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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical University of Bahrain

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RCSI Bahrain: Noble Purpose

Building on the heritage of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, which was founded in 1784, we will enhance health in Bahrain, the other GCC countries and beyond through endeavour, innovation and collaboration in education, research and service.


RCSI Dublin

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) was granted a charter in 1784 by King George III, giving the College the power to control the practice of surgery and to provide surgical education and training in Ireland. In 1886, the undergraduate training of surgeons and physicians was merged and the College established a Medical School. In addition to the Undergraduate Schools of Medicine, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy, the College also has Postgraduate Faculties of Dentistry, Nursing, Radiology and Sports & Exercise Medicine. RCSI is the national training body for surgery in Ireland but is equally active abroad in the provision of education, training and hospital management, mainly in the Middle East (UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain) and Malaysia (Penang). The RCSI building – the iconic landmark of the College – has stood on St. Stephen’s Green since 1810 and is one of Dublin’s best known historical buildings. There is nothing traditional,

RCSI Dublin: More than 200 years of history... however, in the resources, facilities and staffing of the College. Behind the elegant, classical façade are modern, purpose-built facilities reflective of the high standards in education and training set and maintained by the College. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and through the optimum use of technology and innovation RCSI is, today, established at the forefront of healthcare education. RCSI possesses a character and individuality derived partly from its governance and partly from its cultural diversity. Governed by doctors, RCSI’s ethos is the furtherance of medical standards and its objective is to provide the education and experience that enables its graduates to enter postgraduate training in any specialty of medicine. RCSI’s unique ambience reflects a 1,500-strong medical student population that represent over 50 different countries. A non-profit organisation, RCSI has a worldwide reputation for excellence in Medical and Health Sciences education and training. As an educational establishment at the forefront of clinical research, RCSI has an extensive portfolio providing worldwide medical training and services, enhancing its reputation as an independent, international, progressive and truly unique healthcare institution.


RCSI Bahrain Our Message Today, the choices available to students planning to pursue higher education are extensive both in terms of what subject to study and which university to attend. In this prospectus we seek to introduce those interested in pursuing medicine, nursing and various related postgraduate courses, to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain). Our website provides additional information about RCSI Bahrain - our goals, strengths and landmark achievements.

Ms. Ellis McGovern President, RCSI Dublin

RCSI Bahrain was founded with the aim of providing healthcare education and training at international standards for students from Bahrain, the region and beyond. Our noble purpose has at its core: education, training and research, aimed at enhancing healthcare across the board (from disease prevention to the provision of patient care) all to the highest possible standards. The field of healthcare requires intelligent, capable and committed professionals who have been educated and trained to utilise and embrace the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes. We aspire to provide just this.

Our dedicated academic staff all hold a professional commitment centred around teaching our students and promoting their professional development. Providing students with a learning environment in which to develop into mature professionals, and in the company of their like-minded peers, we emphasise the importance of teamwork and its integral role in their future careers. Consistent with this approach, we encourage participation in extracurricular activities through a range of University clubs and societies. Our diverse student population, representing over 30 nationalities in Bahrain, reflects the secondary role we play as a ‘University of Life’, exposing each student to a wide range of cultures Professor Cathal Kelly Registrar and Chief Executive, RCSI Dublin and interests.


We believe these eclectic influences offer a potential wealth of experience and advantage – crucial in preparing ‘the well rounded’ professional who can function effectively in any healthcare system in any location worldwide. Our academic and administrative staff represent many of Bahrain’s neighbouring countries, while the majority of our senior clinical and professorial positions are held by distinguished Irish medical professionals.

Professor Thomas Collins President, RCSI Bahrain

Although international in scope, we retain a distinctly Irish standard with our syllabus, curriculum, examinations and calendar of events corresponding directly to those of RCSI Dublin. At qualification, graduates are conferred degrees from RCSI Bahrain in addition to degrees from the National University of Ireland.

Professor Kevin O’Malley Founding President, RCSI Bahrain

Pursuing your studies at RCSI Bahrain guarantees a distinctive learning experience that has been shaped and inspired by over 200 years of RCSI healthcare education and training. We look forward to welcoming you to the RCSI family.


