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e Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand – district 3330

Longtail boats - south Patong

Meetings Tuesday 7.00pm for 7.30pm Aloha Villa Hotel 145/2 Rat–U–Thit Road PATONG BEACH


Volume 7 - Issue No 29 – 29th January 2013 Future Events

Tuesday 29th January 2013 Trevor Day – Bicycling to Bangkok Tuesday 5th February 2013 Dinner Out – LeVersace Patong Arranged by Heidi Jauch Tuesday 12th February 2013 Martin Hauke Composting & Waste Management Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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CLUB PROGRAMME 2012-2013 Jan




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BIRTHDAYS Meusburger Wolfgang 26th January Also on 26th

Happy Birthday Australia

Fun on 1st March 2013 at Laguna Golf Club Talk to your Golfing friends & join them in this great event – if not a player then help out on the day & follow up businesses to sponsor/donate prizes – give your support

- there is something for all to

nd January get involved Next contact PP Jeroen -22 jeroendeknatel at meeting

Next meeting 22nd January Trevor Day will be the guest speaker talking about bicycling

Phuket to Bangkok Wow – that is a ride – a lot of hills between HKT & BKK - maybe Heidi might go along as well !

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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A message from the Admin Chair Following last week’s Bulletin and the forwarding to members of member contacts in pdf - I have received several emails advising incorrect or more current details It would be greatly appreciated if ALL members, whom have not already advised check the pdf and advise me if any corrections are required. Yes with corrections or No - It only takes a couple of minutes I will update and forward to all in two weeks

Night Report

Thanks Denis

– 22nd January 2013

Acting SAA Jeroen asked P Larry to open the meeting Opened with Presidential gong; National anthem, introduction of visitors by SAA, banner exchange,

Visiting Rotarian: Judy Jacobs RC Boronia Victoria Australia

Visitors: Ken Jacobs (husband of Judy), Tony Bouwman, Kent Rausneer and guest speaker Martin Smetzer. Tony “Baloney” Bouwman  Looking cool – Tony

P. Larry update on the first Moken girl graduating from university

Brad update on Ban Jo project PP Jeroen update on upcoming golf tournament on March 1st PP Jeroen - asked what, if anything, we were doing about the Rohingya refugees being detained in Kao Lak, referring to a recent article in the Gazette. Stewart answered that at the Board meeting tonight, the Board approved 10,000 Baht donation of needed goods. This would be forwarded together with the 10,000 baht provided by PP Mark Pendlebury. Jeroen was impressed.

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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P. Larry Introduced the guest speaker Martin Smetzer. Martin owns and operates an organic farm in Kao Sok, and sells his organic products along with organic products he gets from other organic farms to many of the leading 5 star hotels and resorts in Phuket, and to the general public at his retail store on the airport road in Phuket. Martin described the difference between organically grown fruit and vegetables and non-organic.  He reviewed the various growing areas in Thailand and how each area was particularly suited to certain crops. 

He discussed the benefits of juicing and the various certification bodies in Thailand which certify organic products - with the warning not to believe any of them.

He discussed how he determines whether products are organic or not with emphasis on getting to know the farmer. was most obvious to all that Martin knows what he is talking about and is truly devoted to his cause.

He admitted that he eats only organic products, in addition to avoiding many chemicals, simply because they taste better. The one exception to an all organic diet is a bit of scotch from time to time. Lastly, he provided each attendee with a bag of samples of some of his organic vegetables. His talk was very well received with many questions and answers. Meeting ended with the happy hundred, a toast to all our health through good diets and a final Presidential gong.

Night reporter – P. Larry Photographer – Brad Kenny

ATTENDANCE 22- 1-13 Total members: 31

- Thank you ed

Leave of Absence Attended: Make-Ups:

2 29 11 3

Attendance –Week 48.3 % Visiting Rotarians: 1 Visitors: 4 ----------------------------------------Honorary Members 4

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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RCoPB Board Approves Funds for Special Projects At the Board meeting on Tuesday 22nd the Board approved the following 

Support for the Rohingya refugees currently being detained in Kho Lak the amount of 10,000 baht for emergency supplies. The support will not be in cash but in goods purchased.

Support for the Banjo school for migrant worker’s children near Chern Talay was proposed by Rotarian Pat Michel and presented to the special projects committee for on forwarding to the Board. This will be the first stage in assistance to the school. The amount approved being 25,000 baht. Projects co chair Stewart Petersen with Pat Michel will purchase the first lot of items for the school.

