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Arny Luís e Sandra

The Rc world is still new to me, but I took this Challenge with great proud. (Design Coordinator)

Being the only feminin presence at the time, in radiocontrol, I reckon RCmag will be a challenge where I’ll be able to explore, learn and share information.

Sometimes good ideas come when we will not waiting, so did the RCmag. From a crazy idea to a real project in just a few days. Thanks Team!

(Content Coordinator)

(General Coordinator)

In this issue our report was read to the Montijo (South Rim Indoor Trophy 2011), England (PetitRC) Marteleira (4Drift meeting) and went to Povoa da Galega (Winter Series 2011). Where will we go next month? Will we be on your track to photograph your event? We need your support, whether there will be an event that you think we should be present not hesitate to contact us for A thank you to Carla Santos for the tremendous help in translating the English version.

This trophy is to make the classifications of existing evidence on the dates mentioned and so nam The awards will b

me the best pilot in various indoor surfaces. More details and maybe more dates in the next edition. be offered by CRO

To open the season of 2011, the RC-Hobby Center started that the South Bank Trophy which will be composed of four tests. in the last race, so Arnaldo Gue this first step, a first and two se January 9, 8 am started to get the pilots to the runway to Nuno Roque and Jose Figueired begin the first step. After a thorough briefing the race started on time, and the interval between the rounds of three SC-Final 4wd minutes. Parreira said James in the finals After the three qualifying heats for 5 minutes in SC-2wd of the other riders, Antonio Salv class consisting of 10 pilots, Arnaldo Guedes reached TQ maintained a good tempo, alwa followed by Rui Almeida and Nuno Roque. Class SC-7 conplace. sists of 4wd drivers, Tiago Parreira stood out, making TQ Buggy’s Final 2wd followed by Orlando and Antonio Salvador Condeço. Class Nuno Rola always a good course 2WD Buggy’s with 12 riders split into two heats, with a 7, do and Joao Bento. Arnold to gi and 5 riders, the TQ was attributed to Nuno Rola, followed an “idler gear” devastated. Of th by Benedict Arnold and John Guedes. Class Buggy 4WD’s nine made the playoffs. with 8 riders stood out David Robinson with the TQ, Tiago Final 4wd Buggy’s Parreira, Nuno Roque. Were thus found the positions on the David Roberts and James played starting grid for the final. so fierce they came to be on the a second, followed by Nuno Roq Final SC - 2WD The finals gave his usual perform During the first and final Arnaldo Roque “wrapped up” Finlast minute. All riders had a goo gers crossed and took the lead, winning the first final. Rui of the race did not lack pictures Almeida had a good course but due to a malfunction was distribution of trophies. forced to withdraw on the first end. The second final was Texto:Sandra Santos Fotos/Grafismo: Arnald won by Nuno Roque and Third by Arnaldo Guedes. Each of the pilots made a first, and the final result was only decided

edes victorious econd places, followed by do.

s are always one or two turns vador, and Orlando Condeço ays in contention for second

e followed by JosĂŠ Figueireive up on the first lap with he 12 riders in the race only

d the final heck sometimes e same lap separated by half que. mance, hard-fought until the od performance. At the end s to record the timing and

do Guedes

uese deleg u t r o P e h dt ccompanie c prova in a r g it t a e m P C l a R n The atio t 5th Intern e h t ary 2011 a t u a n a n J 6 1 gatio d an . eld on 15 Derbyshire / m a h g England, h in tt eway in No 150 riders c f a o R n t n io t e a d r ip A tic al, ad the par h t n e nd, Portug v la e g e n E Th : s ie r y, ent count land, Turke e r I , y from differ a w r and rmany, No d, Cyprus n France, Ge la r e z it w pan, S Austria, Ja Greece. riday the F n o l a g u t the earleft Por in s s r r e e iv h r t d o r , uch for the Ou ning m r o o s m the t e o h n t e in acing and r e many, t r e e w h t s , 14th, som n s io w t Neumann. xpecta , the ne E n t r . n o e n J o m o d n n n o r a ir e t v o p en ly af Martim, Hu but by the e , e s L n s io a t a h c c fi su quali reat riders g f o o t n e andam

Afonso Sousa (2WD+4WD) “Regardless of the result, the important is to participate.”

Ricardo Bastos (2WD) “You learn a lot watching the driving of the best.”

