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NEW YORK CITY WOMEN’S HEALTH CENTER Year: 2012 Semester: Spring Semester Site: 667 Madison Ave., New York, NY Total: 10,280 sq.ft. All women, from early adolescence to later adulthood, seek health care that addresses their complex health needs. New York City Women’s Health Center offers the most comprehensive array of healthcare services, plus wellness and health education, stress management, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, mind/body medicine. Designed specifically for women, in a single location in New York City.

EXECUTIVE SUITE FOR LOTUSSOM HOTEL Year: 2012 Semester: Fall Semester Site: 21 Ocean Way, Singapore Terrace Total: 1,087 sq.ft. Suite Total: 2,433 sq.ft. This project is to design one of the Executive Suites on the top floor of the hotel. The design work is specifically for a corner suite with a southern and western exposure. The hotel management team would like to market these top floor suites as a part of their chic Green life�style brand.

KALLIA LAW OFFICE DESIGN Year: 2012 Semester: Spring Semester Site: 1095 Avenue of The Americas, New York Total: 18,168 sq.ft. Kallia Law founded in 1920, is one of Finland’s oldest law firm with a strong history and a reputation for quality and excellence. Kallia has decided to open a New York City office. This will be their first major office in the United States. They want their office to represent the history and traditions of their home country, while celebrating their future in New York. A site for the new offices has already been selected. A midtown office building on 6th Avenue between 42nd and 41st Streets offers a large enough floor place to accommodate the law firm on contiguous portions of the 20th and 21st floors.

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