About Bahrain

Financial Harbour, Bahrain

An archipelago of 33 islands, the Kingdom of Bahrain lies at the heart of the Arabian Gulf. Meaning ‘two seas’ in Arabic, the word Bahrain refers to the freshwater springs that are found within the salty seas surrounding each of its islands. In recent years, Bahrain has become a regional pioneer and centre for commerce, industry and finance. The Kingdom has a whole series of Gulf ‘firsts’ under its belt from discovering oil, providing public education to both males and females, diversifying the economy and granting universal suffrage to providing the venue for the region’s first Formula 1 race. As a tourist destination attracting over eight million regional and international visitors a year, the Kingdom combines traditional and distinctive Middle Eastern culture with a modern infrastructure that develops alongside the archaeological legacy of a six thousand year old civilisation. Today, Bahrain is proud of an academic standard and system (cultivated since it first established a public education system in 1919), which is uniquely positioned to provide an outstanding educational environment to local, regional and international students. The growing presence of international institutes and universities in the Kingdom is testament to the country’s commitment to ensuring quality in the learning experiences it affords, within a relaxed, secure, social environment. At RCSI Bahrain we recognise that student life involves much more than attending classes. Indeed, the growth and learning we expect from our student body at RCSI Bahrain encompasses a broader curriculum than what is afforded during class hours. Joining our multicultural student body means joining and becoming a member of our vibrant and active family where staff and students are dedicated to sharing their energy and expertise, learning about their community and surroundings and making a difference.


RCSI Bahrain: An Introduction Extending a formal invitation to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland to establish a centre for medical, nursing and other healthcare education and training in Bahrain, the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain has shown that its historically progressive stance with regards to education persists to date with continuous endeavours to advance Bahrain’s position.

This purpose-built, high-tech University stands adjacent to the King Hamad University Hospital. The University has access to the Ministry of Health hospitals in particular the Salmaniya Medical Complex, the primary healthcare centres in Bahrain and the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, as well as a select group of private hospitals like the American Mission Hospital.

Consistent with the Government’s strategic vision to establish the Kingdom as a regional academic and training hub, RCSI Bahrain was founded under licence from the Government of Bahrain and officially opened by the President of Ireland H.E. Mary McAleese (also the patron of RCSI Bahrain) in February 2004. The official opening was under the patronage of and attended by H.R.H. the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sh. Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa.

The Bahrain Defence Force Hospital contributes significantly to nursing and medical students’ clinical training from Intermediate Cycle through to Graduation. The University has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with local, regional, and international hospitals to facilitate clinical electives.

A state-of-the-art establishment with a campus extending over approximately 24 acres of land in the area of Busaiteen, Muharraq, RCSI Bahrain’s main building boasts a five-storey structure comprising teaching facilities that include three lecture theatres, three laboratories, nine tutorial rooms and a large library with several group study rooms. In addition to the teaching facilities, the campus has a sports and recreation hall, research laboratory and restaurant.

At RCSI Bahrain our staff are highly qualified academic and administrative personnel, predominantly from Ireland and Bahrain, who collectively provide a broad range of theoretical, laboratory and clinical teaching all delivered and examined in English. Medical graduates of RCSI Bahrain’s medical course are awarded the licentiates of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and the degrees of MB BCh BAO. RCSI Bahrain follows the curricula and examinations of RCSI Dublin, and adheres to the standards set by the World Federation for Medical Education, delivering world-class education in Bahrain.

General Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa conferred with the highest honour the University can bestow - the degree of Doctor of Science, in recognition of an outstanding career in the public service of his country and in gratitude for the support he has given RCSI Bahrain.

RCSI Bahrain’s inaugural conferring 2010 was held under the patronage of and attended by H.R.H. the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain Sh. Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. The conferring ceremony took place in attendance of representatives from RCSI Dublin, RCSI Bahrain, National University of Ireland (NUI) and Royal College of Physicians of Ireland – the four institutions that award our medical students their different degrees. RCSI Bahrain’s nursing graduates receive degrees from both RCSI Bahrain and NUI.

