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Vol. XVIII No. 78 (October - December 2006) The Stutz Club, Inc. William J. Greer, Editor 7400 Lantern Road

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Plan now to participate in the 3rd annual Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance to be held on August 24 - 26, 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stutz will be the featured marque and they will look spectacular on Lake Michigan waterfront near the Milwaukee Art Center. See page 17 for details.

The 2007 Grand Stutz will be coordinated by Mike Berry and Jason Gehring. A four-day meet is being planned in Northern Ohio which will include participation in “The Gathering” Concours in September 2007. Details later.

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Vol. XVIII No. 78 (October - December 2006)

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2006 Hershey Get-Together .......... 10

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Stutz (1911-1937)



Stutz News/October - December 2006

Vol. XVIII No. 78

October - December 2006

Carolyn and I enjoyed the Open House at Capitol View Professional Centre, originally home to Harry’s HSC Motor Car Co where our 1923 HCS Model 6 Touring was produced. The renovation produced a very attractive professional building and the floors one and two will soon be leased. Two very nice Stutz displays were mounted on two walls of the first floor entrance lobby near the two new elevators.

Stutz News/October - December 2006


Friend of Automotive History Award To Bobbie ‘dine Rodda October 6, 2006 Comments of Robert R Ebert The Society of Automotive Historians exists for the purpose of promoting the study of the history of automobiles, motor vehicles in general, and the companies that produced them. Therefore, in a sense, we are all “friends of automotive history.” But, there are those involved in automotive history who have made very special contributions to the hobby and to the study of an industry that in many ways has defined the development of society for over a century. Bobbie’dine Rodda is just such a person.

For more than 40 years, Bobbie’dine Rodda has been a roving ambassador for the automotive hobby in general, with specific interest in celebrating automotive history. She began her activities in the early sports car movement in Southern California, thanks to the involvement of her father. As early as the 1950s and 1960s Bobbie’dine provided a treasure trove of information about potential participants and/or exhibitors varying automotive events that she had developed into a card file. As a consequence, almost all of the major concours d’elegance and other leading auto shows in Southern California through the 1980s were based on her information. Her support of automotive events was reinforced through the use of another of her hobbies, that of photography. She often took dozens of rolls of film each weekend as she attended four of five different automotive related events. In between events, she coded the prints, and sent off duplicate copies to owners of the cars. Automotive publications soon were requesting copies of her work, which she willingly supplied, along with a report of each automotive event she attended. Within a very short time, Bobbie’dine’s photos and reports were found in three or more periodicals. The accumulated photos have been used in a number of prize winning books. They have value not only in tracing automotive trends and the ownership of vehicles, but also as a significant historical record. For her untiring efforts on behalf of automotive history and for her spirit of inquiry and helpfulness that selves as an inspiration to us all. It is my privilege and pleasure to present Bobbie’dine Rodda with the Society of Automotive Historians 2006 Friend of Automotive History Award.

Ed’s Note: The Stutz Club is very proud of Honorary Member Bobbie ‘dine (No. 8014H) who has made significant contributions to the Club over many years. 4

Stutz News/October - December 2006

Federation Picnic Marong, Victoria, Australia 27 August 2006 by Janet Bronk (#350) Today my brother and I went to a major car meeting, it was the Federation Picnic at Marone (near Bendigo) in Victoria . My brother belongs to the Castlemaine Historic Vehicles Club (cars over 25 year old) with his MG TF 1500, 1956 and they went as a group. It was quite cold and draughty but excellent fun in the MG. He took the car, I took the food, his wife went down to Melbourne to see a stage show “Camelot” with her friends hence the invite.

There were 900 plus vehicles, what we call veteran – up to 1919 (a few) vintage 1919-1930 (a lot) and classics 1930 on wards. And to my sheer delight (being an unofficial “PR” for the Stutz Club.) Five Stutz and all the owners were well known to me and vice versa. Mr. Doug Ferguson of Box 28, Dartmoor Victoria 3304 Australia was in the original Stutz

Stutz News/October - December 2006

Club back in the 1960s when I had my first Stutz and gave me the photograph of the four Stutz that he has restored. (This photo will be published in a later issue. Ed.) Doug Ferguson knows the last Stutz I wrote to you about plus Trevor Smith with the Burgundy, David Dayton with the blue, Colin Gilmore of Mt. Gambier in South Australia with the black then I met up with Bill Orde of Ravenswood Victoria, his son, wife and children were in his Stutz, he had his Bentley to enjoy – so I couldn’t get any new members but tried very very hard for the Club. I will send this letter when I get the photographs developed but had to write all this down before I was side tracked into every day living once again. By the way, not one Auburn was there, mine would have drawn a lot of attention because of it being big, red with black mud guards and tan hood but it is in Queensland and I am down here with a small (normal) size garage that my 4WD Nissan Patrol barely squeezes into here in Castlemaine, Victoria..

