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The Object of Rotary The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular to encourage: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service High ethical standards in business and professionals; the recognition of worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business and community life. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

The Four Way Test Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendship? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

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The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Chartered 5th September 2001

Club Bulletin

DISTRICT 3330 Khun Wichai Maneewacharakiet


David Arrell Hara Bedi O.B Wetzell Michael Massey Arnaud C.M.C Verstraete Richard Valentine Jirapa Eawaskul Godfrey Kent, Brad Kenny



Bradley Kenny Denis Carpenter Kenth Nilsson P.P. Arnaud C.M.C. Verstraete Best Wanamakok Larry Amsden Denis Carpenter

Issue No. - 3

“Sam” Fauma

Tuesday 25th July , 2006 Meetings

Tuesday 7.00pm for 7.30pm Aloha Villa Hotel 145/2 Rat Rat-- U- Thit Road Patong Beach Thailand

Last Week at Rotary (Tuesday 18th July) Tuesday 25th July 2006 Dinner at Envision Wine Shop Surin

SAA Godfrey fared well in inviting visiting Rotarians to introduce themselves under the scrutiny of the self-appointed panel of Rtns.Sam and Michael who judged everyone’s performance with a show of placards. It caused considerable amusement as there was often a divergence between them of 0.5 and 7 points respectively on a scale of ten.

Tuesday 1st August, 2006 President David Arrell CLUB ASSEMBLY July 2006 Tue

Activity 25

Dinner at Envision Wine shop - Surin

Organiser ALAN

Aug 2006 Tue


Club Assembly - Presentation Committee Plans



RI Foundation & Membership Seminar



K. Suwalai Pinpradab- Director PHUKET TAT ‘s New Home in Phuket

Tue Tue

15 22



To Invest or not to Invest The attendance continued to be impressive for the second meeting in a row (18 July, 2006) under president David. Good-natured fun and informality marked the proceedings, enhancing the club’s collective commitment to community welfare.


O.B. Weztell - CHANGE AND EDUCATION Peter Davidson Phuket International Hospital HOSPITAL EXPANSION Dinner out – Sam’s restaurant - Holiday Inn

Looking Ahead - Tuesday 25th July We have an exciting night planed for the 25th of this month at Steven Roberto’s New Wine bar / café in Surin Beach The Menu:- Freshly made wood fired pizza, bruschetta and antipasti all within our food budget of 400 baht per person including one glass of wine per person and then other drinks will be charged on consumption after that. We will have the opportunity to order and sample different wines that Envision imports. I personally enjoy many of the wines that Steven sells. We will have the opportunity to order our favorites for home consumption. It will be a fine night of fun and frivolity that should not be missed. We need to know in advance who will be able to attend so Steven can cater for everyone. This is a night open to rotary Anne’s so please confirm if you can attend and ALAN how many in your party.

06/16 Srisoonthorn Road Surin Beach

(Near the Twinpalms Hotel

VP Hari introduced the speaker, Richard Watson who founded Global Portfolios (personal financial planning service) in Phuket eight years ago. Born and educated in Edinburgh, Richard emigrated to Australia and worked in banking and financial services, later moving to South Africa where he founded International Money Management. Rtn.Hari added that Richards’s corporate experience included working with Barclays and Indosuez. Richard started by posing the question: Is it time to invest in the Thai stock market? Like most economists, he never really got to a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ answer. On the one hand, the Thai market is very volatile and there is much uncertainty around, he said. But on the other hand, there is not too much downside risk and one should not try to find the bottom. To highlight volatility, Richard pointed out that the market peaked at 1700 in 1994. It went down to 1400 in 1997 and then tanked in June1998, all the way down to 207. Now, investments are being postponed or cancelled due to political uncertainty. (His mobile rang suddenly and some irreverent member shouted that it was probably the speaker’s stockbroker calling). Richard was unperturbed and went on to say that company earnings are going down. More interest rates increases are on the horizon. As average incomes are relatively low, there is a big impact of high oil prices on most people. Then again, Thailand doesn’t seem to be affected by world events “too much”. Things should settle down latest by April/May next year. So in a nutshell, on the one hand the market could shoot up a couple of hundred points in as many months making you rich by 30 percent or on the other hand you could be reduced to dire straits and won’t be able to pay club dues to Secretary Rtn. Richard. Someone thanked the speaker and apparently did a great job. But the recorder of these happy events was still juggling facts between his two hands and mumbling ” To invest or not to invest” and did not notice which member performed this onerous task. Phantom 111 I think it was the Editor—Hari

