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How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List

Discover The Secret To Marketing Products On Amazon Without Breaking A sweat‌

And Now-The Rest Of The Story Learn The Secrets Of Online Success And Discover How You Too Can Earn Great Income Working From Home As We Drop The Bomb And Reveal To You All The Insider Secrets Of Selling Hot Niche Products On


Donald E. Payne Sacramento California

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ISBN-13: 978-1493758333 ISBN-10: 1493758330 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 First Edition First Printing: November 2013

Printed in the United States Of America J


Preface………. 7 Introduction ………. 10 PART I Building Your Business ………. 21 What is Marketing? .......... 24 Mission Statement ………. 27 Steps to a successful Website or blog ………. 29 Task 3 - Prepare your website………. 32 Your Target Audience………. 30 Task 1 - Find and choose your *free* blog………. 30 Task 2 - Find a Home for your Website………. 31 Prepare Your Website or blog ………. 32 Drive traffic to your website ………. 32 Search engine readiness ………. 33 Task 4 Build your portfolio ………. 33 Product selection ………. 34 Task 5 Find hot niche products to promote ………. 35 Target untapped niche products ………. 35 Pick a quality product ………. 36 The importance of an excellent sales page ……….. 37 Market products that you have purchased ……….. 37 Choose products with high profit margins ……….. 38 Make sure they pay and are reputable ……….. 38 Task 6 Write A Pre-Sell ………. 38 Writing the pre-sell………. 40 PART II Chapter I Polishing your efforts………. 45 Chapter II choosing Your Niche ………. 49 Find Your First Product To promote ………. 54 Rules Of Engagement ………. 55 PART III Take Action………. 61 Chapter I Building Traffic ………. 61 List Of Do Follow Submission Sites………. 62 Benefits Of Submitting Articles ………. 63 Driving traffic to your website………. 63 Free advertising………. 63 Viral marketing………. 64

Boost your personal and business credibility ………. 64 Reach the un-reachables ………. 64 Building Traffic Through Articles and Ezines ………. 65 Free Articles ………. 70 Desperate Buyers ………. 70 Video Marketing ………. 72 Webcams ………. 73 Slideshow (Cantasia) ………. 74 Here’s how to do it ………. 75 11 Good Reasons To Use Video ………. 77 Build a Website or Blog ………. 82 Send Traffic To Offer ………. 82 Chapter III Running Your Amazon Business ………. 84 Why Sell On Amazon? ………. 84 Before you register ………. 85 Choose a selling plan ………. 86 Register and start listing ………. 86 After you register ………. 86 Getting Products Ranked On Amazon ………. 88 Step- 1 Set up an Amazon account ………. 88 Step- 2 Pick a product to sell ………. 88 Step- 3 Write A product Description that sells ………. 88 Step- 4 Get 4 Product Reviews ………. 89 Step- 5 Create A YouTube Video for your product ………. 0 Step- 6 Create and Write a Great Press Release ………. 90 What is a press release? ………. 91 What is the proper press release format? ………. 91 Press Release Headline ………. 93 The Press Release Subhead ………. 93 The Rest of the Press Release ………. 93 Some Key Things to Remember ………. 94 Step- 7 Write a 300-500 Word Article ………. 95 Step-8 Get Daily Reviews ………. 95 Finding Products To Promote ………. 96 Drop shipping ………. 97 16 HOT Amazon Products ………. 100 How to Write a Product Description That Sells ………. 103 Title ………. 104 Know Your Product ………. 104 Know Your Target Audience ………. 104

Write A Better Descriptions ………. 104 Length Of Description ………. 105 Visually Interesting Images ………. 105 Entice With Benefits ………. 105 Call To Action ………. 105 Offer a Bonus ………. 106 12 Steps To Selling Products on Amazon ………. 106 Finding Products To Sell On Amazon ………. 109 What is FBA - Fulfilment by Amazon ………. 109 Receiving Inventory at the Fulfillment Center ………. 113 Food for thought ………. 114

Preface Thank you and congratulations on purchasing this Special Report by Affiliate Marketer, Don E. Payne-Ridgeway. *How To Dominate Amazon’s Best Seller List* is the first affiliate marketing book written especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners on successfully selling products and services on the worlds largest retailer. By doing this, you have proven that you’re serious about being successful as an independent business owner whether your business is affiliate marketing, MLM marketing, you are an Author or Publisher or whatever your business model is. In this report you’re going to learn all of the things that you need to know in order to sell products on Amazon, opening up your new business, and one of the most powerful secrets to making money online which is, “How to choose the RIGHT product to promote”. With “How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List” we are concerned with the preparation of your business and website, and giving you important information that you need before you start your new online business, this is important. You will be given a series of tasks to do and you have to do exactly as I say, if you do that you will within a guaranteed period of 10 weeks (after you have implemented all of the tasks which you are suppose to), be well on your way to having a successful business model for yourself. But you are expected to take *ACTION* without taking action there is no sense in reading this book. I promise that I will not sell you this book and then forget you. I want you to be successful, I would like for you to take this information and use it beyond your wildest of dreams. As a subscriber you get *highest priority*, you can email me at anytime at because I’m very concerned about your success, if you need help with anything I am here to help


you, I answer emails on a first come first served basis. I usually try to answer my mail as soon as possible, if you send me an email I will definitely get back with you, no matter how long it takes. If you are short on cash and long on time you can learn how to earn money without spending money. If you can’t afford to advertise on Google Adwords as of yet, then your choice is to obtain your own website, promote it and at the same time use other options which I will give you to choose from that are easy to implement and you can earn extra monthly income and become your own boss.


How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List

Start-up Guide To Identifying And Choosing Hot Niche Oriented Products And Outselling Your Competition On


Introduction First of all I will not try to convince you with a lot of “jargon” about how much money you can earn on the internet. I’m sure that most of you have heard all the talk about people earning 20 or 30K per month working online and doing this in an amazingly short period of time, and that the program that they have to offer you will surly catapult your earning to the moon. But I will not fill your head with false perceptions. The truth of the matter is that you get out what you put in and that you have to view your online business just like any other business. Many internet “GURUS” do of course make 30, 40 or even 50K per month but most of them also have a team of workers and they have been in business for many years. Otherwise it is virtually impossible to earn this kind of income in such a short period of time especially if you have no experience; so in the sense of keeping your feet on the ground, and if you are an industrious person who work alone I would say that you could easily earn $2000-$5000 monthly, and if you are a really hard worker you could push that up to 10K per month-that is “if you do it right”. And it will take some time to learn how to do this. But if you are anywhere close to following the 12 hurdles that are listed below, that you must overcome to be a successful business person you will be on your way to earning a decent living on the internet, whether entrepreneur, small business owner, affiliate or MLM marketer. These are the basic hurdles that every business owner is forced to overcome if they want to become successful, and the reason why over 96% of all online marketers fail to earn decent money, just remember, Success Does Not Come Without A Price. So here they are:




1. FEET FIRST -- getting your feet wet- trying to find out what’s going on, buying different products and sometimes getting burned, getting the feel of things. 2. BUILDING MARKETING AND TECHNICAL KNOW HOW - how to get people to buy from you, how to get people to come to your site, how to create offers and present things in a way that people will give you money- building knowledge-how to create a website, how to put everything together, how to set up payment process, a members page or download page etc… 3. GETTING TO KNOW AFFILIATE AND MLM MARKETING -- people usually start here to try and earn more money, they try to find products to earn commissions from themselves, trying to find the best products out there, and is seen as a starting point to make money online with no products no delivery, customer support or anything like that. 4. BUILDING YOUR FIRST WEBSITE -- build a webpage, blog or Facebook page, the thing is that you know that you have to get something online. Then something happens and Google slaps millions of websites, yours included and you loose all your traffic. And unfortunately this is usually the first possible hurdle that will knock you back to start and you’re back at ground zero basically trying to build up your technical knowledge again. Let’s say that you get past this hurdle and make it to the next level.


Introduction 5.

BUILD CREDIBILITY to build a brand you need a high level of trust and credibility so that people know who you are, know your background and that you are an expert in your field. Whether buying from you or your affiliate offer, you need a high level of trust for people to take action on your advice and buy from you.

6. BUILD YOUR BRAND -- build personal brand or business brand, some type of identity or logo so that people recognize you over the net, trust you and buy from you. 7. GAIN EXPERIENCE -- working 3 hours a day 365 days a year will get you 1000 hours of experience, and studies have shown that you need 10.000 hours of experience to become an expert at anything, whether playing tennis, becoming an author or to become a business person, so you will need 10 years to reach your goal, so 10.000 hours are a lot of hours. 8. REALIZE YOU NEED A PRODUCT -- this is when you realize that you need a product to make more money. The advantages are: you can control it better, you keep all the profits, your list of customers is worth more than the initial sale- so you realize that you need to get your own product-the overwhelming offers of products on how to do that actually confuse you causing you to loose focus, so what do you do? Most people go back to affiliate marketing because they think that it is easier to do, and


Introduction you’re back at hurdle 3, getting to know affiliate marketing again. 9. FIND YOUR NICHE(s)- if you manage to get past this hurdle and get a product, you then will need to find a niche where people have lots of money and are willing to spend that money and ready to buy from you--if they have a problem you can help them solve it with your product--find the best niche and where they hang out, where they go online, what are their interests what makes them tick to get them to buy from you -- you have to find the niches buying points-find what actually makes them want to buy the product, what are they struggling with-how can you match your product to their problems. Get to know that niche and find it’s desperate buyers buying point so that you can use it in your marketing to sell-- this is the second hurdle that will take you back to point 3 if you don’t do it right. J 10. BUILDING YOUR OFFERS -- build your front end product and offer which is the first product that you sell to somebody. You build that front end product to sell them other products at a later date, so you offer videos, audios or a combination of them which is a low priced product. Of course you have to create a sales page for your offer to sell that video, build a webpage and get the domain name. a- BUILD AN UPSELL AND DOWNSELL once you hit them with that first offer you have to say look I have another offer for you that will give you more info. and help you do this easier, it’s not absolutely


Introduction necessary but it will help you get better results. It’s more in dept than the original offer--more videos, swipe files, ebooks, anything that you give them that will help them right off that you create, where as the front end offer is the “how to” and teaches them how to do it depending on if you have the 10.000 hours of experience. b- BUILD A BACKEND OFFER building a backend offer is where the money is made-- front end offer + up-sell and back end offer is called a profit pipe line. Sell it for $500 or 1000 dollars. 11. TESETING--this is a vital step and the first time that you do this you will have to test everything, usually the first time out it doesn’t work, maybe for a short time but usually it doesn’t work, test the brand name, sales letter, how you present your offers in combination with each other, traffic--where is it coming from? Test all the different sources, there are hundreds of things that you have to test and of course this is another danger point because the internet is constantly changing and your product is no longer relevant--so your sales stop instantly, and you end up trying do find another niche. 12. WATCH THE RUBELS ROLL IN- this is the point where you want to be, but it is not always easy to get there with all the things that one has


Introduction to do to make it work, and there are many hurdles that you have to overcome. But there is a solution to solving and overcoming all of these hurdles that will catapult you from the first all the way to through the last hurdle in practically one leap. You don’t have to build a website, no back end offer, no experience or product. It removes the need for any of the 12 hurdles which are keeping you from online success, and the best part is that you can implement this whether doing MLM or affiliate marketing or whatever business model that you have… There are many types of online ventures that you could enter into, and four of the most common are Affiliate and MLM marketing and selling products on Amazon and eBay. MLM marketing is the process of purchasing the products yourself and trying to resell them to family, friends and acquaintances and there are of course thousands of MLM marketers trying to do the same thing as you are. You can earn substantial income in this manner but you have to really be a hustler, because you have to convince people to try or buy your product. I have personally been involved in many different types of marketing ventures and I can tell you this: The drawback is that you have to spend money before you can earn money, and to have to ship your product to your customer, this is very expensive, so in most cases you have lost before you began; and this type of business model is more than likely to fail before it gets off the ground. Don’t get me wrong now, there are many MLM marketers out there that are making good money selling products to YOU, but in order for you to earn money in this manner you have to build a team and this will be your “Downline” and you do this by soliciting friends, family or anyone that you think will be interested in conducting the same business as you. This is very difficult to do today


