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Chartered 8 May 1987

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand


Chartered 5th September, 2001 Bulletin - Volume - Issue Volume No 4- Issue No. 49 – No. 22nd 4June 2010No. 1 Tuesday 7 July 2009

Meetings Tuesday 7.00pm for 7.30pm – Aloha Villa Hotel 145/2 Rat–U–Thit Road PATONG BEACH

http// What is on tonight Tuesday 22nd June 2010

KIM STEPPE - BLUE ELEPHANT RESTAURANTS What’s on next week – Tuesday 29th

June 2010


What’s on next week – Wednesday 30th

June 2010


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Thought for the week

YouthLINC in action

Fourth of July party

Photos of the week

District 3330 and Honour Roll



2010 Rotary Theme - Rotary Fellowship

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DISTRICT 3330 MEETINGS Rotary Foundation Seminar 14 August 2010 Surat Thani Intercity Meeting zone Next 1-12 meeting 2 October 2010 th Nakornsri Thammarat – Tuesday 24 November 2009 RYLA 13-17 October 2010 Suphanburi District Leadership Seminar 11 March 2011 Kanchanaburi District Conference 12-13 March 2011 Kanchanaburi

Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

Next Week’s Meeting Wednesday 30th June 2010

Calling all Rotarians! You’re all cordially invited to the joint inauguration night for the five Thai-speaking clubs in Phuket. It’s a spectacular event, with great food, lots of entertainment, and a chance to meet and greet many key leaders in Phuket at large. Some of the most interesting and sincere people in Thailand are in Rotary, and some of the most interesting Rotarians are in the Thai-speaking clubs. Please join me on the night of June 30th at Merlin Hotel Phuket Town…6– 30pm ish … for the joint inauguration meeting. We have a table reserved, and many RCoPB members will be there.

- Woody Last Week’s Meeting 8th June 2010 Acting SAA David Arell – asked President WOODY to open the meeting. SAA Richard being unwell and delegated his duties to young brother PP David. Visiting Rotarians: Andy Becker – Hong Kong North East Dr. Wes Clark – Holton Kansas USA Guest Speakers:

Rotary Ann:

Secretary elect of RCoPB Rotarian – Teddy Fagerstrom - Who I Am Rotarian of RCoPB - Larry Amsden – Mentoring new members Sunisa Fagerstrom

A Note from the Bulletin Editor:

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce our new members to you, so you know them a little better. Teddy had been slotted in to speak earlier, however had been “bumped” off due to program changes. Sorry Teddy. Teddy commences as the Secretary of RCoPB in a couple of weeks and we welcome Teddy to the Board.

Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

Not a Who Am I quiz ---- rather a Who I Am – live performance Take it away Teddy WHO IS TEDDY FAGERSTROM? 

Low season is here, not a straight line, not the end of the line.

Next generation sailor (navy on destroyer now a museum. The chimney sweep in Milford Connecticut)

Educated to become a surgeon through medical school, 20 years in orthopedic surgery and spinal surgery.

Taught him about life through his patients and his family life. Only 20 spine surgeons in Sweden at that time. Complicated surgery, severe cases from all over Sweden.

Spent his life in O/R. on call 6 weeks in a row 24 hrs a day.

Enjoyed his work at the University Clinic including teaching also taught overseas.

Got very tired and worn out from overworking.

Fell in love with Thailand through his wife who was Thai, current wife‟s (Sunisa) old boyfriend, art dealer in Stockholm, opening in Thailand.

Opened up a rehab centre in Thailand at a new resort. Start of his Thai story.

The wellness centre opened November 6th 2004.

December 26th 2004 Tsunami ended business.

Tried different set up in a 3 star hotel but failed.

New beginnings. Tsunami victim‟s aid initiative; 800 Swedes were killed in Tsunami.

Started with Doctors/psychologist, etc. to assist in processing relatives of the Tsunami victims.

750 – 800 Swedes visited.

1 ½ yrs of his life given up to this and used up all his funds.

He met a Swede in a Golf tournament at BCC who was the owner of a factory providing medical devices.

Joined the company as a consultant.

Vice president of the company, - sold to St. Judes Medical for 100 million dollars.

Still Vice President.

100 staff 2 foreigners/balance Thais.

Radi Medical Systems. Great success.

Picture of his family.

