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The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Makati - OLYMPIA

RCMO is Introduced as a Charter Club in DISCON

VOL. 01 NO. 31 • MARCH 2011

The President’s Corner My dear Fellow Olympians, I am proud to be a Rotarian but prouder because I am an Olympian!

A little more than 8 months ago, Rotary Club of Makati Olympia received its charter on August 9, 2010. As one of the two new clubs chartered this Rotary Year, it was presented in plenary by Governor Ed Alvarez during the D3830's District Conference held last March 18-19 at Hotel Sofitel. In the introduction, DG Ed mentioned that RCMO was chartered with 54 members and has grown big as a Rotary family because of its partners in service 15 Interact Clubs, 3 Rotaract Clubs and 2 RCCs, with 5 more for FUND


DISCON 2011, though full of pomp and pageantry, was a testament of what Rotary is -- an organization that serves, especially those in need. Thinking about the families in Japan who were devastated by the killer earthquake and tsunami, DG Ed launched the Fund for Japan by starting the donation for said beneficiaries.

registration. Complete with banners, fanfare and poppers, CP Rose Acoba together PN Renny Harman, PN Designate Wilbert Zamuco, PP/Treas. Amor Isip, Dir. Ju Abdulcadir, Dir. Malu Aristorenas, Rtn Bernie Marcelino, Rtn. Alex Pambid, Rtn. Emily Kazira, Rtn. Ederlyn Mendiola, Rotaractors and Interactors represented Rotary Club of Makati Olympia during the introduction. RIPR Bob Cerwin and PRID Paing Hechanova were with Gov. Ed in welcoming and extending their congratulations to the new club. JAPAN District Leaders and Rotarians responded to the call by giving whatever amount they could to the Japan Fund. At the business meeting, it was ratified that said call will be backed by a resolution of solidarity for the people of Japan. Disaster Preparedness and Management is one of the District thrusts and will be a legacy of DG Ed to the District and the Rotary.

During the recently concluded DISCON, I had never felt how great a privilege it was to be representing our club. I know that all of us who were there also felt the same. Since we had been chartered, we had carved a niche in the Rotary world as a hardworking club. Yes, we surely are. It is reassuring to know that the road we have chosen is the right path. In the talks given by DG Ed Alvarez, RIPR Bob Cerwin, PRID Paing Hechanova, DGN Sue Sta Maria and DGND Robert Kuan, I could relate with what they were discussing. I felt like they were addressing us directly and talking about us, too. It is an inexplicable feeling of affirmation and a novel experience for me. Cont’d. on page 2

PE Jay’s Corner My dear Fellow Olympians, Practice Mindfulness.. It is a profound experience of awareness. During times of chaos, a disharmony of the norm occurs. One may either fight or flight as a reaction, and for those mindful enough, to step back and see things in a different perspective and respond as a choice. A person has a choice not to be trapped in a Cont’d on page 2…

• DISCON 2011 • DISCON 2011 • DISCON 2011 • DISCON 2011 • CP Sue Sta. Maria, PP Robert Kuan Presented as Incoming Governors of D-3830 Incoming Governors DGN Sue Sta Maria and DGND Robert Kuan were introduced during the Discon 2011. Both represent the vision and future of District 3830. In her address, DGN Sue said that there had never been a record change in Rotary than in the past six years. These, she explained, are in many aspects like the club structure, membership, attendance requirements and even in the avenues of service. According to her, these changes were to make Rotary simple through having stronger clubs, more service endeavors and making the world know of these. For DGND Robert, he said that clubs must have a vision of what they want to be. Further, he wants to start the work early with his team so that together, they will be able to build on that vision and make them a reality during their year of service in RY 2013-2014. For this, he asked that clubs to inform him their PN Designate as soon as possible. DGN Sue is DGSR of RCMO and she and DGND Robert are both Honorary Members of Rotary Club of Makati Olympia. The President’s Corner

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For this, I thank PN Renny Harman, PP Amor Isip, PP Ting Almendral, PP Ed Bartolata, Dir. Ju Abdulcadir, Rtn Alex Pambid, Rtn Eric Orland, Rtn. Margaret Gaw, Rtn. Ricky Ocampo, Dir. Malu Aristorenas, Rtn. Berni Marcelino, Rtn. Ederlyn Mendiola, Rtn. Emily Kazira, our Rotaractors, Interactors and RCC officers led by Elizabeth Bermido and Sarah Penarubia for their participation in the Discon 2011. Special mention goes to Dir. Ju who represented us in Group Makati B in the Talent show which incidentally was adjudged the Grand prize winner! I thank all of you, too, for bringing RCMO to where it is now. The DISCON is like the graduation. It is the culmination of all the activities done during the whole year.

