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The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular to encourage: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service High ethical standards in business and professionals; the recognition of worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business and community life. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

The Rotary Club

The Four Way Test Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? Will it be BENIFICIAL to all concerned?


CLUB HONOUR ROLL Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members

Past Presidents

Paul Harris Fellows

2001/02 C.P. Paiboon Upatising Friedrich “Sam” Fauma

Arnaud CMC Verstraete *

2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06

Friedrich “Sam” Fauma

Jeroen Deknatel Neil Cumming Friedrich “Sam”Fauma Arnaud CMC Verstraete

Arnaud CMC Verstraete Larry Amsden Godfrey Kent Bradley Kenny Michael Massey Stefan Schmitz Benefactors Major Donors Arnaud CMC Verstraete Arnaud CMC Verstraete

Brad Kenny * Larry Amsden * David Arell (* Multiple PHF) Bequest Society Arnaud CMC Verstraete


Chartered 5th September 2001

Denis Carpenter

DISTRICT 3330 Khun Wichai Maneewacharakiet


Patong Beach

Volume No 1 1-- Issue No. - 41 Tuesday 15th May , 2007

David Arell Larry Amsden O.B Wetzell Michael Massey Arnaud C.M.C Verstraete

Friedrich “Sam” Fauma Richard Valentine Khun Jirapa Eawaskul Godfrey Kent, Brad Kenny


Club Bulletin

“Sam” Fauma

Meetings Tuesday 7.00pm for 7.30pm Aloha Villa Hotel 145/2 Rat Rat--U- Thit Road Patong Beach Thailand


Bradley Kenny Denis Carpenter Kenth Nilsson P.P. Arnaud C.M.C. Verstraete Best Wanamakok Larry Amsden Denis Carpenter

Front page photo courtesy of Denis Patong Beach

Last Week at Rotary

Tuesday 15th May, 2007 4Kali - David van der Laan Tuesday 22nd May, 2007 Club Discussion What do you want from your Club ? May Fri Sat Tues Sat Sun Tues Wed


18 19 22 26 27 29 30

DISTRICT ASSEMBLYTwin Lotus Hotel in Nakorn Sri Thammarat Club Discussion - What do you want from your club ? Rugby 10’s - Karon Stadium Meeting Cancelled - see Wednesday 30th Dinner out with Laguna Club - Albatross Rest. Canal Village Cherntalay

June Tues 5 Tues 12 Tues 19 Tues 26

Howard Digby Jones Family Night - Movie

July Tues 3 Tues 10 Sunday 15

TBA TBA Joint Installation Night of Rotary Clubs of Laguna & Patong Beach


Captain Scott Carter - Super Yachts P.E. O.B. Wetzell & V.P. Alan Matthews:

Club Assembly for R.I. Year 2007-2008.

SAA Godfrey called members to order and asked President David to open

the meeting.

President David welcomed all to the meeting and to all the visitors awaiting the guest speaker , our own IT specialist - WOOODY. Visitors- Sean Massey, Len Blank - Michael Massey, Charles Pulaski - O.B. WOODY - nine visitors joined us. O.B.

Spoke about his recent Rotary training at the PETS (President Elect Training) conference. He learnt quite a lot and things I did not know. It is an honour to serve the Rotary Club of Patong Beach. The Club Assembly is on 18th - 19th May at Nakorn Sri Thammarat - In English translation. A great way to learn for those who are joining the board for the 2007-2008 year. Good food and great camaraderie. It is not too late to join in.

President David introduced Woody - the guest speaker for the night. Woody has written over forty books for computer users and continues to write some of the books for Dummies series. Woody’s main loves are Food and Thailand, where he has lived for several years. WOODY was asked to speak about his recent traumatic break and enter, which fortunately ended in all property being returned and the culprit jailed for ten years.

There’s a VISTA in your future


Looking Ahead - 22nd May , 2007 The Rotary Club of Patong Beach can be proud of their achievements over the last five years. It is timely as we approach the end of the Rotary Year 2007 to re access What do you want from the Rotary Club of Patong Beach ? To be a vibrant and active Rotary Club - Everyone’s involvement will ensure this will happen. This is your opportunity to let us know what you want from being a member of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach.

Woody would give us the good and bad points on this recently released software from Microsoft. The next generation - superseding Windows XP More Security Looks better than XP Runs better Multimedia - Music- Movies work much better Starter version - Useless Other versions - Home Basic, Home Premium, Vista Business Vista Enterprise, Vista ULTIMATE - Pay a lot more - get a lot more Windows XP will be around for a few years yet. New systems should be able to effectively run the new software, however drivers and software to take advantage of the new VISTA will take a little while to become available. A very interesting and well presented talk, which was obviously enjoyed by all who attended, as the question time and questions held after the close of the meeting kept WOODY busy. Thank you WOODY • • • • • • •

