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OLYMPIANS The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Makati OLYMPIA


is Solo Singing First Runner-Up

VOL 01 NO 12• NOVEMBER 2010

Message of the the RCMO President My Dear Fellow Olympians, It was an exhilarating week for us. Barely a month after receiving our charter, we receive another club first as our sponsored chorale and solo finalist brought ”home the bacon” in the recently concluded Rotary Got Talent Competition. While we are so proud of this triumph, this should remind us more that as Olympians, we are committed to hone the talents of our youth. We must remember that service to the New Generations is one of the pillars of our club. Given this, it is our supreme responsibility to them who have placed their full trust in us to be their mentors and leaders. Like the parents to our own children, we must be their parents too, and be steadfast in this promise.

Nov. 13 was a shining day for Rotary Club of Makati Olympia. Its entries to the Rotary Got Talent Competition in the Chorale and Solo Singing Categories bagged the top honors. The Voice of Olympia, composed of college students from University of Makati who are also members of one of its sponsored Rotaract Clubs, the Rotaract Club of Teatro de Olympia was adjudged the Grand Champion in the Chorale Competition. Wilmer Ruadilla was First Runner-up in the Solo Singing Competition. The signing Rotaractors so enthralled the audience with their heart-rending rendition of “Bahay” and Contest Piece “Ang Bagong Plipino”.

Said one of the professional judges, Mr. Jun Latonio, the group’s strength was in the voices of the members especially the soprano which served as the Conductress “Ace”. Mr. Latonio further said that they could ‘do Philippines proud in any international competition.’

This is the paradox and beauty of Rotary. As an organization of volunteers, it does not compel its members to do service. It is the members’ commitment to serve which compels and moves them to action. Taking off from this, our dedication to the youth as a collective entity is because we believe and are passionate about this cause. Big a responsibility as it may be, it is not daunting for it is what we all want to do.

For his part, Wilmer also wowed the audience. Emcee Patty Santos remarked that he was like performing in the noontime show ASAP. One of the judges also commented that he was like a pro on the stage that was why he was able to capture his audience.

Meantime, let us savor our victory! It is a testament to our quest to serve at our best and go for gold always.

Rotary Club of Makati Olympia is truly proud of its talented youth and will continue to hone them to be the best they can.

Congratulations The Voice of Olympia! Congratulations Wilmer and kudos to the Service to New Generations Committee and Dir Ju, Co-chair Wilbert and Hanica! You make us proud!

We are very young and there are many things that we want to accomplish in this regard. Given the big start that we have, we will be busier in the coming days and months. We have a very long way to go.

RCMO VISITS AND DONATES BOOKS TO MATCHED CLUB RC PASIG WEST Rotary Club of Makati Olympia paid a surprise visit to Matched Club, Rotary Club of Pasig West last November 8 in Valle Verde Country Club. It was a happy occasion which was punctuated with songs, stories and fellowship after the Rotary business was done. CP Rose Acoba took the occasion to donate 300 books for RC Pasig West’s adopted school in Pangasinan. Pres. Vicky Dano accepted the donation. PP Manny Tamayo, District 3800 Youth Committee Chair, in turn, invited RCMO’s sponsored Interact Clubs to participate in their District Interact Convention (DICON) held last Nov. 13 at TIP Manila. Both clubs promised to collaborate more through the Rotary Year and beyond. `


Rotary responds to polio outbreak in Congo Republic By Dan Nixon Rotary International News -- 11 November 2010

Rotary International and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative -- the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- are responding to a recent outbreak of wild poliovirus in the Republic of the Congo. Rotary is providing a total of US$500,000 in emergency grants to WHO and UNICEF for immediate polio immunization efforts throughout the country. At least 97 people have died in the outbreak, with 226 cases of acute flaccid paralysis reported as of 9 November. Most of the cases involve young people between ages 15 and 29. To date, four of the AFP cases have been confirmed as polio. The outbreak is due to imported poliovirus that is related to the virus circulating in Angola. The Congo Republic recorded its last case of indigenous polio in 2000, and urgent action is required by government and partner agencies to again make the country polio-free. "Polio outbreaks highlight our global vulnerability to infectious disease," says Dr. Robert Scott, chair of Rotary’s International PolioPlus Committee. "It reinforces the fact that polio 'control' is not an option, and only successful eradication will stop the disease." According to WHO, at least three national vaccination campaigns are planned to combat the outbreak cont’d. on page 4

