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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide Yellowjacket Orientation Guide ROCHESTER COMMUNITY AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE

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Financial Aid

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Welcome to the Yellowjacket Community! We are excited that you are attending RCTC and can’t wait to tell you about all the resources available to help you be successful. You will also have the opportunity to learn about student clubs and activities at RCTC. Throughout this guide, you will be asked questions to help you make decisions about your future. RCTC uses the GPS LifePlan (Goals + Plans = Success) to help orientate students. The GPS LifePlan is an online resource to guide you on your educational journey. It will help you set goals and design plans that will lead you to the success you desire. This program has the flexibility to be used by students of all ages and at all stages of their journey. Start planning your personal, professional, and career-related goals by using the GPS LifePlan checklist at the URL below.

During Orientation, you will learn more about starting your educational journey. To help you stay on track, here is a checklist of...

items that you will accomplish today:

Orientation Assessment testing (if needed) Register for classes with an advisor Meet with financial aid (if needed) Get student ID card at Goddard Library

After Today:

Finalize financial plan Buy books Attend Welcome Day

Tips for being successful at RCTC: GOALS + PLANS = SUCCESS

Get familiar with and use campus resources Attend class regularly and get involved Seek out your instructors when needed Organize your time Take care of yourself

Yellowjacket Orientation Guide mark your calendar

RCTC’s Mission and outcomes



8 25 29

Fall Tuition Due Fall Classes Start Fall Add/Drop Deadline

Rochester Community and Technical College provides accessible, affordable, quality learning opportunities to serve a diverse and growing community.


Core outcomes provide the unifying foundation critical to personal and professional success of RCTC students.


5 24

Communication: Students will read, write, speak, and listen professionally.

Fall Financial Aid Disbursement Fall Student Success Day

Critical Thinking: Students will think systematically by integrating skills and using a variety of appropriate resources and methods.



Fall Last Day to Withdraw


Global Awareness/Diversity: Students will demonstrate understanding of and respect for human diversity through their words and actions.

12 19

Civic Responsibility: Students will understand larger social issues, demonstrate social responsibility, and contribute to positive community change through civic engagement.

Spring Tuition Due Fall Last Day of Classes

Personal and Professional Accountability: Students will take ultimate responsibility for achieving their education and personal goals.


12 16 23

Spring Classes Start

Aesthetic Response: Students will make and support personal judgments from an informed perspective.

Spring Add/Drop Deadline Spring Financial Aid Disbursement



Spring Student Success Day

APRIL 2015


Spring Last Day to Withdraw

MAY 2015


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Last Day of Classes


Yellowjacket Orientation Guide GOALS + PLANS = SUCCESS There are thousands of career options available. How do you make a career choice if you don’t really know what you want to do? Does it seem like a challenging task? It doesn’t have to be. You will have to put some time and energy into making your decision, but your effort will be well worth it in the end. At Rochester Community and Technical College, you have resources available to help you choose the right career path for you.


DREAM JOB? Sting Mascot and Astrophysicist?

RCTC counselors are available to assist you with a variety of needs, including... Career planning Choosing a major Transfer advising Developing a graduation goal Creating a semester-by-semester academic plan to reach your goal Resolving crisis issues Coping with relationship issues Managing stress Building self esteem Personal issues including: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions/ recovery You can schedule an appointment with your advisor or counselor by stopping in the Counseling/Advising Center in Student Support (SS133) or by calling 507-285-7260.

What degr ee Do I n eed? Academic resources on campus include a team of RCTC advisors and counselors. Every student has an academic advisor or counselor who is here to support students in their educational growth. You should work closely with them to ensure your educational goals are on track. Beginning with the new student orientation session, advisors will work with you to discuss placement test results, transfer credits decisions, your declared program major requirements, and upcoming course registration. After orientation, students work with their assigned academic advisor or counselor to develop an academic plan to ensure that their educational goals can be met. Your Degree Audit Report System (DARS), found in eServices, will list which academic advisor or counselor is assigned to you, as well as the academic advisor or counselor’s email address. The DARS report is also a very important tool used throughout advising and counseling sessions to track degree progress as well as your declared program major requirements.

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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide 1. From your eServices dashboard, click on “Courses and Registration”.


Your StarID is a unique username that you can utilize across all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities campuses to access information technology systems and services. Students who plan on transferring to another school in the MNSCU system will continue to use the same StarID and password when they transfer.

eSERVICES 2. Click on “Search for a Course”.

eServices is your online tool designed to help you succeed. It contains the following information: My Dashboard – a review of account information for all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities you have personally interacted with.

