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Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 2, Aug. - Sept. 2011

Reach Within to Embrace Humanity



THE POWER OF 9 And how it stands tall as the highest single digit!

“Is 9 greater than10?



We are touched & completely humbled by the overwhelming response to MILESTONES. Here are excerpts from the mails we have received.

Because 9 is made up of nine ones And 10 is made up of 1 and 0 … 1+0 = only a single one!” So spoke Late Sri Ram Kinkar, the spiritual guru, on the topic “9 above 10”. I distinctly remember that April summer evening of 1975. My mother was more than keen to listen to him, but being alone that day, requested me to accompany her. I was a typical, fun loving college-goer, a far cry from such serious discourses. However, not wanting to disappoint her, I did go – though very reluctantly. Just how the accomplished orator wove this simple numerical play of 9 and 10 into the fabric of his favourite topic – the great epic Ramayana – was what interested me and left me wondering. Years have gone by, the details have faded but I do remember surely the summary of that evening. “Lord Ram”, said he, “was destined to be born on Ram Navmi (the 9th day) so as to bring an end to Ravana or Dashaanan (he who has 10 heads) on Dussehra or Vijay Dashmi (victory attained on the 10th day)”. Considering that this second issue of MILESTONES would reach you in September, the ninth month of the year, I peeped into the past and pulled out the power of 9! Discover then, the multi-dimensional essences of number NINE. We also bring for you interesting features on Independence Day, Teachers, Day and of course, our RCKG – at work and play! So my dear readers, sit back, relax and read on…

Meetings and Programs: 24th July ’11 – A general body meeting of RCKG was held at Banquet Hall at Mehfil. This was followed by a fellowship dinner. 5th August ’11 – The 3rd board meeting was held at the residence of Rtn. Rishi Kapoor and Ann Neha Kapoor. Discussions over new membership and the annual excursion trip were the highlights of the evening, which ended with dinner. 9th September ’11 - RCKG Team is taking part in a One Minute Game Competition being organized by KIJC under Jaycee week. Milestones wishes them all the best. 16th September ’11 - The 4th board meeting is to be held at the residence of Rtn. Anil Agarwal and Ann Kiran Agarwal. 23rd September ’11 – A fellowship meet to celebrate the XVI year of RCKG. Dance away your blues at ‘Sweet Sixteen’. Tentative programs for October – First Week : 2nd Ann Wing project brings a ‘Rangoli’ competition. Second Week : Diwali Celebrations. Every Tuesday : Members regularly meet at the T.B. clinic at Pratap Singh & Sons Petrol Pump, Mall Road at 11 a.m. 2

Aug. - Sept., 2011

Rtn. T.K. Balakrishnan - Editor Rotary News, Chennai - “The layout and design are impressive and the contents are interesting. Please keep up the good work” Rtn. Rajiv Tandon - PDG (1987-88) Kannauj - “The best part was the reflections of past presidents of RCKG. May I request you to include me in your mailing list. I agree with Maya Angelou – ‘A woman who is convinced that she deserves to accept only the best challenges herself to give the best’. Hats off to you!” Rtn. Madan Mohan Mishra - PDG (1989 – 90) Jhansi - “The overall getup with a photograph of your BoD members in dress code is excellent. The magazine has all the ingredients of being a useful compendium of club activities…I’m impressed by the care that has gone into its preparation. I would like to spend an evening with your members” Rtn. Manmohan Singh Saluja - PDG (2002-03) Kanpur - “Good looks (cover page) catch the eye and a good personality (information) catches the heart. Milestones is just like a well for thirsty people” Rtn. Mahesh Prakash Rai – President, Rotary Club of Jhansi City - “eSa vius Dyc dh vksj ls dksfV&dksfV

c/kkb;k¡ vfiZr djrk gw¡A laLdkj.k esa laiknd }kjk izLrqr dfork vfr iz'kaluh; gSA” Rtn. Mani Kant Jain - President, Rotary Club of Kanpur - “I attended your club’s installation ceremony, which was a very graceful function. The printing is excellent, the contents are informative and the style of presentation unique…Annet Kartikeya needs to be congratulated” Rtn. Sandeep Garg - PP (1999-2000) - “Amazing publication, entirely different, interesting reading, beautifully planned, immaculate. Another feather to your cap dear Kartikeya!” Rtn. Dilip Agarwal - “The cover drew my attention. The inner contents were also too absorbing.” Thank You everyone immensely. Your continued encouragement is our greatest driving force. - Editorial Board

