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Summer Programs, Family Weekend, Drama, Snapshots & More!

Field Day!!!


Who will ever forget: Hyde introductions, timed miles, wilderness trips, ropes course, workouts (the good kind), lacrosse camp, lazy days at the beach, those crazy Performing Arts rehearsals, community service, Summer Sessions Family Weekend and that ďŹ nal PA Show (yes mom, I can sing and act), and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Summer Days



Community Service...


The Great Outdoors...


June Onward...

Fitness... Equestrian...

City Lights...



Lacrosse Camp



Performing Arts...


…and just hangin’ around!


We Are Family Fall Family Weekend

The theme this year’s family weekend was: Leadership: I am a leader by asking the best of myself and others. Through class rotations, family seminars, athletic contests and the crazy energy filled Saturday night “Hoopla,” the weekend provided opportunities for families to recharge and reconnect. Comments from the weekend included: “I learned to connect with my mother more and understand her life.” “I learned about my father’s core values.” Plus we had a lot of fun! 29

Community Meetings...


Class Rotations...




‌.and fun!





in and around campus, including academics, hanging around, friends and associates, faculty fun, taking in the scenery, and best freinds...





Alumni Weekend

Over thirty younger alums came back to reconnect with faculty and friends as well as to share their wisdom about their Hyde education, and! Susie Racine welcomed them with a full schedule of events.! Alums were seen sitting in faculty offices and heard laughing and telling stories as well as finding sneakers to join in a rousing game of basketball with faculty, students and alumni.! The highlight for many was the Saturday morning school meeting where a group of alumni sat on the stage and shared their thoughts about the “take away” from their Hyde education.! Peter Gels ’09 inspired the group with his personal story of finding his destiny and his determination to finish a rigorous college program early and commit to a life in the Merchant Marines.! When one student asked him how he got into his field of study he said, “Back in my senior year, I went to a lecture during Parent Academy, mainly because I thought it would be the easiest way for me to be involved without too much effort.! I listened to the parent, David Smith, talk about the Maritime industry and found that I had an interest to learn more.! Ultimately, that lecture changed my life and led me to my commitment.”! Thanks to all the alums that made it a great weekend.

This year was the best Parent Academy ever. Thanks to Mrs. Hendrickson in Family Education for all the time, effort and thought she put into organizing this great event!! The following parents and faculty were involved: ! ! Suzanne Thoms – Intro to ceramics JT Thoms – How to change a bicycle tire Bob Pesner –Understanding the internet Joe Altobello – Investments 101 Penny Altobello – Skin Care and Makeup Donna Cerame – Know Yourself and Your Aura Siobhan Zaniewski – Emotional Freedom Technique Steve Lieber – Entrepreneurship through the shoe market Royce Rich – Intro to Acting Diane Rushin – Baking Evi Coghlan – Baking Ann Katz – Svaroopa Yoga Amanda Fuller and Alex Keyes - Swing dancing Ian Matthew Harrington! -! Magic games Robert Tunney - Cooking Kerri Walsh, Sue Nowak and Irene Boudreau - Knitting Sue Schofield and Cindy Guan- Jewelry making John Rigney - Beekeeping Charles Fraser – Pig dissection For two days, the school was abuzz with excited faces, laughter and even frustration as one young man struggled with dropping a stitch.! At the school meeting, comments about the experience included: “I learned a lot about investing and want to learn more!” “I was completely impressed with the attentiveness and questions of the students.” “Today showed me the value of creating a love for learning.” Thank you parents, faculty and staff for a great weekend!

Parent Academy


Once Upon a Mattress


Drama Team Showcases Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Smash Hit

On!Friday, February 17!and!Saturday, February 18,!the drama team put on an awesome performance of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s!Once Upon a Mattress. In the production, Prince Dauntless, played by Alex Trager ’12, desperately desires to be married after countless!princesses fail his mother’s royalty test.!Despite the attempts of Queen Agravain, played by Jane McCafrey ’13, to scare off potential suitors, Dauntless falls in love with the rash and carefree princess Winnifred the Woebegone, played by Alex Smart ’12.!!Hilarity ensues as the Queen tries to cut off their love at every turn and shenanigans overtake the usually docile castle. While royal love is forming, old love is tested between the upstanding Sir Harry and the naïve Lady Larkin, played by Julian Goldenberg ’13 and Angela Guidera de Groot ’14.!!After receiving worrisome news, Larkin employs the help of the laughable trio of King Sextimus, Court Jester, and Traveling Minstrel, played by Tom Rich ’12, Kun Il Kim ’12, and Jahmillia St. Claire ’13. However, what originally began as a plot for Larkin to flee the castle develops into a daring adventure to discover the Queen’s final royalty test, ending the town’s long lasting “opening for a princess.” Directed by Hyde School faculty members Mr. Cutrer, Ms. Fuller, Mr. Tunney, and Ms. Keyes, the play featured the following Hyde School students: seniors: Tom Rich, Kun Il Kim, Alex Smart, and Alex Trager; juniors Julian Goldenberg, Jahmilia St. Claire, and Jane McCaffrey; and sophomore Angie Guidera de Groot. Additionally, the stage crew, led by seniors Tom Rushin and Walker Corley and Ms. Keyes, surpassed past productions through their solid work into creating the set and lighting for the show. Mr. Cutrer shared his excitement for the show. “The students of the Varsity Drama team should be very proud of their work this winter,” he said. “It has clearly been a team effort from theatrical veterans on down to those who are gracing the stage for the first time, and graduating actors Rich, Kim, Trager, and Smart should be proud of their grand exit from the Hyde stage.”





Spring Family Weekend








Campus Life: 2012 Hyde Woodstock Yearbook  

Campus Life: 2012 Hyde Woodstock Yearbook

Campus Life: 2012 Hyde Woodstock Yearbook  

Campus Life: 2012 Hyde Woodstock Yearbook