RCSI Bahrain inaugural conferring was held under the patronage of and attended by H.R.H Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain


H.E. Mary McAleese President of Ireland Patron of RCSI Bahrain

While most private universities in the Kingdom hold their conferring off campus, RCSI Bahrain has the capability to hold its conferring ceremony on our state-of-the-art, purpose-built campus, a testament to our longstanding commitment and attention to the needs of our students. A truly vibrant, challenging and rewarding academic environment, RCSI Bahrain seeks to raise the Kingdom’s academic standard, further reinforce Bahrain’s strong and traditionally progressive position in education, regionally, and help establish the Kingdom as a sought-after destination for medical studies.


Community Involvement RCSI Bahrain has developed a community engagement plan which supports individuals and groups within the community of the Kingdom of Bahrain. RCSI Bahrain staff and students give back to the community through financial support, service and volunteer efforts. The University is committed to using the wide range of skills of both its staff and students, to make a positive contribution to Bahraini society. This collective endeavour has seen both staff and students working together for the common good in activities such as: • Bahrain’s annual wheel-a-thon • Charity fund raising events • Open lecture series • Student healthcare support in local communities • Charity sporting events.


Research The development of research at RCSI Bahrain is an imperative for the overall growth and development of the University. Current research areas include: • Obesity related diseases, including type 2 diabetes • Medical education • Neurodevelopmental disorders • Oral biology • Non-linear optical properties of biomedical materials • Health care delivery in breast cancer

To support and carry out world class biomedical research and to integrate basic and clinical research, so that advances in medical science are translated as quickly as possible into patient treatments. Prof. Kevin O’Malley School of Postgraduate and Research Strategy Founding President, RCSI Bahrain Sep 2009


Supportive Learning Environment LEARNING RESOURCE CENTRE: The Frank O’Kane Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at RCSI Bahrain provides quality support to the student body. Aimed at creating a stimulating and synergistic environment for academic and professional advancement, the LRC provides a multifaceted research and academic tool. Situated on the fourth floor of the new campus building, the University’s LRC incorporates a modern, academic library with services and information that includes both a collection of published materials and access to a wide range of information sources and products delivered electronically (electronic journals, databases and other electronic learning resources). The LRC’s extensive resources are complemented by its own virtual learning environment/search engine called ‘Moodle.’ Moodle facilitates convenient and effective information searches and usage of RCSI Bahrain’s Heritage catalogue. Whilst the library forms the main component, the LRC enables research and effective utilisation of information and knowledge through various additional facilities such as: • A modern, student-centred medical and healthcare library with over 5,000 volumes • A collection of anatomical models • A copy centre for making network print and photocopies with binding and lamination facilities • High quality study accommodation • Professional, trained personnel on hand to provide added services and advice • Playback facilities for DVD, video and reprographics


IT CAPABILITIES: Approximately 80% of the RCSI Bahrain campus is Wi-Fi facilitated. On registration, all students receive a laptop and are allocated a personal student e-mail address that allows access to the University’s computer network. In addition, an on-campus IT help desk provides support 5 days a week to assist with any IT-related queries or issues. CLINICAL LABORATORY: This purpose-built clinical environment allows both medical and nursing students to develop their skills and knowledge, gaining confidence in clinical decision-making throughout the course of their studies. Comprising 14 beds, there are designated areas for maternity and child care, medical, surgical, and intensive care. Students interact with state-of-the-art, computerised mannequins working through realistic patient-centred scenarios, while a digital camera system that records student work enhances learning by promoting the process of reflection on practice. Already the most sophisticated environment of its type in Bahrain, plans are in progress for the facility to become a regional centre of excellence –a pioneer in both its standard and the scope of research and work it caters for.


MULTIPURPOSE LABORATORIES: The Multipurpose Laboratories at RCSI Bahrain give students the opportunity to enhance the theoretical knowledge acquired in the lecture theatres with practical knowledge. Providing a stimulating learning environment for medical and nursing students to encounter experimental procedures related to biology, medicinal chemistry, medical physics and anatomy, the Multipurpose Laboratories also enhance and complement their medical education, broadening students’ knowledge base. All of RCSI Bahrain’s lecture theatres, tutorial rooms and laboratories are fully enabled from an IT and audio-visual perspective to support the demands of a modern medical curriculum.