(more photos on page 6...) 5

Two views of the 1930 Stutz MB Burgundy Sedan Doug Ferguson restored for Trevor and Lynette Smith (left) and the 1929 Stutz M Sedan (right in yellow). Sorry can’t read the sign in the window.)


Stutz News/October - December 2006

Davie Payton’s 1928 Stutz BB 5 pass. Speedster (Blue) and Colin Gilmore’s Black 1928(?) Speedster. Bill Orde’s red 1924/5 Model 694/695 Touring and his Bentley

Stutz News/October - December 2006


This article which appeared in the October 2, 2006 issue of AUTOWEEK, p. 19 was submitted by charter and life member Larry Nicklin (#28L). Thanks Larry! The featured car is the original 1926 Stutz AA Victoria Coupe owned by charter member Jean M. Gorjot (#75) of Harrisburg, PA only two of three 1926 Victorias are known to have survived.


Stutz News/October - December 2006

Stutz Happenings By your editor At CCCA Grand Classics: June 3, 2006 at CCCA Museum, Hickory Corners, MI Member Edward P. Schoenthaler (No. 613) entered his 1930 Stutz MB Cabriolet and it scored 100 points in the 1930-32 Custom Primary Division.

10% comm. (See No. 77 p. 29). Member Tony Carroll (No. 8021) advised Ed. On November 3, 2006 that this is not Robert Reed’s car. 1916 Stutz 4 C Bearcat S/N 4C4127 (Cond. #2), found in Cuba in 1980s brought $275,000 (10% comm. Included). This is exmember Reed’s Stutz.

July 8, 2006 at Wisconsin, Lake Geneva Ed’s 1930 Stutz garnered 100 points in the Senior Division Carl Jensen (No. 638) exhibited his 1930 Stutz M LeBaron Speedster

Meadow Brook

1929 Stutz M Lancefield Supercharged coupe Concours cond #1 (S/N 31312 Black with Maroon Leather Hammered sold at $650,000 Final price $715,000 with 10% commission.

Tim Achenbach entered his 1927 Stutz AA 2pass Boattail Speedster

Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach Auction on 8-20-2006

At Concours d’Elegance Indianapolis Grand Prix Bill Greer (No. 93F) exhibited his 1926 Stutz AA R/S Coupe

The ex-Skip Barber 1929 Stutz M Lancefield Supercharged Coupe should have received “Most Menacing” award according to CAR COLLECTOR’s Rob Clement’s comments. Hilton Head Island Concours (see article herein on page 12)

At Auctions: RM’s Vintage Motor Cars at Meadow Brook 1915 Stutz 4 F Bearcat S/N 4F2658, Cond. #1 with “sketchy background” brought $368,500 includes

Stutz News/October - December 2006

1914 Stutz 4 E Bearcat, Cond. 1, ex-Winthrop Rockefeller car sold for $650,000 per OLD CARS Sept. 4, 2006 issue

The three photos of Stutz at auctions above were taken from the October 2006 issue of CAR Collector. Otis Chandler Collection Auction, Oxnard CA 1021-2006 OLD CARS 11-09-2006 Stutz DV-32 Dual Windshield Speedster LeBaron Cond. #1 Sold for $470,000


2006 Hershey Get-Together by your editor The trip from Indy to Hershey was much more exciting this year as member Shawn Miller decided to take ex-member Jim Dougerty’s rare, very original unrestored 1937 Pierce Arrow Town Car along for exhibition at Shawn’s space on Chocolate Field. Patrick Goss drove the P-A while Shawn and I followed in the Caddy averaging around 70 mph. At one point Pat, challenged by a jealous trucker, had the 70 year old Pierce doing an honest 78. Later, on the field, Shawn and Pat observed severe cracks in the old tires (years?) and realized there was no key to unlock the old spares. Knowing that such luck could not hold much longer Shawn sought and found a set of 7:50 x 17 in Goodyear wide whites at Coker Tire and had them mounted before the return trip to Indy. Some 30 members and guests gathered at the Holiday Inn on Thursday evening for a sumptuous buffet arranged by Mike Barry, VP Membership and Toni Ipavec, Treasurer.

Barry Stutz Club Meeting Minutes Thursday, October 5"’ 2006 The 2006 Stutz Club Annual Meeting was held at its traditional location, the Harrisburg East Holiday Inn on Thursday, October 5 th 2006. Membership Chairman Mike Barry welcomed the members and guests in attendance, and had everyone introduce themselves. Following this the group ate a buffet dinner. After dinner, George Holman spoke to the group on behalf of club President Norm Barrs. Norm is recovering from surgery and hopes to be


