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CTE Completers Give Thumbs-Up to PBA by Alexis Nordin and Suzanne Tribble

apply that knowledge to a real-life scenario similar to a task they may encounter in It is not always easy being the field. Each PBA is divided a teenager and an educational into three major parts. First, trailblazer. Just ask the high the student is required to school students who are complete a job application enrolled in the eight career along with a résumé. In part and technical education (CTE) two of the assessment, students pathways that are on the have three hours to complete a cutting edge of an educational performance scenario within a reform movement happening testing environment unique to at the state and national levels. their career pathway. They are Students in several CTE given a scenario along with the career pathways in Mississippi required tools and equipment now take end-of-course for their assessment, and assessments based not only they are evaluated by two to on what they know, but three external subject-matter also on what they can show. experts from industry. During Performance-based assessment part three, each student has (PBA) is an alternative a five-minute interview with assessment methodology that the evaluators. To ensure is now being used in place of or consistent scoring across the in combination with multiplestate, a standardized criterion choice assessment (also rubric, developed by teachers known as selected-response in each career pathway, is then assessment). The Mississippi used to score the students. Department of Education’s Polymer Science students, Madison Career and As the Mississippi Office of Career and Technical Technology Center Department of Education Education and Workforce 2013-2014. Over 1,100 CTE students embraces PBA, districts and Development selected Early Childhood participated in an end-of-course teachers are following suit at the local Education, Polymer Science, PBA in spring 2014, and additional level. And based on reviews from Simulation and Animation Design, pathways are expected to incorporate the state’s CTE completers, students and Teacher Academy to lead the PBA PBA in upcoming academic years. are more than ready to face the PBA charge in 2012-2013. Architecture As its name implies, PBA is a hands- challenge. and Drafting, Digital Media on assessment designed not only to Technology, Energy Technology, and measure what students have learned “At first, I was nervous.” As one of two programs that piloted Transportation Logistics were added in in a class, but also how well they can 12 CONNECTIONS Spring 2015

Connections Spring 2015  

Connections Spring 2015  

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