Bruno Carmo (2WD) Luís Godinho (2WD+4WD) “The competition this year was very strong.”

“A good track layout, fluid and fast, many misfortunes.”

El Camacho “I´m just going to the car, rest the eyes for two little minutes.”

Ricardo Cardoso (2WD+4WD) “When you run with the best , you always learn.”

Hugo Miguel (2WD+4WD) “Andamentos elevados e a afinação dos carros é levada ao extremo.”

António Bento (2WD) João Belchior (2WD+4WD) “I consider the Top5 an E.T´s. by his driving.”

“My expectations were not finished in last, I came for the socializing.”

Rosa Claro “We really need to wake up at 5 am on both days?”

Óscar Grilo (2WD+4WD) “The top10 is a world apart, we can´t even get close.”

Nuno Claro (4WD) “I came to have fun and support the team, enjoy and see the environment.”

Sandra Santos Arnaldo Guedes (2WD) “A amazing experience that makes us think we have plenty to evolve.”

“Look….do you want to give an interview for RCmag Portugal?”

My participation in the Petit RC was positive, I ran in 2WD than on 4WD. I changed my 4WD to run in 2WD and practice some tight driving on the track and attack strongly on Sunday. I had a risky decision before the 3rd qualifying round on 4WD which eventually turn into a problem with two damaged engines. I ended up losing the 3rd and 4th heats which threw me for the final H. I believe that with work and training you’re able to reach a good place in the top 50.This year I will dedicate myself to 1/10TT and hope for the best results in this years racealready legendary among the Portuguese.

It was the first time I attended the Petit RC, came mainly to see the top riders, I thought the organization would be tougher but more like a party. I ended up liking the spirit because the evidence was not official. Could have gone much better due to some technical faults, but my goal has been met since my intention was always to participate. I found it interesting to see new prototypes and conduct of the top riders where ever you learn a lot.

It was my second time at Petit, ran in the two scales but this time everything went wrong. The ratings I have not gone very well and was unlucky at the end of 2WD, not seeing where the car ended up on the grid to start slowly from where I took second place with a car that got me back before the first corner. The direction of race compared to last year, was less rigorous and found the track very dark, which made it hard to visibility. The Competition this year was very strong. It is difficult to evolve much more in Portugal without pilots to train at this level.

This year’s top riders were greater in number than last year, liked the track last year because the track was smaller, more technical and more jumps. The organization was the negative point of this year, there was no rigor, the results was delayed in coming and there was no evidence of direction. As for my benefit in 4WD could have been better, but I’ve been struggling with the car to get ahead. Whatever the outcome is the important part.

“No comments ... I ran into two scales, nothing matched my expectations, I was ranked worse than last year. The head and mood were not in place, made many mistakes but I hope that next year we can run better. I learned a lot with the level of preparedness tips to setup more advanced riders. The top 10 is a world completely apart, we can not even get close, they can train and pull for each other, we are very ni veiled in Portugal. “

“It was my debut at Petit Rc, ran in 2WD, I do not have much experience in this class but it was not bad at all, it was cute. My expectations were not finished last so accomplished that goal. I liked the layout, organization of evidence and the proper environment. The performance of the team Portuguese was as expected and will never go beyond that. I learned nothing at the setup’s, as this scale is new to me, come by grace, living and above all to participate. “

“I came up with the idea of gaining experience in this first visit to Petit RC, I thought the track was a little better, I expected a more technical route and not a trace of CT. I learned some new setups with some of our pilots and some tips for international pilots. I consider a top 5 TE’s due to its progress and performance, I think I lack the Portuguese team that more progress can be achieved with more training. I enjoyed the experience and conviviality. “

“My performance was a bit different from last year, I came to have fun and support the team, and basically enjoy seeing the environment. I found the track to be weaker than last year, I found a very weak organization and no rigorous, lacked a competition director, notices to conduction, saw cuts and lack of respect of track and including the Final A. I already knew the progress of the top riders and I thought the Portuguese participation was good, if my life story let go the year. “

“I loved the experience, it showed me how much we have yet to evolve to reach the top50, a little more calm, less sooo bad luck and training. A proof of this is very important to know the car well in four minutes of training have to read well what he is complaining, improve it, test the second train and when we notice we’re in the heats with pilots stressed that ultimately not respected. A little luck also helps, a link on the final jump when he had never jumped on any day ... “

