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Fall Sports



Girls Varsity Soccer



he Women’s Varsity Soccer team came into the season with the mentality to win—we pulled together and bonded as a team and by the time we had our first game, we were prepared to work together and win! Bryn Nolan was a huge asset to the team with her tenacity and natural ability to lead on and off the field. Lara Cornelius stood as our fearless goalie and always gave it her all, never letting the team down. Hope Eldridge and Caitlyn Colley were always there for us. While our practice jerseys always smelled like the zoo, we managed to survive the season. Thank you to Ms. DeAngelis and Mrs. Folan—whose baby will forever be know to us as Finnigan! Ms. DeAngelis was the conscience of our team, and Mrs. Folan didn’t just coach soccer, she also taught us to carry ourselves in a classy way and to recognize ourselves as strong female athletes. Without you two we couldn’t have changed the tide for women’s soccer and athletics at Hyde School. —Mari Barnett


Varsity Football




Photos by Ed Schnatterly



oming out of our first game as the victors made us realize that just because we had never played before did not mean that we were not good. We all grew together as a team and stuck together no matter what happened. I know I’m going to miss the late night Taco Bell runs after games, and watching Jenkins eat three extra large chalupas, which he admitted to regretting by the way. We may have lost most of our games but we leave this season knowing we tried our best, which in the end is all that really matters. ­—Lincoln Sherman


Junior Varsity Football 75



hat did we learn? How to leave it all on the field... coming off our loss during FFW we realized something needed to change. There was a captains’ meeting where we cleared the decks with each other...from that moment on, our squad felt more like a brotherhood. Our final match turned out to be our best game of the season. Thanks to Mr. Rigney for bringing tenacity to the field and setting the tone for all the members on our varsity squad...and thanks for incorporating English 12 lessons...and to Mr. Folan for bringing intensity every day while teaching us how to be varsity athletes on and off the well as teaching us your art of the dangle sauce maneuvers. And finally thanks to the team for coming out and working hard every day. —Adam Carreau & Brian Sanz

Boys Varsity Soccer




e started off the season with most of the team being novice soccer players. During pre-season, we trained vigorously in both conditioning and skills. From our opener against Marianapolis, we grew as a team. We learned tricks and skills to use in game situations, and how to do throw-in correctly, make give-and-go passes, and smash long shots. Towards the end of the season, we started winning our games. Our first win was against Hyde-Bath with a score of 3-2. Our winning streak continued with wins against Portsmouth Abbey and Marianapolis with the help of swing varsity players like Jonah Birnbaum, Adam Ben Hanania, and Kun Il Kim. We learned a lot from playing soccer and had fun throughout the whole season. Some of the key developments were the emergence of a solid defensive unit, led by Jerry Su, Sam Zhao, and Paul Pan and an aggressive offensive unit with Jun Guo, Joe Su, and Jake Abelman. Overall, we had a great season and we all had fun. —Joe and Jake

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer



Girls Junior Varsity Soccer


he Girls JV Soccer season was challenging, physically and emotionally. At the beginning of the season, I never thought that we would call ourselves a team. The beginning was rough—barely any of us had played soccer. By the first game we started getting the hang of things. We were talking to each other more, passing the ball and overall becoming a team. One of our greatest accomplishments was beating Bath twice! We really came together as a team and made sure we played our best. Our team spirit was amazing. During the season we would wear face paint and chant our school name over and over for school spirit. Remember that game against KO where the team rallied and “growled” to show that we weren’t scared. Everyone improved tremendously. Thank you so much Freebody & Robison, for helping us understand the game of soccer while making it fun! I’ll miss you all. —Megan Belka




he start of the season was rough with long two-a-day practices and a new team of, for the most part, nonrunners. We entered into the season with sore legs but also with relatively positive attitudes. Despite our struggles as a team, individuals began to shine: Laura Leonard and her positive energy; Barbara and her determination; Julia and her “never quit” attitude, all of these uplifting the spirit of the team. Every girl on the team grew tremendously with her attitude and work ethic, making the last few weeks of the season our strongest. The team began to bond more and push one another to succeed. At our last two races, the SENE and the New England Championships, everyone was determined to do well, and many of our girls ran hard, setting new personal records. The girls’ team ended the season on a good note with a stronger bond, positive outlook and the ability to get back on our feet. —Lori Allen

Girls Cross Country



Boys Cross Country


his cross country season has been excruciatingly painful yet, in the end, incredibly rewarding. Unlike most sports, running allows no time outs, no substitutes and no halftime. Pushing yourself to the limit for around twenty minutes requires endless determination and herculean endurance. In the end, our various methods of dealing with the physical torture of racing must have worked out somehow. Every member of the team improved throughout the season and four of us broke the twenty minute mark, with Cerame coming very close to a sub-20 on numerous occasions. We managed to work hard and enjoy each others company and even beat Bath at New Englands. I am happy to have been a part of this team and wish the best of luck to all the underclassmen for next season. —Mac McGuire



