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Vol. XXIII No. 92 (April - June 2010) The Stutz Club, Inc. William J. Greer, Editor 7400 Lantern Road Indianapolis, IN 46256

Indianapolis, IN

Permit #418



The Classic Car Club of America Museum (CCCAM)’s Concours d’Elegance, THE EXPERIENCE, will feature Indiana built cars the first weekend of June 2011. Stutz Club members are encouraged to participate in this event as part of our Centennial Celebration of Stutz.

See page 25 for update on the Stutz Centennial Celebration in Indianapolis over Father’s Day weekend, June 2011.


Stutz will be the featured marque at Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance in mid August 2011 See page 26 for information on Hershey 2010 in early October.

Table of Contents Vol. XXIII No. 92 (April - June 2010) Editorial Comments..............................................................2 Collectible Automotive article............................................3 Clippings of Note ............................................................... 15 Centerfold ............................................................................ 16 The Theo Doon Photo Album ......................................... 18 Stutz for Sale ........................................................................ 21

Stutz (1911-1937)

Clippings of Note ............................................................... 24 Stutz Centennial Update................................................... 25 Membership Report ........................................................... 26 In Memoriam ....................................................................... 27 Letters to the Editor ........................................................... 28 Classifieds ............................................................................. 31

Harry Clayton Stutz (1876-1930)

Editorial Comments In the fall of 2009 your editor was contacted by Mr. Jack Stewart of Publications International, Ltd. in regards to an article he was preparing on Stutz Bearcats for Collectible Automobile. On November 29, 2009 we provided Mr. Stewart with a number of photos and items he had requested on November 24. Additional material was forwarded on January 10, 2010. On January 21, 2010 Mr. Stewart informed that his Bearcat story would be published in the June 10, 2010 issue of Collectible Automobile. What a pleasure it was to receive a copy of that issue and to read Mr. Stewart’s excellent article.

7373 North Cicero Avenue, Lincolnwood, Illinois 60712 847-676-3470 fax: 847-676-3671

Permission to reprint is given in the following two letters. We wish to thank Mr. Peiler for his kind generosity in giving Stutz Club members a nice discount off cover price.


Stutz News/April - June 2010


Stutz News/April - June 2010

Vol. XXIII No. 92

April - June 2010

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Stutz News/April - June 2010



Stutz News/April - June 2010



Stutz News/April - June 2010



Stutz News/April - June 2010

Clippings of Note

contributed by member Larry Nicklin



Stutz News/April - June 2010

“Centerfold” goes with letter of March 29, 2010 and comments by Paul Vaughn, restorer of the 1920 Stutz Bearcat - see page 28


The Theo Doon Photo Album

Theo Doon of Indianapolis, Indiana Stutz Service Station in Paris in 1928 As promised in the last issue on page 14, Theo Doon now takes us via his camera, to Paris, France and on to Le Mans for the 24-hour race held June 1928. Stutz Racer #1 was able to take second place at LeMans

with an average speed of 106 mph, highest ranking of an American car until 1966. The Stutz finished the race in second gear as the high speed third gear failed.

Two 1927 Stutz Conv. Coupes flank a 1927 Black Hawk Boattail Speedster in Paris in 1928

Part of the Chrysler racing team, Le Mans, 1928


Stutz News/April - June 2010


Inside the Stutz booth at Le Mans, 1928

Stutz #1 in front of Commissaries. Can you identify the driver?

Close-up of Stutz booth, Le Mans, 1928 Can you identify the fellow in greasy white coveralls?

1928 Stutz Black Hawk #1 in the garage. Who are the gentlemen in the photo?


Stutz News/April - June 2010

At speed during the race. Note the crowd behind the fence.

Stutz #1 on the race track during the 1928 Le Mans race

According to Cyril Posthumus’ “30 Years of American Cars at Le Mans,” Road & Track Jan. 1961 only one Stutz Black Hawk , owned by M. Charles Weymann and prepared by Gil Anderson, ran the 1928 race driven by Robert Block and Edouard Brisson. Perhaps the Black Hawk practiced as No. 14. Ed.

