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Bel Viso F1 Viola

Seed Form Seed Count Garden Height Garden Spread Flower Size

Natural, Primed 35,400/oz - 1,250/g 5 -7” (13 - 18cm) 5 -7” (13 - 18cm) 1½” (4cm)

The new series selected for precision performance in Autumn and Spring. Earlier and more uniform in Spring than its rivals, producing large showy blooms on a compact, tidy branching habit. In Autumn, very uniform in flowering time and habit and easy to control even in warm conditions. Available in a vibrant range of colours, perfect for pot or pack production.

Rose Blotch VIO167

Cream VIO169

Golden Yellow VIO184 Blue VIO162 Margarita VIO156

YTT VIO164 Blue Bronze VIO168

Marina VIO148 Pure White VIO172

White Jump Up VIO166

Yellow Blotch VIO171

Yellow Jump Up VIO165

Purple White Face VIO155

Floranova Catalogue 2014  
Floranova Catalogue 2014