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The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular to encourage: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service High ethical standards in business and professionals; the recognition of worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business and community life. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

The Rotary Club of Patong Beach

The Four Way Test Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? Will it be BENIFICIAL to all concerned?

CLUB HONOUR ROLL Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members

Past Presidents

Paul Harris Fellows

2001/02 C.P. Paiboon Upatising Friedrich “Sam” Fauma

Arnaud CMC Verstraete *

2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06 2006/07

Friedrich “Sam” Fauma

Jeroen Deknatel Neil Cumming Friedrich “Sam”Fauma Arnaud CMC Verstraete David Arell

Arnaud CMC Verstraete Larry Amsden Godfrey Kent Bradley Kenny Michael Massey Otho Beale

Benefactors Major Donors Arnaud CMC Verstraete Arnaud CMC Verstraete

Denis Carpenter

Brad Kenny Larry Amsden David Arell

Otho Beale "O.B." Wetzell III

(* Multiple PHF) Bequest Society Arnaud CMC Verstraete

DISTRICT 3330 Khun Yuttakij Manajit



* *

Otho Beale “O.B.” Wetzell III Richard Valentine Michael Massey Richard Valentine David Arell Arnaud C.M.C Verstraete Able Wanamakok Khun Jirapa Eawaskul Michael Massey, Best Wanamakok

Chartered 5th September 2001 Volume No 2 2-- Issue No. - 34 18th March , 2008 Meetings Tuesday 7.00pm for 7.30pm Aloha Villa Hotel 145/2 Rat Rat--U- Thit Road Patong Beach Thailand


Bradley Kenny Denis Carpenter Richard Valentine P.P. Arnaud C.M.C. Verstraete Kenth Nilsson Larry Amsden Denis Carpenter

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Monday 17th March 2008 Joint Meeting Phuket Clubs - Welcome to GSE team at Phuket Merlin Hotel 6.30pm Tuesday 18th March 2008 Michael Massey - District Conference Highlights Tuesday 25th March 2008 Special Welcome - New Member Night


Last Meeting - 11th March , 2008 Patong Beach Rotary was invited to a presentation and tour of the Lasik Eye Center in Bangkok Hospital on 11 Mar. 08. The tour included free eye checks for Glaucoma and Nearsightedness and Farsightedness evaluations. The Eye Center staff were very friendly and took the time to explain the results of everyone's eye tests, which made the experience enjoyable and stress free. The Eye Center is nicely layed out with all "State of The Art" equipment and a highly Professional Staff.

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Joint Meeting PHUKET clubs - Welcome GSE Team from Japan at Phuket Merlin Hotel - 6.30 pm Dress Code - Jacket & tie

A Powerpoint presentation was set up by the Eye Center for us and one of the Doctor's was scheduled to do the presentation for us. However Rotarian Jamie received a call from the Doctor in the afternoon saying she had a problem with her child and had to drop out of the presentation. So our own Rotarian Jamie filled in with an excellent presentation for us. The presentation went through the entire operative process and the only one who squirmed in his chair was PP Arnaud. There was a question and answer period at the end which Rotarian Jamie handled admirably.


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PE MICHAEL MASSEY - Report on the District Conference Special New Member Night BOARD MEETING

Future Rotarian Collin missed the presentation as he had a full belly and was napping on Daddy's shoulder.

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Joint Meeting with Laguna Phuket Club @ Dusit Laguna Resort PP Sam Fauma will speak on the Recent positive changes in Thai laws and regulations since the new government was installed CLUB ASSEMBLY P.O.B. BOARD MEETING KENTH NILSSON LARRY AMSDEN ROTARY FAMILY SPORTS DAY PAT

Looking Ahead

14-16 March - District Conference in Nakorn Sri Thammarat - spaces still available in the bus. BOARD MEETING

- TUESDAY 25 th March

We have new members who are being inducted shortly. It is a good opportunity to get to know these new members . They will tell us a little about themselves in a fun presentation . Make sure you are there to welcome them to the Rotary Club of Patong Beach

Advanced Notice MAJOR FUND RAISER Sat

After the presentation was complete we went on to the Farrang restaurant for dinner. While at the restaurant P O.B. described the upcoming special meetings and events:

17 March - Joint Clubs Meeting of all Phuket Rotary clubs to welcome the GSE team from Japan. Meeting will be 6:30 pm at the Phuket Merlin Hotel in Phuket town and the dress code is jacket and tie. All are welcome. 27 April - Rotary Family Sports Day - This was a great event last year and will likely be even better the second time around 10 May - District Assembly - Nakorn Pathom 17 May - The Comedy Improv Night at the Hilton - This will be our big fund raising event of the year with the comedians flying in from Los Angeles (and boy are their arms tired....). Then a good meal was enjoyed by all.