Stutz #1 at speed by the Stutz booth at Le Mans

Clippings of Note - Stutz for Sale


From: Stan Lucas (No. 432)

Ed’s Note: We had intended to reprint this two page Greetings in the previous issue No. 91. Mr. Lucas now has four (4) early Stutz in his collection including the 1913 6 cyl. and 1914 4 cyl. Bearcats.


Stutz News/April - June 2010


Clippings of Note 24

Stutz News/April - June 2010


ʺÁÈ@Èׇœ’k —k×ÈY@ÁÊ Pk‡Š—cÈÁYk—kÁÈ@ÊÈ/ 1ª¤ Ñpp¤ C¤g ª¤ ѐ}}¤¿ 4pÜ ÑpCÕª¤ÕÜ }ªÑÜ ßp gp¹Cя

C¤„pÜ Ñp„¤ÕÜ ðß¤Ü ߍp ßèÑpÕÜ ïCÑòdÜ ÕCg p™Õ˜èÕdÜ ðª ™pCgpÑՍ¹ ª} ¤gC¤C¹ª™Õ gp]™¤pgÜ ßª ]ªŸŸp¤ßÜ ª¤Ü Õ¹p ]}] ]C¤„pÕÜSp]CèÕpÜߍpòܐ¤ !ªßªÑÜ2¹ppgðCòÜ ªÑ¹¿ ѪŸ p}} p™Õ˜èÕÜÑp¹™C]¤„ 滋ïp ¹pÑÕª¤¤p™ ŸCßßpÑÕ¿Ü p 4ª¤òÜ pªÑ„p CÕÜ ]p} pñp]è ]ª¤]pgpgÜ ßCßÜ Ÿè] ª} ßÜ ¤ ߐïp ª}}]pÑÜ ª}Ü ßp 號C¤ 滋ïpg CÜ ß„ßp¤¤„ ª}Ü ßp } pªÑ„p }CŸ™òÎÕÜ ŸªßªÑÜ Õ¹ªÑßÕ ¤C¤]C™ Sp™ß¿ Ë4pÑpÎÕ ¤ª gp¤ò¤„ ª¹pÑCߐª¤Ü ߪ 1C¤gò ðpÎïp pñ¹pѐp¤]pg C pѤCÑgÜ ßC˜¤„ ]ª¤ ™ªßܪ} ]C¤„pdÌ܍pÜÕCg¿ ßѪ™ ª}Üߍp öªg ¤gò ËßÎÕÜ C ¹Ñª]pÕÕÜ ðpÎïp

CÑÜ2pѐpÕÜC¤gÜߍpÜÑp „ª¤pÜ ßÑªè„d SèßÜ ðp Ր„¤Cߐª¤ÕÜ ª} ªp }pp™Ü ðpÎÑpÜ ðp™™¹ªÕ

ßðªªg C¤g Cя ߐª¤pg }ªÑÜߍp }èßèÑp¿Ì ™p !ªÑ„C¤dÜ ßp ¤g p™Õ˜èÕÜ ™pCgÕÜ ßp C¤C¹ª™ÕSCÕpg ]ªŸ ŸªßªÑÜ Õ¹ªÑßÕÜ Õgp ª} ¹C¤òÜ CÕÜ C ¤pðÜ ™ªª˜ ߍp ]ªŸ¹C¤òdÜ ðªÑ˜¤„ }ªÑÜ ßÕÜ ¤gC¤C¹ª™Õ jww jÁÐÁ †?ÁÈNjWœ”j ¤ ¹ªÕßª¤ÕܹÑpèՙò øø¿ p™g SòÜ pªÑ„p C¤g