CAMPUS RESTAURANT: RCSI Bahrain is serviced by an excellent restaurant called Stephen’s Green, named after the famous square in which RCSI Dublin is located. With a seating capacity for over 100 people, Stephen’s Green offers a wide variety of authentic Bahraini and international dishes, freshly prepared to order from the a la carte menu. Students also have the choice of dining from the lunch time buffet which provides wholesome food while offering excellent value for money. Beyond the quality cuisine on offer, the restaurant provides the distinctive opportunity to enjoy beautiful views overlooking the sea – from wherever you are seated! SPORTS AND RECREATION CENTRE: Highlighting a strong emphasis on recreation and overall development, a special indoor multipurpose sports hall covering 900 square metres can be found, located adjacent to the main RCSI Bahrain building. Innovative in design, the purpose-built facility consists of a main sports hall, with male and female gymnasiums and a recreation room. The Sports and Recreation Centre also serves as a campus communal area where students can meet and relax in a fully Wi-Fi facilitated environment.


LEARNING RESOURCE CENTRE The Frank O’Kane Learning Resource Centre seeks to inspire and promote independent learning scholarship through a range of services.



Student Support

At RCSI Bahrain lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes form part of the distinctive and tailored academic programme. In all of these settings, students collectively work and learn. While lectures may be attended by all students within a year group, tutorials offer contact between smaller groups of students and a tutor. However, at RCSI Bahrain we appreciate that being at University is primarily about learning to work by yourself and for yourself. To help you succeed, RCSI Bahrain provides a high degree of student support.

STUDENT SERVICES OFFICE: This office aims to create a student-centred environment that helps students succeed in their endeavours and achieve both their personal and academic objectives by maximising the benefits of their experience at RCSI Bahrain. In support of the University’s mission to make the student’s life as hassle free as possible, the Student Services Office oversees a variety of services and programmes relating to students’ co-curricular experience. Areas where support is provided include visa and immigration, accommodation, student mobility, health, student life and ID cards. The rite of passage for those students starting clinical practice placement involves a white coat/uniform ceremony to mark the occasion.


• CLUBS & SOCIETIES: At RCSI Bahrain, students have the opportunity to combine a vibrant social life with an active commitment to their studies. The University encourages the formation and operation of clubs and societies with activities to suit all tastes. Participation in club and society activities also enables students to mix with their peers from other years and other universities. • UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL: All students have the opportunity to join the University Student Council, which invites nominations and holds elections on an annual basis. The Student Council aims to facilitate communication among students, the faculty and administration for the purpose of promoting unity, understanding, and harmony. By addressing students’ requirements and addressing any possible barriers to success, the University Student Council strengthens the University’s commitment to provide its students with a prime quality learning environment.


The Student Welfare Office fosters the ethos of sharing, solving, succeeding. STUDENT WELFARE OFFICE: The Student Welfare Office (SWO) contributes directly to students’ success by providing an integrated range of holistic services to support students in pursuing academic achievement, ensuring their well-being during their studies at RCSI Bahrain and underpinning their success both at RCSI Bahrain and in the future. • ACADEMIC STUDY SKILLS SUPPORT: The SWO runs regular academic study skills workshops for both the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing and Midwifery, as a platform for personal and professional development. • PEER ASSISTED LEARNING: To further enhance academic performance, School of Medicine students may join the University’s Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) programme. PAL is a student-to-student support scheme that underpins both academic and personal development. Volunteer students are trained to as PAL tutors who meet regularly with small groups of students in the year(s) below, or across the same year, to help improve their understanding of their course material and develop their study and learning strategies. Not only is the PAL programme instrumental in enhancing student knowledge and skills, it also builds confidence and self esteem through peer interaction. • COUNSELLING & ADVICE: The SWO supports a rewarding learning experience by providing welfare advisory services to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The SWO encourages students to actively engage in their studies, understand the workload expected of them and to seek advice and assistance from the SWO should they face any difficulties, either with personal challenges or those of an academic nature. Aware that sometimes students may encounter emotional and stressful periods during their studies, the SWO offers a range of confidential counselling services to help guide them through any difficulties or challenges that may arise. • TRANSITION GUIDANCE: For undergraduate students, the transition from high school to university can be a challenging prospect. The SWO helps students settle confidently into university life at RCSI Bahrain and regularly runs a range of workshops to assist students in bridging any gaps in academic study and life skills, which are essential for a successful learning process. For postgraduate and mature students, welfare needs may be equally diverse, and may include seeking advice on issues such as how to balance a demanding academic workload with personal commitments and family responsibilities.


