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Vol. XXIII No. 93 (July - September 2010) The Stutz Club, Inc. William J. Greer, Editor 7400 Lantern Road Indianapolis, IN 46256

Indianapolis, IN

Permit #418



Hershey Get - Togethers Thursday, October 7, 2010: Dinner - See page 21 Friday’s meet on the field - 2:00 PM at spaces CK 36 & 37 (Chocolate Field) as announced in Stutz News No. 92 p. 26

Stutz Centennial Celebration in Indianapolis (See page 2) Stutz Club members are invited to participate in the Classic Car Club of America’s Museum Concours, “The Experience,” featuring Indiana built cars June 3 - 5, 2011 at the Gilmore Museum, Hickory Corners, MI Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will honor Stutz as a featured marque mid August 2011

Table of Contents Vol. XXIII No. 93 (July - September 2010) Stutz Centennial Celebration in Indianapolis .................. 2

President’s Message ...............................................................20

The Surprising Stutz ............................................................... 3

MEMBERSHIP REPORT ................................................21

A Wonderful Gift.................................................................... 8

Clippings of Note ................................................................22

AACA 75th Anniversary Celebration .............................10

Letters to the Editor .............................................................24

Harry Stutz Writes................................................................13

Spare Parts ..............................................................................30

Storm at the Castle ...............................................................16

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Stutz for Sale ..........................................................................18

Stutz (1911-1937)

Harry Clayton Stutz (1876-1930)

Stutz Centennial Celebration in Indianapolis by your editor

Members of the Stutz Centennial Planning Committee have now attended four meetings at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) with Mark Dill, VP Marketing and Public Relations and Ellen Biraly, Director, IMS Foundation’s Hall of Fame Museum. These meetings held on June 22, July 1, August 20 and August 24 have been very productive and we feel confident that Stutz will be well represented in the IMS’s plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first running of the INDY 500 mile race in 1911. During the two meetings in August, Sally Perkins, recent president of the CCCA and Helen Vogel, local expert planner have joined George Maley and your editor to assist IMS with their planning. These proceedings have been fully related to George Holman, the Club VP Programs. The tentative date set for the Stutz Centennial Celebration is now May 11 - 15, 2011 not Father’s Day weekend as previously proposed. Following our next meeting with the IMS Planning Committee on September 14, 2011 we hope to be able to confirm the above date of our Centennial Celebration and give members an outline of each days events. Date confirmation and brief agenda will be posted on our website ( and sent to all members for which we have accurate email addresses.


Members who do not have internet access may request a copy of the agenda by contacting members Carl and Carol Jensen (No. 638) who have volunteered to serve as registrars for the Grand Stutz Event. Their telephone number is 262-662-0287, mailing address is 3110 W. 25415 Hunters Run, Wukwango, WI 531470287, email The brief agenda, where possible, will include estimates of cost based on probable attendees. Every effort is being made to keep costs to a minimum. Very crucial to final plans will be the early response by members as to their intentions to participate and at what level. The early information being requested will be stated along with the agenda and is to be forwarded to the Jensen’s (registrars.) We look forward to seeing many members at the forthcoming Hershey “Get Togethers” where many details will be discussed and decisions made regarding the Stutz Centennial Celebration in Indianapolis in 2011. We anticipate that the October - December issue of Stutz News, No. 94, will include the full details of the Centennial Celebration needed by members to proceed with registration.

Please dont miss this “Once in a Lifetime” celebration of Stutz.

Stutz News/July - September 2010

Vol. XXIII No. 93

July - September 2010

The Surprising Stutz by Thomas F. Saal Many thanks to member Carl Jensen (No. 638) and to author Tom Saal (former member No. 287), and to the Harry A. Miller Club and its editor Steve Zautke for this interesting article. Carl sent your editor a copy of the HAMC News containing the story on January 4, 2010. On January 9th Mr. Saal was contacted for permission to use his article and in that conversation he promised to send several of the original photos used in his article to enhance the quality of reproduction. Tom not only supplied the needed photos with his letter of January 22, 2010 but also donated his small Stutz file to the club’s archives. In Tom’s file were two items pertaining to the “Jones Stutz Special” driven to 10th place in the 1930 “Indy 500” by Lora L. “Slim” Corum. The item to the left was lifted from a full page ad in the March 1973 issue of Cars & Parts, page 13, titled “Have a Great Day, Friends” Dr. Art Burrichter, Boca Raton Florida. Three other cars and a 1914-15 Stutz Bearcat under restoration in New Jersey for $30,000 were offered in the Arts ad. Another item was this photo (above) we clipped from the December 1985 issue of Road and Track on “Great American Race” by Phil Hill, page 183. It appears to be Car. No. 27, the “Jones Stutz Special.”