President David’s Mailbox & Special Announcements

Dates for your Diary

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Tuesday 15th May 4Kali - David van der Laan Saturday 18th May DISTRICT ASSEMBLY at Sunday 19th May Twin Lotus Hotel in Nakorn Sri Thammarat Tuesday 22nd May Club Discussion - What do you want from your Club ? Saturday 25th May RUGBY 10’s - KARON STADIUM Sunday 26th May RUGBY 10’s - KARON STADIUM Wednesday 30th May Dinner Out with Laguna Club Albatross Restaurant Canal Village Cherntalay

We have had an eventful last few days and sadly the Rotary Beach Carnival has been postponed. However the Rugby 10's tournament will go on as scheduled and we are still looking for local sponsors for this event. If you know a business that would like to be a sponsor please contact Barry or any of the Rugby 10's committee for more details. Next Tuesday we have representatives from the 4Kali organization as our guest speakers and it will be good to hear about their work. This is an organization that our club has agreed to support with a donation toward their purchase of a truck. The following week on 22 May we will hold a club roundtable and have an open discussion of what you would like to see for the future of your Rotary club. This Friday 18 May our caravan will depart for the Rotary District Assembly in Nakorn Sri Thammarat. For the trip down: PE O.B. has secured a van full of fine and exotic food and PN Michael has secured a van filled with wine and women. So this promises to be one of the best District Assembly trips ever. There is still room for a couple of more attendees and the Club is paying toward the hotel and conference registration. If you wish to join in please contact me ASAP. Yours in Rotary, David

D e a r F e l l o w R o t a r i a n s ,


The SAA Godfrey’s quiz. The SAA provides a few

clues to a person’s identity. The first table to provide the identity to the SAA wins 1 point for each Patong Rotary member at the table. !

We now have two sharing the lead The Leaders on NINE points are —

Eight points - Larry

Six points -


Seven Points - Sam

Michael Massey

Member attendance at the weekly meeting 1st May 2007 59% Visitors—12 to hear Woody

Birthday Celebrations No one this week

Coffee may be a drinker's friend Drinking coffee may help protect alcohol drinkers from developing liver disease, according to a Californian study that involved 125,000 people. Research undertaken by the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program found that one cup of coffee per day lowered the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver for alcohol drinkers by 22 per cent.


Interact, a Rotary-sponsored youth service club, was launched by the RI Board of Directors in 1962. The first Interact club was established by the Rotary Club of Melbourne, Florida, USA. Interact clubs provide opportunities for young people of secondary school age to work together in a world fellowship of service and international understanding. The term “Interact” is derived from “inter;’ for international, and “act,” for action. Every Interact club must be sponsored and supervised by a Rotary club and must plan annual projects of service to its school, community, and the world. Today, there are more than 8,600 Interact clubs with about 200,000 members in some 110 countries. Interactors develop skills in leadership and attain practical experience in conducting service projects, thereby learning the satisfaction that comes from serving others. A major goal of Interact is to provide opportunities for young people to create greater understanding and goodwill with youth throughout the world.


After the success of Interact clubs for high-school-age youth in the early 1960s, the RI Board created Rotaract in 1968. The new organization was designed to promote responsible citizenship and leadership potential in clubs of young men and women, aged 18 to 30. The first Rotaract club was chartered by the Rotary Club of Charlotte North in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. In 2002, there were 170,000 members in more than 7,300 Rotaract clubs in 153 countries. Rotaract clubs emphasize the importance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success and community involvement. Each club is required to complete at least two major service projects each year, one to serve the community and the other to promote international understanding. Rotaract also provides opportunities leading to greater leadership and professional development. Rotaractors enjoy many social activities as well as programs to improve their community. A Rotaract club can exist only when continuously sponsored, guided, and counseled by a Rotary club.

This is not the first study to link coffee consumption to lessen liver disease. Another study published in the American journal, Gastroenterology, in December 2005, had similar findings. However, this is not to suggest you should indulge in heavy drinking and buy an espresso machine! Study leader, Dr. Arthur Klatsky, stressed that alcohol drinking, especially excess drinking, is linked to various physical risks.

Something light John the farmer was in the fertilised egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called pullets and eight or ten roosters, whose job was to fertilise the eggs. The farmer kept records and any rooster that didn't perform went into the soup pot and was replaced. That took an awful lot of his time so he bought a set of tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each bell had a different tone so John could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing. Now he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report simply by listening to the bells. The farmer's favourite rooster was old Butch, a very fine specimen he was, too. But on this particular morning John noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! John went to investigate. The other roosters were chasing pullets, bells-aringing. The pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover. But to Farmer John's amazement, Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one. John was so proud of Butch, he entered him in the county fair and Butch became an overnight sensation among the judges. The result...The judges not only awarded Butch the "No Bell Piece Prize" but they also awarded him the "Pulletsurprise" as well.


Photo of the week Do you have a great photo you can submit for the Photo of the week ? It may be a great scene or an unusual topic

Interesting view of the stairwell in Siam Paragon— Bangkok

Photo - courtesy Denis

2007 issue 41  
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