3. Confirm the semester and select subject area or course number. Click “Search”.

Account Management – allows you to update your mailing address and email. Courses & Registration – provides you with course schedule, course descriptions, registration windows, registration instructions, course drop, course withdraw, college withdraw, and deadlines.

4. Find the course you want to add, click “Add”, and click “Review My Plan”.

Grades and Transcripts – lists grades, Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS), and transcripts. Financial Aid – allows you to check financial aid status, review award letter, disbursement information, financial aid applied to your account, and information for graduates.

5. Add check marks by classes and click “Select Courses(s) to proceed to Register”.

Bills and Payments – provides you with payment history and account/balance. It also allows you to give access to someone else to pay your bill.

6. Enter your StarID password and click “Register”.

eServices Login Instructions

7. You are registered for course. Repeat steps for each course you want to take.

1. Go to 2. Click on green “I Agree/Login” button at page bottom 3. Enter your StarID (Don’t know your StarID? Click on the “Forgot ID?” link on the right side) 4. Enter password 5. If you want your name to print on documents, click the box next to “Display Name” 6. Click on “Login” button

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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide DESIRE 2 LEARN (D2L)

D2L is RCTC’s course information management system which provides you with 24/7 access to course material such as syllabi, schedules, announcements, and lecture notes. You can submit papers electronically, takes quizzes online, and interact with others using discussion boards and chat rooms. This environment allows you to track your progress, feedback and grades.

D2L Login instructions

1. Go to: Enter your StarID and password. If you need to reset your password, go to A D2L Tutorial is available with the tools you’ll need to interact in this environment. We highly encourage you to take the time to go through it. Tutorial registration information is outlined below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Click on the Self Registration button under Resources Select D2L Tutorial-Online Learners under Course Offering Name Select Register and then enter requested information (use D2L Tutorial for course name) On your D2L My Homepage you will see the D2L Tutorial- Online Learners listed under the “Ongoing” section header Click on the course title and follow instructions to complete course **Course should take approximately 2-3 hours** Submit the Certificate of Completion when finished by clicking the Submit button and print a copy for your records.

All students receive a certificate after successfully completing it. For technical support, contact the Technical Support Center at 507-536-5555 or via email at


All students are provided with an email account through the College. This email account is the official means of communication from the college. Please note your login will be your StarID and password. Your e-mail address is: firstname.lastname (4 numbers of StarID)@ - Example: Email can be accessed at: or on your mobile device. To get your email on your mobile device, please follow the steps below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Delete existing student e-mail Exchange account (if it exists) Add a new Exchange type e-mail account Set the e-mail address to <First Name>.<Last Name><Numbers in StarID>@ Set the password to your StarID password If it asks for a server it’s “” If it asks for a domain/username it’s your e-mail address, <First Name>.<Last Name><Numbers in StarID>


Students receive 500 sheets/credits of paper into their print accounts at the start of each semester which can be used for either single sided or double sided (duplex) black laser printing. Color prints will count as 5 sheets/ credits against your print account.


RCTC participates in the Microsoft and Adobe Campus Agreements which allows you to purchase Microsoft and Adobe software without paying full retail price. To download, visit


The University Center Rochester has wireless Internet access available for all. To access the WIFI, connect to the RCTC HIVE and enter “expecttheunexpected” as the password.


The computer resources and capabilities at Rochester Community and Technical College must be used in an ethical and lawful manner. Violations of RCTC computer policies, standard internet etiquette, or violations of the laws of Minnesota and the United States can result in disciplinary action by RCTC and/or prosecution by legal authorities. Access to computer systems and the networks attached to them is a privilege. The full policy can be accessed on the RCTC web site:


Students receive weekly email communications from the Student Affairs Division. These communications provide relevant, time-sensitive information about the student life cycle, including information on registration, money management, and all campus services.

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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide Getting the most out of your college education does not usually happen by accident. It requires hard work, planning, and commitment. You have both campus-based and technology-based resources available to help.


EDUCATIONAL GOAL? Certificate? Diploma? Transfer?

HOW many hour s do you plan to stud y a week? DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES

The Disability Support Services Office provides academic support and advising services to assist qualified disabled persons in achieving their educational goals. Appropriate accommodations are provided to those qualified disabled persons. To find out what accommodations you may qualify for, stop in Student Services (SS176) or contact Travis Kromminga, Director of Disability Support Services, at, 507-280-2968.