Ed’s Note: We also wish to thank Tom Kinney (No. 392) for sending an original copy of the article on March 19, 2010.



Stutz News/July - September 2010


Stutz News/July - September 2010


A Wonderful Gift by Fred Dodd and your editor Back in May 2010 your editor received a most interesting call from Mr. Fred Dodd of West Salem, WI. Fred related to me that a dear friend of his planned to give him a gift of either $30,000 or an automobile. The automobile Fred wanted my opinion on was an early Stutz circa 1918. Originally a touring car, it became a Bearcat/Roadster project by the owner who didn’t quite finish the job and left it stored in his basement for the past 42 years. A Stutz touring of the period, a parts car, was to be included in the gift. Fred was told that the engine was restored before the Stutz was left in storage. Based on this information I told Fred that the Stutz project had more value than the gift of dollars.

Wow! It may take days to get to the Stutz. On July 10, 2010 Fred mailed me a set of photos taken on their recent trip to Ohio to fetch the Stutz. Fred’s message at that time was: “We made the trip over to Ohio and spent three days getting the Stutz out of my friend’s basement. It is now home and I have been cleaning it up and will put the fenders on. The engine won’t turn over. Look at the pictures and tell me what I have. Next trip will be to get the parts car.”

There it is! Note windshield frame and red door in center of the photo.


Stutz News/July - September 2010

Whew! A tired Fred says: Tell me what I have?�

The Stutz on its way to new home in Wisconsin. Left to Right - Fred and Debbie Dodd. Helping friends Dixie and Tim.


The Dodd’s Stutz at home in their garage getting cleaned.

The engine appears to have all the hard to find accessories.

We advised Fred to contact member Paul Freehill for start-up advice.


Member Carl Jensen of Wukwonago, WI will; call Fred upon return from Pebble Beach and offer tips on starting.

Stutz News/July - September 2010

AACA 75th Anniversary Celebration by Dan and Mary DiThomas; No. 0739 Two Stutz cars attended the 2010 Antique Automobile Club of America 75th Anniversary Celebration in Louisville, KY, from 29 June 2010 to 3 July 2010. Dan and Mary DiThomas of Dublin, Ohio, and Bill and Lois Shreves of Perry, Ohio, member 0153, participated in the AACA event in Louisville, KY. The Stutz cars were hauled to the event in a caravan consisting of Dan and Bill’s trailers, a Model A Ford on a trailer, and a driven 1965 Pontiac Lemans. Dan’s 1925 Stutz 693 Roadster and Bill’s 1927 AA Phillips bodied Roadster were the only two Stutz cars in the 679 car event. The event drew cars from all parts of the country with nearly 1/3 of the cars being driven to the event. The indoor show field was in the Kentucky Expo Center which proved to be the perfect venue on a 95 degree sunny Kentucky day. Dan and Bill’s participation in the event demonstrates the diversity of the car hobby since this was Dan’s first ever national event with a Stutz that he has owned and been working on for three years. Bill has owned his Stutz 8 for 40 years. He and Lois take every opportunity to drive the Stutz on tours and participated in some of the AACA tours in Louisville. Dan’s Stutz was in the “Time Line” display area which included at least one car from 1903 to 1985 with

the area set up in a chronological order. The 1925 Stutz was the only 1925 car on the “Time Line” and only one of two 1925 cars in the show. Bill’s Stutz was in the general show area and drew a lot of interest. The event banquet was very well organized with an estimated 1200 plus AACA members and families in attendance enjoying the meal, the program, and awards presentations. Both Stutz cars won awards at this event. Dan and Mary won their first AACA national award. Their Stutz was awarded a First Junior award in class 18D (1925 CCCA Classic). Bill and Lois were awarded with a Driver Participation award.

