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Vol. XXIV No. 100


April - June 2012

Celebrating the 100th issue of Stutz News Celebrating the 100th issue of Stutz News

1929 Stutz M Boattail Speedster Weymann

Stutz (1911-1937)

Harry Clayton Stutz (1876-1930)

Simeone Museum: Stutz Demo Day by Ron Seiber (No. 0812)

curator at the Lars Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, The cold flurries and blustery winds didn’t prevent Massachusetts, discussed technical aspects of the cars. about 250 enthusiasts representing several car clubs from Evin himself owns a Black Hawk Speedster. attending Dr. Fred Simeone’s Demonstration Day on SatAfter this, the group went outside to witness Dr. urday, February 25. Featured on this occasion were four Simeone and an assistant drive two of his charges. All of racing Stutzes from his collection: the cars in the collection are maintained in ready-to-run condition; each has a race history, and some even have • a 1916 Stutz Bearcat; original patina adorning them! • a 1927 Stutz Black Hawk; True to their reputation, the Stutzes fired right up • a 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Speedster; and ran strong. The appreciative crowd munched on hot dogs and reveled at the sight of antique iron showing off • and a 1929 Stutz Supercharged Le Mans. their stuff. After this they strolled throughout the exhibits Dr. Simeone circulated among the group and spoke of racing cars in the 100,000 square foot building, which at length about their racing history and contribution to is located close to the Philadelphia Airport. As on this the sport. In addition to Dr. Simeone’s talk, Evin Ide,

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One Of A.K. Miller’s Collection Reappears............5

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Amelia Island 2012..............................................10

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Stutz News/April - June 2012

day, the permanent collection also hosted a visiting exhibit of British racing cars from the 1920s-1940s. Dr. Simeone’s vision is to present original race-winning cars in their environment, and the static dioramas serve to augment the beauty of a wide range of racecars in his collection. In addition, he regularly exercises his steeds in a series of theme-oriented Demonstration Days throughout the year. The schedule regarding these and other events can be found at the Museum’s web site: All in all, it was a great day for Stutz enthusiasts at the Simeone Foundation Museum!

Top: 1913 Stutz Bearcat at speed Middle: Two Bearcats - 1913 Stutz Bearcat and 1929 Stutz Black Hawk LeMans Speedster Left: 1929 Stutz Supercharged LeMans Below: 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Speedster


Stutz News/April - June 2012

February 2012 * Year 59 * Number 2

The Official Monthly Publication of Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts by The Vermont Antique Automobile Society. (

Avery Hall Resurrects an A.K. Miller

HCS Page 6

2]... We are Coming to the Edge of the Drawing Board

Olney’s “No To Mow” Kennedy Miller Collec- 7]...Gary Engine are enjoyed byLawns new owners and Part most2have been tion and its auction by Christies in September 1996 lives 8]… restored. WeGarage are pleased publishyour this article by Member Dave’s “WhytoChange Fluids?” on. Hard to believe event place almost 16 years R. Avery Hall (No. 471) on his resurrection of a very rare 4]...Nancy Olney (wifethat of Gary) “80took Days of Christmas” 5]…Gene Know” & cars the last his Fire 9]…Don ago. All ofFodor’s the 32 “Did Stutz,You the four HCS andofAK’s 1923 HCS 6 cyl. Mini Touring whichwith AK Gary enjoyed so much. Ed. Rayta’s Feature Irish (an important The saga ofread….) the Alexander

3]...VAE Monthly Meet **Silent Movie Matinee**

“attorney/witness” column.

6]...An Open letter to: our Libraries, Museums, Fellow Car

Clubs, Nursing Homes, High School Career Centers and Elderly Housing Complexes.


10]… Chris & Dell Are Back! 11]… The VAE in China? 15]...Somemore Yellow(ed) Pages

Attention Libraries, Museums, Career Centers, Nursing Homes. Etc……..Please read page 6

Stutz News/April - June 2012

One Of A.K. Miller’s Famous Collection Reappears by Avery Hall (No. 0471)

I decided to attend the now famous Christie’s Auction in East Orange in September 1996. I convinced Ross Anderson, a new acquaintance to go to East Orange on the day before the Auction to see the cars. After viewing the dust covered and neglected relics of another time we decided we would bid on at least one of the cars. I had met A.K.Miller back in the 1950s driving an HCS touring car and had visited him with John Hawkinson (Hawkeye) few years later. This early contact had introduced me to the HCS brand and to A.K. Miller’s personality which could only be described as odd. Due to my early contact with A. K. Miller and some further research I became most interested in the HCS cars. Since HCS cars were built by Harry Clayton Stutz, after he had lost the Stutz Motor Car Company in a stock takeover, they were now considered to be Stutzes. There were several HCS cars in the collection. There were of 3 or 4 four cylinder cars with wire wheels and one six cylinder car with disc wheels. It was very difficult to determine the condition of the over fifty cars in the short time available but we developed a list of cars that we felt might be within reason and how much we would bid. On the next day (Auction day) only I was able to attend the Auction so it became my responsibility to do the bidding.

One of A

Pictured at the auction in 1996

I decided to atten ber 1996. I convi the day before the one. After viewin we would bid on a driving an HCS to few years later. T Miller’s personali Due to my early most interested in (thus HCS), after were now conside

well as an autogiro. They lived very frugally even though There were several HCS cars in the Miller collection. There were 3 or 4 they considerable wealth! Occasionally would of the over fift dischad wheels. It was very difficult to determineA.K. the condition agree to sell a car but he would withhold a crucial partweforwould bid. On t cars that we felt might be within reason and how much it became my the responsibility to do the bidding. which he was only source! The auction was very well attended due to much publicity and the reputation of the Stutz nameand as well as the long standing We brought our prize several hundred dol- anticipation of the break-up of this most unusual collection. The bidding lars worth of Stutz ephemera home to Burlington in was brisk. I wastrailer successful with my bid for the the restoration. six cylinder HCS my and proceeded with A fewwhich was numbered lot #22. I made bids on a second HCS but was out bid to my years relief.after the purchase and initial work of restoration, I purchased Ross’s share of the car and the Imogene. A great deal of mystery surrounded A.Kcontinued Miller andwith his wife, They had moved fromsee East Orange, New Jersey to Eastwas Orange, restoration. One can from the photos that there Vermont in the lateyear forties, early fifties, them a huge plenty to do. Last at Stowe this carbringing receivedwith a first collection of Stutz cars and other significant cars as well as an autogiro. place in its class. This indicated that the restoration was a They lived very frugally even though they had considerable wealth! good one and A.K. a fitting tribute Clayton and Occasionally would agreetotoHarry sell a car but heStutz would withhold a tocrucial Alexander Kennedy aresource. currently looking part for which heMiller. was theWe only Wea brought our prize and hundredMidwest dollars of Stutz for replacement engineHCS block forseveral the 6 cylinder ephemera home to Burlington in my trailer and proceeded with the engine, with Bill Greer’s assistance. restoration. A few years after the purchase and the initial restoration, I The reason am looking forand an continued engine block that purchased Ross’sIshare of the car withisthe restoration. although engine the carthat ranthere fairly well last summer, One can the see from theinphotos was plenty to do. This year at we discovered thatthis it was to properly torque the restoraStowe Car Show car impossible received a first place indicating the cylinder head one which to lesstribute than proper comtion was a good andled a fitting to Harry Clayton Stutz and to Alexander pression in theKennedy fifth and Miller. sixth cylinders (due to leakage

The Auction was very well attended due to much publicity and the reputation of the Stutz name as well as the long standing anticipation of the break up of this most unusual collection. The bidding was brisk. I was successful with my bid for the six cylinder HCS which was numbered Lot #22. (HCS stands for HARRY CLAYbetween them). The head studs simply would not hold TON STUTZ). I bid on a second HCS but was out bid up to sufficient torque due to local failure in the engine to my relief at the time but now wish I had been sucblock.*****From the editor….An Open Note To cessful with that bid as well. A great deal of mystery surrounded A.K. Miller and his wife, Imogene. They had moved from East Orange New Jersey to East Orange Vermont in the late forties and early fifties, bringing with them a huge collection of Stutz cars and a number of other significant cars as


All Of O

The car itself has received substantial interest in the antique sphere both after the auction and since it has the non-pr “Thecar Vermont Antique Automobile Society”, been seen in its restored condition. haveWheel every intention has decided to sendI our Tracks monthly n enhancing our educational compon of seeing to it that it shallofrun again and continue to bring this little bit of history back.

So, if one of you Vermont Career Technical Stutz News/April - June 2012Centers or Mu

Or, If one of you Fellow Car Clubs, Elderly Ho

Avery Hall standing by the completed restoration of his rare 1923 HCS Series IV, Model 6 Touring Chassis.

The beautifully designed HCS chassis has a 126 inch wheelbase and is equipped with an 80 hp, 6 cyl. engine.

The completed, painted and upholstered 5-pass body is now ready for installation. 6

Stutz News/April - June 2012

The HCS Special Engine is equipped with an Adamson P. Brush head with inverted rocker assembly designed to provide larger valve opening.

This photo shows details of the cam follwer assembly

The outstanding, high quality design of the HCS engine compartment. Note the Eagle radiator ornament - the first such ornament used by Harry Stutz.


Stutz News/April - June 2012

It is rather unusual for American cars of this early 1920s period to be so nicely detailed. Note the special design of the exhaust manifold to preheat the bad gas of the period.


Stutz News/April - June 2012

Member R. Avery Hall’s 1923 HCS Series IV Model 6 Touring Serial No. 90327 at the Auto Shoppe in Burlington, Vermont. Note the fine German silver trim.


Stutz News/April - June 2012

Amelia Island 2012 by Carl Jensen (No. 438)

We also had a good showing of early cars with Harvey Carter’s great 1916 Bearcat. Winning the Amelia Amelia Island Concours is not only a fabulous event Award for Horseless Carriage (40+ Horsepower) was that brings in outstanding cars, it is quite frankly just a the 1912 Bearcat of Clem and Mary Lange. To get one nice escape from the Midwest in March! Bearcat at an event is real treat, but to see two out and about is really special. As a “younger” person in the old This year’s event included five wonder Stutz aucar hobby, it always sounds a bit odd to me when people tomobiles. It was the first time I was able to see the say that young people have no interest in early cars. So I Snyder’s Supercharged MB convertible coupe with its found it very interesting that when the awards were given beautiful new restoration. Also in representing the 1930’s out for The Hagerty Children’s Choice Award (cars that was the Desch’s 1932 SV16 and the Mitchell’s 1932 DV32 are voted on by children) when one of the three winners Bearcat which won Best in Class-American Classic Open was the Lange’s 1912 Bearcat! Clearly children of all ages (Pre 1933). are still captivated by a Bearcat.

1912 Stutz Bearcat Model A - displayed by Clement and Mary Lange (No. 811) - received Children’s Choice Award

1916 Stutz Series 4C Bearcat - an ex-AK Miller Stutz displayed by Harvey Carter (No. 772)


Stutz News/April - June 2012

1930 Stutz MB Supercharged Conv. Coupe Derham displayed by William L. and Christine Snyder (No. 273)

1932 Stutz SV16 Conv. Coupe displayed by Mark and Gloria Desch (No. 602)

1932 Stutz DV32 Bearcat Boattail Speedster displayed by Richard Mitchell (No. 764) awarded Best in Class American Classic Open/Pre 1933


Stutz News/April - June 2012

Rupp’s Revelations by John L. Rupp (No. 818)

We are very pleased to bring you this new column by John Rupp, a most enthusiastic Stutz historian who continues his vigorous search of information that will enhance our knowledge and appreciation of Stutz lore. John will begin with these four items of interest. From Machinists Monthly Journal, c. 1925, page 300 This notice on the Stutz-Bellanca Airplane Corp. points out that the joint venture was set up by Harry C. Stutz and Commercial Aircraft Co. of Bridgeport, Conn. not the Bellanca Corporation.

From MOTORAGE, January 1, 1914, page 86 This article on the Stutz Series 4E and 6E is interesting that the last paragraph states that Harry Stutz designed the electric cranking system built by the Remy company.


Stutz News/April - June 2012

Note that the taxi shown has a strong resemblance to the 1926 HCS Taxicab in photo, page 334 of The Splendid Stutz book. The Millspaugh & Irish Corporation was most likely the builder of Harry’s HCS Taxicab body. Later the company produced a few Black Hawk Boattail bodies for Stutz. Their factory was located at South LaSalle and English Ave. in Indianapolis

Stutz at Auction By your editor RM Auction of Milhous Collection, Feb. 24 – 25, 2012 at Boca Raton, Florida (from OLD CARS, April 12, 2012, page 17). 1932 Stutz DV-32 Conv. Coupe, formerly SV16 Coachwork in style of Rollston Cond 1 $475,000

14th Annual Amelia Island Auction, March 10, 2012 (from OLD CARS, April 26, 2012) 1920 Stutz H 7-pass touring Cond 3 $47,500


Dan Kruse Classics auctioned member Richard Burdick’s Collection on March 3, 2012 at his Central Texas Museum of Automotive History near Rosanky. A total of 98 cars were hammered sold for a total of $3,886,700 ($4,275,370 including 10% commission. No Stutz was listed in the sale. (from OLD CARS, April 26, 2012, pages 46-54.)

Member Pete Todo’s 1925 Stutz Speedway 6 Weymann Roadster will be auctioned by Mecum on June 16, 2012 by the Salmon Brothers Collection Auction in North Little Rock, Arkansas (from OLD CARS, May 2, 2012 page 18)

Stutz News/April - June 2012

Miss Daisy’s Drivin . . . By Aneice Lassiter I love to drive cars. Old cars. Cool cars. Classic Cars and sassy Brass cars. It was my great fortune to marry a man who loved them, too. When Bill found out I could double clutch, he said “She’s a keeper”. But seriously, there is something visceral about touring the countryside in a piece of iron art. People smile and wave. This is a connect that rarely happens with our modern vehicles, unless you’re in south Alabama--then everybody waves at you. “She Drives a Bentley”. That’s me! An eight-litre, a Speed Six and a 4-1/4. Each of these automobiles serves up its own subtle and oft-times not so subtle, nuances. Interestingly, they respond best to a gentle touch when shifting. One might think you have to rev that engine but I have found the power comes at the end . . . fourth gear and go! My first time driving the eight-litre Vanden Plas tourer was on a Colorado CARAvan. There was an embarrassing amount of gear crunching so I asked a fellow Bentley owner to drive our car to see if it was just me. He seemed to “crunch” a bit too so I didn’t feel so bad. It took a few tours but I now know how “Baby” likes to be


shifted. Bill thought it was disgraceful that I referred to an eight-litre Bentley as “Baby”. Then there’s “The Beast”. He is my 1929 Speed Six Bentley Vanden Plas tourer. I will be honest--I was somewhat intimidated by this magnificent car until we decided to take it on the 2008 Big Sky CARavan in Montana. What a ride! This car shifts like butter, performs beautifully at high speed and high altitude. Okay, I will admit parallel parking is not an option. Instead of “man handling” The Beast, I look for those “easy in/easy out” places to park. To round out the trio, there is my modern Bentley, the 1939 4-1/4 litre. I almost feel guilty referring to it as an antique. What a sweet ride. The advancement in automotive style and comfort over the ten years between my ‘29 and this ‘39 is amazing. Of course, the power from those earlier W.O. Bentleys is hard to compare. Although Bill and I have owned a variety of different Classics, two of my “other” favorites are the 1932 Stutz DV-32 phaeton and the 1929 Stutz M boattail speedster. The “Red Dragon” (the ‘32) has been on many

1931 Bentley 8-Litre Tourer, Vanden Plas - Harvey Johnson Photograph

Stutz News/April - June 2012

1939 Bentley 4-25 Litre Tourer Bobbie’dine Rodda photograph

CARavans. It rides like a limo and handles very smoothly. It’s a top-down car and allows for the most beautiful views. My sister Peggy and I took the 1929 M boattail on the Newfoundland CARavan last summer. It was a joy to “Cruise The Rock” in this powerful yet compliant transport. All the little kids liked her…the car, not my sister. I must confess that “wrenching” is not the reason I love old cars. I have been known to change a fuel filter, check spark plugs and oil, pump gas and I even bought a stethoscope to listen to the engines. I keep it in my tool box. I do not have a clue what I am hearing but I can discern that a sound just isn’t right. When that happens, there are always some great friends around who do love to wrench. For them, head under the hood is as much fun as hands on the wheel.

Probably the most unforgettable tour was the “Down Under” CARavan of 2001 which traveled through Maine. Bill and I drove the ‘32 Stutz on that tour. We left the hotel early on the morning of September 11. We had no radio and we never stopped until we arrived at Owls Head Museum. There were no people milling about, no talking, no sounds. We wandered into the museum confused as to what was happening. We found our group watching television in a large common room. I remember the stunned faces and the tears. It took several moments for us to realize what they were watching and what had happened that day. The decision to continue the tour was in some way comforting. We were with our friends and we were able to share the pain of that tragedy. It has been my good fortune to participate in a club that enables us to drive our old cars, to make friends who enhance our lives and to see the country in such an intimate way. No rollup windows for me.

I have participated in approximately 35 CARavans since 1985. There have been many memorable trips with the Pacific Northwest and Colorado tours standing out due to the stunning surroundings available in these regions.

1929 Bentley Speed Six Tourer, Vanden Plas 15

Stutz News/April - June 2012

I would recommend to all the ladies in our Club that you learn to drive their cars and share the joy with your husbands. I began driving full time only after Bill’s health made his driving difficult. My being able to “man” the wheel made it possible for us to continue a hobby that we both loved very much. There have been ladies before me-Lee Belf, Katie Robbins, Lou Bowersox, to name a few.

They were an inspiration to me. On one of our tours a local newspaper woman asked a group of us “What are you trying to prove?” Someone in our group answered, “They are cars, lady-we’re driving them.”

1929 Stutz M Boattail Speedster, Weymann

1932 Stutz DV-32 Phaeton, Rollston Ed Miller photograph


Stutz News/April - June 2012

Editorial Comments Your editor is indebted to Mr. Ronald Vershoor, Editor, the Classic Car Club of America, for his permission to reprint the article “Miss Daisy’s Drivin” by Aneice Lassiter, Stutz Club Charter member No. 70 from the Spring 2012 issue of The Classic Car pages 16 and 17, plus a number of other Stutz items from that issues as listed below.

Page 30: William Snyder (No. 273) 1930 Stutz MB Supercharged Conv. Coupe Derham 100 pts in Ohio Page 31 Ralph Marano’s (non-member) 1929 Stutz M Conv. Victoria Hibbard & Darrin 100 pts in Connecticut Page 36 Daniel Hanlon (No. 568) 1928 Stutz BB Conv. Coupe 1st Place, Canton, Ohio


Stutz News/April - June 2012

Page 40 CCCA Annual Meeting Grapevine Texas, January 7, 2012 Richard Mitchell (No. 764) 1932 Stutz DV-32 Bearcat Speedster Scored 100 pts in Premier Division

Page 41 Mitchell’s 1929 Stutz 8 M Supercharged Coupe, Lancefield took 1st place in Primary Division with 99.75 pts. Mr. Mitchell entered four other classics, each awarded a 1st place trophy 18

Stutz News/April - June 2012

Membership Report By Mike Barry V P Membership

New Members


Please join me in welcoming the following new members:

“100 YEARS OF STUTZ” #0839


D Gary Knapp

Bill Knight


1540 Laurel Hollow Rd

16602 W Avon N Townline Rd

Syosset NY 11791

Brodhead WI 53520

Business Phone: 631-692-6540

Home Phone: 608-897-8002

Fax: 631-692-5189 Home Phone: 516-367-4686


Cell Phone: 516-641-6217


Annual Stutz Dinner Thursday, Oct 11 at 7:00PM Cost $33 HOLIDAY INN Harrisburg East, 4751 Lindle Rd, Harrisburg PA 17111

Ken Embling


3190 East Ave

Home Phone: 585538-4506

We have secured a block of rooms at a rate of $119 per night double occupancy at: Wyndham Garden Hotel Harrisburg, 765 Eisenhower Blvd, Harrisburg PA 17111

Fax: 585-538-4026

Call 717-558-9500 and mention The Stutz Club for the reduced rate.


Caledonia NY 14423

Cell Phone: 585-269-8682 1927 Stutz Blackhawk Boat Tail Speedster

SPECIAL NOTICE! There will be NO “on the field” Meeting on Friday Oct 12, 2012

Engine# 86347 Vin# AA S8 70575


Stutz News/April - June 2012

Letters to the Editor

From: Rick Begg (No. 828), Australia Date: February 20, 2012 Thank you very much for your kind letter welcoming me to the Stutz Club. It is very heartening for the new members to be made to feel part of an organization that has a personal feel to it. l have only been fooling around with old cars for the last 10 years or so, after spending most of my energy before that heavily involved in motorcyclist, including vintage racing. This was basically because it is so much simpler to go fast on a bike than in a car. However, in my youth in the 50s & 60s I was exposed to old cars, as one was in those days, and vividly remembered a couple of Stutz that were parked near the university where l briefly studied, and so when l came to be involved in old cars in about 2002, the first car I investigated as a possible purchase was a lovely dual cowl phaeton Stutz owned by a man living in the southeast of Melbourne. I have forgotten his name, but will hopefully come across him at an event this year. I think that was about the time I ran across Hugh Guthrie on a rally driving from Melbourne to Canberra in his Bearcat. I then came across the Bronk Stutz when it was auctioned in 2007?, but was unsuccessful then. I had by then bought a 1926 Sunbeam Blithe Super Sport project, and when an exquisite 1926 35 hp Sunbeam coupe became available l bought that. I have long had a thing about straight 8s, having bought a 1946 Buick as a daily driver, so the Sunbeam, with a 5.4 litre straight 8 was a natural fit. Also in 2007 l decided that l should restore the Goggomobil Dart I had owned since 1976 in time for a rally to celebrate the 50 years since Goggos were imported into Australia in 1958. l just made it in time! I still wanted an open car, so I kept looking for a tourer like a


the Bronk Stutz, and eventually a 1927 Sunbeam 25hp 6 cyl became available. I bought that and drove it for a while until a nasty bottom end problem took it off the road last March. So when the Bronk Stutz appeared at auction again, l thought I should have another go at it; and here I am. I am thoroughly enjoying it, and look forward to many happy mikes. I discovered that one of the previous owners of my Sunbeam 3litre is also a Stutz club member, so have started correspondence with him; and I will write to Janet Bronk and see if l can get some history for my Stutz from her. I enclose some pictures of some of the cars in my collection, and look forward to getting over to the States and meeting some Stutz folk in person. I hope you will forgive the printed form of the letter; I’m afraid my handwriting is pretty bad at the best of times, and as I recently damaged my hand by having a wrestling bout with the drill press (the drill press won....) I felt it was best to type this up on magic Mac. Thanks again for your letter.

From: Jim Holland (No. 838), Bloomington, IN Date: March 2, 2012 Thank you for welcoming me to The Stutz Club. The membership directory arrived today also. My grandfather, Dr. D.J. Holland, owned 3 Stutz sedans consecutively. His cars were 1928, 1929, and 1931 models. They were used to make calls on patients in the Bloomington/ Bedford/Fort Rittner area of Southern Indiana.

continued on page 23...

Stutz News/April - June 2012

photos included with February 20, 2012 letter from Rick Begg

1926 Sunbeam 3 litre twin cam 6 cyl. 21

Stutz News/April - June 2012

continued from page 21...

My father rode with his father as he made calls in “the Stutz.” Many years later he told me about his experiences and some details about the cars. On one occasion the car got hung up on barbed wire. My dad was given the task of crawling under the car to free it. Granddad, thinking he was out from under, nearly ran him over. When the family took trips out west, Granddad would ask his passengers how many minutes it would take to catch & pass the cloud of dust up ahead. Granddad let his 2 oldest sons have the last Stutz to share. When it ran low on oil one time, contaminated oil was added. That ruined the engine. The car went to a wrecking yard. The metal was used for World War II.

As I became interested in cars, my dad told me about the Stutz cars he remembered. They were described as Weymann body sedans, with “leather’’ stretched over a wooden frame. I couldn’t imagine a car with a soft body. He said they had hydraulic brakes, dual overhead cams and could go 100 mph. In his day, top speed & hill climbing were more important than acceleration. Very recently I saw an ad in Hemmings for a 1930 Weymann bodied Stutz. The owner, Todd Warner, was gracious to let me see his car. It was great to see my first LIVE Stutz and hear it run! Very impressive. I look forward to learning more about the cars and club members’ stories. Thank you for volunteering to keep the legacy alive.

Although I knew my grandfather, the Stutz cars were gone by the time I came along.

From: Thomas Kinney (No. 392), Speedway, IN Date: April 9, 2012 I wrote this book review for the national National Indy 500 Collectors Club ( I thought it night be of interest to you and possibly the membership of the club. There are many photos of the Stutz Black Hawk Land Speed Record car in the book. There’s also a photo of Lockhart in a Stutz Black Hawk passenger car with Fred Moskovics standing alongside. A new book has just been published about Frank Lockhart, the greatest race driver of the 91 cubic inch era. FRANK LOCKHART American Speed King by Sarah Morgan-Wu & James O’Keefe tells the incredible story of the dirt track superstar, Indy 500 winner, intercooler inventor, closed-course record holder and Land Speed Record competitor.


The authors have done an dazing amount of original research, uncovering much new information about Lockhart, especially his early life and career. Where conflicting information exists, the authors present all sides and let the readers make up their own minds. The best part of the book is the huge photo section containing nearly 200 photos! They document Lockhart’s career from start to finish, plus the careers of his two Miller Indy cars and the Stutz Black Hawk engine, after his death. For the statistics freaks, there’s a quite comprehensive section documenting Lockhart’s racing records and career. Another fine feature is an extensive appendix containing Lockhart’s intercooler patent, a contemporary technical article (the best) about the Stutz Black Hawk Land Speed Record car, a parts and suppliers list for the Black Hawk, a letter from Firestone, Lockhart estate inventory, a statement from Stutz and selected family documents.

Stutz News/April - June 2012

It ls long overdue that someone should research and put out a complete book on Lockhart life and career. The authors should be very proud of their efforts. This is a book that should appeal to racing history buffs, Lockhart fans or anyone who might be interested in the up-till-now incomplete story of one of the great sports heroes of the twentieth century. Racemaker Press, Inc. 1.617.723.6533


From: Carl Jensen (No. 638), Vernon, WI Date: April 26, 2012 As previously mentioned, I recently purchased a fantastic new book “Frank Lockhart American Speed King” by Sarah Morgon-Wu & James O’Keefe. This is one of the latest in the great series of books from Racemaker Press. I would recommend all their books and have really enjoyed this one. The attached photo shows Fred Moskovics standing next to Frank Lockhart in the Stutz Speedster presented to him in August 1927. I thought it might be interesting to put this photo in the “STuTZ News” to see if anybody knows more about the photo, or the car, or where it is today.

Stutz News/April - June 2012

Please Note: In Stutz News No. 95, p. 7 this photo provided from family archives by member Mrs. Laura L. Butler (No. 550) was incorrectly identified as Harry C. Stutz at the wheel of a


1910 empire. According to member Layden Butler (No. 40) this is a 1911 Marion Model 30. By April 1911 Harry was busy assembling Stutz race car No. 10 for the first INDY 500. (Ed.)

Stutz News/April - June 2012

From: Max Triplett (No. 0139L), San Marcos, TX Date: May 13, 2012 On March 3, 2012, our good friend Richard (Dick) Burdick sold the Rosanky part of his great car collection. The auction was well-advertised by Dan Kruse of Dan Kruse Classics, San Antonio, Texas, and drew buyers from all over the country. Prices seemed strong and Dan Kruse did a good job of selling the over 500 lots on Saturday from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Dick however did not sell his beautiful 1929 Stutz Phaeton and he retained several Dusenbergs and a Tucker for his beautiful new car museum in San Marcos, Texas. Of particular interest to you might be the 1910 Empire “The Little Aristocrat� Sport-

Max Triplett, Richard Burdick and Dan Kruse

about Model 20. As you know Stutz worked for them at one time. It sold for $72500 sans buyer fee. I considered purchasing the Empire. I did buy a Stutz tools set with display stand and authentication letter a copy of which is enclosed along with the photo of tools. The letter is signed in blue ink and did not copy. Dick said that he had owned the tools for more than 30 years.


Stutz News/April - June 2012

From: Dan DiThomas #0739, Dublin, OH Date; April 17, 2012 The Untold Story of a 1917 New York to LA Journey in a STuTZ The above old photo is of Mr. Jesse L. Lasky in his STuTZ taken in Los Angeles, CA. This would just be another old photo of a STuTZ if it were not for the special journey made by Mr. Lasky in the STuTZ during the summer of 1917. The photo was taken in front of the Lasky Famous Players Company which in 1920 became a part of Paramount Pictures with Mr. Lasky as a co-founder. I was made aware of the STuTZ and its journey on 11/04/2011 when I received an email on behalf of Miss Betty Lasky, the daughter of Mr. Lasky, inquiring if anyone in the club knew of the Lasky STuTZ She was curious if the STuTZ may have survived. During follow-up


correspondence, I received the photograph of the Lasky STuTZ and Miss Lasky indicated that there are letters and post cards that her father wrote to her mother during the journey archived in the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Science Margaret Herrick Library. I became curious about the journey and after some internet research found an article in the June 23, 1917 Kingman AZ newspaper reporting that Jesse Lasky spent a few days in Kingman when his STuTZ race car broke down on his journey from New York to LA. The article title is Kingman Real Town Declares Big Movie King. You can read the article at http://chroniclingamerica.loc. gov/lccn/sn84024828/1917-0623/ed-1/seq-1/ If anyone has information on the STuTZ or the journey, please let me know.