The TRiO program serves students who qualify in one or more of the following categories: first generation college student, low income status, and/or documented disability. A student support services staff member can be reached by calling 507-285-7230 or by stopping in Student Services (SS159). The Student Support Services TRiO Program provides assistance in the following areas: Academic and transfer advising Student success workshops Peer tutoring Financial Aid advising Career advising Grant and scholarship opportunities College visits Cultural enrichment activities Page 6

DROP IN TUTORING (Free of Charge)

The University Center Rochester Learning Center provides students with a variety of support to promote academic success and personal and professional achievement. Disciplines supported in the program include: writing, science, math, speech, BTEC, reading, and English for academic purposes. You can find the Learning Center in Atrium (AT306).


Goddard Library serves RCTC and WSURochester students with an academic library experience enriched with high quality facilities and study spaces and a strong collection of online, print, and electronic materials. The library has varied study environments from private group study rooms to comfortable living room style seating. Also on the third floor of the library there is a computer lab with over 100 personal computers available for student use. Plan to attend a Goddard Library tour at the beginning of the semester to learn more about the library and all the resources that are available to you! The library can be found on the second floor of the Atrium (AT).


Students are issued a photo ID card from the UCR Goddard Library. The card serves as your library card and is also required for other campus services including financial aid, bookstore, access to athletic facilities, and event admission.


Transfer planning to your next school starts today! Add or import your courses from eServices and instantly see how credits transfer. Transferology also allows you to see how your college credits will apply toward different degree options. Transferology website:


Yellowjacket Orientation Guide BOOKSTORE

Stop by the campus bookstore to purchase your textbooks, apparel, and much more! If purchasing your books on campus, remember to bring your current class schedule and student ID card. You can view which textbooks you will need prior to your trip to the campus bookstore or simply order online and have them shipped directly to your home. Once on the website, click on Textbook Information. Apparel and general supplies are also available online. The bookstore cannot cash checks or accept two party checks. Only a signed Visa or MasterCard is accepted.


ONLINE ks Buy bono e! onli All students who have a financial aid application on file with RCTC and are registered for the current semester will be allowed to charge the cost of textbooks toward their RCTC bill. This program is generally available one week before the start of the semester and during the first week of classes. Students must present their RCTC ID card at the RCTC Bookstore to obtain the authorization form. If using this option, you remain responsible for the cost of their textbooks. Financial aid funding will be used to pay textbook costs before any funds are released to you. If financial aid is not sufficient to cover textbook costs (or if then you are later deemed ineligible for funding), you will be required to pay RCTC for the textbook costs from your own funds, along with any unpaid tuition/fee charges. The bookstore is located on the first floor of the College Center/Hill Theatre (HT100).


Find out when an instructor cancels class the day of at cancelled-classes/ or sign up for our mobile app to access instructor absences on your mobile devices. Search â&#x20AC;&#x153;RCTCâ&#x20AC;? in your app store today!


All instructors have office hours each week so you are able to meet with them outside of class time, if needed. To help you determine when they have office hours, visit and select the instructor.

Have questions about textbooks? Contact the Bookstore at: or 507-285-7202.

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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide GOALS + PLANS = SUCCESS Money management skills and good practices are needed no matter how much or how little you have. We realize college costs are a concern for many people and paying for classes, books, housing, and other expenses can be a source of stress. Keep in mind that college is an investment in your future and research shows that the more education you have, the more you are likely to earn.

CATEGORY INCOME: From Jobs From Parents From Student Loans From Scholarships From Financial Aid Miscellaneous Income INCOME SUBTOTAL EXPENSES: Rent or Room & Board Utilities Telephone Groceries Car Payment/Transportation Insurance Gasoline/Oil Entertainment Eating Out/Vending Tuition Books School Fees Computer Expense Miscellaneous Expense EXPENSES TOTAL NET INCOME (Income less Expenses) Page 8



PAY FOR YOUR COURSES? Scholarships? Loans? Grants? Job?

HAVe you applied for financial aid?


Financial aid is money available for your educational expenses. It is designed to supplement the amount you and your family contribute toward your education. The primary purpose of student financial aid is to provide assistance to students who otherwise would be unable to pursue their education. RCTC knows every student has a somewhat different financial situation. A financial aid award package consists of funding from one or a combination of financial aid programs and is designed to help meet your financial needs. To be considered for financial aid at Rochester Community and Technical College, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form can be submitted via the government website at Include RCTC’s federal school code of 002373 when you complete your FAFSA to ensure RCTC receives your application information. After RCTC receives your application, you will receive a paper letter and email either requesting more information or informing you that your award letter is ready to view in eServices. Award letters show your eligibility for grants and loans at different enrollment levels for the term. Please note all students are able to get an update to their financial aid status by logging into their eServices.