Ed’s Comments: Dan and Mary’s “Full Classic” 1925 Stutz Series 693 roadster is the only one known to exist. Over the past three years they have spent untold time and expense to bring this rare Stutz back to life. An article “Lucy’s Long Journey - Part 2” by Dan describing some of their effort was published in Stutz News No. 85, July Sept. 2008. While on CCCA historical overnight Tour of the Richmond Ind. area July 30 - Aug. 1, the editor was given the pleasure of a ride in “Lucy.” Dan and Mary trailered the Stutz over from Dublin, Ohio so that I could see in person for the first time.

Mary and Dan Di Thomas



Stutz News/July - September 2010

Lois and Bill Shreves

Dan’s 1925 Stutz 693

Bill’s 1927 AA

Dan DiThomas and Bill Shreves

Harry Stutz writes...

Ed’s Comments: This interesting story by Harry C. Stutz in 1915 regarding his experience selling carburetors circa 1904/05 has been in the Stutz Club archives for years. The contributor’s name has been lost but we suspect it was member Beverly Rae Kimes (No. 25) who was known to spend a lot of time researching at the Detroit Public Library.


From: John C. Rehberg (No. 670) Date: August 4, 2010 Thanks for the note regarding my ‘20 Bearcat and your intention of mentioning it in the Stutz News. My Bearcat was formerly owned by Val Valentine. The restoration was completed by Tom Batchelor of Reno in 2005. It really is a pleasure. I have toured the car a few times and hope to make some of the Stutz Club events next year. Possibly Indy. The Joslyn event was a wet day. I’ve attached a couple of additional photos. A couple of photos were at Joslyn (obvious, the car is wet). The others are from a tour in New Mexico. I too look forward to meeting you and more of the Stutz people.

Ed’s Note: Val Valentine (former member No. 281) joined the Club in 1990. The Valentine’s restored the Stutz Bearcat displayed at the Ford Museum.


Stutz for Sale From: Mark Myman (No. 723) Date: July 15, 2010 1927 Stutz AA Brougham New management rescued Stutz in 1926 with the Pop Greuter designed Vertical Eight. Marketed as “the Safety Stutz”, the AA Vertical Eight revitalized the company. Its safety features included wire-reinforced “Protex” laminated safety glass all around, Timken “Hydrostatic” 4-wheel brakes, a double drop frame and Timken worm drive rear axle that lowered the center of gravity for better handling and stability. The single overhead camshaft engine was introduced with 287 cubic inches and 92hp, growing to 299 cubic inches and 95hp at the beginning of 1927 and then with a new cylinder head in the “Challenger” engine to 110hp mid-year. Coachwork was designed by Brewster to take advantage of the low chassis and developed distinctive, attractive and sporting bodies that did the trick. Stutz was the sensation of 1926 and 1927, as this attractive 1927 AA Brougham illustrates. Remarkably, it is almost completely original, with only an older repaint

in Seafog Grey with black fenders. Its chassis number puts it after the introduction of the “Challenger” engine and its performance bears witness to plenty of horsepower and torque. The interior is the original grey cloth with brown stripes and sitting behind its big 4-spoke all wood steering wheel the driver knew he had something special. Riding in whitewall tires on black wood spoke wheels, it has a black composite roof that rolls down to the beltline at the rear around the D-shaped quarter windows, landau bars, dual rear-mounted spares, front and rear Biflex bumpers, glass visors over the side windows, a driver’s side spotlight, drum headlights, a robe rail, pulldown shades on the quarter and rear windows and attractive wood trim throughout the interior. It runs and drives well and can be used as is with pride, pleasure and the satisfaction of preserving an important survivor until the restoration it so richly deserves is undertaken. It is an exceptional combination of style, performance, design sophistication and originality. For more information, please visit or call 314-524-6000. $29,500.00 US

