Hannaford from where he retired. Besides his parents, he was predeceased by his wife, Jeannette Ward; his son, Robert Ward; his brother, David Ward ‘56; and three infant children. He is survived by several cousins and many nieces and nephews.

Joan Campbell Wallman ‘56

-137Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Helen Palmer Weeks ‘50, 81, died on April 17, 2012, from cancer, at the Hospice House in Auburn. Helen was born in Portland in 1931, the daughter of Richard and Gladys Palmer. She grew up in Portland, Edgewood, RI, and Raymond. Helen enjoyed attending all 61 of her FA class reunions. She met her husband, Leland Weeks, while attending summer camp in Raymond. They celebrated 61 years of marriage. Helen was the previous owner of the family business, Palmer Spring Company in Portland. She was a CNA nurse and a certified med-tech for a short time. Helen is survived by her husband, Leland Weeks, Jr.; a brother, Joseph Palmer and his wife, Clara, of Lexington, MA; four children, David Weeks and his wife, Julie, of Portland, Kathleen Whitten and husband, Alan, of Raymond, Laurie Norwood and husband, David, of South Bristol, and the Rev. Leland Weeks III and wife, Donna, of Cedar Park, TX; 15 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. Lyndon Ward ‘47

Helen Palmer Weeks ‘50

Mark Welch ‘51, 79, formerly of Center Ossipee, NH, passed away on July 9, 2012, at the New Hampshire Veterans’ Home. He was born on January 7, 1933, in Hiram, the son of the late Sidney and Elizabeth (Curtin) Welch. Mark had lived in Reeds Ferry, NH, for several years. He had lived in Center Ossipee from 1984 to 2001 before moving to the New Hampshire Veterans’ Home in Tilton. Following service to his country, Mark worked for Clevite Corp. in Waltham, MA and ITT Semiconductor in Lawrence, MA, as a technician, for 28 years. He is survived by his children, Lawrence Welch, Danville, NH, Joel Welch, Derry, NH, Robert Welch, and Heidi Welch, Sandown, NH, and Kerry Welch of the Philippines; also five grandchildren; a brother Denis Welch, Kezar Falls, a sister Mary Peters, Rochester, NH; as well as many nieces and nephews. Dana White III ‘11, 19, of Fryeburg, died on June 29, 2012, in Denmark, after sustaining injuries from an automobile accident. He was born in Gorham, on October 25, 1992, to Dana White, Jr. and Laura Holland. Dana had worked at Amato’s in North Conway. He was predeceased by his grandparents. Surviving are his daughter, Emily Rose White, of Brownfield; his mother, Laura (Holland) Harrington and her fiance, Daniel Morrill, of North Fryeburg; his father, Dana White, Jr. and his wife, Deb, of Arundel; his stepfather, Dale Harrington, of Naples; his sisters, Kathy White Collins-Faunce, of Fryeburg, Sasha White Collins-Faunce, of Naples and Crystal White ‘13 of North Fryeburg; his brother, Gordon White Collins-Faunce, of Arundel; his cousins, Gregory and Adam Healey, who were like brothers to Dana; and many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and a large extended family. Robert Wilkins ‘63, 66, of South Yarmouth, MA, died November 16, 2011. Mr. Wilkins, the son of Virginia and the late Charles Wilkins, attended Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, Fryeburg Academy, Cape Cod Community College, Boston State College and the University of Miami. He lived most of his life on Cape Cod, where he worked in the construction industry and was an active member of his community. He is survived by his mother, Virginia; three brothers, Charles of Weymouth, MA, Russell and his wife, Carol, of Centerville, MA and Fred of Chelsea, MA; a sister, Jean Farley and her husband, Leo, of Braintree, MA; and several nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. Robert “Red” York ‘44, of Brownfield, passed away on July 21, 2012, after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was born the fourth of seven sons to Robert E. and Minnie Ballard York on March 26, 1926, in Chatham. At 17, Red left Bean Memorial Robert Wilkins ‘63 High School to join the US Navy, where he served as an Aviation Radioman until July 1946. In 1947 Red married Marion Lowe, of Brownfield. They moved to Portland, ME, where he attended barber school. Upon returning to Brownfield, he worked in auto sales and service at Lowe’s Garage and later at Sinclair’s and C.N. Brown’s in Fryeburg. Eventually Red became a full-time mail carrier out of the Cornish Post Office until his retirement in 1988. Red was predeceased by his parents, his wife of 63 years, brothers Merton, Leslie, Don, and Harold, and his son Charles “Chuck” ‘68. Red is survived by his son, Brad ‘69, of Brownfield; brothers, Morris and wife, Marion, of

Dana White III ‘11

Robert “Red” York ‘44

-138Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Connecticut, and Fred ‘51 and wife, Barbara, of Cornish; five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. In 2004, Red was awarded his Fryeburg Academy diploma under the LD 21 Act, which was enacted to award diplomas to veterans of WWII and the Korean Conflict. Faculty and Former Faculty and Staff Roger Polson Bean, 89, of Fryeburg, died peacefully in his sleep at home, on April 15, 2012. He was born in Saco on Aug. 31, 1922, the son of Catherine Polson and Roger Joel Bean, attended local schools and graduated from Thornton Academy in 1941. After time at the University of Maine, he was inducted into the Air Force. Upon discharge in December of 1945, he returned to Maine and continued his studies at UMO, receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He married Marilyn Allard, and they spent nearly 65 years together. Upon graduation he was employed by Shell Oil Company as a sales representative. He returned to college, ultimately acquired a master’s degree in Science Education from Colby College and joined the faculty at Fryeburg Academy. He was predeceased by his parents; sisters, Barbara Moreland and Margaret Emmons; and his son Joel ‘66. He is survived by his wife, Marilyn; devoted daughter, Kathryn Bean Davis ‘69, of Kennebunk; two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; and Joel’s widow, Barbara Keppel Bean, of Sierra Vista, AZ.

