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best online auctions Penny auctions are a game, a very competitory game. It is you vs every one else who is bidding or thinking of bidding on a particular auction. You can win or lose money at this game. There are winning strategies and gaining styles you can use to give yourself better chances to win including the psychological aspect of this game, which in many aspects is very similar to poker. Penny auction websites began their rise in recognition in the second half of 2010. They are expanding in 2011 & now in 2012 with progressively penny auction sites opening up and increasingly penny auction players noticing their way to the online bidding sites. The savvy bidders have learned how to win penny auctions generally. best penny auctions a growing selection of links to superiority penny auction strategy articles. Read through the different articles available and find ideas behind winning at penny auctions. Many articles with a background of a winning poker player. Since penny auctions are a psychological game of you vs other people much of the tactics apply to both games. Your long term penny auction goal is to win as much value as possible with as few bids spent as possible. To accomplish this you have to develop effective strategies that help you win more while bidding less. We are building a growing list of penny auction strategy articles that you can use to give yourself a head start on the competition. Read our growing list of penny auction tips before you begin playing and maximise your chances of getting incredible deals instead of losing money and not winning anything in the least. How best penny auction site Work. Before placing any money in an online penny auction it is super important that you learn how penny auctions work. Penny auctions are not as simple as seeing a $ 50 gift card on sale for $ 2.31 and saying well I would pay that for a $ 50 card, I will bid and buy that now or get out bid and have not lost anything. Penny bidding sites do not work that way. The truth of the matter is that you can lose money and if you do not know how the penny auctions work it is almost guaranteed that you will lose money!. Penny auctions use a pay per bid model. This means that it costs you money each time you place a bid on something whether you win the auction or not while increasing the auction price of the item by 1 penny. A classic brinkmanship game, pushing dangerous events to the verge of disaster in order to achieve the most advantageous outcome which is therein case that your opposition stops bidding

against you in an auction and you win. best online penny auctions They are a psychological battle of wills. For more details check this site

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