1927 Stutz AA Brougham $29,500 US


Stutz News/July - September 2010

1932 Stutz DV32 Sedan The Great Depression quickly brought Stutz to its knees, but not before Charles “Pop” Greuter had a chance to deliver one last, brilliant, design that capped the glorious history of Stutz, “The Car That Made Good in a Day,” and brought the marque to a fitting end. It was the DV-32, a 4-valve per cylinder, dual overhead camshaft 322 cubic inch inline eight cylinder that matched any of its competition in sophistication, power and performance. Its 156 horsepower was power to be reckoned with by competitors and challenged Stutz drivers. Stutz also featured four-wheel hydraulic brakes since 1929, far earlier than any of its competitors, and dual ignition. With that sophisticated chassis and engine as a base the company offered a daunting array of coachwork, advertising thirty-six “custom and standard” bodies, all of them guaranteed to do 100mph. Even the four-door sedans, such as this gorgeous 1932 in Blue with Dark Blue fenders and beltline accent set off with Yellow coachlines, were handsome, sporting, distinctive high performance automobiles, the gentlemen’s hot rods of their day. Upholstered in succulent Camel cloth with Brown carpets, it has dual sidemounts, wire wheels attractively finished with Blue rims and chrome spokes and centers, dual chrome horns, Ryanlite headlights (and Stutz’s attractive matching fender marker lights), chrome hood hinges and hood side vent doors. The interior is fully appointed including lap robe

rope, a folding footrest, rollup window shades and an abundance of finely finished wood trim. The dashboard is the businesslike, well-instrumented layout appropriate to the DV-32’s performance. A Waltham clock is integrated with the rear view mirror and the front seats feature unusual sun visors which are hinged on the roof over a foot back from the windshield so they can effectively shield the driver’s and passenger’s eyes from glare. Under the hood the engine is beautifully presented and has been updated with the improved downdraft Stromberg dual throat carburetor which Stutz adopted later in the DV-32’s run (a simple change which involves only turning the original updraft intake manifold over and fitting the later carburetor.) It has been fully restored down to the last nut and bolt (with photo documentation) and looks like it, a super CCCA Full Classic TM that has covered only a few miles since the restoration was completed. It will continue to “make good”, just as Harry Stutz’s first car did on that day at Indianapolis in 1911. For more information, please visit or call 314-524-6000. $139,500.00 US

Ed’s Note: The DV-32 was one of the five Stutzes purchased by the late John C. Lory (No. 423) of Windemere, FL. It received an extensive restoration at a noted shop in Central Florida and I’m quite sure the cost exceeded the price requested.

1932 Stutz DV-32 Sedan $139,500 US


President’s Message

MEMBERSHIP REPORT By Mike Barry V P Membership ATTENTION ! Annual Hershey Dinner Meeting Thursday Oct 7 2010, 7:30 PM @The Wyndham Garden Hotel 765 Eisenhower Blvd, Harrisburg PA 17111 Tel: 717-558-9500 RSVP 330-730-9498 before Monday Oct 4 if you plan to attend

New Members

#0792 Douglas Dougherty 2211 Summitview Dr, Longmont Co 80504 Day Phone: 303-684-0366 E-Mail: 1916 4P Stutz Bulldog Special Series 4C Touring Engine# AI-1283 Car # 2992 #0793 Fred Dodd W2804 Shorewood Ct, West Salem WI 54669-9507 Day Phone: 608-786-4122 E-Mail: 1918 Stutz

Please join me in welcoming the following new members: #0791 Lee Duran 53 Mount Archer Rd, Lyme Ct 06371 Day Phone: 860-434-0277 Fax: 860-434-3195 E-Mail : 1928 Stutz 2P Speedster Model BB Engine in Car : AA 80933 Engine out of Car: BB87744C Vin # BBC2BL58W

In last months report....New Member Peter Loats membership No should read # 0790

REMEMBER 100 yrs OF STUTZ - 2011


Members John and Ann Boyle (No. 538) are the proud owners of the Barris replica 1914 Bearcat used in the CBS “Bearcats” show of 1971. On January 21, 2008 the Boyles donated a DVD of the TV film “Powderkeg” featuring the late Marshall Mathears (No. 99) 1914 Bearcat and a set of “Bearcats” DVD’s to Club archives. See Stutz News No. 83.

Clippings of Note


Stutz News/July - September 2010

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+ -0# Ç 0 j .Ê?¾

; #

Ed’s Note: Member Turner J.R. Woodard (No. 367) has offered to host a dinner for us at his Stutz Business Center (historic Stutz Factory) during our 2011 Stutz Centennial Celebration.

