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27 Seed Form Seed Count Garden Height Garden Spread Flower Size

Natural, Elitech, Pelleted 312,000/oz - 11,000/g 7 - 9” (18 - 23cm) 14 - 16” (35 - 40cm) 2½ - 3” (6 - 8cm)

Espresso F1 Multiflora Petunia

A naturally dwarf non-stretching multiflora


Petunia with good garden vigour. The compact plant habit is easier to hold in greenhouse production and results in superb shelf life during shipping and at retail level. In the garden it will develop into a tidy, lowgrowing mound shape which is covered in flowers that quickly recover from rain damage to flower continuously throughout the season.

White PET363

Espresso - Small but Strong!

Blue PET354

Rose PET356

Ruby PET359

Sweet Pink PET360

Floranova Catalogue 2014  
Floranova Catalogue 2014