Winter Sports



Boys Varsity Basketball 89

Girls Varsity Basketball 90



Boys JV Basketball




s the head coach of the wrestling program, it is rare that I get to see the JV guys in action outside of practice, so it was a real treat to accompany the JV Coach, Charles Fraser, with this group of guys. It turned out to be an impressive day, and finished with a match that I will never forget. The day was action packed with 11 out of the 22 wrestlers winning at least one match, and all wrestlers getting at least two matches. Hyde-Woodstock ended up bringing four medals home along with a lot of pride. It was a great way for the season to end, and as we look to the break and spring sports to come, I hope these young men bring the toughness, grit, and never quit attitude into all aspects of the Hyde community. This has been the best season I have coached so far, and it was all thanks to the dedication of the wrestlers. Here’s to next year, a whole new season. Thanks for all your support.—Coach Jenkins

Varsity & JV Wrestling 95


JV New England’s


ome highlights of the JV New England’s: David Smith ’14, Jae Kang Lee ‘14, Noah Langlois ’13, Matt Wysocki ’12, Ben Errera ’12, Cory Ben-Hanania ’12 Leonard Solovey ’13, James Schnatterly ’12 and Quincy Falk ’12 came away with pins and wins. These gentlemen exemplified the same “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude that has made the wolfpack varsity wrestlers so great to watch. At the end of the tournament, all the Hyde wrestlers gathered around the center mat for a match that could only be described as “The Event”. Greg Munitz ’13, a wrestler who has come to every varsity practice, yet has not been able to compete except for one match all season due to not meeting the requirements for the 285lb class, entered the JV New England’s as a SUPER heavy weight. After two successive pins, both under two minutes, Greg was to face the largest of the four super heavyweights. His opponent from Avon had home mat advantage and roughly 30-40 pounds on our +290 man. Greg displayed focus as he prepared 30 minutes before the match, and he truly craved the gold medal. With all of his teammates and his mother at the mat side, Greg went head to head with a giant. The two bodies clashed and broke away several times for the first two minutes, with neither man scoring a point. Avon received first choice at the beginning of the second period, and the very large opponent took top. As a coach, I was nervous this would happen and hoped that Greg could hit an escape, or else the weight would eventually flatten him out. When his opponent’s weight shifted, Greg reacted perfectly and slipped out from under and put his opponent on his back. The roar of the crowd and the joy in Greg’s eyes were inspirational. He charged to the corner to hug his mom and even knocked her over due to excitement. He was crowned Champion of the Super Heavyweights! And so, Hyde-Woodstock ended up bringing four medals home along with a lot of pride. It was a great way for the season to end, and as we look to the break and spring sports to come, I hope these young men bring the toughness, grit, and never quit attitude into all aspects of the Hyde community. This has been the best season I have coached so far, and it was all thanks to the dedication of the wrestlers. Here’s to next year, a whole new season. Thanks for all your support—Coach Jenkins



yde Wolfpack traveled to its sister school in Bath, ME for our annual Northern New England Invitational; a tournament hosted by Bath, Woodstock, and Tilton. Historically, HydeWoodstock has found itself in the middle of the pack (no pun intended) amongst the 12 teams that attend. This year the feeling was that we would perform as we had in the past, especially since we lost three key wrestlers due to poor choices made outside of the wrestling room. Instead of worrying about who did not come, the 12 men that were ready to wrestle pulled out all the stops to show that we are true to our motto—“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!” At the close of the day, we were astonished to find that we were amongst the top 3 finishers with 159 team points. We also had 6 out of our 12 wrestlers receive a medal, and 11 out of 12 wrestlers had at least one win on the day. This is a phenomenal conclusion on the day, and made me very proud as their coach. —Coach Jenkins

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

NNE Tournament Highlights


Boys Thirds Basketball



ntil Thirds Basketball met Mr.Jaye. it wasn’t taken seriously. The point of our season is to have fun, but as Mr.Jaye reminded us, what is more fun than winning? Our starting five were Nick Davis, Brian O’dea, Apache “The Dragon” He, Me—Trevor Down-Low Barto, and Kevin. We all had our own skills: Apache at driving, Me with post moves, Nicky D with faking shots, Brian with ball handling and three pointers, and Kevin with ball skills and a sweet shot. But that was only the starting five. Zack Sude also became a tremendous asset to the team, and my Co-Captain, Danny Gill was stepping up and developing his basketball skills, So, now we had a team. As the captain, this season with Thirds has taught me about myself and my leadership skills. It also unlocked an enjoyment of basketball, which I have never really played before. It was an amazing season, and I am proud of my team. I saw everyone improve while on thirds and hope that most of us make JV next year. Thank you. ­ —Trevor Braxton-Barto



Girls JV Basketball



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Boys Varsity Lacrosse


Girls Lacrosse 109

Boys JV Lacrosse


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