9 ¾ ¨@Yk c ÑP k @Â Ë Ú Y kÂË

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0 .2 : .0 - » :.0 -­ #

Clippings of Note

Letters to the Editor From: Cornelius W. Hauck (No. 22) Cincinnati, OH Date: July 3, 2010 My gosh -- three Stutznooses here and I have not acknowledged one so far this year! And this latest [#92] really a “colorful” surprise -- great! I do not get the “Collectible” magazine, so it was a welcome treat. All good stuff ... I had to stop & ponder when I got to the KLDH roadster on pg “72” -- not only great looking but left hand drive ... really, the increasing distress I felt in driving my 1917 Bulldog with the awkward (in modern traffic) right hand drive was what finally “tipped me over” into selling it (that and 30 years of road wear and tear made it due for a `rehab’). But I like early `20s cars and that KLDH roadster is the “cat’s meow.” I had a good, restored and running duplicate offered to me here in 1951 -- I am unsure but I think it was a rh drive KDH; I think I must have a photo of it but I’d have to hunt through old photo files -- it was owned by an older collector who was breaking up his small collection -- he wanted $1,200 for it -- I had

already decided to buy his [nice] 1913 Overland touring for $500 -- I had also bought three Packards (1922, 1931, 1933) and was looking for a Stutz Bulldog, not a roadster ... shoulda bot it anyway. I note that and the “S” and “H” shown all belong to John Bertolotti, who bought my 1922 Chandler “Dispatch” sport touring when I sold out. Interesting about the first model “A” Bear-cats ... we had our annual benefit (Arthritis) Concours here a few weeks ago -- and a 1912 “A” was there, as in the two photos enclosed -- I assume it was local collector Dave Noran’s, although I forgot to ask him (he had an early Stoddard-Dayton that he was `guarding’ when I talked with him) -- one question: I assume the brass radiator shell is OK for a 1912 -- although I don’t know about that “emblem” or whatever on the radiator -- anyway, the car looked good and you can critique the photos. Dave likes brass. I believe my Father’s Bearcat was a model “A -- I have no record and no photo (although I have photos of all other cars he owned), but I think he bought it early in 1913 -- hence a model “A”. It apparently had the early kind of wire wheels -- he said “Budge Whitworth” but more likely his memory was faulty and they were the McCue’s ... the ones with many fine wire spokes. Rattling around on Cincinnati’s rough cobble stone/ brick/granite block streets apparently was rough on the wire spokes and from time to

Ed’s Note: Our thanks to member Shawn Miller for identifying the owner of this 1912 Model A Bearcat. The owner, Mr. Clem Lange, has been invited to join the Stutz Club.


Stutz News/July - September 2010

time one would snap -- after awhile enough would have broken that the wheel was in danger of becoming oval and then he’d have to stop and replace spokes, He kept a supply of “spares” on hand to take care of that. Another story about that Stutz: he said he had it painted lavender -- just what shade of `lavender’ is not clear, but the second part of the story is: He was then dating a young woman who had a matching lavender suit, which she was accustomed to wearing when she went out with him -- in the Stutz. Later, when he moved on to a new National Newport Six 4-psgr touring, he had that painted the same or similar color (b&w photos indicate it was a darker hue). However, some questionable gents from another section of town decided it was a good color to copy and, when such imitators’ cars turned up (and were com-mented upon) at a sleazy dive or bar in town, he repainted to another color.

The 1920 Bulldog (“G”? I forget) that he got after leaving the Air Force after WWI had a very dark body color -- perhaps the “Ultramarine Blue” that was noted in writing in my “R” catalog as a’new’ color (stock body colors for the “R” were red and the medium grey that I had put on my Bulldog ... the reconstituted car now in California is all yellow, which isn’t “correct”).

From: Andy Ott (No. 611) Virginia Beach, VA Date: July 17, 2010 Could you please run this query in the next available issue of the Stutz News. I can send you any of the photos (and also this text) if that would be helpful to you. In May of 2004 I purchased a parts car for use in the restoration of my 1928 Stutz BB sedan. However, over the intervening years, I have become more inter-


ested in the history of this car in its own right, and now seek any information anyone may have about its past. Here’s what I know about it.

There is a plaque on the dash that reads “7t`’ Annual Granville Rally, 1955, OHIO Region, Antique Automobile Club of America, National Spring Meet.”