Banjo School- 1st Stage of the project - commenced With a cheque for 25,000 baht Pat Michel was out first thing Wednesday with Stewart as they headed for Supercheap with a list of the required items They bought  4 x 3 toy & book shelf units  1 self defrosting fridge  1 - 4 lockable shelf standing locker for the teachers  2 large black dust bins  3 small dust bins  6 cleaning booms  Various dust pans, children’s’ brooms, this includes garbage bag liners large & small size, and 1 rake The photocopy and the total of original bill agree at 18,175B All this to be delivered on Tuesday 29th between 10-11 am, including a man to build the shelf units. I understand this price to be for everything ordered, delivered and installed. There are further projects that we hope the Navy Comserve and also our Rotary members will get involved with, including building 20+ desks, a playground, lots of cleaning, raking and sweeping. Also some electrical work, plumbing and tiling. There are 60 children at this school and I hope to involve volunteers from the schools in Phuket to read and play with these children. Justin (Brad's son) is talking to his school about a book & toy donation. All of this will be very appreciated by those involved with the school including Sister Sandar of the Good Shepherd Society. Report by Pat Michel Photos to follow after delivery Thank you Pat & Stewart

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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President Larry & PN Brad head north to Ranong A meeting with Father Joe, Rotarians from RC of Ranong and the Ranong Governor all went well

President Larry & Father Joe +Kaylynn

Presidents Ranong & Patong Beach

PN Brad & Father Joe +Kaylynn

The group from RCoPB with Rotarians from RC Ranong and in the centre the Ranong Governor President Larry and PN Brad meet with the Governor of Ranong, to get permission to bring 2 Moken children to Phuket for eye examinations

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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Aid for Rohinga refugees Emergency assistance, as approved at the Board meeting coincided with the northern visit by President Larry & PN Brad and family. Food was purchased and delivered to Kho Lak where the refugees are being detained. .

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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ABC’s of Rotary Special Rotary Observances In the annual Rotary calendar several months are designated to emphasize major programs of Rotary International. . January is Rotary Awareness Month. This is a time to expand knowledge of Rotary and its activities among our membership and throughout the community. . February is designated as World Understanding Month. This month was chosen because it includes the birthday of Rotary International, 23 February. During the month, Rotary clubs are urged to present programs that promote international understanding and goodwill, as well as launch World Community Service projects in other parts of the world. . World Rotaract Week is the week in which 13 March falls. It's a time when Rotary clubs and districts highlight Rotaract by joining in projects with their Rotaract clubs. . April is set aside as Rotary's Magazine Month. Throughout the month, clubs arrange programs and activities that promote the reading and use of THE ROTARlAN magazine and the official regional magazines of Rotary. . July is Literacy Month, a time for clubs to develop their own literacy projects, as well as raise awareness of Rotarians' efforts worldwide to eradicate illiteracy. . August is Membership and Extension Month, a time to focus on Rotary's continuing need for growth, to seek new members and form new clubs. . September is New Generations Month. Rotary clubs of the world give special emphasis to the many Rotarysponsored programs that serve children and young people. During this month many clubs give increased attention to Youth Exchange activities. . October is Vocational Service Month. During this period, clubs highlight the importance of the business and professional life of each Rotarian. Special activities promote the vocational avenue of service. . November is selected to be Rotary Foundation Month. Clubs and districts call attention to the programs of The Rotary Foundation and frequently cultivate additional financial support for the Foundation by promoting contributions for Paul Harris Fellows and Sustaining Members. Each of these special months serves to elevate the awareness among Rotarians of some of the excellent programs of service which occur within the world of Rotary. Extending Rotary Every 14 hours of every day a new Rotary club is chartered in one of the more than 150 countries in which Rotary exists. This steady growth in new clubs is extremely important in extending the worldwide programs and influence of Rotary International. New Rotary clubs may be established anywhere in the world where the fundamental principles of Rotary may be freely observed and wherever it can reasonably be expected that a successful club can be maintained. A club must be organized to serve a specific "locality" or clearly identified territory in which there are enough business or professional persons of good character engaged in proprietary or management positions. A minimum of 40 potential classifications is necessary for a proposed new club, and from that list a permanent membership of at least 20 members must be enrolled. Occasionally an existing club will cede a portion of its territory or will share the same territory with a new club. In the process of organizing a new club, the first step is to conduct a survey of the locality to determine the potential for new club extension. The district governor's special representative guides the organization of the new club. Among the requirements for a new club is the adoption of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, a minimum of 20 charter members with clearly established classifications, payment of a charter fee, weekly meetings of the provisional club and the adoption of a club name that will distinctly identify it with its locality. A provisional club becomes a Rotary club when its charter is approved by the board of Rotary International. It is a great opportunity and special duty of all Rotarians to assist and cooperate in organizing new clubs. Knowing that two new Rotary clubs will be chartered someplace in the world today, tomorrow and every day provides a strong endorsement of the vitality and extension of Rotary service throughout the world.

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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Photos of the week by Denis

I had a fun day in Bangkok last Sunday with 23 other mad photographers – I went to places I had never been I only took 250 photos – some others doubled that

Rich red pomegranate

Great decor in this restaurant in the recently refurbished Siam Centre – th on the 4 floor High standard fitouts throughout the centre Well worth a visit when in Bangkok Wonderful memories just a click away

Volume 7 Issue 29


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand Chartered 5 September 2001

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Vol 7 issue 29