Teddy the Rotarian. Talked about his joy in finding a great group of likeminded people in Rotary. Hope that Rotary remains an important part of his life.

 Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

Introduced Larry Amsden

Mentoring program – most successful

Bring new mentors in club in a warming way, talk about the history of the club and importantly what is expected of them: to motivate and participate in club initiatives.

Inspire new member to be proud of being a Rotarian


3 Sessions One on one format, about one hour each. 

1st person (Able), feedback from Able,

Next two: Pat and Jim, objective number 2 (met)

Georges Michael Nour > new job

Session one (Chart from Larry): File at headquarters labeled „mentoring program‟available for all

Session 2: Rotary int.

Session 3: expectations, responsibilities of member

Session in neutral cont. one session at the time.

Different venues/mentoring on personal basis,

3 other files: 1) Set of Resource Guides for Rotary International 2) Rotary Action Groups (Hobbies) Interaction, 3) Rotary Rotarian Youth exchange, etc.

All members encouraged to look at the files

Other Business 

Happy 100‟s

4th July Navy League - (see later in this Bulletin Ed)

No jokes tonight - (SAA Richard – give bro some training Ed)

Close meeting. Toast - End of Rotary year. Night reporter – George McCall -

Volume 4 Issue 49

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Thank you George Ed

22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

Navy League Phuket Brings a REAL American-style 4th of JULY PARTY TO PHUKET Time: 10:00 - 19:00 (sundown) Location: HeadStart International School, Kathu (directly across from Macro) FREE!! EVERYONE WELCOME SEE BRAD KENNY’S EMAIL

Lots of American food, fun activities for the kids, plenty of American, uh, cheer. with fireworks at sunset. Good fun for everyone, even those who don’t speak with a Yank accent. (I guess we have a few members from the USA Ed)

BIRTHDAYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Jim Domville 23rd - Neil Cumming 25th - Norman Dawkins 26th - O.B.Wetzell 28th


Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

A message from our sister club - RC of Central Damansara Malaysia

Hi Sam Greetings from RCCD! Trust you are keeping well. Well this is the last month for the current Rotary year and as we step into the next year we begin to plan for the year's projects. We thank RCPB for being part of our PC Project last year as well as your attendance at our Club Anniversary. This year, we are looking at the possibility of some joint projects with RCPB, one of which is a "Book Project" i.e. setting-up a Library at the shelter home RCPB is sponsoring. We plan to coincide the project with a visit your Club perhaps during your "Beach Reggae" Party which we missed last year (if it is still on this year). FYI our Anniversary Night this year is scheduled for October 23, 2010 You would remember Moira who was a guest at our Anniversary Night, she is now a Rotarian in our Club. Moira has volunteered to organise this joint-project and our intended visit to Phuket. She has already started collecting books. I am copying this email to Moira who shall continue with planning the visit and our incoming President Engad for other projects. Please convey our greetings to members of RCPB and we look forward to meeting them again later this year! Thank you Yours in Rotary Siti Subaidah President RY 2009/2010 Rotary Club of Central Damansara

Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand


Meeting the Governor of Phang Nga

PP Michael & George share a story with Stefan from the Rotary Club of Phang Nga Justin accompanies the ladies around beautiful Phang Nga

George & K Kathai with the Governor


Plenty of refreshed smiling faces after a long flight from Salt Lake city – ready for the tasks ahead

Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

YouthLINC donates lots of goods to the Watbangsiad school + water tanks + pumps for new water supply + fans

