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BOUQUET ACCESSORIES A big, beautiful bouquet is the perfect accessory to your wedding gown. But for some brides, they want the opportunity to do something a little different with their bouquet to show off their unique style. That’s why trends like paper bouquets and the brooch bouquet have gained momentum in the last few years. If you like the look of a floral bouquet but still want to do something a little different, consider bouquet accessories to add a little bling. Here are some popular bouquet accessories you might consider:

jewelry picks Jewelry picks look

almost like little, jeweled flowers. They have a long wire stem that allows them to be included right in the bouquet with the flowers. You can choose a variety of jewelry picks that have individual picks to add sparkle or highlight certain flowers, or you can choose picks that have jeweled designs at the top. A small gem resting in the middle of a rose or large bloom is beautiful.

sequin trim Running a bit of garland through your bouquet can create some nice visual contrast and create a beautiful border for your bouquet. Sequin trim is a nice way to get a little shine into your bouquet and to create a stark contrast. Choose gold, silver or even a colored sequin that complements the flowers well. beaded wire Get the same benefits,

feather spray Feathers can add an

but enjoy a subtle overall look. You can string pearls, glass beads, or metal beads on a thin wire and wind them through your blooms. You can also use the beaded wire to add a little sparkle to your bouquet holder if you don’t want to disturb the floral arrangement. Years later, you can use those beads for keepsake items, like a pair of earrings to wear on your anniversary dinner or a hair piece for your own daughter’s wedding.

interesting texture and contrast to your bouquet. You can place individual feathers in your bouquet, or you can use a feather spray. The feather spray is constructed just like the jeweled spray, but it has feathers attached instead of jewels or gemstones. The spray also keeps the feathers securely attached so that you aren’t “shedding” throughout your ceremony and reception.

bouquet charms You can attach charms to your bouquet with a jewelry pick, spray, or trim piece. Or you can use a bit of string or wire to attach the charms directly to a flower stem. The charms can be just like charms you would wear on a necklace, taking numerous shapes and made of either precious metals or gemstones (or a

spray If you want numerous gems

or a lot of shine for your bouquet, you can choose a spray. Instead of just one gem on a wired stem, the spray includes numerous gems on numerous wires attached to one central stem. You can use several just the way you would a spray of baby’s breath.


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combination of both). You can also get charms that feature a rectangular or circular space for a photograph – such as a photo of you and your groom, a photo of your parents, or a photo of a loved one who is deceased and can’t be at the ceremony. bouquet holders It’s one of those things you don’t consider until you see it – the bouquet holder is simply something you slip your arrangement into that makes it easier to carry. For example, the actual plastic holder can be accented with everything from jewels to keepsake pieces of family members wedding dresses. Sort of like a “quilt” for the holder, this simple piece of plastic can easily be transformed into a striking part of the bouquet.

Adding the right bouquet accessories can help you achieve the look you want while also showing off your unique personality. You can choose just one of these accessories or create a combination that creates just the look you want. You can even use jewelry or other special items you have to add to your bouquet, making it sentimental as well as stylish. wm

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We are the stylish trendsetting local wedding planning magazine for the Triangle, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding No...

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