Roger Polson Bean

Mr. Bean with his wife, Marilyn

Faustina Emery Chamberlain passed away on April 5, 2012. She was born in Hampden, ME, on October 5, 1916, the daughter of Frederick and Essie Eisner Emery. A graduate of Hampden Academy and Beal Business College, she worked for a number of years as a private secretary with the Bangor Hydro-Electric Company. Mrs. Chamberlain was married in 1947 to the late Melvin W. Chamberlain, of Bangor, ME. They lived in New York and Connecticut before returning to Maine in 1962 to live on a farm, Lofty Maples, in West Baldwin. Mrs. Chamberlain continued her education at the University of Southern Maine where, at the age of 53, she earned her bachelor’s degree and two years later, her master’s degree in education. She subsequently taught English, reading and typing at Fryeburg Academy for over 12 years and was the Dean of Girls. Survivors include one son, Bruce Chamberlain ‘70 and his wife, Kathleen, of Monroe, ME; one daughter, Joyce Chamberlain Egge ‘72 and her husband, William, of Danbury, NH; one granddaughter and four grandsons. She also leaves former daughters-in-law and dear friends, Maria Hubbard and Deborah Larsen of CA, nieces, nephews, and two greatgrandchildren. She was predeceased by Melvin, her husband of 54 years, her son, Mark Chamberlain ‘67, her sisters, Trenetta Mallory and Mavis Emery and her brothers, Alvin, Charles and Wilbur Emery. William Merrifield, 81, of Fryeburg, died peacefully November 12, 2011, at Mineral Springs of North Conway, NH, from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. He was born December 17, 1929, in Porter, to Elton and Ruth Clark Merrifield. He earned a bachelor’s of science and a Faustina Emery Chamberlain master’s in education degrees from Springfield College. He married Ann Elphinstone on August 14, 1954, in Springfield, MA. Bill taught science for two years in Fort Plain, NY, and for 32 years, at Brewster High School. In retirement, he substituted at Fryeburg Academy and SAD 72. He was husband to Ann, for 57 years; father to Karen Ross and husband, Steve, of Brewster, NY; son, Robert and wife, Sharon, of Blairstown, NJ; son, Scott and wife, Joanne, of Somerset, NJ; grandfather of five; older brother to Judith Sawyer, of Parsonsfield, and Richard Merrifield, of Cedar Rapids, IA. He was predeceased by his brother, David, in 2007. John “Jack” Mitchell, died on March 14, 2012, from myelodysplasia and complications from a fall after the death of Harriet Leighton Mitchell, Jack’s wife of 64 years, on August 10, 2011. Jack was born July 8, 1918, in South Easton, MA, as one of two children of Horace and Mary Mitchell. After graduating from the University of NH in 1941, with a major in biology and a minor in music

John “Jack” Mitchell FA Headmaster

-139Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

education, Jack served with the Special Services of the Army Air Corps at Peterson Army Air Field in Colorado Springs, and then taught music, science and photography at Kimball Union Academy in NH, Moses Brown School in RI, Horace Mann School for boys in NY City and Scarsdale High School. Jack met Harriet in 1946 while both were camp counselors in Bridgton, ME; they were married in June, 1947. Jack went on to serve as Headmaster of Fryeburg Academy in 1955, North Yarmouth Academy in 1958 and the Prairie School in Racine, WI in 1965. Jack and his late wife, Harriet, are survived by son, David and daughter-in-law, Judy Bradley Mitchell, in Del Mar, CA; and son, Stephen, daughter-in-law, Teresa Lapsley Mitchell in Winthrop, WA; and two grandchildren. A third son, Bruce, died in 2007. Jacquelyn Pimentel Smith, 65, of Center Conway, NH, went peacefully to heaven, on December 22, 2011, after a courageous seven-month battle with cancer. Jackie was born April 17, 1946, in Somerville, MA, to Victor and Florence (Barter) Pimentel. She earned a teaching degree from Eastern Nazarene College. For the past 13 years, she has worked at Fryeburg Academy as a director of the transition program and a college counselor. While she was working at the Academy, she earned her Master’s Degree in counseling and continued to expand her education. She is survived by two daughters, Victoria Laracy and her husband, Mike, of Conway, NH, and Jennifer Smith and her fiancé, Charles O’Donnell, of Portsmouth, NH; two grandchildren; and her brother, Victor Pimentel and his fiancé, Louann Blackburn, of Boxford, MA. Ada Cram Wadsworth, 100, of Hiram, passed away peacefully at her home on September 21, 2011. Ada was born in West Baldwin on November 20, 1910, the daughter of Rudolph and Marceline Jacquelyn Pimentel Smith Downing Cram. She attended Bridgton Academy and graduated from Colby College in 1931, with a teaching degree. Ada met Paul Wadsworth ‘24 while she was teaching at Fryeburg Academy, and they were joined in marriage on February 14, 1935. Ada and Paul established Old Homestead Farm in Hiram. Ada had fond memories of her time at Fryeburg Academy, which now bears her name on the Ada Cram Wadsworth Arena. Ada was predeceased by her husband of 56 years; her two brothers, Bion Cram ‘33 and Howard Cram ‘38. She is survived by two daughters, Ruth Wadsworth Payne ‘57 of Hiram and Mary Wadsworth

Ada Cram Wadsworth-FA Former Faculty at the dedication of the FA Gym named in her honor by her brother Bion R. Cram ‘33. In photo with Mrs. Evelyn Woodbury.

Lowatchie ‘62 of Falmouth; four grandchildren; and four greatgrandchildren. Dorothy (Collins) Bjurling Wirkkala, 94, a lifelong resident of Gardner, died peacefully, November 7, 2011, in Wachusett Manor Nursing Home in Gardner. Dorothy, daughter of the late John and Etta (Phillips) Collins, was born in Gardner on September 6, 1917. She graduated from Gardner High Ada Cram Wadsworth-FA Former Faculty at the Dedication of the Gym School in 1935. In 1936, she enrolled in the Posse School of named in her honor - here with family members, ?, Gary Lowatchie, Ruth Physical Education in Kendal Green, MA and graduated in Wadsworth Payne ‘57, niece-Mary Wadsworth Lowatchie ‘62 & 1938. Dorothy was a teacher of Physical Education at Fryeburg son-in-law-Rayfield Payne ‘55 (dec.) Academy and was moderator of the girls’ dormitory, worked in the infirmary, was librarian and assisted with class health Complete newspaper obituaries are kept on file education. In 1942, Dorothy married Philip Bjurling, who died in 1972. Her second in the FA Archives. Please email husband, Emil Wirkkala, died in 1992. Dorothy is survived by her sons, Brian Bjurling Barbara Hill ‘74 at bhill@fryeburgacademy. and his wife, Betty, of Leominster and Elden Bjurling of Gardner. org or for current obituary requests. -140Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

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Tina Hansen - Donor with Seth Reil ‘13 & Tariah Brown ‘14. Tina funded a scholarship to pay for Seth & Tariah to take driver’s ed - all in memory of her son, Fred Richards ‘07.