International students are warmly welcomed at RCSI Bahrain and the SWO provides a friendly ear and objective advice and guidance to those studying away from home. Together with other student support services, the SWO contributes in ensuring that students’ time spent studying at RCSI Bahrain is both enriching and enjoyable. • MENTORING PROGRAMME: All students are assigned a mentor who is either a member of the academic staff or someone holding a senior administrative position at the University. Students are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their mentor who will guide them on academic issues and study strategy. • BUDDY PROGRAMME: All new undergraduate students are assigned a “Buddy” at orientation who is a senior student responsible for welcoming a small group of new students and assisting them to settle in to university life at RCSI Bahrain. • SPECIAL PROGRAMMES: Various student welfare programmes are also coordinated and monitored by the SWO, such as the Personal & Professional Development Programme. Students are encouraged to join such programmes and benefit from the opportunities and growth experiences they offer.


School of Medicine The School of Medicine opened its doors to the ďŹ rst intake of foundation year students in October 2004. Four years later RCSI Bahrain relocated to a purpose-built, state-of-the-art campus in Busaiteen, Muharraq, on a site provided by the Government of Bahrain. In providing maximum use of technology and e-learning capabilities, the School of Medicine building has a fully integrated IT system with wireless access throughout.

The majority of our academic staff come from Ireland and all our staff meet the high quality criteria of various accrediting bodies.

The School of Medicine is included in the World Health Organisation, Directory of Medical Schools (now known as Avicenna Directories www. and the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). The School of Medicine and the School of Nursing & Midwifery are also listed in the Health Profession Education Directory of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organisation (


MB BCh BAO Programme Overview Aim of Programme: RCSI Bahrain aims to produce medical graduates whose knowledge, skills and attitudes reflect a superior level of education and training at a centre of excellence. Graduates are encouraged to pursue postgraduate training and to assume a leadership role in their chosen area of practice in either a hospital or community healthcare environment. Course Objectives: RCSI Bahrain’s longstanding academic principles are reflected in a medical curriculum that is delivered to the standards of the World Federation for Medical Education. Accordingly, the objectives of our medical degree include: •

An outcome-focused, integrated and systems-based curriculum with initial emphasis on biomedical sciences and mechanisms of disease followed by increasing emphasis on clinical medicine and its associated specialties.

Vertical themes that accompany and complement the systems-based courses from years 1 to 5 to facilitate integration and to develop self-directed learning and professionalism.

Studies that are hospital and community-based, creating medical professionals that are academically strong and confident in the field.

Qualifications Awarded: Graduates from the School of Medicine will receive the MB BCh BAO Degree issued by the National University of Ireland (NUI) and RCSI Bahrain. In addition, they will receive the Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (LRCSI) and the Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (LRCPI). Additional Information: For further programme information and entry requirements please refer to the Admissions section on page 40 or visit our website at



HIGH SPEED CAMPUS� WIDE WIFI CONNECTION Upon registration, all students receive a laptop to facilitate them with their studies.



School of Nursing & Midwifery


The School of Nursing & Midwifery offers a broad education service encompassing undergraduate and postgraduate level nursing programmes – all delivered to the highest international standards and with qualifications that are recognised worldwide. Opening its doors to the first intake of students in October 2006 at temporary facilities in the Seef district of Bahrain, the School has since relocated to the new campus in Busaiteen, Muharraq.


