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Background Company

Castrol India Ltd

Brand Name

CRB Plus

Product type/ Description

Tractor Engine oil


Rural Marketing Program Of the Year Best Innovative rural marketing initiative a. Rural initiative conducted in strictly rural areas (i.e.) in villages between 20000- 100000 population


Operation Attack


Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Castrol: ‘Operation Attack’

Castrol the leading engine oil company had re-launched- CRB plus, tractor engine oil, in low sales area. They wanted to reach both the CRB non users- and CRB past users with simple yet interesting idea and give them an experience that leaves a strong brand impact in their mind.

Brief/Objective ? To demonstrate the benefit of CRB Plus (with) Heat proof formula ? To show how the engine oil lubricates even at 300 deg C protecting the engine ? Re-establish CRB plus in a strong competitors market ? To dynamically drive home the brand proposition by comparing ordinary oil & CRB Plus. ? Trigger consumer conversions from competitors brand to CRB plus ? Motivate retail channels

Target Audience ? Farmers and mechanics ? Age group- 20- 45 years ? Owns 1- 2 tractors ? Decision maker ? Can be influenced easily ? Seeks value for money



Strategy for collaterals – The markets for this promotion were strong competition markets with low CRB share. A hard hitting convincing campaign named Operation attack was activated to get conversions through strong communication of the product proposition, hence taking the customer experience the inside of the engine of a tractor by making him visually see ? The working of the oil inside

the engine through a larger than life mechanism so as to demonstrate the benefit of CRB plus to the TG ? Do a comparison between an

ordinary oil and CRB plus at a higher temperature of 300 degree to show the difference ? Reaching customer through

a movie – Jai Kissan , with a tone of communication that would appeal to the emotions of the lapsed CRB plus user like a long lost friend. The movie encouraged TG to embrace a friend in the form of CRB plus who has always protected his tractor.


Experiential Marketing


Experiential Marketing

Reaching out to customer at their work place-

CRB targeted customers viewing an aspiring brand movie named Jai kissan in a closed air conditioned bus. Comfortable seating arrangements n refreshments keep the customer hooked to the message.

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CRB activation with local mechanics

Highlighting product features to customers 3



Experiential Marketing


Experiential Marketing

1500 shows in 90 days

– Top of Mind Awareness of CRB plus increased by 12.1% viz-a-viz last quarter.

65 districts across India

Reached 150000 farmers

Preference share increased of CRB – plus by 3.1% in comparison to last quarter.

17,400 liters of CRB oil sold during campaign

Brand proposition recall and intention to purchase –

79% recall the brand proposition correctly. (base 50 TG post campaign feedback)

65% CRB non users explicitly expressed their willingness to shift to CRB Plus (base 200 TG)

Source : Activation agency

Percentage of growth in D1, D2 & D3 market

D1=High potential, low CRB share D2=High potential, strong CRB hold 17%

D3=OEM market with M&M tractors 8%





Dealer- Jhansi This initiative is first ever in our history. The footfall and enquiries have doubled after the activation

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