back with us soon. The Stutz Racing Team continues to do well. Accomplishments include a 6th place finish out of a class of 22 cars at Donnington, and Holman a 1st in class and 7th overall finish at Spa. George said the Grand Stutz hosted by the Snyder’s this November 3 - 5 at Hilton Head Island is all set to go. The cut off date was September 15th, but if someone still wants to attend they are encouraged to contact Bill Snyder ASAP. George also reported plans are in the preliminary stages for the 10th anniversary Stutz meet to be held in Indianapolis. The club is looking into the possibility of having a rematch of the 1928 Stutz - Hispano Suiza race that was held at the Indianapolis 500 race track. We may have a shortened version of the race, with ticket sale revenue going to charity. Volunteers are needed to help plan the 2011 event. Mike Barry reported that Toni Barry will be resigning as treasurer. Dale Wells will be taking over these duties soon. Mike Barry stated the Wells slate of candidates for the upcoming election was published in the last issue of the Stutz News. The list of candidates is as follows: President: Norm Barrs Vice President-Membership: Mike Barry Vice President-Publications: Bill Greer Vice President-Technical Services: John Grunder Vice President-Programs & Publicity: George Holman Secretary: Jason Gehring Treasurer: Dale Wells Archivist: Ernie Toth Jr. The membership report was given by Mike Barry. The club continues to hold steady at around

Stutz News/October - December 2006

350 members. New members each year seem to make up for any attrition. Mike will work on getting an updated directory out for 2007. Club membership dues will stay the same at $40 per year. Mike Barry & Jason Gehring will host the 2007 Gehring Grand Stutz. The location will be the Cleveland/Akron/Canton area of Northern Ohio. Details to come shortly. Bill Greer, editor of the Stutz News, said he has held this position for 18 years and is in need of more material from club members for the newsletter. Any article or information a club member comes across this is suitable for publication is welcomed by Bill. A few copies of the past Stutz News edition were sent out without the centerfold pages. This was the printers fault, and if Greer anyone received such an issue please contact Bill and he will gladly send out a complete edition to you. George Holman said Stutz Club book sales have been steady at about 25 per year. As all the books are now paid for, all new sales are profit for the club. The limited edition sells for $100, and the standard edition sell for $69.95. Mike Barry concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and reminding us of the Friday get together which will be held at the CCCA tent at 3pm in the Chocolate Field. Respectfully submitted, Jason W. Gehring, Secretary


Outgoing Secretary John Haydon confirmed on November 23, 2006 that the

Stutz News/October - December 2006

above slate of candidates had been unanimously elected to serve on the Board for the years 2007 and 2008. It should be pointed out that Ernie Toth, Jr. was appointed Club archivist at the 2005 Hershey meeting and his name was inadvertently omitted from the slate listed in the last issue, No. 77, page 19. We are very pleased to know that life member John Grunder (#107L) will continue Grunder his fine service as VP Technical Services. Our special thanks to honorary member Bobbie ‘dine Rodda for the great photos taken at this year’s dinner meeting, a few of which we used to identify the club’s officers. The following members signed in for Stutz camaraderie in the CCCA tent on Friday, October 6th: Mike Barry Paul & Brandi Freehill* Bill & Jason Gehring Bill Greer John Grunder George Holman Jon Lee* Gus & Rush Ludwig Bob Praetorius Steve Pugh & Maria Rajaratnam Bob Reed Norman Roberts Wayne Saunders Per Skaare Ernie & Nancy Toth Dale & Bonnie Wells Brian White* With some exceptions* the above members also attended the dinner meeting. On Saturday we enjoyed the expansive car show which was held on the adjoining golf course under better than normal weather conditions for which we were thankful.


Grand Stutz 2006, November 3-5 2006 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina By Bill Greer The 5th anniversary of the prestigious Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance highlighting “Cars of Indiana” and more specifically Marmon and Stutz proved to be a great venue for a Grand Stutz meet. Many thanks to Bill and Christine Snyder for planning and coordinating this year’s event. Many members in attendance toured Historic Beaufort on Friday, November 3 rd. Carolyn and I had the pleasure of touring with Tom and Madelyn Cox of Richmond, Virginia whom we had not seen for several years. Beaufort is an old “low country” coastal town with interesting shops and historic homes. We enjoyed lunch there. Friday evening a delicious “Low Country Boil” banquet was held at the Country Club of Hilton Head. Members of the Marmon and Stutz Clubs enjoyed this opportunity to meet and swap car stories of mutual interest. The tasty dinner was topped off by the Country Club’s renowned Pecan and Key Lime pies. A brief Stutz meeting was held following dinner. Bill Snyder welcomed all and requested that each participant stand and identify themselves. Bill then turned the meeting over to George Holman who proceeded to present on behalf of President Norman Barrs the “Allison Barrs Memorial Trophy” to Bill and Chris Snyder in recognition of their diligence in hosting this event. The uniqueness of this trophy is that it was won in England by a Stutz found some 70 years later in a sad state of disrepair, then lovingly restored. Previous recipients of this trophy were Dale and Bonnie Wells (’02), John and