BSc (Hons) in Nursing & Midwifery Programme Overview Aim of Programme: The immediate aim of this undergraduate programme is to provide students with the requisite knowledge, attitudes and skills in nursing. The programme also provides opportunities for our students’ continued personal and professional academic growth and development. Course Objectives: • Assist individuals, families and groups achieve optimum health, independence, recovery or a peaceful death in a professional caring manner •

Provide and manage direct practical nursing whether health promotional, preventative, curative, rehabilitative or supportive, to individuals, families or groups

Demonstrate a knowledge base and a level of competence in clinical practice skills essential for safe practice, which are grounded in recent evidence-based nursing research, where available

Identify and meet the nursing care needs of the individual, family, community in all health care settings

Demonstrate the development of skills of analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving and reflective practice

Act as an effective member of a health care team and participate in the multidisciplinary team approach to the care of patients/clients.

Qualifications Awarded: Students who successfully complete this programme are awarded a BSc (Hons) in Nursing & Midwifery issued by the National University of Ireland (NUI) and RCSI Bahrain. Additional Information: For further programme information and entry requirements please refer to the Admissions section on page 40 or visit our website at


BSc (Hons) in Nursing – Bridging Programme Programme Overview Aim of Programme: The BSc Bridging programme is designed to enable registered nurses who have studied up to Diploma level (2 or 3 year course) to upgrade their qualification to a Degree. Applicants who have completed a 2 year Diploma programme or applicants who have not engaged in recent studies are required to undertake an Access programme to the BSc Bridging programme. Both the BSc programme and the Access to BSc Bridging programme are suitable for registered nurses from all clinical backgrounds including general hospital, psychiatric, care of elderly, and community nursing. The education modules provide an opportunity for nurses to enhance both their personal and professional development as well as improve performance. Course Objectives: • Focus on the role of the nurse and the related challenges in the delivery of healthcare leadership, enabling students to work effectively as integrated members of multi-disciplinary healthcare teams. •

Develop the necessary skills to promote evidence-based nursing; critically appraise nursing literature and apply research methodologies appropriate to the nursing practice to enhance patient care.

Develop the skills to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion strategies for client groups in their area of practice taking into account the factors that determine and influence health.

Provide a basic knowledge of legal and ethical issues, related to the role of the nurse.

Qualifications Awarded: Students who successfully complete this programme are awarded a BSc (Hons) in Nursing issued by the National University of Ireland (NUI) and RCSI Bahrain. Additional Information: For further programme information and entry requirements please refer to the Admissions section on page 40 or visit our website at


CAMPUS RESTAURANT Stephen’s Green Restaurant offers a wide variety of freshly prepared international dishes from an a la carte menu.



School of Postgraduate Studies



MSc in Healthcare Ethics & Law Programme Overview Aim of Programme: The course provides a unique opportunity to combine a postgraduate taught qualiďŹ cation in Healthcare Ethics & Law with relevance to the workplace, blending contact time with self-directed study. It enables healthcare professionals and those from related disciplines to develop an understanding of the nature of ethics and law in medicine and apply the principles to their practices. Facilitating skills development in formulating practical but well-reasoned responses to philosophical and clinical problems in medical ethics, the course helps one recognise and formulate alternative positions, enhancing both clinician-patient, researcher-subject and clinical teamwork relationships. It furthers the understanding of those whose work brings them into contact with medical ethics and law, and those who wish to embark on further study or research, and assists those who may already be involved in research and clinical ethics committees.


Course Objectives: • Deliver a comprehensive understanding of the major theoretical bases of the principles of healthcare ethics and healthcare law. •

Develop the ability to analyse the real implications of moral and legal theories, especially theories of justice, for both society and the individual.

Provide the appropriate frameworks necessary to analyse and critically evaluate claims based on expert knowledge.

Promote an enhanced capacity to reflect upon, analyse, critically evaluate and articulate/express students’ ethical position.

Foster leadership and expertise in the area of Healthcare Ethics & Law.

Develop an awareness of how ethics in healthcare relates to the practice of healthcare in different contexts.

Develop a deeper respect for the importance of inter-professional teamwork and interagency cooperation.

