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KALYAN'S QUOTES The World will become a peaceful planet and Rotarians will take the first step towards ushering this era. Rotarians should think of bigger projects in Healthcare and Vocational service. Helping others comes from a change which happens inside us and from our hearts. Be kind persons so that you can Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.

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But be kind all the time, not just when it suits you.


Be leaders with high standards of personal morality and integrity. Be magnificent supporters to the cause of Polio eradication both in cash and kind.

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Shake those "Couch Potatoes" in Rotary out of their slumber and make them wake up to an age that will see Facebook, Twitter and Rotary's own social network.

Rotary is concerned about the welfare of the youth, its New Generation, that is the future of this world. Rotary's educational scholarship which include peace scholarships and vocational service programs enable the young and adult to work together by which they can reach their goals quickly.

Ron D. Burton, RC of Norman, Oklahoma, USA who as 2011 New Orleans convention committee chair rang the ceremonial bell calling the meeting to order will be leading the global Rotarians in 2013 14 from the 18th floor of one Rotary Centre in Evanston, Illionois as RI President. A 17 member 2011 Nominating committee headed by John M. Pinson, USA and included by M.K.Panduranga Setty, India has selected him and in case no challenging candidates, he well become the President Nominee on 1st October 20 11. A Rotarian since 1979, Burton is Vice Chair of the Future Vision committee and a member of the Polio Eradication Advocacy Task force for the USA. An aide to 2006-07 RIP William B. Boyd, his service in RI was as Director, TRF Trustee and Vice Chair, Moderator, RI Assembly and DG Burton was recipient of RI Service above self award, TRF citation for meritonous service, Distinguished Service Award and International service award for a Polio-Free World. Burton and his wife Jetta, are blessed with two children and three grandchildren. An advocate by profession, he was admitted to practice in Oklahoma and before the U.S Supreme Court. He is a member of American Cleveland county and the State of Oklahoma Bar Associations. He retired as President ofthe University ofOklohomaFoundation Inc in 2007. Burton believes that Rotary's promotion of high ethical standards is one of the qualities that sets it apart from other organizations. He believes that we are poised to capitalize on our strengths as we embrace the RI Strategic Plan and the future vision plan. His Vision is to have every Rotarian appreciate what it means to be a Rotarian. The entire Rotary Fraternity of RID 3212 congratulate Burton and Jetta and repose the trust on them that they can make things happen as they wish and dream.







Warm Rotary Greetings toyou all. Roaming around Rotary District 3212 during August, designated for Membership Development, I was happy and proud to observe that the imagination and attainment have been bridged by way of masterly crafted activities, variety of world class services for all needs and simplicity in implementation. The beauty of our membership and work have thus endorsed that Rotarians are the best people promoting peace and harmony in all possible ways. Our growth in our strength and age necessarily provokes us the thought of "inheritance." Highly visible before us are those young and vibrant youngsters with lots of physical strength and mental intelligence. The youth, between childhood and maturity termed as New Generations in Rotary can alone sustain our purposes and visions in future. Hence, in September, designated for New Generations, let us care those youngsters who are aimless, who need guidance and who wander in different directions. We, Rotarians can inspire and ignite them with moral purity, education and discipline that they will live on hope which will succeed them, give peace to earth and further life to Rotary in the coming decades. f'



Yours in Rotary DG.Arumuga


DIS'B.IIt'SEMIIIB 8IMEMBERSHIPDEVELOPMEI' The extremes of "CooJ.p.ess" inside the meeting hall of lA.Bose Kanchana Kalyana Mandapam, Sivakasi and ".ijotness" in the sumptuous lunc}}served after the Seminar inspired the delegates on Sunday 7Aug 20 ll. PHE Dr. G.Gnanagurusamy, Seminar C):lairmancalled the meeting to order and welcomed all after the Rotary Prayer rec ited byPP. A.Kanga vel,.Zone.XU .secretary.