“It was my first participation in this international event was a new experience, however I found an organization weak, nothing rigorous, everyone did as he wanted and ended up losing some panache. We have more stringent tests in Portugal, was expecting a better result but I ended up being hampered by lack of respect on the track and to technical problems outside of normal, a flag and a servo motor burned. I liked the layout, fluid and fast. The carpet had a lot of grip and complicated setup. The top 10 is a brutal thing. “

“It was my debut at Petit, despite having participated in some competitions in the world quite liked the experience. The other drivers have a high tempo, the pitch of the car is taken to extremes. I was happy with my performance, I wanted to use time well and so I opted to run in two classes with the same car without 4WD front differential on Saturday (2WD). Tried in the heats to improve the car and it made some experiences, I came to cut the pins on the back tires and then paste them to perceive the difference of the transition from wood to carpet. “

“It was a fantastic experience to interview some of the best riders in the world, I was chatting with Nicolas Petit, organizer of the event which offered me a new engine on the condition that next year would participate in the race. We teach the lady in the bar to make cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk. The Portuguese delegation was up by your presence and willingness to care for the year is therefore also will participate. “

5 am Saturday morning. ... We were lucky to be able to take your breakfast from 4am in the morning. It was time to go see the pavilion where we would spend long hours ... but until you get there, drive all over again on the left was pure emotion ... The low temperatures were felt but the pavilion with gas heaters, made the atmosphere pleasant. Did not miss the area of restoration and sale of material. On Saturday the beginning of the training had been intended to 7.00he 2wd, every driver can do two training sessions of 4 minutes, which counted the best three consecutive laps, drills were used to “sort” the pilots for the qualifying heats. On Sunday came the 4wd, with just the right one workout. The ratings consisted of four heats, and had the best 5 minutes. The finals were a manga, except with the Final 3. Portugal was represented by pilots: Luis Godinho, Arnaldo Guedes, Oscar Grilo, João Belchior, Bruno Carmo, Antonio Bento, Ricardo Bastos Afonso Sousa, Ricardo Cardoso, Hugo. Accompanied the entourage Light Pink, Jose Camacho and Sandra Santos. Two days were full of emotion and excitement, where the good Portuguese fashion we did hear in a good mood and participation.

I´m 29 years old and I started in RC with 8 years of age, and I was always crazy about cars. I’m very happy with my performance in the two classes, 3rd place in 2wd and 1st place in 4wd. I also have done TQ 4WD, so the balance is very positive. Here we find good drivers with big movements, which makes things more complicated and we shall have to try harder. It’s my first participation in the petit, I’m enjoying it, however, the days are very long, we have to wake up very early, but the atmosphere is fantastic. There´s a lot of fun, we meet people from different countries and be in contact with various cultures.

Estou no RC há cerca de 11 anos e faço parte da Tamiya desde o ano passado. Estou a gostar muito do evento, da organização e do ambiente. O Petitrc tem melhorado de ano para ano, cada vez os pilotos são mais e melhores, o que torna a prova mais competitiva. O traçado está técnico e até gosto do salto. Ontem o dia correu-me muito bem fiz primeiro em 2wd. Hoje, no 4wd, tenho tido alguns azares vamos ver, ainda faltam 2 mangas. É bom o convívio entre as várias culturas.

I started in radiomodelismo in 1993. It’s my first time at Petit, I’m really enjoying this new experience. I can say that’s going well, but it could be better, in the end of the race I had some bad luck. I am part of Team Durango for about a year. We are being represented by good riders and is a growing team. Everyone likes to win, Lee Martin is a very good driver, but the Team Durango is well represented by its pilots and the fast cars that we have.

I’m 20 years old and am in the RC to 10 years. The Petitrc is an excellent event, I´m loving participate. My car on Saturday was very good, very fast, but I have made some mistakes and ended up getting second, but the competition is anyway. Me and Lee Martin were very close, was a hard fought race, but it helps the show. This is the first race for Team Durango, previously I was part of the LRP Racing Team. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow in 4WD.

I started in RC with 7 years of age and was evolving until becoming a professional pilot. I’m a pilot of Tamiya for two years. The petit is a very complete and interesting race because it brings together drivers from different nationalities, but has only one drawback, starts early and ends too late, many hours, but ends up being much fun and with a lot of socializing. Pilots from year to year are getting better, in 2wd my goal was to stay in the first three but I didn’t. I was pleased with my performance in 4wd, reached the third place.

