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OLYMPIANS The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Makati - OLYMPIA

RCMO sponsors Rotaract “Peace Camp”

VOL 01 NO 15 • NOVEMBER 2010

The President’s Corner My dear Fellow Olympians, Last Sunday, the Catholics celebrated The Feast of Christ The King. It is one of the biggest feasts of the Catholic Church and serves as the fitting end of the Liturgical Year. While Rotary does not endorse any religion, we all agree that Jesus Christ is the Supreme example of a Servant Leader though He is the King of Kings

Some 80 youths attended the twoday Peace Camp for International Peace and Understanding from November 20 to 21 at the Jose Magsaysay Elementary School in Makati City. Three RCMO-sponsored Rotaract Clubs together with 4 others which are still in the organizational stage and their matched clubs from 5 other Philippine districts attended the said event.

The peace camp aimed to foster camaraderie and fellowship among the Rotaractors from the different districts. The participating youth had teambuilding activities, cultural night, lectures on peace and international understanding and fun activities. They also had community service activities like AKLAT, Coastal Bay Cleaning and Anti-Dengue Campaign.

I was particularly struck by the homily of the priest in last Sunday’s mass on Christ being the King and at the same time the Servant Leader of Mankind. He said that the Feast brings about these lessons: the philosophy of God’s human centeredness, the morality of walking a mile forward, sharing and caring and loving and forgiveness. One of the most invaluable lessons that I continue to learn as I serve through Rotary is Servant Leadership. I always say that being a

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RCMO has new President-Elect, President-Nominee Jay Bataclan is the new President Elect (PE) of Rotary Club of Makati Olympia (RCMO). He was unanimously chosen by the RCMO board officers to replace Lorna Perea who resigned from the club earlier. Prior to his new designation, Jay served as the club’s Charter Secretary and President Nominee (PN). As PE, he will succeed Charter President Rose Acoba as the next club president. Also elected in the special board meeting on November 16 is Renny Harman as the new PN. As PN, she will be the club president on year 2012 or following the one-year stint of Jay. Renny is also currently the sub-committee chair on international service. The entire RCMO family is extending its warmest congratulations to the new officers.

RCMO sponsors “Peace Camp”

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Notable Rotaract officers like DRR Aldrin Buelo and IPDRR Cathy Gonzalez from D3830 and Neric Bada from District 3790 were on hand to give inspiration to the participants. Director Juju Abdulcadir and cochairs Wilbert Zamuco and Hanica Pacis of the New Generations Committee as well as PN Renny Harman, PP Ting Almendral, Director Roger Alejo, Community Service SubCommittee Chair Seg Gonzales and co-chairs Ces de Guia and Lyndon Gonzales were present to support the youth in their activities. Venue was provided through the help of Chair for Vocational Service Imelda Ferrer. Participating Rotaract Clubs from other districts were RAC Marikina Northeast, D-3800, RAC United Nations, D-3810, RAC San Francisco del Monte Malaya Achievers, D-3780, RAC Freeport Zon Subic Bay, D-3790, RAC St. Mary’s College, Tagum City, D3860. RAC San Nicolas Makati also joined the RAC Makati Olympia, RAC Teatro de Olympia, RAC Olympia Folkloric Dance Ensemble and the soon to be registered RAC SchoBa de Olympia, RAC Umakians of Olympia. At the end of the camp, the fulfilled participants agreed to hold the event annually. It will be done every Rotaract week.

Ceremonial tree planting at Habitat Taguig As part of its green advocacies, RCMO is currently on a series of consultative meetings with the residents, engineers and housing officials running the Habitat housing complex in Taguig for the joint tree planting project. Part of the discussions is to assess what is the best tree species to plant, where to plant them and how the seedlings will be cared for. RCMO is planting some 350 hardwood and fruit-bearing trees around the Habitat compound including possibly mangoes, jackfruit, avocados, lauan and yakal. RCMO plans to adopt Habitat as one of its Rotary Community Corps. To kick-off the project, RCMO held a ceremonial tree planting last November 16. It was led by PP Ting Almendral, who by profession is in the field of agro-forestry. This activity was also attended by his wife, Lady Susan and their three children (Miguel, Madeleine and Rafael), PN Renny Harman, PP and Treasurer Amor Isip, Dir. Ju Abdulcadir, the sponsored Rotaractors and Interactors.

The President’s Corner

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Rotarian is a continuing ”workshop” on it. Leadership in Rotary is unique as well as compelling and challenging. The reason for it is that all of us are leaders in our chosen field of profession who volunteer to serve humanity. My fellow Olympians, as we move on in our journey, let us always put in our hearts that Rotary is a blessing, for it gives us the opportunity to follow Christ’s example of Servant Leadership. When we go about doing our “work” let us keep in mind to focus on our fellow men. Let us not say that we have done enough, instead, let us always be ready to walk a mile more for them. As true Rotarians, sharing and caring should be our way of life for it is only then when we can say that our work is borne out of love. Forgiveness? If Jesus did, we should also do, for we may see many things not according to our liking but to be Servant Leaders, this is the last and most crucial value that we need to be truly so. May our Rotary journey please and praise God more! Go, Olympia, Go!