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Polly Pendexter Lutte ‘36, Sarah Eastman & Flora Katsiaficas - Donors Anne Fides MacArthur ‘46 Andrea Longpre Macht ‘86 and Frank R. Macht Sallie Grimes MacIsaac ‘65 Lawrence Maglin ‘72 and Dianne Maglin Clifford E. Manchester ‘41 and Erna Manchester Jack D. Mansur, Jr. ‘59 and Paula Schmidt Mansur, M.D. ‘59 David W. Mason and Margaret Mason Peter H. Mason ‘76 and Lynne Mason Tracy Bell Mason ‘74 Anne Hastings Massey Philip Matthews, Jr. ‘63 and Jacqueline Matthews Philip McBain ‘78 Nathaniel McCann ‘12** Diane H. McClave Kristen Russell McDermott ‘83 and David McDermott Lorraine Buswell McDonald ‘67 and Peter McDonald Daniel McLane ‘67 Thomas E. McSherry, Jr. ‘59 Maine Association of the New Jerusalem Church Robert Mead and Susan Hamlin Virginia Brooks Menke ‘47 Ann Merrifield Louise Wagner Miller ‘56 Margaret Miller William Miller and Rizza Miller Gordon Milliken ‘42 and Shirley Milliken Douglas Mitchell ‘66 and Peggy Mitchell Robert Mogavero ‘68 and Lynn Bonander Mogavero Rebecca McNeeland Morin ‘70 and Ron Morin Herbert Moulton and Mary Lou Moulton Lois Walker Moulton ‘59 and Jack C. Moulton Stephanie Mowry ‘12** Michael Mozzoni and Helen Mozzoni Barbara Mason Murphy ‘68 and Neil Murphy Sandra L. Eastman Nager ‘89 and Eric Nager John B. Nason ‘48 and Beverly Nason Gerard L. Nelson ‘43 Donald Nicoletta Leon H. Noyes ‘61 and Yubiry Noyes Yoko Ogura ‘97 Osgood Brothers, Incorporated

Janet Bradeen Pallister ‘52 Joy Parsons Ruth Allard Paul ‘50 and Richard Paul Robert Payne, Sr. ‘57 and Barbara Payne Jeffrey Pelkie ‘87 and Jennifer Leach Pelkie ‘92* Carleton Pendexter, Jr. ‘61 and Carolyn Pendexter Ernest Perreault, Sr. ‘55 and Charlotte Huntress Perreault ‘57 William Perry ‘80 and Susan Perry** Charles Pingree '56 and Roberta E. Pingree Margaret Grover Pinkham '68 and IJ Pinkham Dotty Poirier Raiders Booster Club, Incorporated James Ramsey, Jr. '77 and Yvonne Ramsey Stephen Rankin '67* Judy Pike Raymond '60 and Henry T. Raymond, III John B. Redman, Jr. '70 Stacy Luedeke Reed '80 and Thomas Reed William S. Richards Martha Coe Ritchie '47 Ruth Lewis Rivers '53 and Robert Rivers, Jr. Harry G. Roberts, Jr. '63 Roger A. Roberts '62 and Carol Roberts Lucinda A. Ross '70 Kurt Rothschild '76 and Paula Rothschild Mary Larsen Rubery '60 and Robert S. Rubery Stephen Russell '59 and Margaret Russell Marjorie Lane Sanborn '51 and Robert L. Sanborn Jonathan Sarty '92 Ralph Shirley '44 & Marilyn McKeen Shirley '48 Dorothea B. Simonis '70 Virginia Sislane '77 Ski Sundries & Supplies Abigail Smith ‘12** Brian Smith ‘65 Charlotte Perkins Smith ‘46 Earl Smith, Jr. ‘49 and Barbara Smith Emerson Smith and Frances Smith Jaclyn Lathrop Smith ‘02 and Peter Smith Robert L. Solari ‘55 and Martha Solari Elizabeth Barter Somes ‘62 and Robert E. Somes, Jr. Albert Stearns ‘52 and Jacquelyn Stearns B. Dean Stearns ‘58 and

Patricia Leavitt Stearns ‘56 Dwayne Stevens ‘82 and Beth Stevens Kristina Smith Stevens and Laddie Stevens* James Stewart ‘60 and Mary Stewart Janette R. Ela Stiebeling ‘72 and Dean Stiebeling Amy Stivers ‘82 Timar Sturdevant ‘82 and Kimberly Charles Sturdevant ‘83 Claudia Schmidt Sullivan ‘63 Jacqueline Blake Sullivan ‘61 and Joseph Sullivan, Jr. Richard Sullivan and Joanne Sullivan Barbara Biggs Sussenberger ‘56 Elizabeth Swasey Carol Severance Taylor ‘60 and Harold Taylor Guy A. Thomas ‘56 and Sheila Thomas Renee C. Thomas ‘84 Russell F. Tolles, Jr. ‘65 and Sandra Tolles Allen Torrey ‘41 and Sylvia Torrey Florence Graves Tripp ‘55* Paul Trott ‘68 and Sharon W. Trott Philip Trott, Jr. ‘49 and Diane Trott Eugene Tufts ‘54 and Lynda Tufts Cheryl Turner ‘84 and Ronald Schneider Rodney Wales ‘54 and Patricia Madsen Wales ‘55 Virginia Thurston Wallace ‘47 Richard Walthers ‘62 and Cecille Walthers Eva Dunn Ward ‘49 May Hill Ward ‘50 Carley J. Warren ‘49 Mary Marston Waye ‘46 Tracy Weitz and John Weitz West Oxford Agricultural Society Alan Whitaker ‘77* Edward Whitaker ‘53 and Sally Reynolds Whitaker ‘55* Jon Whitney and Mardi Freeman Rex Wiley ‘78 and Robin Brennan Wiley ‘73 Roger Williams and Jane Williams Nancy Stuart Willis ‘64 and Robert Willis Phillip Wilson ‘63 Carol Wilson-Smith ‘82 and Ian Smith

Peggy Evans Harris ‘57 & husband, Dick Donors

-144Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

June Miller Coffin ‘44 - Donor Robert Winship and Susan Winship Xinya Wu ‘12** Ellen Hastings Zelman ‘76 and Andrew Zelman Charter Club - ($17.92 + ) Jade Blake ‘96* Meghan Bradley ‘11** Zachary Drew '03 Richard Dunham '81** David Fulton ‘12** John M. Gillin ‘41 Edmund Good, III ‘68 Lauren Grafe ‘07 Gene Howland ‘60 and Joanne Howland** Marilyn Jones** Jean Leavitt Jordan '43** Tymothy Meserve ‘12** Joseph Murphy and Teresa Murphy** Ronald Pelkie '91* Chad Perkins '81** Siena Tatum ‘12** Wilson Whitten ‘49 and Jeanne Whitten** Lydia Zipper '11 Other Contributions Adam Armington ‘12 Michelle Boucher ‘13 Amy Charles ‘12 Jin Chen ‘12 Hubert Clemons ‘47 Carrie Cressy ‘12 Robert Crowson ‘08 Stanley Doane ‘60 C. Harry Eastman ‘41 and Lillian Eastman Eleanor Eastman Forest Edson ‘12 Nava Fox ‘12 Sandra Quincy Fox ‘61 and Webster Fox Zachary Frank ‘12 Robbyn M. Freeman Brenna Gerchman ‘12 Richard H. Hall