I’m already in these labors for 25 years, but currently I don´t have much time to participate in all the scales as I liked, so I´m dedicate to the buggy’s. The family also takes me some time, although my wife understands the need I have to train, since she has also participated in this mode, but I prefer not to be as assiduous and not just go all week-ends. It is the third time I come to Petit. The event is being nice, the organization is reasonable, but I think they should pay more attention to cars in the heats, but okay. As for the CR England we have great drivers and we are very well represented.

I’m 23 years old and I started at 14 in the world of RC. I’m a Tamiya racer. I’m very happy with my performance at Petit, did sixth place in 2wd and fourth place in 4wd. This is my first participation, I found the organization great, the willingness has always been present, although competitiveness is clear. In this weekend I found riders with different skills, nationalities, a mix of cultures that is always good to witness.

I arrived on Friday and return Monday, are still 12 hours of flight. Last year the race went better. This year, the floor had much grip and had great difficulty in finding a good setup, especially because in Japan we don’t have pistas on carpet. Apart from running I also drawing / design the cars of Kyosho. I am very pleased that Kyosho have more and more pilots. This year I’m running with ZX5FS2 Kyosho, Engine 6.5, Orion lipo Schumacher and mini-pins. I find this event amazing, by the number of registered riders and proves to be performed in only 2 days. I love Japanese food, I don´t know well the typical English dishes unless the Fish and Chip and cheese Burger.

I’ve watched a few races in Europe and decided to organize such events. I started in France in 2006, then decided it was time to do it in other countries. We had a good compliance by the pilots and currently rely on the presence of top riders and several nationalities. This is one of the most important events in the Petit not only by the number 150 entries, but also by the presence of the most famous and respected riders in Europe. Still can not bring pilots of the U.S. is a dream, maybe one day. I was very pleased to have entered 14 Portuguese, are the second team with more riders. I do not know where the next Petit, everything is still open, there are invitations from several countries such as Italy, Denmark, Germany, England and Portugal.

“It all started by accident, Jimmy ran in the scale 1 / 10 and took photographs of the events, and people began to like the style of his work. We have moved forward with this project, we created the forum / discussion site with photo galleries, events, interviews and news. Jimmy does all part of the website and take the photos, I do the interviews and the report of the provas. grew and today is known among the radiomodelismo in England and in several countries. Since 2 years we make the report of Petitrc, is a very interesting event where we can see riders of various nationalities, I am only sorry that start so early. “

With the aim to promote a new brand, considered by many less good, JosÊ Figueiredo, Jose Carlos Costa and bet on the Fidalgo Ansmann x2c - the class’s Buggy 2wd. Already some years radiomodelismo, want to demonstrate that cheaper brands may also be a good option, not only in entertainment but also of competition. The purpose is to draw more people into this sport, without major investments and thus filling the lanes.

Carlos Costa defines its Ansmann as “The Show” What led you to participate in this project was the value for money and being a good option for those starting in modeling. Carlos Costa has chosen to maintain its current buggy to invest in outdoor and indoor for x2c. “One of the advantages of this car is to be mid-engine, which is something innovative for this price range. The highlight is undoubtedly the original suspension of the car in aluminum, which is brutal. Weight distribution is something new for me, I had never experienced anything of this kind, no longer makes the pendulum effect, adding

further weight to the front and thus balances the more carro.Pontos less good, I can point out that the motor to come forward is very difficult to change it, we have to disassemble the rear of the car and that could have been avoided with a different type of drilling. I loved the car, good weight distribution fits my driving style, and allows me to abuse in the curves “ When installing the car soon noticed in good quality material, the threads too tight, setting up very easy to make the risers with a thickness very interesting and good quality.

JosĂŠ Figu mann as

One reaso ticipating i same bran sented in

For those very good buggy for run� cheap Anyone ac will subseq since this world.