Bivalent oral polio vaccine delivers powerful blow By Dan Nixon Rotary International News - November 8, 2010


bivalent oral polio vaccine (bOPV) is proving to be a potent weapon in the global battle to eradicate the disease.

A health worker in Nigeria marks a girl’s pinkie finger to indicate immunization against polio. Use of the bivalent oral polio vaccine has helped slash incidence of the disease there by 98 percent.

Developed to stop transmission of the Type 1 and Type 3 wild polioviruses simultaneously, bOPV was introduced in all four polioendemic countries – Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan – in late 2009 and early 2010. It has helped reduce the incidence of polio in India to 39 cases as of October 26, compared to 498 for the same period in 2009. The number of cases in Nigeria has fallen to 8 from 382 for that period. "There’s been the largest ever year-to-year drop in polio cases following the use of bOPV," says Dr. Bruce Aylward, director of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) at the World Health Organization (WHO). The results of a field trial published in the British medical journal the Lancet in October underscore the effectiveness of the new vaccine. The randomized, double-blind, controlled trial, conducted by WHO between August and December 2008, involved 830 newborns in India who received bOPV or another polio vaccine. "In this study we showed that the bivalent [vaccine] is much better than the trivalent," says Dr. Roland Sutter, coordinator of the GPEI’s research and product development team. "We get about 30 [percent] to 40 percent more immunity [from] the bivalent compared to the trivalent for

Photo by Joseph Lorenzo

Types 1 and 3." The study also showed that bOPV is just about as good as the monovalent vaccines, which protect against only one strain of polio. "The big story is not the study itself but the impact the vaccine has already had on transmission [of the wild poliovirus] in India and Nigeria," Sutter says. "In both countries, other factors such as improved program performance also played a critical role." Rotary International has been a major player in bringing about that achievement, Aylward said at the meeting of the International PolioPlus Committee in October. PolioPlus grants awarded by The Rotary Foundation "have been strategically linked closely to all of the major gains that we’ve seen over the last 12 months," he noted. "The most striking impact is what your funds have

achieved in Nigeria. Over $23 million has gone into operational costs. That 98 percent drop in cases could not have been achieved without that money to get the vaccine to the kids." Health officials see an expanded role for bOPV in the vaccine arsenal. On October 26, 15 African countries launched a synchronized mass immunization campaign, the third on the continent in 2010. About 290,000 vaccinators went door to door to immunize 72 million children – 55.7 million of them received bOPV. By simplifying the logistics of immunizing children against polio, bOPV has become the centerpiece of the global strategy to end the disease. "This vaccine could get us over the top and to the finish line for eradication," Sutter says.

Rotary Information of the Week

Key Rotary Meetings Several key meetings bring Rotarians together to share ideas, celebrate successes, enjoy Fellowship and plan for the future.

RI Convention The RI Convention, the largest Rotary meeting, is held in May or June in a different part of the Rotary world each year. This lively, four-day event features speeches by world and Rotary leaders, spectacular entertainment reflecting the local culture, unparalleled opportunities to experience the true breadth of Rotary’s international fellowship.

District Conferences

RCMO officers participate in Leadership Training Program Three RCMO officers actively participated in the just concluded Rotary Leadership Development Program (RLDP) last November 20. There were 37 participants from 17 clubs which participated in the RLDP for clusters 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8 held at the MRCFI Building, Camia St., Makati City. Each club was asked to send a maximum of 4 participants. RCMO was represented by PE Jay Bataclan and PP Ting Almendral. RCMO Charter President Rose Acoba, who is also Associate Director of the Rotary Academy, was present during the training program to help administer the RLDP session. The Rotary Academy is in charge of the Global Training Program and has come up with “Level Up” to answer the different levels of training needs of individual Rotarians and clubs.

Rotary 101 is for prospective and new Rotarians. It can be implemented in the club level all throughout the year. Level 2 or the RLDP, aims to develop leaders in the club and beyond. This must be done from October to December 2010. Level 3 is the Rotary Leadership Institute for Club Presidents and Prospective District Leaders. Specifically, the RLDP has 5 modules: (i) Visioning for Strategic Planning; (ii) Goal Setting and Accountability; (iii) Leading and Motivating Volunteers; (iv) Effective Communication; and (v) Building Consensus and Teamwork. RLDP is one of the requirements of the Global Awards in Leadership Development.  Citius, Altius, Fortius: Faster, Higher, Stronger! 

Rotarians are encouraged to attend their district conference, an annual motivational meeting that showcases club and district activities. A family event, the district conference mixes fellowship with learning and allows Rotarians to become more directly involved with charting their district’s future.

ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK EDGAR “ED” BARTOLATA Classification: Financial Services and Consultancy Birthday: January 4 Office: 1201 Antel Global Bldg., Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City Spouse: Puri Bartolata Wedding Anniversary: May 28 Club Position: Director, The Rotary Foundation

EDITORIAL TEAM adviser Rose Acoba editor Joel D. Adriano We’d like to hear from you. Write us your ideas and thoughts or contribute articles that you think is interesting and will be beneficial to our organization. Contact us at (0917)5456171 and (0917)891-4695.

the Olympians 15th issue  

J ay Bataclan is the new President Elect (PE) of Rotary Club of Makati Olympia (RCMO). He was unanimously Last Sunday, the Catholics celebra...

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