ßðªªgÜ ðCÕ Ê†j # œw


èÑß ¹ÑpՐgp¤ßÜ C¤g ]p} —a‰?—?¨œ‰Á ߪª˜ ª¹pÑCߐ¤„ ª}}]pÑÜ ª} œÊœ¾È.¨jjaˆ ѐ„ßª¤Ü pªÑ„pÎÕÜ Ñª™p CÕÜ ¹ÑpՐ ߍp 2¹ppgðCòÜ Sp}ªÑp ×?ÙÈ œ¾¨­ gp¤ßÜ C¤g ]p} pñp]è ßC˜¤„ C ¹ªÕßª¤ Cß ßïp ª}}]pÑÜ ª} 4pÑÑp ¤ßpѤCߐª¤C™ 2¹ppg CèßpSCÕpg 號C¤ ðCòÜ ªÑ¹¿ØÜ !ªÑ„C¤ J ªŸ¹C¤ò¿ p™gÜ ßpÜ ÕCŸp ¹ªÕ !p™ CÑgpÑdÜ ßp ߐª¤ÕÜ CßÜ !2 /Ѫgè] Õp¤ªÑÜ ï]p ¹ÑpՐgp¤ß ߐª¤ÕÜ Sp}ªÑp —ª¤¤„ ª} ª¹pÑCߐª¤Õd CÕ ŸŸÕÜ ªŸŸè¤]C ßC˜p¤ ª¤ C¤ pñ¹C¤gpg ߐª¤Õ¿ Ѫ™p¿ ™Õª g}}pÑp¤ßÜ Õ 1ª¤gC <¤ßpÑÜ Sp pªÑ„pÎÕ CSÕp¤]p ?¾‰ А”?— ]CŸp ]p} ¤}ªÑŸC }ѪŸÜ ߍp SªCÑg ª} g jœ¾~j ‰Á ߐª¤ ª}}]pÑÜ gèѐ¤„Ü ߍp Ñp]ߪÑÕ¿Ü pÜ ÑpՐ„¤pg W†?‰¾×œ”?— œwÈʆj . ð¤ßpÑÜ C¤g !Cј ™™ ¤ C¤èCÑò¿

œ¾¨­ Nœ?¾a œw Sp]CŸpÜߍpÜï]p ¹ÑpՐ pªÑ„pÎÕÜ ÕÕßpÑÕÜ w gp¤ßÜ ª} ŸCјpߐ¤„ C¤g ªÕpd CߍòÜ C¤g a‰¾jWʜ¾Á­ ¹èS™]Ü Ñp™Cߐª¤ÕÜ ¤ "C¤]òÜ wÜ ÑpŸC¤ ª¤ ߍp SªCÑg C™ª¤„Üðß CßߪѤpò !CÑ]¿ 1ªSSòÜ Ñpp¤p ÕÜ CÕÕ蟐¤„ C]˜ 2¤ògpÑ¿ !Cѐ 號C¤ ŸªÕß ª} ªÑgª¤ÎÕ gèߐpÕÜ Cß pªÑ„p ÕÜߍp ]CÑðªŸC¤¿ ¤ ª}}]C™Ü ßèѤªïpÑÜ ßC™™ò !2 /Ѫgè]ߐª¤Õ¿ !ªÑ„C¤ÎÕ CÕÜ ¤ªßÜ Spp¤Ü Ñp™pCÕpg SòÜ ßp ¹ªÕßª¤ÜðCÕܤªßÜ}™™pg¿ Ÿª¤„ ŸpŸSpÑÕÜ ª}Ü ßp ªÑ„C¤öCߐª¤d SèßÜ CŸª¤„ ™pCgpÑՍ¹ ¹ªÕßª¤ÕdÜߍp ¤èŸ 號C¤pªÑ„p }CŸ™òd Cя SpÑÜpñ]ppgÕÜøܹpª¹™pd ¤]™èg Ѫg ѐՐ™ª}}d ª™gpÕßÜÕª¤ ª} ª ¤„ ŸC¤òÜ Õp¤ªÑÜ ÕßC}} ŸpŸ Րp pªÑ„pd Õܪ¤ÜߍpÜѐÕp¿Üp Õ ]èÑÑp¤ß™òÜ ßp gÑp]ߪÑÜ ª} ¤pð SpÑÕ¿ Ÿª¤„ÜߍpŸc CèÑC pªÑ„p ŸpgC C¤g ]ª¤ÕèŸpÑÜ ÕßÑCߏ »!2Ü ÕßC}} CgïÕpѼd ѐC¤ p„pÕ¿ 4ª¤òÜpªÑ„p Ñ¿ ÕÜߍp ŸC¤ ªÑgª¤ »!2 /Ѫgè]ߐª¤ÕÜpñ p]èߐïp ¹Ñªgè]pѼd ÑÕ C„pÑÜ ª} SèՐ¤pÕÕÜ gpïp™ª¹Ÿp¤ß 2]ðCÑßöÜ»!2Üï]p ¹ÑpՐgp¤ß }ªÑÜ ßp ÑpÕߪ¤p ¤gòÜ „ßÕ ª} ŸCјpߐ¤„¼d 1C¤gòÜ ™Cј ÕpѐpÕ¿ ÕÜ pŸ¹CՐÕÜ ÕÜ ßp »!2 gÑp]ߪÑܪ} }ªªg C¤g Spï 1ÎÕÜË1ªCgÜߪ ¤gòÌ ¹Ñª„ÑCŸ¿ pÑC„p¼ C¤gÜ ßp gÑp]ߪÑÕÜ ª} Š ? .Ê?¾È¾j¨œ¾Êj¾È оÊÈ ?։— ?Ê !2 C¤g 1 ¹èS™]ÜÑp™Cߐª¤Õd ªÌ£Å« |||ˆÆ|ߙ­ ÚÉ Ñ¾ËÉ @׊—