There are many free tools that can help you learn more about financial aid: Develop a Plan – Financial Aid 101 Estimator Tool – (What types of financial aid do I qualify for?) The RCTC Net Price Calculator –

Yellowjacket Orientation Guide MORE THAN 200 SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE

The application process begins each December for more than 200 scholarships that are available for students who plan to attend the following fall and spring or who will graduate from RCTC in the spring and pursue studies elsewhere. Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of criteria. Scholarship applications for 2015-16 will be online from December 15, 2014, to February 23, 2015. For a full listing of scholarships and criteria descriptions, visit the RCTC Foundation website at:


Get the latest tuition and fees online at Special course fees for some classes may be assessed, or tuition may vary for some classes. Information on special fees will be published in the semester class schedule. Actual tuition/fee cost is also posted in eServices. RCTC establishes due dates for final payment of tuition and fees prior to the start of each semester. RCTC drops all classes for students who do not have a financial aid deferment, have not paid in full, or have not established a payment plan. Payments can be made in eServices using MasterCard, Visa, or e-check. Payments may also be made in person at the RCTC Cashier’s Office. RCTC will grant an extension of the payment due date for students who have filed and are awaiting approved financial aid from federal, state, or other third-party sources.



All Financial Aid disbursements and student payroll checks at RCTC are disbursed using a system called HigherOne. You will receive a GREEN ENVELOPE in your mailbox after you register for courses at RCTC that will contain your Yellowjacket Card. Visit to designate how you want your disbursement/ payment sent to you. You can choose to have your funding sent by direct deposit to your own bank account, deposit to a “OneAccount” utilizing the Yellowjacket card as a debit card, or sent by paper check via mail. When your payment is ready to be issued to you, the funds will be sent to HigherOne. They will then issue your Financial Aid change check, refund, and/or student payroll check using the disbursement method you selected upon activation of your HigherOne Account.

Have questions regarding HigherOne?

Stop by the Cashier’s Office in Student Services (SS) Main Floor for assistance or call 507-285-7311.

RCTC provides payment plans for students, permitting you to pay tuition and fees after the due date. RCTC may assess a payment plan fee to cover the costs of processing payments consistent with this policy. Payment plans are convenient, interest-free, and affordable. Cost to Participate: • $25 enrollment fee per semester (ACH & credit card) • $2 enrollment fee for an immediate full payment • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned Easy online enrollment at or under Tuition and Payments in your eServices.


Tuition and fees paid after the deadline will be assessed a late fee of $80.00 and payment plan fee of $25.00. Students have a right to appeal this fee by contacting with a request and detailed explanation.

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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide WHAT DO YOU FEEL IS YOUR...


Student Life? Athletics? Social Life?

D O YOU PLAND TO BE INVOLVOOEM? SR OUTSIDE OF CLAS GET INVOLVED AT RCTC Animal Health Technology Club Armed Forces and Veterans Club Art Club Asian Student Organization Automotive Technology Club BUM Club CAD Technology Design Club Disc Golf Club Drama Club Ecology Engineering and Physics Club Equestrian Club Gay-Straight Alliance Golf Course Superintendents' Association of America Horticulture Club International Club Law Enforcement Club Lions Club Music Technology Club Muslim Student Association Phi Theta Kappa Rochester Collegiate Navigators Student Nursing Forum Table Tennis

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The RCTC Student Life program gives you the opportunity to expand your education beyond the traditional classroom. Students who get involved in extracurricular activities tend to do better in the classroom. Major employers across the nation look for “leadership skills” in prospective hires. Being involved with RCTC’s chartered student organizations gives you an opportunity to gain these skills first hand. In a two-year college, many of the students involved in an activity graduate each year. The opportunity for a freshman to immediately become leaders is much greater than in a four-year college. RCTC students can attend sporting events, concerts, and theatre productions free of charge. All RCTC sponsored events are tobacco, alcohol, and drug free. Check out what is going on with student life: studentlife. For further information on student activities, contact the Student Life Coordinator, Scott Krook, via email at or call (507) 285-7206.


You can expect a legacy of champions at RCTC. With more than 192 All-Americans, you can believe that a rich, whole-person college experience isn’t just the domain of four-year universities. RCTC offers nationally renowned varsity athletics: women’s basketball, golf, soccer, softball, and volleyball and men’s baseball, basketball, football, golf, and wrestling. If you would like to participate in athletics at RCTC, fill out our Prospective Athlete Form at if you haven’t done so already. Whether you are a member of the team or a fan in the stands, the athletic programs are alive and thriving here at RCTC!