Introduction because since the national and international bank and economic crisis, people just don’t want to spend money if they are not sure that something will be coming out of it. The risk is too high and people want to earn money as quickly as possible--many are afraid that they will be stuck with the product and have to consume it themselves, and this is one of the things that happened to me. Sure one can sell their products to friends and family but it doesn’t go much further than that because most people just don’t know how to promote products, and you will always have to pay up front to secure the product. It does not matter how much the product cost, or how many units you purchase, chances are that you will loose, and anytime that you have to spend money without making any, that is a bad deal and a very bad business model. Most MLM companies give their members the possibility to promote their products through their marketing system in the form of written ads and video advertisement, this is of course not without cost to you. For your business to work you have to spend as little money as possible, this is one of the rules that all successful business people abide by; expenditures will eat your business up, especially if you are an entrepreneur. With MLM, you have limited possibilities and many rules that you have to abide by; where as with affiliate marketing there is only one rule, and that is to sell the product and your customers are already there for you. Desperate buyers are just waiting for your product and all you have to do is find out where they are. And this is the key to a successful business and earning income online; there are literally millions of products that are always on the internet for you to market, and can start earning income immediately, that is “if you do it right”. In my account I’m going to give you everything that you need to know and then break it down and show you exactly


Introduction where the money is. But please don’t think that if you put up a website or start your MLM business that the rubbles will automatically roll in, this is a misconception and you have to carefully consider the type of business model that you will enter into, this is very important. Before we get started I would like to tell you a little bit about my first time experience with internet marketing and the impact that it had on my life. But first, what is the “How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List” manual? The Dominate Amazons Best Seller List manual is a preparation course for new and aspiring Amazon sellers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, it explains the most important parts of affiliate marketing (or any business for that matter) that you will need to undertake to be successful. HTDABSL spells out these steps which you must take in order to earn substantial income on the internet in record time. And your guide to earning that income by providing you with conventional and non conventional techniques and methods, with 100% intense hands on instructions that will ensure your success in record time. I have been involved with affiliate marketing for over nine years now. Why do I stick with it? Because I personally know that the internet is a gold mind. My first months as an affiliate marketer were not very pretty. I’m sure that my net profit was minus a few thousand dollars. To be truthful, I had no idea about what I was doing. I had purchased various guides and tools and read about the different ways people were making money online. This was a trial and error period for me, trying to get the feel of things and making many mistakes along the way, but at the same time building my knowledgebase. But it was difficult to get the hang of it learning as I went along and trying to learn from my mistakes. What kept me motivated was the fact that I knew people were earning


Introduction excellent incomes working online. I knew it was possible, the only thing that I had to do was figure out the right way to go about doing it. During my struggles with AdWords I came across several e-books which helped me a lot, getting some tips from them and from the different news letters which I had signed up for. I joined Michael Cheney’s list, Jeff Walker’s, Mike Filsame, Brad Callen, Jimmy Brown, Mike Rasmussen, and many more. After weeding the good stuff from the junk, I slowly watched my progress improve as I continued to learn more. After a while I noticed that the vast majority of affiliates seem to be going broke rather quickly, (not just the beginners) because there was a sudden drop in emails, and advertisements, and only a few were earning big bucks, so I had to find out what they were doing that the others weren’t. I noticed from watching these guys that they were very selective about which products they marketed, they seem to know when to push a product and when to start an Adwords campaign. Product selection is very important to conduct affiliate marketing properly. Finally after about a year of trial and error and copying the best I actually made a profit of about $100. Can you imaging the joy upon receiving your first check from CickBank? From that moment on it was, full steam aheeead!!! So why did it take so long? Because at that time there were a lot of marketers around who were only interested in sell you their product rather than giving you something of value that you could use. They would sell you a technique for $50 which was usually a PDF with some meager instructions but wouldn’t really show or tell you how to do it. This is how they made their money, and still today why many newbie’s get trapped in buying something that the marketers know they can’t do because they don’t really have the technical