# #  . 1 / #.,­ ”œ—~È Ê†j ‰—a‰Ö‰aÐ?Á ׆œ ?ÁÊÈ Ùj?¾È †ja j?aj¾Á†‰¨ ¨œÁ‰Ê‰œ—Á ׉ʆ‰— —a‰?—?¨œ‰Á œÊœ¾È .¨jja×?ÙÈ œ¾¨­ ª×†‰W† ‰—WÐajÁÈ —a‰?—ˆ ?¨œ‰ÁÈ œÊœ¾È .¨jja×?Ù^ ʆj —aÙÈ -?W‰—~ j?~Ðj ?—a . +¾œaÐWʉœ—Á« ׆œ ?¾j —œ œ—~j¾È ׉ʆ ʆj Wœ”¨?—Ù] „ 0œ—ÙÈ jœ¾~j^ ¨¾jÁ‰ˆ aj—ÊÈ ?—a W†‰jw jØjWЈ ʉÖj œww‰Wj¾È œw .

œ¾¨­Ä „ ?о? jœ¾~j^ . ÁÊ?ww ?a։Áj¾Ä „ œ‰j †‰Êלœa^ ¨¾jÁ‰ˆ aj—ÊÈ ?—a W†‰jw œ¨j¾?ʈ ‰—~ œww‰Wj¾È œw .ÄÈ „ †?¾‰j œ¾~?—^ ¨¾jÁ‰ˆ aj—ÊÈ ?—a W†‰jw œ¨j¾?ʈ ‰—~ œww‰Wj¾È œw . +¾œˆ aÐWʉœ—ÁÄ „ †¾‰ÁÈ .W†×?¾ÊÝ^ . ։Wj ¨¾jÁ‰aj—ÊÈ œw ”?¾ˆ jʉ—~Ä „ ¾‰?— œ¾aœ—^ . +¾œaÐWʉœ—ÁÈ jØjWÐʉÖj ¨¾œaÐWj¾Ä „ -?—aÙÈ ?¾^ . a‰¾jWʜ¾È œw wœœa ?—a NjÖj¾?~jÄ „ œ†— ¾‰ww‰—^ -È Ö‰Wj ¨¾jÁ‰aj—ÊÈ œw ¨ÐN‰W ¾j?ʉœ—ÁÄÈ „ -œ— ¾jj—^ . a‰¾jWˆ ʜ¾È œw ¨ÐN‰WÈ ¾j?ʉœ—ÁÄÈ „ j—ÊÈ З~†Ð†—^ . a‰¾jWʜ¾È œw ”?¾jʉ—~Ä „ a jN?—W^ . a‰¾jWʜ¾È œw †Ð”?—È ¾jˆ ÁœÐ¾WjÁÄÈ „ œ¾‰? œÖœÊ—Ù^ . a‰¾jWʜ¾È œw NÐÁ‰—jÁÁ ?ww?‰¾ÁÄÈ „ 0œ—ÙÈ œÊ”?—^ - ։Wj ¨¾jÁ‰aj—ÊÈ œw Wœ”ˆ ¨jʉʉœ—ÄÈ „ ‰j #‰—~j¾^ - ”ja‰W? a‰¾jWʜ¾ÄÈ „ .†j¾¾‰ ?¾jÙ^ . W†‰jw —оÁjÄ „ ?Öj ¾œ×—^ - Á?wjÊÙÈ a‰¾jWʜ¾Ä „ jww .W†¾œjaj¾^ ¾‰Wˆ Ù?¾a ¾œÁÁ‰—~ ~œw ¨¾œ­