In Portuga Montijo, th lable, sinc commercia In English offer. He s decided to unaware. the brand riders will It will now in the futu Course.

ueiredo defines its Ans“surprising”

“The idea that people have the Ansmann is the lack of quality, the plastics are fragile or half aborrachados, but not quite on the contrary, the assembly of the car was a pleasant surprise.

on for José Figueiredo be parin this project, is tired of the nds are not always well reprePortugal. The quality is on par with the best brands. The Ansmann introduces a starting in this mode is a car with good rigidity. We found many d bet, it is possible to buy a positive aspects, namely, the suspena good price, a “ready to sion was for me the best I found until p, competitive and reliable. today, the dampers and the differential cquiring a facility in Ansmann are also very good. As for negatives, quently arrange to get parts, can point to a placement of the screws brand is spread all over the holding the motor, ie the engine swap is difficult to do, being necessary to disassemble the rear of the car. “ al, the Hobby Center store in here will be many parts avai- José Figueiredo wanted to leave us a ce Rui Crespo is betting and message: “People should look at all the alize this trademark. brands and not focus only on religious, h there are also many sites should try everything, and leave the sold his Team Associated and bias that is cheap does not pay” o invest in a car that totally In the next tests will invest in and is convinced that many join. w concentrate on the buggy’s ure who knows the Short

Luis Fidalgo defines its Ansmann as “like a plane but it is a great car”

pendulum effect, which is heavier tha the rear axle, can accelerate more cur ved than the B4. Fidalgo also shares the opinion of “We wanted to bet on a different brand colleagues regarding the difficulty in is not as well known, but with a good exchanging motor. Regarding the diquality building materials, plastics rank fferential says that only with time and with the best brands, the design of the a more solid if you can see it is sturdy car, the geometry of the suspensions is and keeps the operation overhead. Th very well made and has every reason shocks have a very good build quality, to be successful. I just test the car and says only having exchanged Orings liked it. Still missing tune it my way, source for some of nortek. but it seemed quite stable and secure Jose Fidalgo Ansmann’ll bet on the in heels, still has little ahead, is basievidence for indoor and outdoor in Ma cally against this that I am fighting, I’ll dRat by having the engine behind, an have to change the tires. The way you therefore work best on earth.” approach the curve is more balanced than the B4. I have also noticed that this car better supports a more powerful engine. In curves do not notice the

an r-

d y he y,


The RCmag tested x2c and found a very interesting option for those who can not spend much and want to have a mid-engine, was very impressive to see him have a good behavior with new tires minipin wide tires in front and behind with some use, it showed me that we have a car with a rear well planted on the ground. The suspension works very well and neither the rhythmic sequences of the runway at Hobby Center Montijo delay this buggy. In terms of control jumping in the air, had yet to hit better weight distribution, because the air felt heavy which made a rear that the front would not fall even with a more abrupt travadela. During the first race in the star had the opportunity to re-test it and really the problem of weight distribution was now practically over. We believe it will start to appear good results of these new drivers after they get used and fine-tune this x2c. Text / Photo: Arnaldo Guedes

The drift is a driving style where the driver intentionally causes a movement of slippage which makes the car slide in curves. The drift has its origins in Japan, he began as a technique used by the pilot driving Kunimitsu Takahashi in the 70 who achieved several victories in the Japanese Touring Car Championship. Drift in the championships there are two modes of competition, the tandem mode and solo mode. The solo mode drift in that each driver holds its own view, serves to elucidate the final phases. During this race the pilot has a few laps to show the judges what counts. In the category Tandem drift both riders enter the track at the same time alternating between persecuted and persecutor. In this mode of competition pilots are evaluated by comparison. The angle that describes a car when cornering is a major cause of punctuation. The ideal angle would be perpendicular to the curve, that is, the more the rear exit side and the longer you hold this angle will score better. The performance of the maneuvers by the wall means that the pilot has full control over the car and are therefore added extra points. In the opposite direction if the car leaving the track to cash points. Text: Jo達o Dur達es

The team RCmag accepted the invitation and went to Marteleira, Lourinhã county, to attend the meeting held on Drift 22 and January 23 in a recreational hall. The passion for the drift took Luis Tomás, Luis Gomes, Nuno Correia and Diogo Sena to form the drift Team4 already over one year. The in-laws, Luis Gomes, 31 years, videographer by profession and Louis Thomas 35 years, the project manager were responsible for organizing this meeting, intended above all to disclose this modality is still little known in the west. Porto’s more properly the CRP came nine elements, the highlight John Durães, and Nuno Pequito Durães. Riders also came from Setúbal and Lisbon. The aim was to join the North, Centre and South Think in the future to organize a three competitions per year, but until then think to participate in events all over the country. Every Sunday afternoon they are in their little Marteleira facilities, a pavilion arranged to train. We felt a calm and fun environment. Texto: Sandra Santos Fotos: Arnaldo Guedes