Ann Hastings ‘70 Ryanne Johnson ‘12 Eleanor Jones ‘12 Victoria Laracy and Michael Laracy Xingyi Li ‘12 Punika Limpanudom ‘12 Jiaming Liu ‘12 Scott Lovejoy ‘77 and Lisa Sinclair Lovejoy ‘78 Mary Wadsworth Lowatchie ‘62 and Victor G. Lowatchie Marcus McLellan ‘12 Sierra Moore ‘12 Dana Mozzoni ‘12 Taylor Newton ‘12 Djordje Obradovic ‘12 Lakyn Osgood ‘12 Andrea Ouellette ‘12 Scott Pelkie ‘12 Jennifer Perry ‘13 Laura Pulito ‘12 Francis Rankin ‘68 and Rosemary Boothby Rankin ‘66 Geraphy Reyes ‘12 Joan Rice Casey Rosenberg ‘12 Lionel Rutabayiro ‘12 Zachery Sargent ‘12 Lacey Schasel ‘12 Mark Schrader ‘12 Chelsea Smith ‘11 Jen Smith Daniel Sturdevant ‘03 and Christa Sturdevant Yuexuan Tang ‘12 Yingxi Wang ‘12 Austin Ward ‘12 Emily Wilson ‘12 Jiaming Zhang ‘12 Pengfei Zhang ‘12 Yufei Zhang ‘12 Fanqin Zhou ‘12 Melissa Zulick Alumni Contributions by Class to All Funds 1927 Mildred Hill Heath 1934 Frederic Newman 1935 Thomas Hutchins 1936 Stanley Ward 1941 C. Harry Eastman John Gillin Clifford Manchester Allen Torrey Timothy Warren 1942 Malcolm Clark Gordon Milliken 1943 Philis Eastman Cook Jean Leavitt Jordan Sylvia Shaw Lydick Gerard Nelson 1944 June Miller Coffin Elsie Reuning Fox Hugh Hastings Ralph Shirley

Robert Stearns 1945 Calvin Conrod 1946 Dennis Emery (dec.) Harrison Homans C. Richard LaCasce Anne Fides MacArthur Earle Moore Charlotte Perkins Smith Mary Marston Waye 1947 Janette Gerry Bennett Robert Brown Clayton Burnell Wilma Andrews Cavanaugh Phyllis Walker Chandler (dec.) Hubert Clemons David Conrod Mary Hastings Dumas Robert Eastman Louise Cutting Hewes Amo Kimball George Lewis Selma Buswell Linkenback Betty Mathieson Masse Virginia Brooks Menke Charles Perkins Martha Coe Ritchie Virginia Thurston Wallace Elizabeth Baker Wheaton 1948 Conrad Eastman (dec.) Dorothy Eastman Jones Nancy Hill LaCasce John Nason Marilyn McKeen Shirley 1949 Gloria Horne Burnell Richard Hill Ronald Hill Angela Gookin Holbrook George Johnson Beverly Andrews LaPointe

Dick Thompson ‘61 & wife, Hazel - Donors

-145Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

David Conrod ‘47 & wife, Katherine Ann Donors Earl Smith Philip Trott Eva Dunn Ward Carley Warren Wilson Whitten 1950 Hilda Kaye Berry Robert Burnell* Charlotte Clemons Cole Phillip Cole Kenneth Hutchins William Johnson Ruth Allard Paul Warren Schildberg (dec.) George Walker May Hill Ward 1951 Paul Andrews Janet Ramstrom DuBois Dorothy Wentworth Hamilton Marjorie Lane Sanborn 1952 Wayland Harris Peter Hathaway Jennette Eldridge Hodge J. Steward LaCasce Janet Bradeen Pallister Albert Stearns 1953 Burton Brooks Carol Brown Brooks Beverly Osgood Duthie Peter Hastings Alice Breen Hill Scott Kelly Nancy Taylor Kensbock Diane Eastman Powell Ruth Lewis Rivers Edward Whitaker* 1954 Theresa Perreault Day Eugene Tufts Rodney Wales

1955 Molly Mansur Baskin Bradford Brooks Robert Edwards Ernest Perreault Robert Solari Florence Graves Tripp* Patricia Madsen Wales Sally Reynolds Whitaker* 1956 Roy Andrews Burton Chaplin James Conrad Dana Dudley Donna Potter Edwards Nancy Schildberg Hogan* Louise Wagner Miller James Osgood Charles Pingree Bretton Russell Patricia Leavitt Stearns Barbara Biggs Sussenberger Guy Thomas C. Allan Trumbull Phyllis Warren-Briggs 1957 Noel Austin Marilyn Bennett Rowena Lewis Chaplin Samuel Elliot Peggyann Evans Harris Sherry Littlefield Robert Payne Charlotte Huntress Perreault Asa Pike 1958 Priscilla Buzzell Barton Arnold Harmon* Richard Jones Karen Schildberg Pike John Pliakas B. Dean Stearns 1959 Lonna Lutte Lewis Jack Mansur

Paula Schmidt Mansur Thomas McSherry Lois Walker Moulton Stephen Russell 1960 Alan Bennett Annette Kimball Bennett Stanley Doane William Dudley Gene Howland Rachel Charles Kuvaja* Jane Lasselle* Gael Sylce Mericle Judy Pike Raymond Mary Larsen Rubery James Stewart Carol Severance Taylor 1961 James Brown Roger Chesley Katherine Coddington Dolan Melvin Eastman Richard Edgecomb Sandra Quincy Fox Leon Noyes Carleton Pendexter Jacqueline Blake Sullivan Richard Thompson 1962 John Bradeen Wayne Hadlock Richard Heikkinen Mary Wadsworth Lowatchie Roger Roberts Elizabeth Barter Somes Stephen Thal Richard Walthers 1963 James Archibald Stephanie Pike Crockett Oliver Leach Raymond Lillie Raymond Littlefield Philip Matthews Harry Roberts

Ed & Betsy Oliver Bonello ‘67 with daughter-in-law, Erin Stewart Bonello ‘92 - Donors -146Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Gary & Mary Wadsworth Lowatchie ‘62 - Donors Claudia Schmidt Sullivan Phillip Wilson David Wood 1964 A. James Comi Kathleen Griffin Cossette Margaret Hatch Eastman Joyce Fox Kennett James Oliver James Wilfong Nancy Stuart Willis 1965 Cecil Barker Durland Barker* Betty Hill Crowson Melanie Stacy Frost Bonnie Hill David Jones Elizabeth Adams Kiesman Kenneth Kiesman Sallie Grimes MacIsaac Bradley Nelson Brian Smith Russell Tolles 1966 Ben Feldman Barry Gilman* Karen Hartzell Hart* Mary Grover Jones Douglas Mitchell Rosemary Boothby Rankin Cathy Bryant Trumbull Willard Warren Catherine Buswell Wood 1967 Betsy Oliver Bonello Cheryl Potter Cluff John Day Susan Tonry Kelley Lorraine Buswell McDonald Daniel McLane Stephen Rankin* Bruce Smith Elaine Weeks Trueblood