DG With Sem. Chairman

MPB;FDr.S.Sheik Saleem,PistrictSecretary, in his reasoning the purpose of the Seminar pointed out that membership develoPment being t):lefirst and mostimportant in Rotary was designated to the month of August after thelnstallations in July and awandatoryseminads convened regularly every year. His redefmition to 3HasHeadStoplj;tI}.,Heartstt) giveaneJ,HitIuJ.Stt)itctbecome an innovative thougpt to.remember and discuss upon. He also reminded to retain 85% and add 5% of membership as pet RI President Kalyan's expectations during this Rotary Year. Acknowledging .and appreciating the. adherence to global Rotary standards in all aspects of the Seminar, DG.AI'l.irrlugaPandianinaug1.11'atedwith full happiness. His target of membership strength, duri1lg):listenure Wasto reacl).4000 and the.percelltC;\geof exiSting Rotarians bringing new members should increase from 15%to 50%. He also predicted thatthe words would become important since they were from two eminent and multifactedpel'sonalities. Fr. Joe Arun

He adorned Seminar ChairmanPAG MPHE Dr. Gnanagurusamyand AG Zone XII PRE KA.M.Jafarullah with SpecialPins, he broughtfromRI fortheircommendableservicesandefforts.


PP.R.Udayakumarintroduced Dr. Joe Arun, a prolific orator, teacher, educator, administrator, researcher and theologist. He discovered that Rotarians are not self centered, but are centered around generating positive spirit in the society. Elaborating our growth in contributions to health and education, he wished that the continuance of this trend will be in our membership strength also.

AG Jafarullah presented to the audience PDG Abirami Ramanathan, an innovator in industrY,entertainment, agriculture,plantationandmedia.Inhis non-stophumorousspeech,he sharedthevariousinitiativesofthe clubsinhis RotaryDistrictonmembershipretentionandgrowth.

PDG. Abirami Ramanathan

felicitated. PDG Dr.R.Asokanand PDG Nellainayakgam assisted the District Sergeant-at-Arms PHF.P.M.Shajahan and

DG with AGJafarullah







CARili ....


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KadayanaDur- motivationcamp

Metro - Note books

Srlvllliputtur. IndependenceDayCelebrations

Tlnnevelly- Computersand Accessories


Tlrunelvell Suburbs - Borewell and water tank


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l KaraikudlHeritage- SchoolUniforms

Kovilpattl- EducationalAssistance

Ambasamudram - Health Care

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AP's Appeal




RI President Kalyan Banerjee was present in Pune, RID 3131, India, to install the District Governor Rtn.1 Palesha. On this occasion RI president Kalyan Banerjee launched a novel scheme to promote fund raising j Rotary Foundation more specifically for contribution towards Bill Gates challenge for Polio Eradication in

The scheme offers specially manufactured ladies & gents wrist watches made by the famous Titan bran( dial of each wrist watches has the logo of Rotary International and signature of RI President Kalyan Ban Thus the wrist watch has become a special souvenir or a collector's item.


P LI tt It\.it


GOOD-BYBPOuo... . Thank You Rotaryl

Rotarians have to donate Rs.3300 for a Gents Watch and Rs3500 for a Ladies Watch to their respective Di This entitles the donor to the special souvenir watch PLUS the District remits an amount equivalent to Ui (considering 1 dollar is INR 45) in the name of the donor as his/her contribution to The Rotary Foundati the purpose of Polio Eradication.

Rotarians can also send Rs.1050 per piece for Gents Watch and Rs.1250 per piece for Ladies Watch. (Min order: 100 watches)

RRFC Vinay and RRFC Yoganand have made this scheme available to all Rotarians and Anns in all the Di in India.

RID 3131 has coordinated with Titan for the requirement of watches from all the Rotary Districts. F Foundation's South Asia office will receive the donations from all District and will give credit to indi Rotarians in the respective Districts (all the contributions so made shall be added 0 the respective Distric Gates challenge account).

It is estimated that about 75 percent ofthe Rotarians have never donated to The Rotary Foundation. ThisS will certainly attract such Rotarians to start their giving through this innovative scheme wherein they hi opportunity to donate US $ 50 to The Rotary Foundation and also be in possession of a souvenir watch Rotary Logo and signature of. RI President Kalyan Banerjee, who happens to be only the third Indian tohe 106 year old organization like Rotary International.

This is a humble appeal to all Rotarian's in our RID 3212 to participate in this scheme and contribute to the cause of polio eradication.

For more details, you are free tocalll11eat Dr.G.KOTHANDARAMAN,DistrictPoliopllis Chairman, Mob: 9443120286

PDG.Major Donor.K.Vee.Rajenthii

Chairman - 0 COUNCJt

Representative of Clubs of District - 3 to the 2013 council on legisl,


The Council on Legislation, Rotary's "Parliament", meets every three years to deliberate 2 act upon all proposed enactments and resolutions submitted by clubs, district conferences, general council and conference of Rotary international in Great Britain and Ireland, and the

Board. The Council itself also makes proposals. Every club and district is entitled to sub

legislation to the council. Proposal is to amend the RI constitution, the RI Bylaws or the Stand Rotary Club constitutions. Hence, I request to submit proposal oflegislation if any.