Enhance one’s capacity to benefit from both inter-professional and interdisciplinary education.

Qualifications Awarded: Students who successfully complete this programme are awarded a Master of Science (MSc) in Healthcare Ethics and Law conferred by both the National University of Ireland (NUI) and RCSI Bahrain. Additional Information: For further programme information and entry requirements please refer to the Admissions section on page 40 or visit our website at


MSc in Nursing Programme Overview Aim of Programme: This programme aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge to critically appraise and apply research methodologies to nursing questions and problems. Course Objectives: • Develop students’ ability to critically examine assumptions and to question values, beliefs and policies underpinning nursing and healthcare, at individual and organisational levels. •


Develop students as reflective practitioners with the skills, confidence, and awareness necessary to identify, influence, implement and evaluate evidence-based practice.

QualiďŹ cations Awarded: Students who successfully complete this programme (taught courses, examinations, continuous assessment projects and thesis submission) are awarded an MSc or Master of Science in Nursing issued by the National University of Ireland (NUI) and RCSI Bahrain. Additional Information: For further programme information and entry requirements please refer to the Admissions section on page 40 or visit our website at



UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL RCSI Bahrain’s admissions process requires all applicants to submit an online application together with important supporting documents. School/College transcripts are essential to the application as academic qualifications are an important part of the selection process. Please note that predicted school grades may be considered when final results are not available. Applicants may also be required to submit a valid certification of English language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL) and pass a Medical Health Examination. A specific list of essential documents is available on our website. Following submission of all essential documentation, applicants will be invited to attend a structured interview that forms an integral part of the selection process and is used to assess communication skills, extracurricular activities, maturity, motivation and desire to work as a health professional. The entrance English examination is an additional component of the selection process and is used to assess Applicants’ English language communication skills. Following complete submission of academic requirements, satisfactory completion of the interview and English examination, candidates may be offered a place. At RCSI Bahrain, each candidate is considered on an individual basis and decisions made by the Admissions Committee and Interview Panel are final. Course specific admissions requirements can be found on our website at

POSTGRADUATE LEVEL Postgraduate candidates are required to hold a primary degree or equivalent, with relevant experience and previous studies. Students are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and will ideally have a minimum of two years post-qualifying work experience prior to commencement of the postgraduate course. RCSI Bahrain’s admissions process requires all applicants to submit an application together with important supporting documents. Computer skills are essential as is a valid certification of English language proficiency with a minimum of IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 535 or equivalent. Following submission of all essential documentation, applicants will be invited to attend a structured interview which forms an integral part of the selection process. At RCSI Bahrain, each candidate is considered on an individual basis and decisions made by the Admissions Committee and Interview Panel are final. Course specific admissions requirements can be found on our website at


IMPORTANT INFORMATION • Online application forms are available at •

Applicants are encouraged to upload the necessary documents as part of the online application to speed up the process.

Online applications, together with relevant supporting documents, must be submitted to University Admissions no later than the closing date.

The academic requirements listed are the minimum academic standards required for entry. Attainment of these grades does not guarantee entry into a programme.

The complete undergraduate medical programme is conducted over a 6-Year period comprising of a Foundation Year followed by a 5-Year Medical Programme. Applicants with appropriate entry qualifications may be exempted from the Foundation Year and can enter directly into the 5-Year Medical Programme. It is the decision of the Admission Committee to recommend a candidate for admission to the 5 or 6-Year programme.

Results from publicly recognised examinations will be assessed by the Admissions Office on an individual basis.

The decision of the Admissions Committee and Interview Panel will be considered final.


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Building No. 2441, Road 2835, Busaiteen 228, Kingdom of Bahrain

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this prospectus is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate at the time of publication, and is solely for informational purposes. RCSI Bahrain accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of use or reliance on this information. Issue date: 2010


Prospectus á«Ñ£dG øjôëÑdG á©eÉL - GóædôjG ‘ ÚMGôé∏d á«μ∏ŸG á«∏μdG

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical University of Bahrain

RCSI Bahrain Prospectus  

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain)

RCSI Bahrain Prospectus  

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain)