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Last Week at Rotary Tuesday 19th December

Tuesday 9th January, 2007 Tony Pope—THAITANICS

SAA Brad called members to order and asked President David to open the meeting. President David welcomed all to the meeting with several visiting Rotarians and visitors present.

Tuesday 16th January, 2007 Rugby 10’s

Able reminded everyone of the special morning on 24th December for the handover of medical equipment for the Takuathung Hospital Phang-Nga. Meet at President David’s office to leave 8.45am.

January Tues 9




Rugby 10’s Update and Planning

Wed Tues

17 23

POLIOPLUS - Patong Hospital - 8—12 Club Assembly - six month status report

Arnaud Pres DAVID



Joint Meeting—Phuket Clubs—Family Sports Day Celebrate Charter Laguna Club - Laguna—10.00 to 17.00





February Tues




Sharon Biddell








Michael Massey

PP Sam Fauma - The New Alien Business Law changes SHE—

Self—Help -Empower

Looking Ahead - 16th January , 2007 The RUGBY 10’s will be a major event in May 2007, which will involve the Rotary Club of Patong Beach to promote, arrange sponsors and assist in making this event an important event in the islands calendar . A committee has been meeting to develop the needs and requirements for this event. This meeting will have special presentations so that everyone is completely aware of the duties and responsibilities that the RC of PB will be required to complete to make this a great event. Your participation is essential to make this event great.

Larry advised the matching grant with the Rotary Club of Gedbury Scotland - three boats completed. Scholarships now have 201 students under the program. President David advised that Hari has transferred to the Rotary Club of Laguna. The vice president for the remainder of the year is Larry. Larry introduced Tom McNamara from the Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation Tom has been in Thailand for seventeen years, arriving in 1989. In the early days, potential and opportunity , tourism, open sewers, coup , December 2004 tsunami. Education the key point in assisting the development of Phuket. The school at Kalim was destroyed in the tsunami. Initially a pilot program to teach English in the Kalim school was met with a question “ Why not al the schools on Phuket ?” A real challenge with 65 schools in total. With the development of major tourism in hotels etc the need for English by staff at the many new hotels and other tourist facilities is extremely important. A different method of teaching is essential with Best Teaching Practices being implemented as advised by Kate, the head teacher for the program. Benchmarking of the program has been extremely successful with 108 children in the Kalim school. There is a real desire to learn by the students . Funds of 5.3m baht have been sought for the program for the island which is not a band aid approach to the problem. The tourism industry alone will need approx 18,000 people being able to speak English to meet the requirements of the industry. Again a very healthy question and answer session showed the interest from the well presented talk. Many thanks Tom and Kate.

2007 issue 24  
2007 issue 24