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OmniView Service Creation / OAM&P Minimizing the time-to-market by accelerating both the design and development phases of the service deployment cycle.

OmniView® Service Creation Environment / OAM&P Console

Network Operators and Value Added Service Providers (VASPs) around the world are being forced to put the advent of the single “killer app” behind them and employ a long tail application strategy, with a focus on deploying application/service bundles – multiple core and long tail services that address the needs of a broader and more diverse subscriber base. This in turn has made the need for rapid service creation a critical business imperative that cannot be ignored. Given the intense and unyielding competition in their market segment, Network Operators and VASPs need to continually deploy services within the shortest period

OmniView is an end-to-end, graphical Service Creation Environment and OAM&P (Operation, Administration, Maintenance & Provisioning) Console that defines the complete caller experience. Architected to handle voice, video, web services, speech, database and all other application types in the same environment and manner, OmniView shields developers from having to resort to low-level programming languages, yet allows for the most complex mission-critical and revenuegenerating services to be deployed and managed.

of time to be able to retain existing subscribers, while attracting new ones. However, with all the players more or less capable of deploying the same or similar services, the only true competitive advantage then comes from the ability to conceptualize (design), build (develop), and roll-out (deliver) compelling new services faster than the competition. Even with such potentially overwhelming competitive and market pressures, a lot of today’s application design and development is still done in an ad hoc manner, using cumbersome programming languages, and without a clear vision for the future of the application, resulting in poor reuse of software assets. With the need for shorter deployment cycles, combined with shrinking budgets, Network Operators and VASPs find themselves at higher risk: needing to work faster, but also smarter, thereby necessitating the need for a Service Creation Environment (SCE).

Key Features and Benefits of OmniView

• Drag-and-Drop environment enables services to be designed and developed in only hours and days.

• “Hooks” incorporate external programs written in

C/C++, Basic, Java, and Web Service Commands.

• OAM&P Console addresses maintaining, modifying and monitoring services in real time.

• Browser-based interface offers the ability to log •

into the system from almost anywhere. Open architecture supports industry standards including XML and SOAP.

OmniView Service Creation / OAM&P Command Palettes and Icons The OmniView SCE is divided into three sections –

APEX Service Deployment and Management Cycle

Configuration, Canvas, and Message – with the Canvas

The APEX Service Deployment and Management Cycle

section having access to the Command Palettes and

encompasses all the phases required to ensure a

Icons. Designing and developing application is as

successful service – starting from the design phase and

simple as opening Command Palettes, dragging-and-

continuing through the management phases, and

dropping Command Icons onto the Canvas, and filling

eventually end-of-life phase.

in the appropriate fields. With almost 100 Command

O mniView De sign

Icons, the Command Palettes include –

• IVR (Voice & Video) • Prepaid • SQL • Speech (ASR & TTS) • SMS • Host Link – TCP/IP

• Web Services • Conferencing • Chat • Fax • IMAP/LDAP • Routing

O mniView Manage (OAM&P) Maintain, Modify, Monitor


OAM&P Console The OAM&P Console of OmniView addresses the management (maintain, modify, monitor) of services in the network, from a central location and in real time, with statistical, application and call processing information. Broken into five key management areas of configuration, network, application provisioning, fault, and performance, the OAM&P Console effectively aids in assessing key performance indicators in order to ensure resources are available and properly utilized so the most accurate business decisions can be made.

Service Ready Solutions APEX’s instantly deployable Service-Ready Solutions enable faster ROI and increased ARPU. These Solutions come standard with OmniView, enabling Network Operators and VASPs to continue enhancing them on their own, with complete control, while being selfsufficient. These Voice and Video (V/V) SRS’s include:

• V/V Customer Care • USSD Callback • Audio/Video Conferencing • V/V Mail • Audio/Video Color RBT • V/V Blogging • Outbound Telemarketing • Click-to-Call • Prepaid Calling/Re-Charge • Fax-to-Email • ... and a host of other compelling services.

OmniVox3D Deliver

As a provider of end-to-end solutions for voice, video and data services, the APEX Service Deployment and Management Cycle reflects APEX’s commitment to offering Network Operators and VASPs complete solutions with complete control.

APEX Service Delivery Platform The APEX Service Delivery Platform (APEX SDP™) is a mature, field-proven and future-proof platform that delivers immediate returns. Its distributed architecture and redundancy options ensure scalability, reliability and high-availability required by Network Operators and VASPs, while its OmniVox3D® Application Server, OmniView Service Creation Environment/OAM&P Console and media server components offer the flexibility for rapid application design, development and delivery needed to stay ahead of the competition. The IMS-enabled APEX SDP is a versatile system that is highly scalable and cost effective, supporting IP and TDM calls, multiple interfaces (E1, T1, IP), and various CODECs (G.711, G.723, G.729). The APEX SDP also accepts all major protocols (SIP, SS7 (SIGTRAN), ISDN, CAS), and conforms to industry standards such as 3G324M (video), MRCP (speech), Diameter (charging) and MSCML and MSML (media protocols). For over 20 years, over 250 Network Operators and Value Added Service Providers across 95 countries have relied on APEX to meet the needs of their mission- +1 829.341.5114

critical and revenue-generating enhanced services.

+1 809.299.8065

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