Kathryn Haydon (’03), Steve Pugh and Maria Rajaratnam (’04), and George Holman and Bob Valpey (’05). George commented upon the success of the Stutz Racing Team this year in beating the Bentley’s in all races entered. He also announced that Mike Barry and Jason Gehring will jointly plan and host the 2007 Grand Stutz to be held in conjunction with “The Gathering” Concours in Northern Ohio. John Haydon informed that Stutz will be a featured marque at the third annual Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance on August 26, 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (see details on page 17). Bill Greer reviewed the background of the Club’s Peter Helck Stutz Memorial Trophy and announced that outgoing Treasurer Toni Ipavec was this year’s recipient of this special award (see page 20.) Our headquarters motel, the Hampton Inn , One Dillon Road was very conveniently located, only a short distance from the Honey Horn event

Stutz News/October - December 2006

grounds where we enjoyed the Saturday and Sunday car events. We did not make it to Vintage Track Day at Roebling Roads Raceway in Bloomington, GA where practice rounds were held Thursday and hot laps on Friday. However, our Stutz display was set up near to the interactive race car display and we were entertained by the roar of engines as attendees sat in the race cars. The affair on Saturday was family oriented with a Car Club Jamboree featuring music, food, a parade of interesting marques, the 2nd Classic and Collector Car Auction, art show, gift tents, etc. The Honey Horn parking area filled early and most

of the large crowd was brought in from nearby parking areas by trolley bus. A Saturday evening Gala Reception and Dinner, was offered at the Mariott Beach and Golf Resort but we chose to rest. On Sunday the Concours d’ Elegance at Honey Horn opened in a cool breeze at 10:00 a.m with some 150 entries on the field. The “Cars of Indiana” display was again arranged in the same prominent location on the old plantation grounds. The nine (9) Stutz displayed are shown on next pages in sequence of model year.

(L to R) Brian and Tish White, Tim and Susan Achenbach, Carolyn and Bill Greer, John Terry, Tom Cox, John Haydon Not present in the photo are: Bill and Chris Snyder, George and Pat Holman, Roberts Reed, Max Triplett, Madelyn Cox, John and Betty Grunder, Mark and Gloria Desch, Tim Kuser and Pamela Phillips, Ron and Marilyn Kneebone, Turner and Dianne Woodard We were pleased to meet new member F. Todd Warner and were sorry that Chip Cofer and Chic Postier could not attend as planned. Stutz News/October - December 2006


1918 Series “S” Bearcat owned by Tim Kuser (#612)

1920 Series “H” Bearcat Owned by Brian White (#482)

1920 Series “H” Touring Owned by Ron Kneebone (#433)


Stutz News/October - December 2006

1923 Series “KLDH” Bearcat also owned by Brian White

1927 Series AA Black Hawk Boattail Speedster Owned by Tim Achenbach (#714)

1928 Series BB Sedan Owned by John Haydon (#486)

Stutz News/October - December 2006

1929 Blackhawk Speedster, Le Baron Owned by John Grunder (#107L)


1929 Black Hawk Boattail w/ 4 pass speedster DV-32 engine Owned by non member Larry Bailey

1930 Series MB Cabriolet Owned by Bill Snyder (#273)

The Stutz display was well visited and many questions were entertained during the two days of the show. After a good Sunday lunch in the big restaurant tent we had a further look at the field of foreign and domestic marques which ranged from early brass cars right up to new Rolls-Royce and Bentley.* We stayed for part of the awards ceremony before heading back to Savanah, Georgia to catch our flight back to Indianapolis. We enjoyed this event and were impressed by the


friendly atmosphere and the courtesies extended to us by helpful attendants. The Concours Program Cover is shown on the back of this issue (sorry, no color). The program artwork appropriately features Bill Snyder’s 1930 Stutz and Christine’s L-29 Cord. Four Stutz cars participated in the concours judging; the 1927 Black Hawk B/T, a 1928 Black Hawk B/T owned by non member Jim Kauffman, the 1929 Black Hawk B/T and John Grunder’s 1929 Blackhawk Speedster.