* uper S y roph ly with T s e , on st eri g S n r i e n mo int or trai e W h t e f f of th served , one o e c a e h ac sr The a st r o a r . c fi 0 w 0 d e y st 8. ves and ld th Saturda troke an e e t h a l the wo slee ence of t d 29 s usual a fluid s n n a o t r y 30 lega. A Found ning ted by the pres the Sho i r a a r u t a a r r s. G an d fo d sepa We had 4wd 12; on J voa da me rider e n s e a w . p top It w ls in Po e of so ck o ourse 2 and two wd and e a h r t t e c d , Mod ttendan is year. arly, the Short C d 4wd buggy 2 foun minutes d n e w h s a e ’ a h 2 the tive of t tarted f 26 red s of five ith t Buggy o e w t n n s c o e addi ace day t 9.30am heats’s rticipati ere ree heat opil w a , r k r a e a e is th gen ose The began by thre d the p he r sted of e t h t t a s . u d der , to imp heat followe d. We h d 4wd 4 e witho e consi n u r s s c e , time directo e 4wd rs enter 2wd an took pla nal. The d m 5 fi a k an , so he race r c e a r v t 57 c e had 1 ts which for the e t e how one of a rs n th rmo to o , o m t l Cou four he the grid l Ca s fe . . w ca Nun r been n Afte itions o wo best someho d have arnings ilots wa n, Bruno Vieira, p l t s s w o 3 po told the e finals ots shou g with s of the d positi ht Jame s in th n il g , Arthey atched f the p ack driv progre a seco ’s highli o d i o e d o r y w We of some on the t gy’s, th sa led t d Bugg aking. rlos Cân ipation . g t u a w ic n nion respect 2wd Bu onso So n the 4 s breath dium C n’s part positio I f f o l e e te th p som class o dium A t Oscar. ispu to the ng wom in the 9 haracd d e o i e c In th or the p rd Crick who ha ssigned ighlight nd stay ” by its s and f , a e H 3 a e race nd the r Roque ass was erque. e Final ormanc nto Lop a f l u a e h 2nd and Osc n 2wd c d Albuq go to t his “per Nascim i o n o Grilo Course uedes a naged t ain gave iogo d D t a g Shor Pedro G who m once a m were , s o u nald ra Santo rse 4wd he podi u T Sand hort Co lready. des a S Gue o d l The ic noise . a : Arn t o teris Camachantos Fotos S Jose andra :S

o Text

Was held on last January 22 in Gondomar, a meeting of scales, organized by the Forum Scalers Portugal. For those unaware, the scales are a new area of the radio down model, say, rock crawling. Although they share a lot of material between them, are two distinct and different purposes: while the purpose of rock crawling is to prepare the car to overcome obstacles more difficult and performance-oriented without looking at the aspect, the scales

are oriented to resemble as closely as possible with the actual vehicles we see on a daily basis. Value is more the aspect of that performance that does not mean we do not have a good performance on the ground. Many of these vehicles and routes are sometimes harder than rock crawler and maybe that’s a real Jeep!

The forum Scalers of Portugal was born the idea of a group of friends to concentrate and disseminate information on the scales in particular. In little over a month the community has recorded more than 30 participants, with about 20 members, active participants. To access the forum, should follow the link and to register. The meeting was accompanied by the School E, B 2, 3 Medes and the Medes Swimming Pools around 10:30 h. At this site visitors were received Guimaraes, Porto de Mos, Palmela, etc.. On arrival they were offered an official T-shirt referring to

the meeting. After everyone has arrived, departed towards the Sierra de las Flores began in Medas where the real ride any terrain. The tour was marked by a great friendship and conviviality. The trail was sometimes a little rough and some vehicles resented, but with the great spirit of cooperation that has guided the community, there was always a ready hand to help. Despite all the support, some vehicles did not withstand the harshness of the race and had to give up before reaching the end. There were vehicles for all tastes, from Land Rover Defender 90, Jeeps Wrangler convertibles, trucks, etc., etc..

The landscape was unfortunately not the best since a fire had decimated a large part of the grove. Remarkably, despite two degrees outside and the wind bitingly cold, nobody gave up. The meeting lasted for days out and only the distances that the participants had to go back to the house, shortened the ride. Still, it lasted up to 17 hours. Has learned a little and therefore it will hold more meetings! You promised! Texto: Jos茅 Oliveira Fotos: F贸rum Scalers Portugal

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