Clippings of Note As this clip from the May 28, 2010 issue of the INDY STAR indicates, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corp. is essentially under new management. This means that the Stutz Centennial Planning Committee consisting of George Holman, VP Programs; George Maley, Turner Woodard and your editor must renegotiate the Club’s participation in the IMS Corp’s plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. The Committee’s first meeting with Mark Dill, IMS’s VP Marketing and Public Relations, is scheduled to be held at 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 22, 2010. This meeting, the results of which will be too late to report in this issue, will concentrate on plans for a Concours d’ Elegance. We may find a special mailing necessary if there are any significant changes to the plans previously reported.


In Memoriam Charter and Founding Life Member Joseph Bernard Folladori (No. 29FL)

Joe enjoyed this rare 1925 Stutz Speedway Six Sportster now owned by member Fred Guyton (No. 163) of

St. Louis, MO. He served as the Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first Treasurer for several years. (Ed.)

Indianapolis Star, March 3, 2010


Letters to the Editor From: Evert VN Louwman Wassenaar, The Netherlands

From; Anthony Sanfilippo (No. 780) Germantown, TN

Date: February 4, 2010

Date: March 29, 2010

Thank you very much for your very kind letter of January 25, 2010. With great interest I have read the Stutz News, including the letter about Mr. Theo Doon of Dutch ancestry and his interesting photographs.

Dear Bill, I received your very kind welcome letter. Thank you. My auto is being restored. I’ve asked Paul Vaughn if he’d send to you the information you requested. All the best.

I don’t own a Stutz as you know but this is certainly a car that would fit very well in our collection.

Ed’s Note:

Warren may have told you that I am now working hard on our new museum which should open before this summer. The closer we get to that date, the more I realize that I have to be careful with any addition as there is simply not enough space to grow.

In a telephone call from Paul Vaughn who is restoring the 1920 Stutz Series H Bearcat now owned by member Anthony Sanfilippo (No. 780) your editor was informed as to the provenance of the Bearcat.

Then of course you can look around and consider a sale of any car to create a space, but that is the hardest thing as I feel that any car I have is important for the history and my collection. Your program for 2011 - celebrating Stutz’ 100th Anniversary - sounds wonderful and very tempting. I feel very honored to have received your invitation to join The Stutz Club but after careful consideration I have decided that I will not join for the time being, also due to lack of time. If you are planning a trip to The Netherlands, I would like to welcome you at the new Louwman Museum in The Hague. Please do not hesitate to let me know of any such plans. Again, thank you very much for your very kind invitation.


“We know the history of the ownership of this Bearcat (VIN #7171, Engine #7191) from the second owner in 1924 to present. During its career it was owned by famous singer James Melton and displayed in the Melton Museum in Norwalk, Connecticut. (See Centerfold pages 16 and 17 for PUROLATOR ad in The Saturday Evening Post, October 11, 1952) The Bearcat was acquired from Mr. Melton by Nelson Rockefeller and kept in his collection in Arkansas until Bill Harrah acquired it. It has been stated that the Bearcat was a favorite of Harrah and it was one of his collection that was kept and placed in the new museum in Reno, Nevada. The Bearcat remained there until it was acquired by Mr. Sanfilippo.” We hope to have photos of this Bearcat to show you when its ready to show. Also, we with to thank Anthony for his generous donation to the club. (Ed.)

Stutz News/April - June 2010

From: Len and Jan Harvey Auckland, New Zealand Date: April 15, 2010 This was in the April edition of the Auckland Veteran and Vintage Car Club “The Bulletin” magazine. You may wish to give the members a laugh

If my body was a car... If my body was a car, this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model. I’ve got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull. But that’s not the worst of it. My headlights are out of focus and its especially hard to see things up close. My traction is not as graceful as it once was. I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather. My whitewalls are stained with varicose veins. It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed. My fuel cost rate burns inefficiently. But here’s the worst of it. Almost every time I sneeze, cough and sputter... either my radiator leaks, or my exhaust backfires.