Stutz News/October - December 2006

Stutz at the Masterpiece Style & Speed Showcase I was pleased to announce, at the Friday night banquet at this year’s Grand Stutz, held as a part of the Hilton Head Concours, that Stutz will be the featured marque at the third annual Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance on August 26, 2007, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Concours is part of a full schedule of Masterpiece automotive events that weekend. This fine charity-benefiting event is held at the spectacular Lake Michigan lakefront near the Milwaukee Art Center (with its famous Calatrava addition). We expect to have at least one ring of probably twelve of the finest Stutz available and, if more attend, we’ll add another ring. As we did for the Grand Stutz at Road America a few years ago, we are organizing and hosting some Stutz events as part of the Masterpiece, including an interesting tour on Friday, the 24th (which probably will be open to others who attend the Masterpiece), a Stutz Club dinner gathering (limited to members and guests) Friday night, and more activities which promise to be lots of fun and will enhance your enjoyment of the event. Based on discussions at Hilton Head, there are a number of Club members with great Stutz who plan to come, as well as members who likely will come without cars. I would like to extend a cordial invitation to all members who may be interested in coming to let me know and I’ll send them the particulars (reservation form, including for the Friday dinner gathering, details regarding the events, costs, etc.) after the planning is completed in the spring of 2007. In addition, if you are interested in showing your Stutz at the Concours, let me know and I’ll see that you receive an application form for submitting to the Selection Committee. The Masterpiece Style & Speed Showcase, presented by the Wisconsin Region of the Classic Car Club of America, celebrates automotive art and history while raising funds to benefit the Exceptional Needs Programs of Jewish Family Services, Inc. which help children and adults of all denominations and ethnic backgrounds fight development disabilities and serious mental illness. Additional information regarding the Masterpiece, a DVD preview and more are available at For 2007, the Masterpiece will celebrate the remarkable achievements of Stutz, as well as the earliest days when Stutz engines were manufactured by Wisconsin Motors in West Allis, a Milwaukee suburb. Thank you for considering coming to this outstanding event. I know you will enjoy it and the Wisconsin members of the Stutz Club will be so pleased to have you as our guests. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact me. John Haydon (telephone: 414-352-1669) 317 East Acacia Road Fox Point, WI 53217-4235 email:

Stutz News/October - December 2006


Golden Quill Award


Stutz News/October - December 2006

Membership Report By Mike Barry, VP Membership Please join me in welcoming the following new members to the Stutz Club in 2007. #0730 F. Todd Warner 2642 Commerce Blvd. Mound MN 55364 Phone: 952-495-0007 Fax: 952-495-1237 Email: 1930 Stutz MB 4 Door Weymann Versailles (Fabric Body) VIN #36227 #0731 Dean Stahnke/ spouse Paula Stahnke 3917 Central St. Western Springs, IL 60558 Phone: (day) 312-664-9178 (evening) 708-246-9648 Email: 1931 Stutz DV-32 Four Door Weyemann Verailles (Aluminum body) #0732 Alex Luchinger 57 Aeschistrasse Niederonz Switzerland CH3362 Tel: (day) +41 62961 0505 (evening) 41 62 961 9010 Fax: 41 62961 6274 Email: 1930 Stutz DV 32 Racer

R. David Kincaid 180 E Ponderosa Drive Goldendale, WA 98621

Daniel Ellis 5 Oakdale Farm Circle Edmond, OK 73013

Address Change #0701 Donald Connolly 1525 Valencia Rd. Aptos, CA 95003 Ernie Toth Sr. PO box 576 Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 This coming year we will publish a new roster.

#0733 Douglas W. Bindrim/ spouse Linda 172 Pendleton Rd. Laconia, NH 03246 Phone: 603-366-2389 Email:

Stutz News/October - December 2006


The Peter Helck Stutz Memorial Trophy Announcement November 9, 2006 Ms. Toni Ipavec 3773 Mayflower Oval Brunswick Hills, OH 44212 Dear Toni, It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that the Stutz Club Board has awarded you THE PETER HELCK STUTZ MEMORIAL TROPHY in recognition of your many years of fine service as Treasurer. This award was established in 1989 by Life Member A.J.”Tony” Koveleski of Scranton, PA in honor of his friend, the renowned artist Peter Helck who died at age 95 (1893-1988). This trophy is awarded to members who make significant contributions to the Stutz Club over the years. Hearty Congratulations! Bill Greer Founder/VP Publications


Stutz News/October - December 2006

In Memoriam Courtesy of Hoosier Heritage Chapter (SAH) newsletter, August 2006, member Jack L. Martin (No. 36) Secr.

Our thanks to the Society of Automotive Historians for the obituary published in SAH Journal No. 224, Sept/ Oct. 2006 Jim was Stutz Club Charter Member No. 3, a dear friend, always helpful and a great resource. He will be sorely missed.

Stutz News/October - December 2006


Letters From: Larry Nicklin (#28L), Leo, IN (in part) Date: August 15, 2006

1932 Stutz “Tom Cat” roadster owned by Larry Burchett of Knoxville, TN displayed at Hunter’s Auto Expo on March 10-12, 2006 credit Streetrodder magazine. It’s good to have an excuse to sit down and send a note to my goodest ol’ buddy you! But I will have to admit this the thinnest of excuses, this photo of a “hot rod” called a “Stutz.” The engine in it is a mystery and even the grille would flunk any kind of judging, to say nothing of the body shapes…except for one thing, and you may have already spotted it. It’s the speedster, or run-about seat configuration. It sure would be fun to talk to the owner of that car just to see if he could explain it without his own self busting out with laughter. Toodle Lu