I purchased the car from the DeNovo dealership in Steubenville, Ohio, in 2004. DeNovo had reportedly purchased it many years earlier, to use as a parts car for their restoration of a Stutz they were intending to display in their showroom. In the late twenties the DeNovos had been a dealership for Stutz, had originally sold a car, had repurchased it many years later, and now intended to restore it for display.

I would like to know anything about this car. I’m particularly interested in the conversion to the speedster. How did it, when, why, what uses, what shows, what parades.

Life goes on - they never got to the restoration, so the parts car sat in the back room, probably for decades. DeNovo knew very little about the parts car, but did believe that the conversion to the speedster it is today was accomplished in the early- to mid-fifties, and that the car had been in many parades in the Eastern Ohio/ Western Pennsylvania region. The car originally was a coupe, and much of the coupe body remains, including the cowl and the rear body. The trunk lid had been welded into the body. The windshield is a replacement. The hood, radiator, shell and cowl have been chopped/lowered two inches. All mechanical components are original Stutz (except that the steering may be altered). The overall workmanship of the conversion is actually very good.

From: Fred Edwards (No. 667), 33 Edebohls Road, Narre Warren, E. Victoria 3804, Australia Date: June 14, 2010 Hello Bill, I hope you and Carolyn are well. It has been a long time since Fiona and I met you both. My sincerest apologies for not replying sooner. Your hospitality and kindness we hold dearly. A lot has happened since that time. Kids etc etc. We managed to “rough “ together the Speedway 4 for my father to drive around the country roads before he passed away. I’m glad he had a chance to drive it. I am now the caretaker and am slowly starting to seri-


Particulars: 1928 Stutz Model BB Serial No: BB C10-BL53D Engine No: 93228 HC

Ed’s Comment: See picture on previous page. Member Dan DiThomas (No. 739), a relative of the DiNovos, remembers this Stutz at the dealership. He will ask Mike DiNovo about its history and then contact Andy. Hopefully other members can make inputs to this query.

ously restore it after a long absence. Finding all the little bits is not easy in Australia as so few were imported. Maybe 6 for 1923. My father was involved in the circus world acquired the car from a vaudeville family friend who used the car to carry the family around from town to town. A very large charabanc type body was constructed for it to carry about 10 -12 people . Ugly was how my father described it!! He fitted the engine to a Leyland truck which increased its horsepower by about 60% !! I promised you a photogragh of it. Having searched through all the old family trunks I cannot locate it. If you have ever wondered how much power the Stutz motor had the Leyland truck with the

Stutz News/July - September 2010

trailer loaded with circus equipment weighed more than 20 tons and my father in his Packard would follow it on a good road in excess of 60 MPH. It only had 88 BHP but Foot Pounds Torque was something else. I am currently casting exhaust manifolds for some members that suit the KDH type engine and hope to get all finished soon. So, even if I don’t get my car going in the immediate future at least some other club members can move all along with theirs. I try to do one thing, no matter how small, on the car each week. I hope members have been rereading ‘The Splendid Stutz’ recently. Each time I see things differently. It’s funny how some things don’t change, particularly in relation to Mr. Ryan. What a great book.

From: Fred Edwards (No. 667) Date: August 5, 2010 Hello Bill, Some time ago I expressed interest in making new exhaust manifolds for the Stutz KDH engine. It fits motors from about 1920-1924. Firstly, I wish to apologize to the members for taking so long to have them made. A lot has happened globally since I first suggested this as well as locally. Here, two of the foundries which do the castings have closed and this has placed great pressure on the remaining ones to do small jobs like this. Unfortunately costs have risen also as well as the exchange rate. If members are still interested contact me via email address in the advert. I have most of the contacts and will get in touch also.... Kind Regards.

Ed’s Note: See classified on page 31... From: John Ryder (No. 567) Coonabarabran, Australia Date: August 3, 2010 Hi Bill, I hope you have weathered the cyclical ‘asset stripping’... will the goy never learn?!

sadly it does not say if the ring also fits a 4 cyl. DHK... do you have any idea??? please Things have been might steady down here since the owners of Wall St...and their magic nothing that they foisted on the unwary... so much for the regulators... I’m waiting to hear that “they” have to disgorge the trillions stolen from the workers worldwide... I am not holding my breath... Spring has sprung... God know what He is doing... did you notice the big ‘slow down’ that takes place when you hit 75? ... Let’s hope we can restore Old Cars in the Kingdom Age... Kindest to your family...

