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Campus Life

Summer Challenge

Summer Fun 09! W

ho will ever forget: doing Hyde introductions, the timed mile (the first week and again during Family Weekend--we did get better!), going to Eustis (great campfire stories, hikes and a few mosquito bites), singing auditions (kind of scary), sunny beach days (I love the beach!),
the ever-present PA rehearsals,
Discovery Group challenges (group jumprope?), DG seminars, summer academics (they weren’t so bad after all), afternoon athletics (what, me wrestle?), Summer Challenge Family Weekend
and PA Show (yes mom, I can act!), and the opportunity to form friendships that will last a life-time!

4  Wolfpack Pride  Hyde Woodstock

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Summer Challenge (Continued)

6  Wolfpack Pride  Hyde Woodstock 2010 

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8  Wolfpack Pride  Hyde Woodstock 2010 

Summer Summer XX ’09 ’09

Lean & Mean T

his year’s Summer X was one of the best ever! From canoeing in the Maine wilderness, getting a head start in the college process at college camp, volunteering at Pine Tree Camp for children and adults with disabilities, to helping to build homes for those in need on our Harrisburg Habitat for Humanity trip, we were all about working hard and having lots of fun too!

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Summer Challenge August Orientation

All Together Now


ampus jobs, athletics, performing arts, and classes—it sounds kinda corny but we had lots of fun too! Orientation was awesome....met lots of Bath kids this year...we did run around a lot....did a 5K.... but were we in shape for that trip up Mt. Monadnock! Thank you faculty and interns, especially Mr. Folan. Lots of good it’s time for a nap!

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Judgment Day

No Excuses...


rom pushups and spider crawls to log and sandbag lifts–seniors and faculty took on Judgment Day, created by Marine commander Eric Kapitulik. This was a workout to remember! Even Mrs. Gauld took part. And plenty of sore backs were in evidence the next day. As Justin Konda commented, “I felt privileged to be a part of it. The workout was definitely hard and challenging but it was also fun.” Tom Tarricone noted, “It taught me a lot about helping others and being a good teammate.” And as Zach Rosenbaum put it, “It was like boot camp, but it was a good experience. Personally I developed as an athlete, and I think our senior class grew from the experience.” We agree!

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PA Rehearsal

Clockwise from left; Adam and Mom consult; Jabon and Allie in PA-Mode; Zach, Lisa, Lincoln, and Nora on stage; Barbara presents; Brian and Mom have the answer as Ryan and Tyler ponder the question; Robotic Rigney and seniors perform; Jill Forgue is a star; Sarah has a moment; Malcolm Gauld doin’ the blues; and Allie Budd and family cluck for Rigney’s English class.

18  Wolfpack Pride  Hyde Woodstock 2010 

Fall Family Weekend

FFW 2009 I

think the experience of the Hyde Family Weekend is a unique opportunity for families and faculty. Even now, after coming through what I calculate to be my twenty-fifth weekend, I am struck by the deep introspection and the powerful feeling of community. There are intimate moments when families reveal the love upon which the family is built, moments that are near impossible to describe. These are juxtaposed with the hilarity of singing and dancing with the same ease I see expressed by my three year-old daughter. These are the pieces that take digesting and leave me feeling like I’ve just finished an epic Thanksgiving dinner. I leave these weekends satisfied, stuffed with my own epiphanies and gravy-covered moments. Thank you to all those who participated in this and any Hyde Family Weekend, taking the risk to reach for something greater in yourself and your family. —John Rigney

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Fall Family Weekend (Continued)

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22  Wolfpack Pride  Hyde Woodstock 2010 

Halloween 09

Don’t Go In There! U

nder the able direction of Mr. Jenkins, Miss Forgue and Mr. Cutrer, and a more-than-willing troupe of ghoulish student volunteers, this Halloween saw the Hyde Cultural Center become the setting for what will surely go down in Hyde-Woodstock history as the best haunted house in living (and dead) memory. From the gruesome Dean’s Area (with Tim Hallenbeck enduring the worst 2-4 ever) to Mr. Jenkin’s dead-on portrayal of Jason, to the zombified creepiness of Adam, Sarah, and Kelly, this haunted house was really really scary!

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Parent Academy

Skills & Thrills H

yde School parents brought their skills and passions to Woodstock this week, leading workshops from self-defense and ceramics, to landscape painting, finance, and everyone’s favorite, knitting! Ronnie and Karen McNeil (Scott ’11) did R.A.D. self-defense training, Rich Curran (Nora ’10) taught kids how to paint like pros, and Sharon DeNunzio (Sarah ’11) led a workshop on ACT/ SAT Prep. We also learned to knit with Pam Racicot (Cari ’11), did ceramics and learned about teaching ESL with Carol Numrich (Eric Cooper ’12), learned how to manage a bank account and sew with Deb Carreau (Adam ‘11) and discovered the ins and outs of the stock market with Kevin Budd (Allie ’10). What a blast!

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Pirates of Penzance

OMG, Pirates!


arsity Drama had an outstanding season, culminating in two performances of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance on Friday, February 19 and Saturday, February 20 at the Cultural Center. This whimsical play follows the story of a crew of rowdy, yet obliviously kind-hearted, pirates who wish to run off with the innocent, yet fiercer than they appear, daughters of a widowed Major General who thinks of himself in the highest regard. Throw in some bumbling policemen, first experiences of true love, epically un-epic fight scenes, and more than a handful of legendary songs and you have a story that could only have been penned by the great Gilbert and Sullivan. The play featured seniors Zach Rosenbaum, Madeline Moritz, Gage Verronneau, Nora Curran, Erica Fagien, and Maddy Schley; juniors Adam Ben-Hanania and Lincoln Sherman; and sophomore Aletheia Preston.

28  Wolfpack Pride  Hyde Woodstock 2010 

The 2010 Varsity Drama Team: Coaches Cutrer and Palmer-Young, Lizzie Alexander, Amanda Ashe, Adam Ben-Hanania, Evan Berger, Bailey Bloom, Nicholas Buratynski, Jabon Chubbuck, Carley Cotnoir, Nora Curran, Simi DeAngelis, Erica Fagien, Tim Hallenbeck, Serena Kamlani, Matt Lyon, Madeline Moritz, Alex Pepino, Aletheia Preston, Alanna Priest, Zach Rosenbaum, Nick Sackman, Maddy Schley, Lincoln Sherman, Sarah Sherman, Alex Stoupas, Sarah Trager, Gage Verronneau, Charles Watson, Kelly Xie, Caitlin Yablonski, and Kun-il Kim.

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Pirates of Penzance (Continued)

30  Wolfpack Pride  Hyde Woodstock 2010 

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Pirates Dress Rehearsal

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