Richard Arell

Thank you Richard

Dates for your Diary

Last Meeting - 11th March , 2008 Mon 17th Mar

Joint Clubs meeting to welcome GSE team from Japan 6.30pm Phuket Merlin Hotel in Phuket town . Dress code is jacket & tie. Tues 18th Mar MICHAEL - Update on the Conference Tues 25th Mar Special New member night Wed 2nd Apr Joint Meeting with Laguna Phuket at Dusit Laguna Resort Tues 8th Apr CLUB ASSEMBLY - P.O.B. Tues 15th Apr KENTH NILSSON Tues 22nd Apr LARRY AMSDEN Sun 27th Apr ROTARY FAMILY SPORTS DAY Tues 29th Apr PAT Sat 17th May MAJOR EVENT - IMPROMPTU COMEDY FUND RAISER Sat ?? May KIDS DAY ( DATE TBA) 12TH JULY - Installation Night - Laguna & RC of Patong Beach - Holiday Inn ROTARY DISTRICT 3330 MEETING SCHEDULE 20 April 2008 - Multi-District PETS - All the Presidents Elect from Thailand come together for training. There will be a separate English Language room. Location: Khum Suphan Hotel, Supanburi. Dress Code: Suit 10 May 2008 - District Assembly - This is training for all Board and Committee members for the New Year. There will be a separate English Language room. All members encouraged to attend. The President Elect leads the delegation from the club to this meeting. Location: Whale Hotel, Nakorn Pathom. Dress Code: Suit 11 May 2008 - District Foundation and Membership training seminars. All members encouraged to attend. There will be separate English Language rooms. Location : Whale Hotel, Nakorn Pathom. Dress Code: Suit *********************************************************************

Who am I ?

Last Tuesday night26th February winners were

Best, Khun Jamie, PP Sam, PP Arnaud, Boon, Heath, Denis - Leading the challenge on 8 points is Able 7 points Larry, Denis, 6 points , P.O.B. 5 points Richard, Brad, Arnaud 4 points - David, Sam, Heath , Best 3 points , Michael, , Barry, & SAA

Birthdays - CONGRATULATIONS No one this week

Bulletin Article - Heath Norris Thursday, 6th March, 2008 March 2008 Newsletter - Market and Currency Update - 1st March 2008 (A personal view by R.B. Skepper) FTSE100 – 5818

3rd March 2008

The main preoccupation of investors is how long will this current "bear" market continue? It is now more than 8 months old here, the FTSE100 having fallen now from a peak of 6650 to current 5880, about 13% but a much bigger “bear” market has enveloped over 75% of the quoted share market, WITH BANKS, and financial shares generally down 50%, many property related and construction companies likewise. The FTSE 250 is down 24% - a more accurate reflection of the breadth of the “bear” market. By any standards this has already been quite a major “bear” market. It has affected almost equally all European markets - the U.S. much more lightly (so far) - but in Euros the fall is bigger. Only the markets of Asia ex Japan (Japan had as of early Feb lost half its gain from 8000 to 16000 of the past 5 years) - India, China, and Brazil have still intact “bull” trends, their corrections having been well under 20%. There is also a marked contrast in confidence between the old and the new world. In the latter, sentiment still remains robust and predominantly bullish; in the former, risk aversion bordering on panic is almost as high as I can remember. The extremists are getting the headlines with Bill Rogers –Soros’ old mate claiming that Bernanke will print paper Dollars until the trees run out, Gold will soar to $3500 an ounce, Bond dealers should become Lead miners because bonds will become worthless, commodities will go through the roof, and war will break out as people fight for food. And DEFRA, not to be outdone (although brain-wise they come into the category that Warren Buffett described as: “if they had any less intelligence they would need watering twice a day”), are claiming Global warming will create such sea level rise that only the clock of Big Ben will show above the waterline. That alone would indicate that we are somewhere close to the turning point. However, to be realistic Paradise Regained may still be somewhat further off because the combination of a continuing hard commodity boom with a year of poor harvests has led to a soft commodity super boom which is bound to impact on general prosperity. Unfortunately the ways of the financial community in respect of their enthusiasm for speculating in them (Commodity funds are the flavour of the Month) is simply making a bad situation worse by adding false demand to real demand. Thus in the short term they push up food prices even higher than they should be. Financial soft commodity speculation is unfortunately completely parasitic. It does not go into producing more commodities, simply into hoarding supplies, thus removing them from a market already in short supply and adding to inflation Soft commodities can respond with extraordinary rapidity to higher prices and increased demand. Plantings of wheat have already shot up for next year. 10% of E.U. land which was in Set aside has been released, and the U.S. has a 9 million acre unused land bank some of which will now come into production.