1968 Sharon Gilman* Edmund Good David Hastings Dennis Manitsas Robert Mogavero Barbara Mason Murphy Jeannie Allen Nelson Margaret Grover Pinkham Ellen Pope Francis Rankin Paul Trott 1970 Dianne Wood Apgar Anita Craig Barker Howard Chou Ann Hastings Tobey Leske Susan Wheaton Logan Rebecca McNeeland Morin Peter Neff John Redman Lucinda Ross

Dorothea Simonis 1971 John Atwood William Findeisen Alison Hale Gretchen Hummel Ingram Scott Leach* Gerald Ryerson 1972 Bryan Coombs Penny Snow Dougay Keith Durham Joyce Chamberlain Egge Ellen Benson Guilford Rebecca Kiesman Leonard Lawrence Maglin Elbridge Russell Jean Stearns Janette Ela Stiebeling Don Thibodeau 1973 Julie Barton Denney* Robin Brennan Wiley 1974 Peter Atwood Thomas Hastings Barbara Hill Martha Grover Holden Tracy Bell Mason Debra Osgood Urgese* 1975 Ann Cahill Garry 1976 Rachel Andrews Damon* Anthony Gibson Peter Mason Kurt Rothschild Ellen Hastings Zelman 1977 Nicole Cote-Crosskill* Kathryn Wilson Dunham* Scott Lovejoy James Ramsey Virginia Sislane Alan Whitaker* 1978 Richard Beebe John Chandler Michael Chaplin C. Brent LaCasce*

Bob Burnell ‘50, George Walker ‘50, Ernie Perreault ‘55 & Burt Brooks ‘53 - Donors

-147Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Carol & Roger Roberts ‘62 - Donors Kelly Bell Lloyd Lisa Sinclair Lovejoy Philip McBain Rex Wiley 1979 David Brown David Burr Marygrace Smith Cimino Lisa Costello Michael Hill 1980 Trillium Thorne Evans Sara Hill Timothy Osgood William Perry ** Stacy Luedeke Reed 1981 David Bridge Richard Dunham** Christopher Gordon* Heidi Hoefler Dawn Gale LaCasce* Terry MacGillivray* Shannon McKeen Chad Perkins 1982 Heidi Blake Jacalyn Johnstone Fearon Michael Gabrielson Todd Gallagher Russell Guptill Jonathan Housum Ryan Kelly Teresa Gnecco Lucas James Oldham Jane Hastings Rosenberg Dwayne Stevens Amy Stivers Timar Sturdevant Kevin Whitaker* Carol Wilson-Smith 1983 Greg Lloyd Kristen Russell McDermott Kimberly Charles Sturdevant 1984 James Bannister Macdara Nash Renee Thomas Cheryl Turner

1985 Steven Cote Dawn Vance Coughlin Randy Heath Cooper Campbell Jackson David Rohde James Webb 1986 Andrea Longpre Macht Gretchen Krim Osgood Sandra Panno Whitaker* 1987 Heather Pike Hart* Jeffrey Pelkie* Jonathan Webb 1989 Sandra Eastman Nager 1990 Brian Turner 1991 Ronald Pelkie* 1992 Jennifer Leach Pelkie* Jonathan Sarty 1993 Jennifer Stacy Bartlett Susan Sudduth Hammond Thomas Hammond 1994 Juston Bartlett Robert Devereux 1996 Jade Blake* 1997 Yoko Ogura Matthew Seavey 1998 M. Douglas Dagan 1999 Jonathan Sturdevant* 2001 Joseph Kohn 2002 Elizabeth Alimi Cook Jaclyn Lathrop Smith 2003 Zachary Drew Daniel Sturdevant 2005 Justine Lathrop

2007 Lauren Grafe 2008 Robert Crowson 2009 Messay Hall 2010 Kenedi Hall 2011 Meghan Bradley Aslyn Dindorf Riko Kamishima Lindsay MacGillivray* Chelsea Smith Lydia Zipper 2012 Adam Armington Abigale Brown** Darrian Bynoe** Amy Charles Jin Chen Carrie Cressy Evelyn Cronin ** Destiny Desroche** Forest Edson Nava Fox Zachary Frank David Fulton** Brenna Gerchman Tayla Hamilton** Ryanne Johnson Eleanor Jones Paul Kurnick** Xingyi Li Punika Limpanudom Jiaming Liu Jianfeng Liu Megan MacGillivray* Nathaniel McCann** Marcus McLellan Tymothy Meserve** Sierra Moore Stephanie Mowry** Dana Mozzoni

Forest Edson ‘12 - Donor

-148Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Ryan Kelly ‘82 - Donor Taylor Newton Djordje Obradovic Lakyn Osgood Andrea Ouellette Scott Pelkie Laura Pulito Geraphy Reyes Casey Rosenberg Lionel Rutabayiro Zachery Sargent Lacey Schasel Mark Schrader Abigail Smith** Yuexuan Tang Siena Tatum** Yingxi Wang Austin Ward Emily Wilson Xinya Wu** Jiaming Zhang Pengfei Zhang Yufei Zhang Fanqin Zhou 2013 Michelle Boucher Jennifer Perry Faculty, Staff, Former Faculty, Former Staff Susan Ackley * Thomas Ackley* Melanie Allen John Atwood ‘71 John H. Atwood, Sr. Anita Craig Barker ‘70 Durland Barker ‘65* Jennifer Stacy Bartlett ‘93 Bethany Baylies* Jeannine Berube* Heidi Blake ‘82 Jade Blake ‘96* William Bowden* Faustina E. Chamberlain (dec.) Ann Chappell*

Nicole Cote-Crosskill ‘77* Scott Cote-Crosskill* Margaret Cugini* Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76* Michael Dana* John Day ‘67 Julie Barton Denney ‘73* Pamela Dethlefs Joseph DeVito Barbara Douglass Kathryn Wilson Dunham ‘77* Dawn Farnham* Todd Gallagher ‘82 Angie Garrett* Sarah Gibson* Sharon Gilman* Paul Goodof John E. Gordon, Sr. Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 Kathleen Haffner* Michelle Hamlin* Christopher Hibbard Barbara Hill ‘74 Ronald Hill ‘49 Kelley Hodgman-Burns* Robert Hodgman-Burns* William T. Housum, Jr. Gregory Huang-Dale Jenny Huang-Dale Marilyn Johnson William Johnson ‘50 Mary Grover Jones ‘66 Flora Katsiaficas** Scott Kelly '53 Peter Klomp* Carol Kneeland Theodore Kneeland Barbara Kollander* John Kremer Rachel Charles Kuvaja '60* Billie L'Heureux-Carland* C. Brent LaCasce '78* Dawn Gale LaCasce '81* Scott Leach '71* Daniel Lee Susan Lee Diane Lewey Jane Lounsbury Sarah MacGillivray* Terry MacGillivray '81* Joseph Manning* Maria Manning* H. Paul McGuire Stephanie Morin Theodore Nixon* Joy Spiller Norkin* Jennifer Leach Pelkie '92* Ronald Pelkie '91* Joel Rhymer* Bretton Russell '56 Sedgwick Saunders* Timothy Scott James St. Pierre* Wendy Le Clair St. Pierre* Kristina Smith Stevens* Christopher Strahler* Emily Leidner Strahler* David Sturdevant* Elisabeth Sturdevant* Elizabeth Swasey James Thurston*