“TETE-a-TETE” LAUNCHED Rotary Club of Makati Olympia started very well in its membership campaign. As a new club, membership development is one of its challenges. To address this, it launched its program “Tete-a-Tete” which aims to have small group discussions and mentoring specially for prospective and new members. The purpose is to establish a warm reception to the participants and give them Rotary information in little doses in a light and very friendly mood. Close personal ties are also aimed to be developed while knowledge of Rotary is gained. Last Nov. 8, CP Rose Acoba with PP Ting Almendral met with Renny Harman, Konstantinos Boukies and Sabine Haak, at Café Havana in Greenbelt 3. At lunch, basic Club and Rotary information were discussed. Another session is scheduled to be done this coming week as CP Rose and Dir Ju Abdulcadir shall meet with the new members residing in Bgy. Olympia. RCMO shall continue this program with all the new and prospective members through the second semester of this Rotary Year and years ahead as part of its recruitment and membership development strategy. CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES Nov. 20, 2010 – 8:00am-12:00nn – Cluster 5 Rotary Leadership Development Program Nov. 20-21, 2010 – Peace Camp for Rotaractors Nov. 23, 2010 – District TRF Dinner Nov. 30, 2010 – Lunch Fellowship Dec. 7, 2010 – Regular Board Meeting, Club Assembly and Election of PND Dec. 15, 2010 – Gift Giving at Jose Magsaysay Elementary School Dec. 21, 2010 – Governor’s Visit and Christmas Party editorial team adviser Rose Acoba editor Joel D. Adriano

We’d like to hear from you. Write us your ideas and thoughts or contribute articles that you think is interesting and will be beneficial to our organization. Contact us at (0917)545-6171 and (0917)891-4695.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS… Rotary responds to polio outbreak in Congo cont’d from p.2 Republic with the first targeting three million people of all ages in the Congo Republic and parts of neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola on 12 November and 18-22 November. Subsequent campaigns are planned for 3-7 December and 26-30 December. "Every man, every woman, every child will be immunized irrespective of their past immunization status," says Dr. Luis Sambo, WHO regional director for Africa. "This way we can be assured that everybody is reached, including young adults, whose immunity may be low." Outbreaks of imported polio cases are not uncommon during eradication efforts, underscoring the critical need to stop transmission of the virus in the remaining polio-endemic countries: Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. "Our experience shows that where polio transmission has been stopped before, it can be stopped again," Scott says. "A fast, large-scale, high-quality immunization response using the new tools at hand, along with strong surveillance, is absolutely critical."


The Organization of Rotary Rotary is essentially a grassroots organization, with most of its service efforts being carried out at the club level. The district and international structure is designed to support the clubs and help them provide more service in their local communities and abroad. Clubs

Rotarians are members of Rotary clubs, which belong to the global association Rotary International (RI). Each club elects its own officers and enjoys considerable autonomy within the framework of Rotary’s constitution and bylaws. Districts

Clubs are grouped into 530 RI districts, each led by a district governor, who is an officer of RI. The district administration, including assistant governors and various committees, guides and supports the clubs. RI Board

The 19-member RI Board of Directors, which includes the RI president and president-elect, meets quarterly to establish policies. Traditionally, the RI president, who is elected annually, develops a theme and service emphases for the year. The Secretariat

Rotary International is headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois, USA, with seven international offices in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland. The office for RI in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI), located in England, serves clubs and districts in that region. The Secretariat’s chief operating officer is the RI general secretary, who heads a 740-member staff working to serve Rotarians worldwide. “Thanks to Rotary, my efforts to make the world a better place are multiplied. I’m no longer alone.” — Fernando Aguirre Palacios, Ecuador (The Rotary Basics)


A child receives oral polio vaccine during a National Immunization Day in Nigeria. The perseverance that has reduced the incidence of polio in Nigeria by 97 percent is also being applied to the current outbreak in the Congo Republic. Photo courtesy of WHO

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the olympians 14th issue  

Nov. 13 was a shining day for Rotary Club of Makati Olympia. Its entries to the Rotary Got Talent Competition in the Chorale and Solo Singin...

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