Introduction knowledge that it takes to perform the task in the first place. My $100 profit marked a huge turning point in my online ventures, and I could really see the huge potential of online marketing. Eventually I had joined about 15 internet “Guru” news letters which really help exploded my online earnings, but after a while I realized that I had to narrow it down. Even after 9 years I kept working and improving my skills and knowledge; and my monthly income continued to rise. About three months after my first profitable month, I brought in a profit of about $600. That same campaign is still bringing in income every month depending on the time of year. So what I did was to duplicated that process several times and have watched my monthly profits jump from $100 to $600… And in the process made me seriously think about quitting my day job and start working on the internet fulltime from home, which is what I did. One good thing about it is that I don’t have to spend too much time a day working on keeping the profits rolling. To be honest, I don’t have to work at all with the campaigns that I have in place right now. I have everything totally automated and it continues to bring in consistent profits. The only thing that I have done is to carry out minor tweaks here and there. Now I mostly spend my time developing new products and implementing new campaigns to increase my monthly bottom line. All of the profits that I make are done in two ways: (1) Product Promotion through article submission, and marketing where you don’t need your own product or website and (2) through one of the many sites that I have where I for instance promote this book. This manual will show you how to get started with your own website and use the same techniques and methods that I and other affiliate marketers use to make huge amounts of money


Introduction online. The best way to conquer this beast is to take each section one at a time until you have mastered it, it’s just like preparing and learning for a new job. At the end of this book I’m going to give you my special and new formula that helps me earn an additional 30k in 2012. This new revolutionary system that I use will certainly bring in the cash. Plus I will give you my formula and techniques that I use for earning great income marketing and promoting physical products on Amazon as an Amazon Seller.

So let ´s get started...



__________________________ Part One

Building Your Business


_________________________ Part One

Your Mission: Build A Highly Successful Website or Blog For Free And Promote Digital & Physical Products on Amazon And other networks as well


_________________________ Part Two

Polishing your efforts with more money making secrets




_________________________ Part Two

Your Mission: Earn $300-$400 every single day with your New High Income Online Business Without Breaking a Sweat


_______________________ Part THREE

Take Action


_______________________ Part THREE

Take Action: Driving Traffic To Your Website Blog and Amazon Promotion Pages

Running Your Amazon Business HOT Amazon Products To Promote Of Right Now! This list provides you with opportunities that I consider critical to determining a good product. All of these products meet the criteria for becoming a highly profitable product. Please note that the ranking in all of these products is subject to change:    

The Right Price High Volume Sales Opportunity Low-Medium Competition high Private (PLP) Potential

HOT OPPORTUNITY #1: Foam Roller Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #43 in Health & Personal Care HOT OPPORTUNITY # 2: Yoga mat Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #113 in Sports & Outdoors HOT OPPORTUNITY #3: Vitamin C Serum Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #57 in Beauty HOT OPPORTUNITY #4: Cat Litter Scoop Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #56 in Pet Supplies HOT OPPORTUNITY #5: Drink Shaker Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #96 in Kitchen & Dining

HOT OPPORTUNITY #6: Cell Phone Car Mount Holder Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #17 in Cell Phones & Accessories HOT OPPORTUNITY #7: Biotin Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #67 in Health and Personal Care HOT OPPORTUNITY #8: Hand Gripper Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #54 in Sports & Outdoors HOT OPPORTUNITY #9: Stylus Pens Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #210 in Cell Phones & Accessories HOT OPPORTUNITY #10: Ice Cube trays Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #110 in kitchen and Dining HOT OPPORTUNITY #11: Survival Straw Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #5 in Sports and Ourdoors HOT OPPORTUNITY #12: Pet Probiotic Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #400 in Pet Supplies J

HOT OPPORTUNITY #13: Silicon Spatula Top Product: Top Product’s Ranking: #31 in kitchen and Dining HOT OPPORTUNITY #14: iPhone 5 Case Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #87 in Cell Phones & Accessories HOT OPPORTUNITY #15: Flexible Cutting Board Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #100 in Kitchen & Dining HOT OPPORTUNITY #16: Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #358 in Cell Phones & Accessories HOT OPPORTUNITY #17: Joint Supplement for Dogs Top Product:

Top Product’s Ranking: #36 in Pet Supplies

How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List



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ISBN-13: 978-1493758333 ISBN-10: 1493758330 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 First Edition, first printing: November 2013 Printed in the United States Of America

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How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List is a start-up guide to identifying and choosing Hot Niche oriented products and outselling your com...

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