Susan Thurston* Florence Graves Tripp '55* Daniel Turner Geraldine Turner John Urgese* Tracy Weitz Alan Whitaker '77* Kevin Whitaker '82* Sally Reynolds Whitaker '55* Sandra Panno Whitaker '86* Robin Brennan Wiley '73 James Wilfong '64 Parents, Past Parents, Grandparents Thomas Ackley and Susan Ackley* Maxine Andrews and Roy E. Andrews ‘56 John L. Atwood ‘71 Peter Atwood ‘74 and Jennifer Atwood Blaine Baesler and Josephine Baesler Robert Bannister Durland Barker ‘65 and Cheryl Barker* Heidi Blake ‘82 and Mike Limur Oliver Bock and Maria Velten-Bock William Bowden and Sonia Bowden* James A. Boyd and Tracy E. Boyd Ann Chappell and Steve Chappell* Marygrace Smith Cimino ‘79 Nancy Cooke Nicole Cote-Crosskill ‘77 and Scott Cote-Crosskill* Betty Hill Crowson ‘65 Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76* Michael R. Dana and Terese Dana* Julie Barton Denney ‘73* Carla Desrosiers and Stephen Desrosiers Barbara Douglass and David Douglass Kathryn Wilson Dunham ‘77 and Richard Dunham* Melvin Eastman ‘61 and Margaret Hatch Eastman ‘64 Robbyn M. Freeman Lynn Fritzlen

Renee Thomas ‘84 - Donor

-149Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Punika Limpanudom ‘12 & David Fulton ‘12 Donors T. Scott Gamwell and Ann Gamwell Angie Garrett and Malachy Garrett* Sarah H. Gibson and James Gibson* John E. Gordon, Sr. William L. Graham and Barbara J. Graham Charles Hall Edmund Hamlin and Michelle Hamlin* Martha Head and John A. Feagin, Jr. Robert Hodgman-Burns and Kelley Hodgman-Burns* Maxwell W. House and Sharon H. House William T. Housum, Jr. Nicholas E. Hurlin John Johnson and Robin Johnson Marilyn Jones Masaaki Kamishima and Nami Kamishima Tzu-Chiang Kang and Shu-Li Hsieh Scott A. Kelly ‘53 and Sandy Kelly Eiichi Kobayashi and Setsuko Kobayashi Barbara Kollander and Lonnie Kollander* John Kremer and Leslie Kremer Rachel Charles Kuvaja ‘60* C. Brent LaCasce ‘78 and Dawn Gale LaCasce ‘81* Richard Lambrecht, Jr. Henry Latkin Scott Leach ‘71* Daniel G. Lee, Jr. and Susan D. Lee Ren Liu and Bo Jiang Greg Lloyd ‘83 and Kelly Bell Lloyd ‘78 Susan Wheaton Logan ‘70 Terry MacGillivray ‘81 and Sarah MacGillivray* David W. Mason and Margaret Mason Anne Hastings Massey Robert Mead and Susan Hamlin Margaret Miller William Miller and Rizza Miller Michael Mozzoni and Helen Mozzoni Joseph Murphy and Teresa Murphy Donald Nicoletta James E. Oldham ‘82 and Nancy Oldham Timothy Osgood ‘80 and

Gretchen Krim Osgood ‘86 Jeffrey Pelkie ‘87 and Jennifer Leach Pelkie ‘92* William Perry ‘80 and Susan Perry ** James Ramsey, Jr. '77 and Yvonne Ramsey Joel Rhymer and Elizabeth Rhymer* Bretton D. Russell '56 and Cindy Russell Elbridge A. Russell '72 and Linda Russell Sedgwick Saunders and Amy Saunders* Mary Jane Schildberg and Warren Schildberg '50 (dec.) Timothy G. Scott Thomas D. Shaffner Kristina Smith Stevens and Laddie Stevens* David B. Sturdevant and Elisabeth Sturdevant* Richard Sullivan and Joanne Sullivan James H. Thurston and Susan Thurston* Florence Graves Tripp '55* Daniel Turner and Geraldine Turner Alan Whitaker '77* Edward Whitaker '53 and Sally Reynolds Whitaker '55* Kevin Whitaker '82 and Sandra Panno Whitaker '86* Jon Whitney and Mardi Freeman Mary Wilkinson-Greenberg (dec.) Roger Williams and Jane Williams Melissa Zulick Gifts In Kind Juston Bartlett ‘94 and Jennifer Stacy Bartlett ‘93 Michelle Boucher ‘13 James A. Boyd and Tracy E. Boyd Rachel Andrews Damon ‘76* Joseph DeVito and Karen Harding Sandra Quincy Fox ‘61 and Webster Fox Robbyn M. Freeman Edmund Good, III ‘68 Richard H. Hall Ann Hastings ‘70 David R. Hastings, III ‘68 and Carol Hastings Scott A. Kelly ‘53 and Sandy Kelly Victoria Laracy and Michael Laracy Daniel G. Lee, Jr. and Susan D. Lee Mary Wadsworth Lowatchie ‘62 and Victor G. Lowatchie Terry MacGillivray ‘81 and Sarah MacGillivray* Maine Turf Company Kristen Russell McDermott ‘83 and David McDermott Dana Mozzoni ‘12 Jennifer Perry ‘13 Florence Putterman Joan Rice Mary Jane Schildberg and Warren Schildberg ‘50 (dec.) Timothy G. Scott Jen Smith Shirley H. St. James Stone Mountain Arts Center Bebe Toor Yingxi Wang ‘12 Tracy Weitz and John Weitz