Though it would have been great if all of us were there, your participation in the endeavors that we have undertaken are all part of what RCMO is which we brought to the DISCON. For the recognition that our club is receiving, it is much yours as it is mine. This includes all our sponsored youths and RCCs as well as partners in service who have tirelessly given to the cause of Rotary and been with us in all our undertakings. We are standing tall in our District and Rotary. Let us continue the great work we are doing in building our club and serving through Rotary. Let this pride we have as Olympians make us more humble to serve humanity and God with greater passion and with nothing less than excellence as our standard. Go, Olympia, Go!

PE Jay’s Corner

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situation of immobility, but in a sort of emancipated state of being. As a Rotarian and an Olympian, I feel the energy of the Club. It is an exciting energy with great potential, and momentum. A lot of great work was done since RCMO was chartered, and a lot more inspiring things are about to happen. Perspective is relative to our state but mindfulness is a key to creating meaningful experiences in all our endeavors. Let’s join hands, and shoulder-to-shoulder move forward in one direction as we all serve with a grateful heart and boldness to dream.

editorial team adviser Rose Acoba • editor Joel D. Adriano Write us your ideas or contribute articles that you think is interesting and will be beneficial to our organization. Contact us at (0917)545-6171 and (0917)891-4695 or email us at

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Makati B is Grand Champion in the Talent Night Makati B, where RC Makati Olympia belonged and which was headed by PP Patti King, bagged the Grand Champion honor in the Discon 2011 talent night. The group presented the Orientique Mardi Gras. The presentation opened with a scene from Sinulog Festival, followed by Thai, Chinese and Taichi, and concluded with a Dragon Dance. RCMO’s Dir. Ju Abdulcadir was part of the performers in the Sinulog Festival. Makati B is composed of clubs from Clusters 2, 5, 6 and 8.

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ROTARY international NEWS

Foundation sets up disaster fund for Japan by Ryan Hyland In response to the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March, The Rotary Foundation has established the Rotary Japan 2011 Disaster Recovery Fund, which will support long-term recovery projects in affected areas. Rotarians and non-Rotarians can donate online. Clubs and districts can contribute cash and District Designated Fund (DDF) allocations to the fund. The 9.0-magnitude quake, Japan's largest in history, and the tsunami that followed it caused widespread devastation, paralyzing much of the northern coast. More than 10,000 people have been killed, and thousands are missing. Millions have been left without clean water or power, and at least 550,000 people have been forced from their homes. A series of explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, 140 miles northeast of Tokyo, damaged reactors and forced the evacuation of tens of thousands. The Japanese government is working to contain the situation. Damage from the earthquake and tsunami is estimated at US$170 billion. RI President-nominee Sakuji Tanaka, of the Rotary Club of Yashio, Saitama, was in Lisbon, Portugal, on Rotary business during the disasters. He was able to reach his wife, Kyoko, on the phone to confirm her safety. "She said it was the most horrifying experience she'd ever had," says Tanaka. "The

Group Study Exchange team safe

People carry their furniture from their ruined home 15 March in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, four days after an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan's northeast coast towns. AP Photo/Kyodo News

northern region of Japan is still in chaos. We are unsure when this chaos will end or when things will get better. However, I am most thankful to know that Rotarians around the world care for us." Japanese RI directors Masaomi Kondo and Masahiro Kuroda, as well as staff at Rotary International's Japan office, are confirmed to be safe. Rotary clubs and districts worldwide are mobilizing efforts to bring urgently needed aid to victims. "I've received many messages from Rotarians all over the world," says Noriko Futagami, the Public Image Resource Group coordinator for Zone 2. "I also have reports that Rotary clubs have begun to start planning projects for immediate help. Unfortunately, there are many Rotarians and families who haven't been able to be contacted. Rotarians in Japan worry for their safety."

Rotarian Robert Blackburn was leading a Group Study Exchange team in Japan when the earthquake struck. The five team members from Illinois, USA, were in a hotel in Tokyo, getting ready for a farewell dinner with their hosts. "It was our last night in Japan. I felt the whole building shake," says Blackburn, a member of the Rotary Club of Westmont. "It was not just a mild tremor. My hotel room was shaking from side to side. It felt like forever. I have never been so scared in my life." Blackburn says the earthquake lasted at least two minutes. He used a laundry cart outside his hotel room for protection. After the tremors stopped, he walked 18 floors down to the lobby, where the rest of the team congregated. "The airport was temporarily closed, so I told everyone on our team that we might have to be here for a day or two longer," he says. "Thankfully, the airport reopened. Our hosts were incredible and were able to get us to the airport on time for our flight." Tanaka says he is grateful for the warm support of Rotarians worldwide. "The great thing about Rotarians is that we share everything, including each other's joy and sadness. They have the ability to put themselves in the position of others and act to help," says Tanaka. "Despite the unthinkable hardship we're experiencing now, the people of Japan will not give up on efforts to rebuild their communities."

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The Olympians - 31st Issue  

This is a special Discon 2011 issue.

The Olympians - 31st Issue  

This is a special Discon 2011 issue.