As such any proposal received from members has to be passed in the Board and Assembly of

club. All proposed legislation must be accompanied by the purpose-and-effect statement (notill

than 300 words) and it should be reached me on or before 30th September 2011 and the same ha

be passed in the District conference or councilor a district ballot-by-mail. The final proposal oj your legislation will be sent to the council on Council on Legislation before 31st December2011.

32 B, New Colony, Vannarpettai, Tirunelveli - 627 003. Bus: Fax: Home: Mobile:

+91462 2 301669 +91 46223002 15 +"91462 4 00 09 27 + 91 9443 735 777


With warm regi

Yours in Ro

K. Vee.Rajenth


L~ Ambasamudram

- Senior Citizen Welfare




Karaikudi Heritage - Blood Donation Camp


Metro -Public Health Campaign


...,~~-, .ilffi .(I~.1f




Kalayarkoll Supreme


- Support

... to





- Sports Promotion

. ",

Sivakasl - Wheel Chair

GCM"""""CLUB Of TAMJRAPARA!!..~~~~!,L"V~

.. ir) ~]J ,..!~




..........-.. \

Jinnevelly - Medical

Camp Published



by DG RID 3212 B.Arumuga Pandian, from 101, Hotel Bhala Bhagya, Trivandrum aoad, Tirunelveli Edited by Rtn.M.Ramani, Chief Editor and Printed at Moorthy Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd.,

GOVernors Club - Health Awareness - 627 002.

521, Thiruthangal Road,Sivakasi -626 123. Phone: 94433 82793

Editoria.lBoard)MPHF)acintha Dharma, PHF.T.S.Maparaj, PHF.Adv.Sp.1y1anika\1;Qan"Pf9:f.KR.Mtlfuga\1; PHF.Prakash @ S.Ramasubramanian, MPHF.Dr.N.S.Santhosh Kumar and S.R.Sundaram



(;.".1> 'CO'qOTAqAC"i:LVBS!






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", ".."








' ' ."'

..8 Devakottal

- Joint

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Courtallam Metro










Nagercoll South- Talent Show

- L.eadership Training






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;. ' ',~ "'f'


L". ,,' p" 4 t' "'



' ! "if"-i,i1I!' \i1 ""




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- Youth


- CUltural



- ---.........



Apls SECRETARIAT ~6~nJ1!D$l6OT1lU~m6\J6lJrT, GaclU6\Jrr6TTrT lD!DWJlDZLWLJlJ16m"rT ffiC86TT,

GREETINGS FROMYOURDIST.SECRETARY C8lJrrLLlTI ~~LQ.rn- @1J~ffi\ lDrr~rf.Jffi6Tr ffi~[i;~ 6I11LL~.

It's time to look back ,assess and reassess your plans and objectives based on the happeni in your club and community. As the bygone month August happened to be a Ramalan me many clubs have conducted mega IFTAR parties and programs which made our DG OT wheels throughout the month and also demonstrated to the people that Rotary is a prom of peace in this part of the world. Our heartfelt appreciations and thanks to all those club~

TRF Trustee Ashok Mahajan with DG AP at Srivilliputtur Andal Temple


The District Governor will begin his GOV from Sep.2 onwards. Presidents and Secreta are requested to go through page C-156 in our Dist. Directory and be fully prepared for most important event of the club in the Rotary year namely the GOY.

Plan for important projects, functions and make use ofthe presence of the Governor in y amidst but with due notice in advance to me and to the respective AG's. Please give ee importance to the Club Assembly, Meeting and projects.


Having already captured the minds entire Rotary fraternity in and around RID 3212 with 'his love and affection, DGAP further intensified

Many clubs are yet to pay their Semi Annual dues, Dist dues, and Rotary N, Subscription. Please complete this difficult task at the earliest. lDrr6lJLL~~rnuGiJC86lJW acrf.Jffirf.Jffi6Tr 6I11lU~~@j @@uum~ ffi~ffi\ uSlffiffi lD$ly;,i.f1fl ~mL$lrn-[D acrf.Jffirf.Jffil.€!9tD

his friendship aJJdfellowship byReachfug them Withjnthrough his humility again inAugust 2011. In a hectic and busy schedule, he traveled the length and breadth of RID 3212 and encouragedhis fellow Rotarians in a variety offollowing services under all the fiVeavenues. Sun : 07-08 District Seminar on Membership Development Seminar at Sivakasi. Tue : 09-08 AP'S School Care at Kadayanallur Wed: 10-08 Inter District & Inter City Meet at Courtallam Reception to TRF Trustee Ashok Mahajan at Srivilliputtur Thu : 11-08 Mis School Care at Sattur.