John Dunn Conrad Eastman ‘48 (dec.) William Findeisen ‘71 T. Scott Gamwell Christopher Gordon ‘81* David Hastings ‘68 Michael Hill ‘79 Nancy Schildberg Hogan ‘56* Cooper Campbell Jackson ‘85 Richard Jones ‘58 Shannon McKeen ‘81 Bradley Nelson ‘65 James Osgood ‘56 Asa Pike ‘57 Ellen Pope ‘68 Henry Raymond David Rohde ‘85 Bretton Russell ‘56 Thomas Shaffner B. Dean Stearns ‘58 Carol Sudduth Brenda Thibodeau George Walker ‘50 Elaine Weeks Trueblood ‘67 Memorial Gifts - In Memory Of Albert Andrews '46 Wilma C. Andrews Cavanaugh ‘47 and James Cavanaugh Carolyn Andrews Wilma C. Andrews Cavanaugh ‘47 and James Cavanaugh Langdon Andrews, Sr. 1911 Wilma C. Andrews Cavanaugh ‘47 and James Cavanaugh Langdon F. Andrews, Jr. ‘42 Paul S. Andrews ‘51 and Janet Andrews Wilma C. Andrews Cavanaugh ‘47 and James Cavanaugh Beverly Andrews LaPointe ‘49 and Richard LaPointe Justice and Mrs. J.P. Archibald

Trustees, Former Trustees, Trustee Emeritii Roy Andrews ‘56 Alan Bennett ‘60 John Chandler ‘78 Steven Cote ‘85 John Day ‘67

Sue & Tom Ackley - Donors

-150Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Elbridge Russell ‘72 - Donor James Archibald ‘63 and Rachel Archildbald Robert G. Barton Julie Barton Denney ‘73* Alan Whitaker ‘77* R. Joel Bean ‘66 Robert Mogavero ‘68 and Lynn Bonander Mogavero Roger Bean Roy E. Andrews ‘56 and Maxine Andrews Richard E. Barnes Barbara Douglass and David Douglass Emily Fernald Hugh Gallagher and Marilyn Gallagher John E. Gordon, Sr. Hugh Hastings, II ‘44 and Norene Hastings Peter G. Hastings ‘53 and Stephanie Hastings Flora Katsiaficas** Robert Mogavero '68 and Lynn Bonander Mogavero William S. Richards Bretton D. Russell '56 and Cindy Russell Bruce E. Smith '67 Prudent Bedard, Jr. ‘65 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Joel W. Bennett ‘60 Marilyn Bennett ‘57 Mary Heald Benson ‘44 Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 Robert Benson ‘45 Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 Sharon Monson Bisson ‘70 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Leslie Bixby ‘51 Janet Ramstrom DuBois ‘51 and George DuBois Helen Bacon Black ‘42 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Mark Chamberlain ‘67 Faustina E. Chamberlain (dec.) Joyce Chamberlain Egge ‘72 and William Egge Phyllis Walker Chandler ‘47 Class of 1947 Melvin Eastman ‘61 and Margaret Hatch Eastman ‘64 Clarence Coombs ‘44 Bryan Coombs ‘72 and Beth Cyr Clarice Denney Robin Parsons Brown and Peter Brown

Brenda Gerry Bonnie Hill ‘65 Joy Parsons Dotty Poirier Daniel Turner and Geraldine Turner Richard Denney, Sr. Kathleen Griffin Cossette ‘64 and Tom Cossette Bonnie Hill ‘65 Daniel Turner and Geraldine Turner Paulina Derby ‘66 Francesca O. Eastman Willard Doherty Scott A. Kelly ‘53 and Sandy Kelly Bretton D. Russell ‘56 and Cindy Russell Clyde Eastman ‘50 Hilda Kaye Berry ‘50 Phillip Cole ‘50 and Charlotte Clemons Cole ‘50 William Johnson ‘50 and Marilyn Johnson Lonna Lutte Lewis ‘59 Conrad Eastman ‘48 Roy E. Andrews ‘56 and Maxine Andrews Alan D. Bennett ‘60 and Annette Kimball Bennett ‘60 Burton Chaplin ‘56 and Rowena Lewis Chaplin ‘57 John D. Chapman and Margaret Chapman Philis Eastman Cook ‘43 John A. Dunn, Jr. and Patricia Dunn C. Harry Eastman ‘41 and Lillian Eastman David R. Hastings, III ‘68 and Carol Hastings Hugh Hastings, II ‘44 and Norene Hastings Peter G. Hastings ‘53 and Stephanie Hastings Scott A. Kelly ‘53 and Sandy Kelly Rachel Charles Kuvaja ‘60 Lonna Lutte Lewis ‘59 Diane H. McClave Sandra L. Eastman Nager ‘89 and Eric Nager James Osgood ‘56 and Donna Osgood Bretton D. Russell ‘56 and Cindy Russell Bruce E. Smith ‘67 Don Thibodeau ‘72 and Brenda Thibodeau George E. Walker ‘50 and Ruth Walker Eva Dunn Ward ‘49 West Oxford Agricultural Society Everett H. Eastman ‘44 Marilyn Bennett ‘57 Kathryn Jordan Eastman ‘60 Marilyn Bennett ‘57 Dennis W. Emery ‘46 Roy E. Andrews ‘56 and Maxine Andrews Burton Chaplin ‘56 and Rowena Lewis Chaplin ‘57 Jean Cressy Edwin W. Dawson and Joanne B. Dawson Melvin Eastman ‘61 and Margaret Hatch Eastman ‘64 The Estate of Dennis W. Emery ‘46 Michael Hart and Susanne Hart Hugh Hastings, II ‘44 and Norene Hastings Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Bruce E. Smith ‘67 Ruth Shaw French ‘26 Philip Matthews, Jr. ‘63 and Jacqueline Matthews Bretton Frost Maxwell House and Sharon House Fryeburg Academy Instructors Stanley A. Ward ‘36 and Edith Ward Ralph Gallagher ‘44 Todd Gallagher ‘82

Valeria Kimball Glaser ‘32 Nancy Stuart Willis ‘64 and Robert Willis Robert Graustein ‘57 Maxine Andrews and Roy E. Andrews ‘56 Clifford Gray ‘23 Stanley A. Ward ‘36 and Edith Ward Malcolm Gray ‘61 Roger Chesley ‘61 and Joan Chesley Patricia Grote Guild ‘47 Betty Mathieson Masse ‘47 and Robert J. Masse David R. Haley ‘42 and Florence Haley Malcolm Clark ‘42 and Mary Clark Warren F. Haley Malcolm Clark ‘42 and Mary Clark Francis Hartford ‘50 Hilda Kaye Berry ‘50 Phillip Cole ‘50 and Charlotte Clemons Cole ‘50 Nancy Brooks Heath ‘64 Randy Heath ‘85 and Stephanie Digeon-Heath Roy Horne ‘47 Clayton Burnell ‘47 and Gloria Horne Burnell ‘49 Colin Hurd ‘64 Daniel Martin and Carol Martin Leah McIntire Irish ‘30 Molly Mansur Baskin ‘55 and Charles Baskin Priscilla Bassett Johnstone ‘47 Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Robert Kenerson ‘47 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Laurence L. Kiesman ‘38 and Winnifred Kiesman Terry Kiesman Rebecca Kiesman Leonard ‘72 and Scott D. Leonard Carmen Davis Knapp ‘51 Jennette R. Eldridge Hodge ‘52 and Fenton Hodge Elroy O. LaCasce Stanley A. Ward ‘36 and Edith Ward Marjoray “Dolly” LaCasce Peter Gale and Linda Gale

