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Traditional weddings are usually followed by a big reception where family and friends eat a meal, enjoy some drinks, have a slice (or two) of delicious cake and dance the night away. You get to see your grandma and grandpa cling sweetly to each other during one of the slow songs, and visit with college friends that you haven’t seen in ages. These days, more couples are choosing to keep the party going after the reception is over, heading out with a small group of close friends to really live it up in a way that you can only do when your parents and boss aren’t around. Some actually plan for the after party and make it a stylish affair. destination after parties Don’t

settle for the bar down the street; for the select few you invite to the after party – give them advanced warning that they need to pack for a short trip and be ready for fun. From Vegas to NYC, short flights can be inexpensive and quick to take just about anywhere, depending on the location of your wedding. hot tub limo ride It’s time to kick

create a party vibe and make sure you have extra suits on hand. massages Weddings may be

joyous events, but they can also be very stressful. You’ve spent months planning every last detail, and you’ve spent the whole day worrying about things like whether the cake would show up on time or whether your pushy aunt would instigate an argument. Don’t wait for the honeymoon to unwind – start relaxing right away by scheduling a massage for your after party. Some places offer massages late into the evening, so you can potentially schedule them after your evening reception. You can decompress with your new spouse or a few people in your inner circle, talking about the things you loved about the day and bonding together over your new memories. Then you can head off to your hotel suite for a truly relaxing evening together.

back and relax by soaking in a hot tub with your loved one while you cruise down the highway in a limo. Have a cocktail bar ready and waiting with everyone’s favorites by planning ahead. Add neon lights to the cabin, put on some party music, and have a great time!

rooftop breakfast bar Rooftop

If you keep the ride to you and your betrothed, you can make it a romantic start to your honeymoon. If you invite friends along for the ride, try to

bars are popular for the night life, and a formal breakfast is a popular event for the day after the wedding. Why not combine the two? Hold a breakfast on a rooftop bar in the early

morning hours after your reception or in the traditional breakfast hours the next day. The rooftop seating will be a refreshing balm whether you are trying to sober up after a long night of partying or you are trying to restore after the previous day’s festivities. masquerade party If you’re

partying after the reception, play up the midnight intrigue by hosting a masquerade party. Choose a separate venue for the after party, and ask the guests you invite to show up wearing a fancy mask and the clothes to match if they feel so inspired. The more elaborate the costumes, the more special the atmosphere will be. Choose décor that is formal and a bit vintage. Consider giving guests a password that they have to share to get into the party to make it seem even more intriguing. You only get married once in your life, right? So why not take advantage of this opportunity to really go all out and celebrate? Don’t stop at the reception. Consider an after party to go out with your best friends and live it up in a way that you may not have a chance to again. wm


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We are the stylish trendsetting local wedding planning magazine for the Triangle, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding No...

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We are the stylish trendsetting local wedding planning magazine for the Triangle, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding No...

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