From: Keith Marvin (#79H), Worcester, MA Date: August 27, 2006 Thanks for your good letter of the 17th. The connection between F.D.R.’s Stutz car(s) and the Baltimore service area for Stutz is remote. I don’t know the exact years that he was a Stutz owner but it is there so there is always a possibility. I am afraid that I neglected some of this as I was putting a good deal of energy into trying to see whether there were any cars on Campobello Island where the Roosevelts had their ‘cottage’ and then whether they might have been registered in New Brunswick and registration data for pre-1921 [when he got his paralysis] doesn’t’ help and any Campobello folk still alive would doubtlessly be too far up in years to have any idea. You known, Bill, what’s funny about this as an aside was that, as you knows F.D.R. was the Democratic candidate for the vice presidency in 1920 and James M. Cox, the Democratic Presidential candidate I’m almost certain was a Stutz owner as well. [Forget about the G.O.P. Candidates’ cars. Harding drove a Locomobile “48” and Calvin Coolidge made do with a state-owned PierceArrow.] Would a photocopy of the letter I got from Peter Helck in which he explains that he rented an H.C.S., made camera shots of it [presumably at various angles] and worked the car into his series of

From: BAUHAUS International Youth Hotel, Burges, Belgium Date: August 24, 2006 Looks to be a good deal for groups of 10 or more. Just email


Stutz News/October - December 2006

“The Peregrination of the Pecks?” I have two looseleaf notebooks containing all the mail I received over the mail for many years [specifically 1951 or ‘52 through about 1985 or ‘86.] Peter’s letters are fascinating. If this would be of any use or interest to you, just let me know and I’ll seek it out, photocopy it and send it to you. No trouble at all as I saved everything including Christmas cards from Peter and Priscilla. And although I may be overdoing it, I feel that virtually anything concerning people of the stature and interest of the gentleman should be filed for the future as well as used when needed. It was a great honor for us when Peter and Priscilla assisted us at our wedding in 1962. Both my wife Beverly and I were widowed at the time and a close friend took a series of photographs during the service, something I would have hated a few years before that but when I look at these color prints today I really enjoy thinking back a few years ...except that the few were, in reality, 44. It doesn’t seem that long ago. You know, Bill, it was too bad that I was never able to latch on to the original artwork which made up the series chronicling the “Peregrinations of the Pecks” but Peter thought he still had the set and said if he could find them he’d let me have them. Unfortunately, I don’t think they turned up. He thought they were rather poor. I held an opposite opinion and still thought they were superb in detail although I don’t know how many there were in that series. I’ll pass the word about Mrs. Oliver’s Helck paintings. I remember meeting both she and Hemp at Peter’s many years ago. I had to sell two of my Helcks last year. It was with regret but “just one of those things” and it worked out to everyone’s satisfaction I think. The two I sold were quite different from each other. One of them depicted a c. 1925 Bugatti at speed, a handsome wash study which Peter drew as a cover for THE UHV AUTOMOBILIST in a 1956 number.

Stutz News/October - December 2006

The other was a pretty good sized painting as well as a famous one, the Night Riders showing the headlights of a car as it crests a hill. Peter painted this one for himself really as he was experimenting with shades and nuances of a darkening sky between twilight and night. Peter was honored for his artistry in 1961 with a terrific testimonial dinner at the Salmagundi Club on New York City’s lower Fifth Avenue. It was a black tie affair and perhaps 100 in attendance. I was invited by Peter. I think it was about this time that the club sponsored a sale of artistry by its automotive artist members and Peter subtitle “The Night Riders” which was purchased by Alvin J. Arnheim of New York City. As it happened Al and I met not long afterward and he suggested we publish a book that we’d write and illustrate on the McFarlan automobile, built in Connorsville, Indiana from 1910 through 1928. It was a well built highly regarded and very high priced car which, in its best year for sales produced 235 cars. That “best year” was 1922, a year a great many makes were throwing in the towel and folding up entirely. Al had learned to drive on his father’s McFarlan and this was the spark which got us going. He was a fun guy and one of the finest real gentlemen I had or have ever met. Al was a bachelor in his 60s and drove a Jaguar sedan with license plate number AJA-1. He was a bachelor and a close friend of Peter who was comfortably fixed and wanted this book to be about the best automotive book written. On week-ends we alternated working at both Troy, at our home or in New York City at Al’s lavish apartment. It took us quite some time to get it just so…but we finally did and it was published in 1967. Pricewise at that time, the book would have probably commanded a price in the neighborhood of $50. But Al didn’t need the money but just a price for the record and it ended up with a selling price


of $5.00 per copy. The run was limited to 1,000 copies. I wonder if you got one? I have my copy bound in blue leather with my name on the cover in gold plus a sleeve made to keep it in top shape. The regular cover featured a 1921 McFarlan limousine with all brightwork in gold, drawn by John Peckham, a top artist. Hopefully, you got a copy at that time. Its title “What Was the McFarlan?” pretty much describes what its all about. Al Arnheim accompanied me on the 1968 Glidden Tour which we took in a 1923 PierceArrow roadster I borrowed from Joseph E. Joseph of North Bennington, Vermont. Al was always “Uncle Al” to my kids. But his health broke and he passed away at 74. He left me the “Night Rider” which, by way, was the cover subject for THE UHV AUTOMOBILIST for January 1980. While I’m thinking of it, did you ever hear of or know the late William Barnes of Muncie, Indiana? He was a pioneer in automotive transmissions and had quite a record in the