President David’s Mailbox Special Announcements The Rotary clubs of Phuket are working on plans for several joint club projects to build better relations between the clubs and promote some fun and fellowship. The first event being planned is a car rally on August 12th. This would be an event where Rotarians and their families and friends could participate. It would be a half day event starting at noon and complete by 5:00 PM. It would start with lunch together then a bit of a drive around and then everyone would come back together to honor the Queen. Each club would also donate about 2,000 baht of sports equipment to the school of their choice. The other expense would be 5,000 - 10,000 baht per club toward the food and prizes. I am emailing you now to get a count of how many members would be interested to participate in this car rally. Our board has agreed to fund the event only if we have several members that wish to participate. Please reply to this email before Sunday and indicate to me if you would be interested to participate in the car rally on 12 August. I'm asking for your reply quickly as on Sunday I will attend a joint club planning meeting and will have to tell the other clubs if our club will be a part of the rally. Best Rotary Regards, David

Attendance : Installation Night 7th July Tuesday 11th July Tuesday Apologies:

- 70.8% - 66.6%

- 17 - 16

18th July - 62.5% - 15 Able, PP. Arnaud, Mark P, Wolfgang

Visiting Rotarians: Julie Hutcheson—Alice Springs—Australia Jules Grand - ? Switzerland Ned (Not Kelly) - ? Australia Visitors:

Bianca Herbertson, Barry Payne, Jeff Neilly, Stuart Bingham.

Dates for your Diary

Next Week - Tuesday 25th July Tuesday 25th Jul Dinner at Envision Wine Shop SURIN (see note) Tuesday 1st Aug. CLUB ASSEMBLY Saturday 5th Aug. R.I. Foundation & Membership Seminar (Arnaud) Tuesday 8th Aug K. Suwalai - Director PHUKET TAT office Saturday 12th Aug Combined Phuket Clubs Car Rally Tuesday 15th Aug O.B. Weztell - CHANGE AND EDUCATION Tuesday 22nd Aug Peter Davidson Director Phuket International Hospital HOSPITAL EXPANSION Sunday 20th Aug Annual Andaman Bowling tournament Tuesday 29th Aug. Dinner Out Sam’s Restaurant Holiday Inn

District Events

Sunday 20th Aug Annual Rotary bowling tournament Phuket city: The rotary club of Andaman will hold its fifth annual bowl tournament at CS bowl, at the big C Supercenter, to raise money for community projects. Entry costs 3,000 baht per team of three, which includes the cost of lunch, hire of bowling shoes and t-shirts. players are advised to arrive on time as no late entries will be allowed and the entry fee is non-refundable. play will start at 10 am sharp. for more information, contact andaman rotary club vice-president Prasit Wiponchai at tel: 01-6063263 or the club direct at tel: 076-281058.


The SAA Godfrey commenced a fun quiz named WHO AM I ? The SAA provides a few clues to a person’s identity. The first table to provide the identity to the SAA . Each Patong Rotary member is awarded 1 point for the win. Over the last two weeks the current points stand at: One point for each. David, Denis, Hari, Jeroen, Kenth, plus one name that escapes the editor


The Rotary Club of Patong Beach Community Services Project Report

Rotary in Action - USS Peleliu 16-7-06

Project Name: RCPB / US NAVY COMREL (Community Relations) with the USS Peleliu

Project Date: 16 July 2006 Background: The US Navy sends ships around the world and wherever they travel they have a host of skills on board that are valuable to the local communities they visit. They regularly ask for volunteers to go out and be their good will ambassadors and do community relationship projects with local hosts. The Rotary Club of Patong Beach has been designated as the local host in Phuket and arranges, typically referred to as COMREL, projects when US Navy ships visit Phuket.

The first COMREL project selected for the current visit of 3 US Navy ships to Phuket was a small but important painting job at The Life Home Project <http://> . The childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s playground equipment was getting old and unsightly needing a fresh coat of paint along with other small areas that needed painting, so the first group of volunteers took on this painting job. Along with supplying the labor, the US Navy also supplied US $200 for paint and painting supplies, a dozen footballs (soccer balls), and 20 folding chairs with desk arms for the new classrooms being built at the new Life Home Project location on Kho Serie Island in Phuket Town. A half a day was spent by the Sailors painting and then enjoying lunch together with the children

Project Date: 17 July 2006 The second COMREL project was the Asia Center Foundation Child Care Center in Kathu. The main office building needed fresh paint on several interior areas and the classrooms building needed painting of the new roof recently installed. Other objectives were to work on the back playground and playground equipment. Several climbing weaved ropes need the US Navies rope tying expertise including carpenter , metal work, plumbing and more. The crew and marines aboard the USS Peleliu came through and significantly contributed to improving the building and the start of great playground. The US Navy supplied the paint and materials to complete the job. A great project with the enthusiastic involvement of the volunteer crew from USS Peleliu. They also really enjoyed having lunch with and inter action with the children .

The SMILES on the childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faces makes it so worthwhile.

Rotary in Action - USS Peleliu 17-7-06

2006 issue 3