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The Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


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Chapter 3:  All  Plans  on  Hold   Jake  grinned  at  the  group.  “Well,  that  was  easy,”  he   said.  “We  have  a  unanimous  decision.  The  Highland   Ridge  Explorers  will  be  organizing  a  Talent  and   Craft  Fair  with  our  sister  school.  This  should  be   fun.”     “Just  remember,  though,”  said  Ellie,  always  the   practical  one.  “We  don’t  have  permission  yet.  In   fact,  your  teacher  doesn’t  even  know  about  it  yet.   What  if  she  doesn’t  like  the  idea?  She’s  the  one  who   will  have  to  ask  the  principal.”     Keiko  chimed  in.   “What  if  the   principal  at  the   other  school   doesn’t  like  the   idea,  or  they  have   too  much  else   going  on?”     Jake  looked  exasperated.  “It’s  funny  that  no  one   brought  up  any  of  these  objections  before  we   voted!”          

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The Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


Manuel placed  a  hand  on  Jake’s  shoulder.  “Don’t   worry,  Jake.  If  this  idea  doesn’t  work  out,  we’ll  just   choose  another  one.”     “That’s  right,  “  said  Keiko.  I’m  sure  our  or  third   choices  would  be  fun  too.  Our  first  choice  just   seemed  like  something  we  could  really  have  fun   with.”       “OK,”  Jake  responded.  “Let’s  take  first  things  first.   Keiko  and  I  will  talk  to  Miss  Boynton  tomorrow  at   school.  That’s  the  first  step.”     Ellie  jumped  up.  “I’ve  got  to  get  home.  Let  me  know   what  happens.  Thanks  for  the  snacks,  Mrs.   Yamamoto,”  she  called  out,  and  bounded  out  the   door.    Soon  all  were  headed  for  home  and  an   evening  of  dinner  and  homework.     The  next  day  started  off  well.  Mrs.  Boynton  agreed   to  meet  with  the  Jake  and  Keiko  after  school.  But  all   their  plans  were  about  to  be  interrupted.       After  lunch,  she  came  into  their  classroom,  put   down  her  a  stack  of  papers,  folded  her  arms,  and   looked  sternly  at  the  class.  “Boys  and  girls,  we  have   a  serious  problem,”  she  said.  “Does  anyone  know   what  it  might  be?”    


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The Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


All in  the  class  shook  their  heads.  Jake  stood  up.   “What  seems  to  be  the  problem?”     “The  problem  is  that  we  have  had  an  instance  of   cheating  on  the  spelling  test.  Would  anyone  care  to   do  the  right  thing  and  own  up  to  this?”     A  few  in  the  class  fidgeted,  but  no  one  spoke.   “Well,  then,”  said  Miss  Boynton,  “Here  is  what  we   will  have  to  do.  All  school-­‐sponsored  activities  will   be  suspended  until  the  guilty  party  comes  to  me   and  admits  his  or  her  error  of  judgment.  Does   everyone  understand?”     “But,  Mrs.  Boynton,”  said  one  of  the  boys.  “That’s   not  fair.  Only  one  person  cheated,  and  yet  we  are   all  going  to  be  punished?  Why?”     “Because,”  said  Mrs.  Boynton,    “we  agreed  at  the   start  of  the  year  when  we  made  our  class  rules  that   we  would  all  be  accountable  for  one  another.  When   one  member  of  our  group  falls  short,  the  whole   class  is  weakened.  And  may  I  remind  you,  if   someone  has  information  about  this,  you  do   neither  the  guilty  party  nor  your  classmates  any   good  by  remaining  silent.”       “But  Mrs.  Boynton,”  another  student  began,  “our   planning  committee  for  the  Valentine’s  Day  party   meets  today.”      

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The Highland  Ridge  Explorers:  Chapter  3  


“And  you  promised  to  meet  with  Jake  and  me  after   school  today,”  added  Keiko.       “Both  of  these  things  will  have  to  wait,”  their   teacher  answered.  “We  have  a  much  bigger  issue   right  now.”     Everyone  groaned,  and  then  fell  silent.       After  school,  Keiko  found  Jake  leaning  against  the   tree  in  front  of  the  school.  “What  are  we  going  to   tell  the  others,  Jake?”     “I  don’t  know,”  Jake  sighed.  “The  worst  thing,   Keiko,  is  that  I  think  I  know  who  did  it.”     “You  what?”  exclaimed  Keiko.  “Jake,  you  have  to  tell   Mrs.  Boynton!”       “No  way,”  said  Jake.  “I’m  not  a  snitch.”     “But  Jake,”  reasoned  Keiko.  “If  you  turn  the  guilty   person  in,  only  one  person  gets  hurt.  But  if  you   keep  quiet,  everyone  suffers.  Think  about  it!”       Keiko  walked  off,  and  soon  Jake  headed  for  home   too,  deep  in  thought.   __________   TIME  TO  VOTE      

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HRE: Chapter 3  

Highland Ridge Explorers, Chapter 3

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