Fri : 12-08 Pedicon,MedicalConferenceat Tirunelveli. Adoptionof Villageat Sundarapandiapuram. Sat: 13-08 Home Club Meeting Sun: 14-08 New Club formationmeetingat Sivakasi Mon: 15-08Champion2011YouthFestivalat Rajapalayam Tue: 16-08 Rota Utsav at Nagercoil Wed: 17-08 Zone 7 & 8 Ifthar Party Thu: 18-08 AP'SSchoolCare at Rediyarpatti Fri : 19-08 at Devakottai Sat: 20-08 Interact,Rotaract & RYLAat Devakottai Mega Ifthar Party at Nagercoil Sun: 21-08. MedicalCaml?at Tisyanvillai Fri : 26-08 Mis SchoolCare at Tirunelveli Sat: 27-08 Sun : 28-08 Tue : 30-08 Wed: 31-08




C8acm6lJffim6TT Gacli.J~ ~C8~






1fl[!51~~ffia;tD ~@$I6ir~

~~!D@jtD C8lD6\Jrra; ~rrrf.Ja;6Tr Gacli.J$l6ir[D C8acm6lJLLitD, GaclUGiJurrLLQ.m6m"LLitD 6J6ir 6T6 acrf.Ja;rf.Ja;l.€!9tD ac~6lJ1J ~6lJrrrTL6i1J a;uSlLLQ.ffi@j G~~lUuffi\~~6I11GiJm6\J 6T6irU~ 4~U 4~lJrra;C86lJ


I would like to make a fervent appeal to all concerned Presidents, Secretaries, AG's to t some time and extra effort in reporting the activities of the clubs to the Awards Committ,

I also request you to send good photographs to the DG's office for publication in GML. Attendance reporting for the months of July and August is yet to gain full momentum aJ request Secretaries to find time to follow this, as attendance reporting to RI is mandato!') the part of the District. Let me thank everyone of you for making the Dist. Seminar on Membership Developn held at Sivakasi onAug.7, 2011 a memorable one. Special thanks are due to the RCs ofZ XII Sivakasi, Rajapalayam, Rajapalayam Central, Sattur and Srivilliputtur Town, Semi Chair Dr.G.S.Gnanagurusmamy, AG.Jafarullah and his team of Rotarians.

6TGiJ6\Jrracrf.Ja;rf.Ja;l.€!9tD ~rrrf.Ja;6Tr@~6lJmlJ C8acrT~~6Tr6TT 4~lU ZLwuUl6m"rTa;6Tru!D 6I11UIJrf.Ja;m6TTRISAO-Delhiffi@jtD, lDrr6lJLL ~1.€!9[lj@ffi@jtD ZLL6m"LQ G~~lUUUffi\~~tDULQ. C8a;Lffi\ffiGa;rr6Tr $IC8[Drn-.

I have great pleasure in informing you that our District will very soon add four ill siblings to its list of 70 clubs. Congratulations to the RC ofSrivilliputtur for the wonde effort to sponsor 3 clubs namely Srivilliputtur Green City, Tiruthangal and Sivakasi W and RC ofSivakasi for the effort in the formation of a new baby which is yet to be named.

New Generations month September is around the comer and we have our DIST.SEMINAR at Nagercoil on Sept.3 (as scheduled in the Dist. Directory). Bring la number ofInteractors and Rotaractors to the Seminar and make it a successful one.

Many clubs are planning to conduct RYLA, Career guidance for youth, Chartering r Interact/Rotaract clubs, Youth festivals etc.,Support some NGs activity by way sponsoring/participating/conducting, in the month of September. Remember youth is future and we have to prepare them for the future.

On Sep.17, Sat.2011, we will be having a Dist. Seminar, Women in Rotary, atPerooratt Thirumanamandapam, Kallidaikurichi (Near Ambasamudram) and I request every onl you to attend the same.

Again as per our schedule on Sep.24,20 11 Saturday evening the first quarterly Presic and Secretaries Review meet will be held atAVM Jewellers Hall, Tuticorin. The DG, ] DIST. COUNSELLOR, PDG JOE, PDG KVR, DGE and DGN are all eager to meet you. Be prepared to spare that day.

Thank You


This is the Governor's Monthly Letter of RID 3212 - Rtn. B. Arumugapandian