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What can Teachers as Historians do for you? The TAH program allows teachers to work with historians from SUNY Brockport, University of Rochester professor Kevin Meuwissen, and district colleagues to deepen their own content knowledge, discover new interpretations of history, and create valuable and meaningful lessons for their classrooms. Participants can earn up to 18 hours of RCSD PD credit and a stipend of up to $528. Who can participate? Anyone who teaches American history in RCSD high schools is eligible for this program. What are the requirements of this program? In order to participate in the program, teachers must be willing to attend 75% of program sessions and work with a partner to submit two mini unit plans on session topics. Questions about registration? Contact Steve LaMorte at 262-8169 or

2010-2011 LECTURE SERIES The focus of the fall semester will be 19th century social reform movements while the spring will focus on Industrialization. Sessions will take place from 4-6 pm on the following dates: October 4, 2010: Second Great Awakening--Dr. John Daly October 19, 2010: Lesson Lab 1 November 8, 2010: Abolitionist Movement--Dr. John Daly December 7, 2010: Women's Rights--Dr. Alison Parker January 11, 2011: Lesson Lab 2 January 25, 2011: Market Revolution--Dr. Jose Torre February 8, 2011: Rise of Corporations--Dr. Jose Torre February 15, 2011: Lesson Lab 3 March 1, 2011: Labor Movements--Dr. James Spiller March 15, 2011: Lesson Lab 4 April 5, 2011: Growth of Cities--Dr. Bruce Leslie April 12, 2011: Lesson Lab 5 May 3, 2011: Progressive Movement--Dr. Alison Parker May 24, 2011: Sharing & Presentation Celebration

Lecture sessions will focus on direct work with historians where the process of historical thinking will be modeled. Participants will analyze sources and examine competing historical interpretations. At five lesson labs, teachers will create lessons with their colleagues and receive training on the use of specific instructional strategies and approaches.

Participants MUST… • attend 11 of the 14 total sessions in order to be eligible for a stipend. • consent to taking a pre and post test and allow access to students’ scores on standardized testing to determine program effectiveness. • create unit plans and implement strategies related to program content. Each group of 2 participants will submit two four-lesson mini units. The first unit, focusing on first semester’s topics will be submitted by 2/8/2011; the second unit by 5/31/2011. Each group will choose it’s own content focus, but will be asked to frame their lessons around one of the following three instructional strands: ⇒ Applied Media Arts: Pod Casts, Film and Video Making, Blogging ⇒ Visual and Performing Arts: Visual Arts Integration, Education through Drama, Simulations ⇒ Local Historical Research: Rochester Historical Society Collections, Local History Room Rundell Library, Stone Collection/Labor History in RCSD, Rochester Museum & Science Center, U of R

TAH Lecture Series 2010-2011 (inside)  

What are the requirements of this program? In order to participate in the program, teachers must be willing to attend 75% of program session...

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