Stutz News/April - June 2012


Stutz News/April - June 2012

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FOR SALE Our Stutz had all the spectacles of the perfect Blackhawk. Fur carpeting, open-sesame trunk door, luxurious seating, ultra-ivory paint, gold-trimmed instruments/steering wheel/shifting lever, magnificent burled wood paneling, chrome everything under the hood, gorgeous. She was registered as a 1972 but her numbers depict 1971. We bought her in 1997 from the original owner Frank Petrilli. My husband passed away on January 4th, and now I’m looking for a special individual to adopt her. Open to serious offers, please call B. Hilton at 702-384-4196.

Stutz News/April - June 2012

FOR SALE • 1930 Stutz Versailles, Weymann Body • Chapron 4 Door Sedan, 35K miles. • Regular Driver. • Milwaukee Masterpiece 2nd place 2007. • Vin#36227 Engine # M83650195 • 1 of 6, three known, full classic. F. Todd Warner (952) 495-0007 $165K/offers/trade


Stutz News/April - June 2012

FOR SALE HCS 1921 5-pass. touring, white w/black fenders, correct Weidley 4-cyl. OHV engine. AACA Senior First. Multiple awards. Freshened for 2011 Pebble Beach. Built by Harry C Stutz. An HCS Special won the 1923 Indi 500. Best example out of 24 remaining. $75,000. Trades considered. Wendell Joost, CA (707) 869-9507 Wendell Joost PO Box 14 Guerneville, CA 95446

(707) 869-9507

BOOK ORDER FORM - The Splendid Stutz, collected and edited by the Stutz Club The definitive history of Harry Clayton Stutz and the cars produced under his leadership. This comprehensive hardbound book is full of stories, photographs and illustrations that tell the story of the most exciting and innovative times in automotive history. 392 10 1/2� x 8 1/2� pages- over 500 illustrations. This book has received the Society of Automotive Historians 1997 Cugnot Award as the best book on automotive history published during that year. To : Order Department, The Stutz Club, Inc., 583 Main Street, Wilbraham, MA 01095 Please send me________copies of The Splendid Stutz. Enclosed is a check for $69.95 plus shipping and handling for each copy. (US Shipping: $11/ Mexico & Canada: $26 All other countries: $42) Name:____________________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________State______________Zip_____________________ Phone: _________________________________________Email:_____________________________________


Stutz News/April - June 2012


1929 Stutz Model M Dual Cowl Phaeton, 44,000 miles, this magnificent car was an award winner at the 2011 Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance, it has the long 134 ½ inch wheelbase, beautiful Red body with Burgundy fenders, excellent black leather interior, tan canvas top, 20 inch Buffalo chrome wire wheels, dual side mounts, 322 cu in overhead cam straight eight producing 115 HP, with twin ignition, and a 4-speed transmission,

absolutely gorgeous, extremely rare, and drives great! $195,000 OBO Please visit for detailed pictures and call Carlo Connors (Stutz Club Member #0769) at 610-505-8612 for more information. West Chester, PA

FOR SALE l’ve come to the stage in my life where l realize I must dispose of some of my prized possessions. I would appreciate it if you let our members know I have a 1919 Model G Stutz 6 passenger touring for sale. This car has 39,603 original miles on it. It is partially restored at this time. It is a very complete car that should be preserved as a touring. The chassis has the correct original Rudge-Whitworth wire wheels with original hubcaps, new tires and tubes and painted. Most of the metal work has been done. It has all of the original gauges and body tags, wiring etc. l have many photos of this car as found. If someone is interested in the car please have them contact me. They really need to see the car as it is currently. l’m asking $49,000. for it. I also will be selling my 1913 Hotchkiss type AD roadster and my 1904 Haynes- Apperson rear entrance touring. Any help on advertising them is appreciated. Carl R. Leonard Loveland, CO 970-231-9312 cell 970-663-7842


Stutz News/April - June 2012

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1932 Stutz DV-32 Phaeton, Rollston (read about the “Red Dragon” on page 14)

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Stutz News 100  

The official quarterly publication of The Stutz Club. Stutz News is a benefit of membership and is mailed to members worldwide

Stutz News 100  

The official quarterly publication of The Stutz Club. Stutz News is a benefit of membership and is mailed to members worldwide