Abby Brown ‘12 - Donor

-151Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

Alex Liu ‘12 & his parents Bo Jiang & Ren Liu-Donors Dawn Gale LaCasce ‘81 and C. Brent LaCasce ‘78 Ski Sundries & Supplies Ralph Larrabee Richard L. Larrabee and Libby Larrabee Stanley A. Ward ‘36 and Edith Ward Leo C. Lemieux D.O. ‘20 Charles S. Perkins ‘47 and Sharon Perkins Linwood “Buddy” Lord ‘62 Denise Lord Marilynn Lunt Anne Hastings Massey Vincent Manoriti ‘85 Steven P. Cote ‘85 and Lisa D. Cote David Rohde ‘85 and Kristen Mulvihill Leona McIntire Mansur ‘24 Molly Mansur Baskin ‘55 and Charles Baskin Henry McIntire ‘21 Molly Mansur Baskin ‘55 and Charles Baskin Kate Barker McIntire 1919 Molly Mansur Baskin ‘55 and Charles Baskin William Merrifield Ann Merrifield Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Oriole McIntire Merrill ‘24 Molly Mansur Baskin ‘55 and Charles Baskin Donald Mills ‘73 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Virginia Nixon Theodore Nixon and Gail Nixon* David Oldham James E. Oldham ‘82 and Nancy Oldham William Oliver ‘38 and Marcia Plummer Oliver ‘36 Betsy Oliver Bonello ‘67 and Ed Bonello, Jr. James Oliver ‘64 and Donese Oliver C. Earl “Bub” Osgood ‘46 Tracy Bell Mason ‘74 Rachel M. Osgood John Johnson and Robin Johnson Timothy Osgood ‘80 and Gretchen Krim Osgood ‘86 Roderick Perkins 1917

Charles S. Perkins ‘47 and Sharon Perkins Stephen Perkins 1915 Charles S. Perkins ‘47 and Sharon Perkins Clayton Richardson ‘50 Hilda Kaye Berry ‘50 Phillip Cole ‘50 and Charlotte Clemons Cole ‘50 Harold Sanborn Chick Home Center Robert Sanborn ‘72 Marjorie Lane Sanborn ‘51 and Robert L. Sanborn Robert C. Sanderson ‘81 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Jonathan Seavey Matthew Seavey, Ph.D. ‘97 and Beena John, Ph.D. Jacquelyn “Jackie” Smith Thomas Ackley and Susan Ackley* Bethany C. Baylies and Mark MacDonald* Jeannine Berube and Fred Berube* Abigale Brown ‘12** Rachel Andrews Damon '76* Michael R. Dana and Terese Dana* Pamela Dethlefs and David Dethlefs Joseph DeVito and Karen Harding Fryeburg Academy Teachers Association Sarah H. Gibson and James Gibson* Robert Hodgman-Burns and Kelley Hodgman-Burns* Gregory S. Huang-Dale and Jenny L. Huang-Dale Scott A. Kelly '53 and Sandy Kelly Theodore Kneeland and Carol Kneeland Rachel Charles Kuvaja '60* Daniel G. Lee, Jr. and Susan D. Lee Jane Lounsbury and Alan Lounsbury Terry MacGillivray '81 and Sarah MacGillivray* Timothy G. Scott David B. Sturdevant and Elisabeth Sturdevant* Elizabeth Swasey Daniel Turner and Geraldine Turner Rex Wiley '78 and Robin Brennan Wiley '73 Shawn Smith Ellen Benson Guilford ‘72 Doris Snow Penny Snow Dougay ‘72 and Don Dougay Richard Snow, Sr. Penny Snow Dougay ‘72 and Don Dougay Austin R. Thomas, JP Renee C. Thomas ‘84 Harry “Pinky” True Bruce E. Smith ‘67 Ada Cram Wadsworth Stanley A. Ward ‘36 and Edith Ward Clarence Walker Stanley A. Ward ‘36 and Edith Ward Carolyn Louise Hill Walsh ‘52 May Hill Ward ‘50 Andrew B. Welch Oliver Leach ‘63 Ola-Mae Dickey Wheaton ‘44 Susan Wheaton Logan ‘70 Robert Whittaker, Sr. Alan Whitaker ‘77* Marjorie McIntire Woodbury 1917 Molly Mansur Baskin ‘55 and Charles Baskin Irene Kenerson Yoder ‘41 Chris Frye Emerson Smith and Frances Smith Janeen Boschert Young ‘74 Tracy Bell Mason ‘74

Memorial Gifts - In Honor Of Sam and Sally Ballard Tracy Weitz and John Weitz James Bannister ‘84 Robert Bannister Faustina E. Chamberlain Joyce Chamberlain Egge ‘72 and William Egge Timothy Chandler ‘82 and Silvia Siklosi Chandler ‘82 Rachel Charles Kuvaja ‘60* Vicky Chandler ‘81 Rachel Charles Kuvaja ‘60* Herman Coombs, Sr. ‘65 Russell F. Tolles, Jr. ‘65 and Sandra Tolles Barbara Douglass William Bowden and Sonia Bowden* Conrad K. Eastman ‘48 Elbridge A. Russell ‘72 and Linda Russell Vicky Jones Ferrell ‘76 Marilyn Jones Anna Nutter Fox ‘41 and Richard Fox ‘41 Joyce Fox Kennett ‘64 and Frederick Kennett* Maud Hall Richard Harrison Hall Richard A. Jones ‘58 David Schechter and Gail Schechter Theodore Kneeland and Carol Kneeland Martha Head and John A. Feagin, Jr. Daniel G. Lee, Jr. and Susan D. Lee Theodore Kneeland and Carol Kneeland Lucille “Lou” Stone Richards Lisa Howard Wanda Jones Ryerson ‘72 Marilyn Jones James H. Thurston Michael Mozzoni and Helen Mozzoni

* Denotes donation to Capital Campaign ** Denotes donation to Charter Club

Michelle Boucher ‘13-Donor President-Class of 2013

-152Fryeburg Academy, 745 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine 04037, (207) 935-2001 x 3137,,

FRYEBURG ACADEMY 745 Main Street Fryeburg, Maine 04037 (207) 935-2001 x 3137

NON-PROFIT U.S. Postage PAID Augusta, ME Permit No. 121

REUNION 2013 - JUNE 7, 8 & 9

Fryeburg Academy Scenes - Fall 2012  

A magazine reflecting life at Fryeburg Academy for alums, students, friends, donors & families in the Fryeburg Academy community.

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