From: Torkil Storstein (No. 784) Oslo, Norway

I have recently studied your excellent Stutz book and learnt that the model H cars were originally equipped with engines where block and head were one casting. I guess a previous owner made the change to increase power. The engine also has Miller aluminum pistons with spherical tops. The crankshaft has got counter weights welded on. If you could comment on this, I would be very grateful. The seller told me that the car was in the USA until the 1980s, then brought to England and to Sweden in 1995. I bought it last year. Would it be possible to find out anything about the history of the car in the USA? The car has been painted red. I am however, not sure that the previous owner has picked the correct color. Do there exist colour codes for such old Stutz cars? Unfortunately I can not send you a picture of the car since it is in pieces for the time being. Thank you for sending me my first issue of Stutz News. I appreciated that very much and look forward to next issue. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Date: April 13, 2010

From: Victor Milke Queretaro, Mexico

Thank you very much for your nice letter of 3/22/10 welcoming me to the Stutz Club. I appreciate that highly. I bought my Stutz in pieces. Hopefully all the parts were received.

Date: May 10, 2010

The restoration is in progress. I now work on the engine and chassis. The main body is ready. You mentioned in your letter that my Stutz roadster model H probably was produced in 1920, not in 1919. My car has VIN No. H6337. The number stamped into the engine bottom frame is 6288. The engine has a detachable head.

I trust everything is well with you. I had wanted to send you some material for the Stutz News but could not get your email information until Mike Barry kindly sent it to me. I have to say the Stutz News is getting better every day. The last one I got is great! Best one I have seen so far. Great contents and nice to have so many pages and many of them in color. The pics I have are not very good quality, but perhaps they may be of some interest to you.


I have a friend whose grandfather was the Stutz distributor in Mexico. My friend only found a very few pics of Stutzes among his family members and I will be posting them here. Here is my favorite one. It is a 1926 or 27 Stutz crossing a river, apparently an AA phaeton, being pulled by a bunch of horses and horsemen with sombreros somewhere in rural Mexico. - Victor

In 1928, a famous sportsman and racer in Mexico, Miguel Abed, won a race in his 1927 Phaeton, from Mexico city to Puebla, in a time that I wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even do today! Here are the pics from that event.

By the way, the Stutz newspaper mentioned also that in 1928 for the first time, the newspaper was read in the port of Acapulco on the same day that it was printed, and it was taken there precisely by the same Miguel Abed in the same car. (Right) Probably also in Puebla, and after the same race... promotion time! The sign says: The Stutz Blackhawk, The king of American race tracks. The picture from the front states the speed as being 170 kilometers per hour (I have difficulty in getting my car to 100), which would translate to 100 miles per hour. Difficult to believe, isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it? 30

Stutz News/April - June 2010

I ended up posting the pics I wanted to send you in the Stutz forum, and if you haventâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; seen them, perhaps you would be interested to take a look. I can send you the files if you wish. Best regards from Mexico,

For Sale

Victor Milke (follow link above for more photos) The Club and the editors aim to publish accurate information and recommendations, but neither assumes responsibility in the event of claim of loss or damage resulting from publication of editorial or advertising matter. Statements of contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect Club policy.


Stutz Vertical eight intake manifold professionally welded

$150 Stutz Vertical Eight axle shaft complete

$150 Barney Pollard 48215 West Road Wixom, MI 48393 (248) 762-0350

For Sale SV-16 NOS distributor cap and rotor, in original box

$640 plus shipping SV-16 NOS distributor cap, no rotor, in box

$420 plus shipping Norman C. Oliver (No. 396) 5170 Lewiston Road Lewiston, New York 14092 Telephone: 716-870-6937

WANTED My model MB supercharged Derham Stutz is getting close to completion and I find that I need a proper lens for one headlight. The one we got from the guy I sold it to and bought it back from (40 years later) was not the original but the Kissel varient without the distinctive ridge at the top. I also need a three-speed transmission for our â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;32 DV convertible sedan. Bill Snyder Cell: 904-023-0533


Charter Member 32 David Cheever (No. 243) in his 1922 Stutz KLDH Roadster. Cheever died 3/24/1997 - Photo donated on 1/22/2010 by Tom Saal

Stutz News/April - June 2010

Stutz News #92  

Official quarterly publication of The Stutz Club

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