New pathways

New tiled kitchen area

Enjoying some dancing and Thai culture

tiring work – time for a nap

Joining in and meeting the children

Making new friends

Catching up Stefan & Larry

Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Small club scores big with end polio effort By Dan Nixon Rotary International News -- 8 June 2010 Past RI President Clem Renouf (left) receives an A$20,000 (US$16,600) check for Rotary‟s US$200 Million Challenge from Bribie Island Rotarians, joined by Jenny Horton (right), of the Kenmore club. Photo courtesy of Barry Clark In the past nine months, the residents of Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia, have learned a lot about polio and the global effort to eradicate the disease. Led by the town‟s Rotarians, they‟ve also given a lot back. In September, the Rotary Club of Bribie Island embarked on Project Eradication, aimed at raising A$1 (about US$0.80) for each one of the community‟s 19,490 residents. “One club member had lost his brother to polio many years before, and several others had been touched by polio in their youth or through friends and family,” said Bribie Island Rotarian Barry Clark, reflecting on the inspiration for the project. Over the next several months, the 25-member club organized a raffle, a children‟s coloring competition, wine sales, monthly food markets, a movie night, an Australia Day Ball, a golf day, and a 10-kilometer fun run/walk. Local newspapers were briefed about the effort in advance and agreed to publish monthly feature articles about the events. The club also obtained support from the town‟s polio survivors. One drew the winning tickets for the raffle and took part in the run/walk, pushed in a wheelchair by a Rotarian. Another gave an interview to area newspapers and reinforced the message that some parents in Australia still weren‟t getting their children immunized. Yet another, who walked with a limp, began the dancing at the Australia Day Ball. A fourth spoke at a meeting of the Bribie Island club, inspiring members with his personal story of determination. As the fundraisers unfolded, the project gained increasing visibility in the community and media. The club also sent out news releases about the work of Jenny Horton -- a nurse and member of the Rotary Club of Kenmore, Queensland -- in the polio immunization effort in India. The publicity helped generate significant donations from residents and groups such as the Lions club, Bowls club, and community orchestra. The Bribie Island club also gained 12 new members. On 13 May, Bribie Island Rotarians presented a check for A$20,000 (about US$16,600) for to Past RI President Clem Renouf at a celebration in Nambour. Another US$4,200 came from the Rotary Club of Toowong. Renouf and Past District Governor John Sever, former chief of the infectious diseases branch of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, were instrumental in laying the groundwork for PolioPlus. Renouf offered high praise for Horton, who also attended the celebration. Horton has worked for the Stop Transmission of Polio program in Botswana, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The program was established in 1999 by the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and has received $681,900 in grants from PolioPlus for volunteers‟ stipends. “Someone once said, „If you want to send a message, wrap it in a person,‟” Renouf noted. “Jenny is the ideal wrapping for our story at this stage of the war [against polio], not from command headquarters but from the front line.” “It‟s amazing to be part of a program which will eradicate a disease from the world,” Horton said.

Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

National Geographic Best Photos 2009


YouthLINC will enjoy Beautiful Phang Nga North of Phuket


Volume 4 Issue 49

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22nd June 2010

The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

Rotary District 3330 District Governor – Khun Thienchai Niyom Rotary Club of Patong Beach Current Board and office holders President

Gregory (WOODY) Leonhard

Immediate Past President

Michael Massey

Vice President

Norman Dawkins

Past President

Otho Beale (O.B). Wetzell 111

President Elect

Mark Pendlebury

President Nominee 2011-2012

Best Wanamakok

President Nominee 2012-2013

Richard Arell


Friedrich “Sam” Fauma


Kenth Nilsson

Sergeant at Arms

Richard Arell


Mark Pendlebury

Service’s Projects

Bradley Kenny

Rotary Foundation

Arnaud Verstraete

Public Relations

Jeroen Deknatel

Club Administration

Denis Carpenter


Larry Amsden


Otho Beale (O.B). Wetzell 111

Crisis Response

Mark Pendlebury

Bulletin Editor

Denis Carpenter

CLUB HONOUR ROLL 2001-2002 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005

Past Presidents C.P Paiboon Upatising 2005-2006 Jeroen Deknatel 2006-2007 Neil Cumming 2007-2008 Friedrich “Sam” Fauma 2008-2009

Arnaud CMC Verstraete David Arell Otho Beale “O.B” Wetzell Michael Massey

Paul Harris Fellows

Arnaud CMC Verstraete * Bradley Kenny * Otho Beale “O.B.” Wetzell III

Friedrich “Sam” Fauma Larry Amsden *

Denis Carpenter David Arell

* Multiple Paul Harris Fellows Benefactors

Arnaud CMC Verstraete *

Major Donors Level 2

Arnaud CMC Verstraete *

Bequest Society

Arnaud CMC Verstraete *

The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular to encourage: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service High ethical standards in business and professionals; the recognition of worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business and community life. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

The Four Way Test Is it the TRUTH? - Is it FAIR to all concerned? - Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? Will it be BENIFICIAL to all concerned?

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22nd June 2010

Vol 4 issue 49  
Vol 4 issue 49