Yellowjacket Orientation Guide


How will my goalS be measured?

Why ARE THESE goalS important to me?

Actions I will take to reach my goalS:

resources i may need to reach my goalS:

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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide YOUR RECORD IS PROTECTED

Rochester Community and Technical College complies with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.

The following items are considered “directory information” and will be made available to the public unless the student submits a completed Request for Nondisclosure form to the Admissions and Records Office: student name program of study enrollment status dates of enrollment degrees, honors, and awards received student activities participation height, weight, and high school of athletic team members email address photographs hometown StarID



Health Services offers a variety of services for RCTC students. A registered nurse is available daily and a nurse practitioner is available weekly. Most services are free and include: Assessment and treatment of minor illnesses Emergency first-aid Single doses of non-prescription medications Diagnostic tests for strep throat, mono, simple urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, and pregnancy Screening tests for cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure Referrals to community healthcare providers Wellness counseling Physical examinations that are required for students in athletics or certain academic programs Contact Health Services at 507-285-7261,, or stop in Health Services (HS140).

Full FERPA policy can be found at:


CAUSES YOU STRESS? Do you plan on working? How many hours?

what inspires and motivates you? Page 12


Students of color and students with English as a second language are offered: Peer tutoring Assistance with applying for financial aid Advising Testing accommodation Career information To apply for Multicultural Services, contact RCTC’s program advisor at or 507-280-3120 or visit the Counseling/ Advising Center in Student Support (SS133) to schedule an appointment.

Yellowjacket Orientation Guide VETERANS AND FAMILY SERVICES

RCTC’s community is dedicated to providing services and information to support the educational goals of Veterans and their families. RCTC welcomes all Veterans, including those returning from active duty. RCTC has a Veterans Resource Center located on the 4th floor of the College Center (CC). The Veterans Resource Center is a place for veterans, current military members, and their families to gather for support, to share information, and socialize. The following individuals support Veterans and their families in successfully accomplishing their educational goals: • • •

Glen Saponari - RCTC VA Certifying Official, SS134, 507-280-5511, Gregg Wright - RCTC Counselor - Military Credit Transfer, SS141, 507-280-3518, Betty Rouse - Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (Chapter 31), 612-970-5463,


The UCR Regional Sports Center has amenities that are available for all students including an indoor field house with a 200 meter track, four multipurpose floor courts, and a large kinesiology lab. Your student life fee covers access to the UCR Regional Sports Center during open fitness hours. You need to fill out a consent form prior to use. The consent form and open gym hours can be found online at


Sign up for the free emergency notification system (Star Alert) to receive notice by cell phone and/or e-mail – of campus-related emergencies that threaten safety or severely impact campus operations. Notifications identified as “Star Alert” messages will note the nature of the emergency, what action, if any, you are to take, and where to find more information. Star Alert also will let you know if campus is closed or if classes are delayed or canceled. Sign up to receive notice of emergencies: Step 1: Go to security/ems.html Step 2: Click on “Student Registration” Step 3: Enter requested information Step 4: Select the “Groups” you would like to be part of


The Security Department provides a service to escort persons walking to and from their vehicle, walking between buildings, and for a variety of other reasons. UCR Security Escorts are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM and on weekends from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. To request this service for any reason, call UCR Security at 507-285-7262.


Whether you are wanting a burger, pizza, salad, or coffee, your food service needs are covered on campus. Food service is located on the 3rd floor of the College Center and first floor of the Health Sciences buildings on UCR Main and in the Commons area at Heintz Center.

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Yellowjacket Orientation Guide

Weekly Class Schedule TIME






7:00 - 7:50 AM 8:00 - 8:50 AM 9:00 - 9:50 AM 10:00 - 10:50 AM 11:00 - 11:50 AM 12:00 - 12:50 PM 1:00 - 1:50 PM 2:00 - 2:50 PM 3:00 - 3:50 PM 4:00 - 4:50 PM 5:00 - 5:50 PM 6:00 PM & Later

Rochester Community and Technical College


Students Welcome Day for New 2014 Saturday, August 23, Starting at 10:00am Free BBQ Lunch v fun v games v give-aways v sponsored by student life Page 14



Stay connected with RCTC! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and more for important class info, events, photos, videos, campus closures, student life, athletics, and history, not to mention contests and prizes! @RochesterCTC

851 30th Avenue SE | Rochester, MN 55904 | 1.800.247.1296 | 507.285.7557 | RCTC is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, a UCR Partner and an equal opportunity employer/educator.

RCTC Orientation Guide  

Yellowjacket Orientation Guide - Welcome to Rochester Community and Technical College