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The  Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


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Chapter  4:  A  Hard  Decision   Jake  walked  home  from  school  with  Benjie.  He   hardly  seemed  to  notice  his  younger  brother.  When   they  got  home,  he  tossed  his  backpack  in  the  hall.       “Do  your  homework,  Benjie,”  said  Jake,  without   much  enthusiasm.  “Then  you  can  watch  T.V.  in  the   kitchen.  Mom  will  be  home  at  5:30.”       “What  are  you  going  to  do?  “  asked  Benjie.  “Don’t   you  have  homework  too?”     “I  have  to  go  next  door  to  see  Jeremy  about   something.”     “You  aren’t  supposed  to  leave  me  alone,”  Benjie   reminded  him.       “Benjie,  It’s  just  for  a  minute,”  said  Jake  with   exasperation.  “You  can  take  care  of  yourself  for  a   little  while.”     Benjie  sighed  and  headed  off  to  the  kitchen.       Jake  knocked  on  Jeremy’s  door.  His  friend   answered  quickly.  “Hey,  Jake,  come  see  my  new      

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The  Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


video  game.  I’  d  like  to  have  someone  to  play   against.”     Jake  shook  his  head.  “I’m  watching  Benjie,  but  I   need  to  talk  with  you  about  something.       “Sure,”  said  Jeremy.  He  shut  the  door  and  sat  down   on  the  front  steps.  “What  do  you  want?”     “Well,”  said  Jake,  uneasily.  “It’s  about  what   happened  at  school  today.”  He  stopped,  unsure  of   how  to  proceed.     “What  do  you  mean?”  said  Jeremy.     “You  know,  about  Mrs.  Boynton  and  the  spelling   test.  I  mean,  you  and  I  both  know  that  you  were  the   one  who  cheated.”       “No  way!”  exclaimed  Jeremy.  “I  don’t  know  what   you’re  talking  about.”     “Yes,  you  do.  I  looked  over  and  you  were  looking  at   your  hand  and  copying  a  word.  You  saw  me  looking   at  you  and  gave  me  a  warning  sign.”     “Listen,  my  friend,”  said  Jeremy.  “Look  at  my  hand.   Do  you  see  any  words  on  it?  If  you  accuse  me,  it  will   be  my  word  against  yours,  and  there’s  no  proof.  


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The  Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


Besides,  my  dad  would  ground  me  practically   forever  if  I  cheated.”     “Then  you  did  cheat!”  said  Jake.     “I  never  said  that!  Let’s  just  stop  talking  about  this.   End  of  conversation!”  And  with  that,  Jeremy  went   back  in  the  house  and  slammed  the  door.     Jake  went  back  to  his  own  house.  He  went  into  the   kitchen  and  sat  down  at  the  table.  He  could  hear   the  T.V.  in  the  family  room.     Soon  he  heard  his  mother’s  car  in  the  driveway.  She   opened  the  back  door  and  came  in,  carrying  a  bag   of  groceries.  “There’s  one  more  bag,  Jake.  Could  you   get  it  for  me?”       When  Jake  returned  with  the  second  bag,  his   mother  was  holding  a  half-­‐finished  math  paper  in   her  hand.  “What’s  this,  Jake?”  she  said.  “Why  is   Benjie  watching  T.V.?  He  hasn’t  finished  this  yet.   Benjie!”  she  called  out  to  her  son.       Benjie  shuffled  into  the  kitchen.“Benjie,  turn  off  the   T.V.  and  sit  down  and  finish  this  homework  now.   You  know  the  rule.”     Benjie  did  as  he  was  told,  but  went  out  muttering.   “It’s  not  my  fault.  Jake  left  me  alone.”      

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The  Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


  “You  what?”  said  his  mother,  turning  to  Jake.   “Where  have  you  been?”      “I  just  went  next  door  to  see  Jeremy  for  a  minute.  I   was  back  in  five  minutes.”     “Jake,  you  know  the  rules,”  she  said.  “I  have  to  be   able  to  trust  you,  Jake.”       “Sorry,”  said  Jake,  absent-­‐mindedly.  “Mom,  can  I   talk  to  you  about  something.”     His  mother  stopped  and  looked  at  him  with   concern.  “Sure,  Jake.  Let’s  sit  down  here.  She   noticed  that  Benjie  was  back,  heading  for  the   cookie  jar.  “Benjie,  take  this  paper  upstairs  and   don’t  come  down  until  you  are  finished.”       “But,  Mom,”  began  Benjie.     “Go  now!”     As  Benjie  left,  she  sat  down  at  the  table  and  turned   to  Jake.  “O.K.,  Jake,”  she  said  in  a  softer  voice.   “What’s  bothering  you?”     Jake  explained  the  situation  with  Jeremy  and  the   spelling  test.  “I  just  don’t  know  what  to  do.  I  tried   to  talk  to  him,  but  he  denies  it.  He  said  it  would  be      

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The  Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


my  word  against  his.  If  we  don’t  get  this   straightened  out,  we  have  to  call  off  all  our   activities,  including  our  talent  and  craft  fair.  But  I   don’t  want  to  tell  on  a  friend.”       “Loyalty  is  indeed  one  of  the  signs  of  a  true  disciple.   I  admire  that  in  you.  But  what  will  happen  if  you   are  silent?”     “Everyone  will  suffer,”  said  Jake.  “But  I’ll  feel  like  a   real  jerk  if  I  tell.  I  wish  I  hadn’t  seen  what  I  saw!”     “But  you  did,  Jake.  And  what  will  happen  if  Jeremy   gets  away  with  cheating?  You  really  do  have  a  big   decision  to  make.  Pray  about  it  tonight.  Then  let’s   talk  in  the  morning  and  you  can  tell  me  what  you   intend  to  do.”   __________   TIME  TO  VOTE  


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HRE: Chapter 4  

Highland Ridge Explorers, Chapter 4

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