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Experiential Marketing

Background Brand name

Mahindra Arjun Ulta 1 – 605 DI


Mahindra & Mahindra


On ground promotion of the year - for sales promotion


Hosh uda de

Today India is, the largest tractor market in the world. The tractor industry is segmented Horse Power category wise. FES market shares in each segment stack up as follows: a)






HP: d)>50 37.3 %HP:

31.2% c) 40-50

>50 HP is the fastest growing segment for the industry as well for M&M. Demand for higher HP tractor has been growing and its been visualized that this segment has the highest potential . Mahindra & Mahindra wanted to reach the high end TG to garner larger market share and make the brand Arjun Ultra 1 as a preferred choice in the high HP segment. Brand Arjun Ultra offered: More Value to the customer

More comfort and safety

More style and technology


Marketing Challenge:

? Take the product in a innovative manner

? With the new launches in the high segment

to the TG giving him an experience of Style and Technology.

tractors M&M wanted to reach the high end TG to garner larger market share.

? Communicate to the TG the long engine

? Challenge was to establish M&M brand Arjun

life and extremely powerful performance of Mahindra Arjun Ultra 1

ultra 1 as a preferred choice in high HP segment.

? Reinforce Premiumness and Modernity

? M&M

wanted to compete with both International brands(John Deere) and domestic brands (Escorts- Farmtrac Range)

Target Audience: Tractor owners looking for higher power tractor. Big and Affluent farmers Buying guided by his status and social standing Non-farmers dealing in trading and haulage of heavy material.



Experiential Marketing

Strategy: A campaign, which would contact the affluent farmer whose rational reason to purchase are ? High end technology ? Driving Comfort ? Greater Power with same finery and give an out of the world experience.

Three ways of showcasing the campaign essence Innovative chamber Igloo

For the experience of Style and Technology, an extraordinary igloo shaped infrastructure was designed, along with a sleek van.

Creative to Concept

Aerodynamic Truck with automatic hydraulic doors.

Virtual experience through Video game

For a longer recall and imbed technology know-how of the product, a message based interactive video game was made in- house This video game was played with a steering, joystick and accelerator and break peddle.


Experiential Marketing

1. Highway Branding

2. Fleet on street

A customized stall was made and installed at the strategic Dhaabas on the national highways for a longer mind recall.

Banner installation, Leaflet distribution and merchandising at strategic locations for event recall and brand information.

3. Live Demonstration

Live demonstration of the product conducted on field with cultivator

4. Mobile Miking

5. Tractor Rally

A Never Seen Innovative Inflatable mounted on a Bike for mobile miking.

Village tractor rally by affluent farmers reflected strength of M&M


Experiential Marketing

1250 Villages Covered in 8 States

Punjab Haryana Rajasthan Maharashtra Chattisgarh Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Karnataka

No. of Dealerships Motivated - 350+ Districts Covered - Close to 400 Tehsils Covered - 790


Experiential Marketing

Activation Results :-





The market share of Arjun Ultra has increased by 20% in the past 1 year.

FINAL CAPSULE-“Hosh uda de” Mahindra Arjun Ulta1-605 DI-On Ground Promotion by RC&M India  
FINAL CAPSULE-“Hosh uda de” Mahindra Arjun Ulta1-605 DI-On Ground Promotion by RC&M India  

RC&M India one of the best Experiential Marketing Company in India. Mahindra Arjun Ulta 1 – 605 DI tractor. Take the product in a innovativ...