From: Bill Greer Indianapolis, IN Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 Hi John... Yes we are weathering but it’s painful. At 85, just happy to be alive and Stutzing around - although slowly? It’s good to hear you are in such good spirits at 75. The best is yet to come! Can’t help you on ring gears. Take good care youngin!

From: John Ryder (No. 567) Date: August 10, 2010 Glad your ‘still with it’... I’ve been putting most of my spare time into my 1904 2cyl. UNIC built by George Richards in Perdoux Paris... its looking great and will send a photo when its right... we’ve had cold weather, with ice believe it or not on the bird bath and now the first of the very early bush flowers are coming out... all of us ‘old bastards’ as we get called down here wake up for a cuppa tea about 4 a.m....I often listen to the Myers lady in the US preach on ‘things pertaining to God and Life Eternal’...a great joy... she is one of the (few) best I have heard... that knows what she’s talking about... its not death (that we have been taught) but rather translation into the Kingdom... Bless you and yours and America.

I have been trying to contact Mike Adams (No. 633) re the article in the Stutz News April - June 2008.. and the fitting of a CASE ringear to a Stutz flywheel...


From: John Muckel (No. 777) Date: August 17, 2010 I have just purchased:

1915 Stutz Bearcat Body #4F2658 1915 Engine Nos. AI447 - 1274 Serial # 2301-2857 390 cu. in. 16 valves 60 HP T-head Prior Owners: James Bradley, OK John O’Quinn, TX

Ed’s Note:

When John had luck finding his 1920 Bearcat we told him it was because his membership number was a lucky triple 7. It has come through for him again.


Stutz News/July - September 2010


Spare Parts This photo with caption was taken from AUTO Speed and Sport Vol. 1, No. 6 page 23 of the June 1952 issue (from Tom Saals’ Stutz Archives.)

We hope some member will be able to tell us about the unusual DV32 Sports Car, if it still exists, etc. - Ed.

From OLD CARS - This is the Museum Mr. Louwman referred to in his letter dated February 4, 2010. Published in Stutz News No. 92. Ed.

At the Gooding Auction in Arizona in January 2010 a 1931 Stutz DV-32 5-pass Speedster by LeBaron sold for $561,000. That’s a significant price. Who bought it?

This ad appeared in a recent issue of OLD CARS. Your editor called David and learned that both Stutz had already been sold.

Can any member tell Ed. who the new owners of these Stutz are?


Stutz News/July - September 2010

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Classifieds For Sale 1920 Stutz H 7 Passenger Touring This very nice H Series 7 Passenger Touring car is a great runner and set up for touring. An older restoration that has held up well, the paint is very nice with minimal flaws, the top and brightwork are very nice, and the interior is quite presentable as well. All of the gauges work, and the car starts right up, runs well, stops well, and shifts well. One of just a couple, at best, known to exist-this car represents a rare opportunity to acquire a turnkey Parade Car just in time for next years Centennial of the Marque, which will see Stutz featured at most Major Concours. Asking $75,000,00 ‌ Offers Encouraged! Contact Shawn Miller at 800-837-9902 Over 30 photos on line at www.

For Sale STUTZ exhaust manifolds (new). Suits KDH model. 4 cylinder model with detachable head. This manifold exits from the front of the motor. Price $470.00 Australian Dollars each. Please note this is cost only of the pattern and casting; 10 only have been made. Machining and packaging no charge to members. Air freight from Australia is about $212.00.(Aussie). This is to be confirmed. Weight is 12 Kilograms or 26.5 Lbs. Note that Air freight maximun weight is 20 Kg. or by sea. If you are still interested contact me direct at inline-brolgaptyltd@bigpond. -- I will contact members that I do have the addresses for. Best Regards, Fred Edwards, Manager - Inline Brolga Pty. Ltd.

For Sale Ed’s Note: Also see notice of cars for sale on pages 18 and 19.

Shawn Miller, 626 N Park Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204 800-837-9902/ 317-6369900/ 317-686-6384 FAX


This was the Pace Car for the 1912 Indy 500 Mile Race. Ed.