Bulletin Article -

Heath Norris

Apparently no less than 9 million hectares are available in Indonesia for new planting. Palm oil takes longer, as it is three years from planting to first harvest. As to biodiesel taking up large amounts of agricultural land, this is simply not true. Last year it used just 2% of agricultural acreage. At the current inflated price of Oil Seed rape (It has risen from £160 last year to £340 now per ton) the economics of conversion to biodiesel have nearly gone out the window. Many farmers were thinking of setting up conversion plants to produce diesel, but at current prices it is cheaper to buy the diesel at the pump and sell the Oil Seed Rape to the food industry. Supply side can change very rapidly in soft commodities, and it is to be hoped that the harvest 2008 world wide turns out to be a lot better than 2007. Nothing would be more helpful to the recovery of stock markets and subsidence of inflation. But the trebling of Wheat, Palm Oil, Soya, etc in just 12 months is a grossly excessive response to a perhaps 2% increase in demand worldwide since 2006. It is significantly freak-weather related. The continuing high level of most hard commodities is disappointing in that there is no shortage in the earth’s crust, but the new investment is being slower to respond than normal, so the cycle is being extended. But we must be getting close to the point where the high prices will simply self destruct the projects which consume them, as they can no longer be afforded. Gold is irrelevant. You can’t eat it and it has no industrial use. If people wish to rush into this funk hole it matters little for the world economy. But historically the places to avoid in a stock market recession are the funk holes, whatever they happen to be at the time. Where everybody is already running, its too late anyway, and when markets stabilise there will be a crush in the EXIT door. Just as you should borrow money when you don’t need it, you should buy Gold when the sky is blue economically, and sell at the height of the storm. The South African mining houses were particularly adept at this in the old days - known as “Feeding the ducks when they quack”. Gold has inflated 300% since Gordon Brown sold ours six years ago, and inflation has inflated about 25%. It seems that Gold has got rather ahead of the game. Nobody knows how to predict where, and indeed when, a market will bottom. The breakdown (of the upward momentum) of all the charts of Europe’s and the U.S leading markets in the last six weeks indicates that the line of least resistance may still be on the down side.

But there is becoming a lot of value out there, and the money is piling up on the sidelines in heroic quantities. In the U.S. money market, mutual fund assets rose a further $19 billion in the week to end Feb, reaching a record $3.428 trillion compared to $2.763 trillion at the end of August. A similar story in Europe, but in view of the enhanced risk aversion here, will probably be even greater. Thank you Heath

The Rotary Family Bulletin Editor Reporting An update on the old Dingo - a week or two can really make a difference ???? Having been absent from the last two meetings I thought it would be just a case of taking it easy - rest and everything would be back to normal - WRONG !!



Back to hospital on 15th to have stitches removed - sorry no cuties to take care of me this time. Doc says problem with ligament - so after some XRAYS , MRI a night in hospital and then --------------------------------------------------------------


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Sorry fellows - out of action for a few weeks see you ASAP I would like some assistance with the Member Bulletin Articles please


Vol 2 issue 34  
Vol 2 issue 34