automotive field. He died March 19th 1987. He had been affiliated with Cadillac Auburn, International Harvester and also had his own business, the Barnes Motor Development Company working with the concepts of power steering engine design to improve fuel consumption, power steering and other accomplishments. I am bringing Bill Barnes up as he was the elder brother of a brother-in-law of mine, Dr. Frank Eric Barnes who had headed the English Departments at Russell Sage College in Troy, N.Y. and Dickinson College in Carlisle, Penna. Eric was the husband of my sister, Peg. That’s about it for now, Bill. Let me know if you’d like a photocopy of Peter’s letter [re: the HCS] and best wishes.

Ed’s Comments: Many thanks Keith for these very interesting inputs. And, yes, do send a copy of Peter’s letter.

From: Anthony S. Carroll (No. 8021)

Garden City, NY Date: September 29, 2006 Thank you for your letter of the fifteenth. I am enclosing, for retention in the Stutz archives, the business card of Theo. E. Berg. If you ever find out any information about him, I’d be interested in hearing it..


Stutz News/October - December 2006

From: Tom Kinney (#392) Speedway, IN Date: September 10, 2006 First of all, I noticed a couple weeks ago in the paper the sad news of the passing of Jim Hoggatt. He helped me quite a bit when I was first getting started with my Frank Lockhart research. I’ve enclosed several photos from my favorite book which may or may not help shed some light on the ancestry of the Stutz Special pictured on the back of the Stutz News No. 74. I have to agree with member Randolph J. Reed in his letter in Stutz News No. 75 that the Stutz Special certainly looks like a 1920 Duesenberg Indy car. There are 3 main points of agreement on both cars: First, the shape on the front of the radiator shell. Second, a distinctive 6 bolt pattern on the frame directly under the rear edge of the hood. Third, the distinctive shape and location of the brake lever on the frame. Although the 1920 Duesenberg had only 2-wheel

Stutz News/October - December 2006

brakes, the half lever and location are identical to the Stutz Special. The correct engine for that vintage would be a 183 cubic inch SOHC straight-8 with 3 valves per cylinder, 2 exhaust and 1 intake. By 1924 when Eduardo Luro bought the Stutz Special, the Indy car regulations had further reduced the displacement to 122 cubic inches. By that time Duesenberg had a DOHC set up and the remarkable “sidewinder” centrifugal supercharger powered off the middle of the Crankshaft. Of course the Stutz mechanics could install whatever engine the customer wanted, Duesenberg or Stutz. Certainly the most important factor would be the regulations in Argentina where the car was raced. I hope this information is useful.


From: Joe Taranto (#722) Mt. View NSW, Australia Date: October 4, 2006 Sorry I have taken a while to answer your letter. I was in the process of having some brochures printed and I wanted to wait so I could send you some along with some photos The wheel base is 145 inches, I do realize it is not a Blackhawk. When I purchased the vehicle it was advertised as a Stutz Blackhawk Limousine. After reading some pertinent material I now realize it is not a Blackhawk. The engine number is 86204 and the car number is AA-D8-R70558. It is a 1927 limousine and it has a wind-up window partition between the driver and the passengers. It seats six passengers plus the driver. I operate a Limousine business in the Hunter Valley Wine Country of NSW. I have a Ford LTD stretch limousine for weddings and wine tasting tours. I receive a lot of enquiries for weddings requiring a vintage car. That is why I decided to buy the Stutz. We purchased the Stutz in February and I have already done three weddings with many future bookings. I have made contact with Ryder from Coonnabarabran in NSW to ask about an oil seal, also Ken Stuchbery in Melbourne.


Stutz News/October - December 2006

I have also enclosed an article* from a local newspaper asking what type of car this could be. Another reader wrote advising that it may be a Stutz. What do you think? Maybe you or other readers may find it of interest. Also would you know if there are any other Stutz limousines like mine in Australia. I am looking for a workshop manual.

Ed’s comments: I informed member Taranto that his Stutz was made around May 1927 and is the only one listed in the Club directory. Can anyone supply him a workshop manual? *The car shown is definitely not a Stutz. It is a monstrous 8-door stretched 12-pass. Touring car with high disc wheels, etc.

From: Carl and Carrol Jensen (#638) Hales Corners, WI Date: October 20, 2006 I hope this letter finds you and Carolyn in good health. I wanted to let you know that you have given Carrol and I a considerable amount of help tracking the history on our Stutz. A few weeks ago, I finally made contact with Ben Johnson Jr. A very friendly guy, and a fellow car nut. He has quite a collection of interesting cars, particularly brass era speedsters. Ben remembers the car like it was yesterday. They were the ones who had it painted and upholstered. He even remembers the upholstery shop who did it and confirmed that they matched the two tone yellow and black pattern exactly. He stated that his dad did not drive it much, but between Ben Sr. and Ben Jr. it sounded like they had a lot of very nice cars, so it does not surprise me. In truth it sounds like the car was not driven much at all after about 1952 when Ben Johnson purchased it. The owner after the Johnsons sold it quickly due to health reasons and my friend Del Beyer had it on loan in the Hartford Heritage Museum here in Wisconsin for quite a long time.

Stutz News/October - December 2006

After you printed the story on the car in our newsletter (see No. 75, pages 20-22 Ed.), I saw the response from Cornelius Hauck, another friendly car enthusiast. Cornelius remembers the car from the owner before Ben Johnson, who was Joe McNutt in Ohio. It is hard to know when Joe purchased it, we suspect around 1949 or 1950, but thanks to Ernie Toth Jr. keeping a for sale ad for the car, we know that Mr. McNutt was selling it in 1952. So, your help has provided Carrol and I with a lot of interesting history the car. Thank you! As for the car itself, we did get it on the road this year and its “coming out” was at the Wisconsin Grand Classic that Carrol and I ran this summer. Our friend Leon Flagg very generously trailered it to Lake Geneva for us. I am still doing a lot of debugging after its years of sitting. (I had to do a road side repair to limp it home with Carrol last Sunday.) But I really enjoy working on the car and it is very exciting to bring it back to life. Fortunately, Del was a very sharp mechanic and had the foresight to do things like purchase a replacement carburetor and save every record and piece of service information. (I even found carb adjusting specs that you mailed to him.) On another topic, I wanted to tell you that I have accepted the role of club historian for the Wisconsin Region CCCA. Our friend and fellow member Ray Hunn kept all the records and publications for about 50 years so I will sort through this and maintain these files at our home. The reason I am telling you this is that I know that you have a similar role in our Stutz club and it might be interesting for you to know that I will be caring for these records in case somebody asks you about history on a specific car.


From: Dean Stahnke, Western Springs, IL Date: October 24, 2006 Here are some photos of my 1931 Stutz DV32 Versailles (Aluminum Body) by Weymann. The one photo is of the Stutz in 1947 before entering its garage tomb. The previous owner fit all the parts in its interior to preserve them. He never got around to restoring the car. The other photo shows its rescue (Ed.) I ordered the Splendid Stutz book and I can’t wait to see the picture of theDV-36 (see page 264 Ed.) Could it be my car? I wonder.


Stutz News/October - December 2006

The Rescue!

Stutz News/October - December 2006


Classifieds WANTED Len B Harvey (#527) 8 Beaconview Rise Pakuranga Auckland 2012 New Zealand Email: Phone: +64 9 5768599 (collect) A pair or one only Delco Lovejoy Rear Shock Absorbers for a 1929 Model M8 Stutz

WANTED Robert Sposato (#728) 24 Colton Street Farmington, CT 06032 Tel: 860-677-0795 Email: I have a 28 Roadster that won Senior 1st in 1987. I do not know who owned the car at that time. The car is in exceptional shape and only missing one item. The bumper step for the rumble seat. If I can’t find one, I would like to borrow one and I’ll have a few cast.

1922 Stutz Touring Project for Sale Bill Erskine (#555) 78 Tree Hill Rd. Williston, VT 05495 802-878-5303 The touring car consists of the following: Very good frame Front axle Front hubs for wood wheels (wood is gone and no rims) Left hand drive Gemmer steering (not sure if it is


correct. It is smaller than the right hand one for the Bearcats) Very nice radiator shell Hood (it came with it but I am not sure if it is correct) New castings for hood sill plates Very good cowl Dash board with one or two gauges Aluminum floor plates (one may not be the correct one) Floor is there 2 sets of Front fenders Rear tub for body Doors (I am not sure about these. I have not looked at this stuff for a couple of years) Gas Tank Head Lights Demountable head Dual Valve motor (rods and pistons are missing) Dual distributor (missing some parts) Parts for a generator Intake manifold Transaxle - all of the transmission gears but the input gear, a case that looks like it went through a fire and probably is not usable, one re-cast flange, brake and backing plate flanges have been cut. Brake shoes. Outer bearing housing is there. New castings for nose and front plate. No differential. No axles. No hubs. Then there are piles of parts that I need to go through to see what is extra. I know there are some additional head light parts. There is some shifter parts. There is some starter switch parts. There are extra transmission gears. There are a couple of intake manifolds. There are some extra engine parts (lifters, side covers, valve caps for spark plugs, blanks and primers, etc). There are a couple of air pumps. Anyway, my asking price is $15K for the touring project as described above. Any additional parts would be negotiable.

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LITERATURE FOR SALE Original Stutz Literature! Good selection of Stutz sales brochures, factory manuals, etc. for all models. Send stamped envelope with year(s) for free list. Please specify Stutz as I have lists for all cars/trucks/ motorcycles, worldwide.

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