On the cover Annet Tanvi Agarwal (d/o Rtn. Dr. Harsh & Ann. Suman Agarwal), an aspiring Chartered Accountant, is a brilliant exponent of the classical Bharatnatyam dance form. She gave her 'Arangetram' (solo stage debut) in 2006. Here, Tanvi expresses 2 different emotions of the 'NAVRAS', Rudra Ras (left) and Shringar Ras (right). Ÿ The Radha Krishna Temple popularly known as the J.K.

Temple, Kanpur can be seen in the background.


ha Haa r


Navratna or Nine Gems – Nav meaning 9 and Ratna meaning gems. i. Navratna is a set of 9 gemstones. They are diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl, coral, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, cat's eye and garnet. The ruby always occupies the centre. ii. Navratna Korma is a delicious dish of the Mughlai cuisine. It is prepared using 9 different ingredients (and thus gets it's name) including vegetables, nuts and cottage cheese (paneer) and is simply mouth

watering. iii. In contemporary India, Navratna is the title given by the government originally bestowed on nine Public Sector enterprises. iv. Navratna or 9 gems was a term applied to a group of extraordinary people in a king's court. The great Mughal Emperor Akbar demonstrated a remarkable appreciation of a variety of fields. The nine gems in his court were Abul Fazal, Faizi, Miyan Tansen, Birbal, Raja Todarmal, Raja Mansingh, Abdul Rahim, Fakir Azlau Din & Mulla do Pyaza. Do you know which other king in India had 9 gems in his court? HINT: The most renowned poet Kalidas, who wrote 'Meghadutam' was one of them. Do not worry if you fail to guess…the answer is mirrored on this page!


There are 9 planets in the solar system. The word planet means “wanderer” as they seem to wander in the sky. They do not produce any light and only reflect the sunlight. According to Ptolemy, the great astronomer, Mercury and Venus (as seen from Earth's perspective) are the inferior/inner planets. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are superior or outer planets. Recent findings claim, technically speaking, that Pluto is not a planet.

China and number 9 – The number 9 is considered very lucky in China and featured heavily in the mythology of the Chinese dragons.



Milestones July, 2011 9 Captions for Rtn. Sandeep Garg's

A baby's 9 months - That a baby spends 9 months in

the mother's womb is one of the most beautiful of universal truths. Little wonder then that the emotional attachment between a mother and her child, no matter how old he or she is, remains bonded forever – even after the umbilical cord has been cut!

Navvidhi bhakti - In the epic Ramayana, Rama delivers his discourse

on nava-vidhi bhakti (ninefold devotion) to Shabari (devotee of Rama). He says pure devotion is expressed in nine ways, a few of which are jap, satsang, kirtan and bhajan.


9 influences that build up a person's horoscope and govern life on earth.

Navnidhi 9 kinds of wealth a person could possess.

9 lives of a cat The cat was once revered in Egypt and this is probably where its 9 lives began. Cats are intrepid explorers and fearless acrobats. Some people believe that a cat has 9 lives because cats can survive falls from heights.The proverbial curiosity doesn't really kill cats. The inquisitive feline has a knack of dodging death by a whisker!



ns[kks eSa rks lkgc cu x;k !


jkts'k [kUuk of RCKG dgha niZ.k VwV uk tk,!


QksVks f[kapokus ds fy, D;k&D;k djuk iM+rk gS

& jks- v'kksd lsB & jks- ujsUnz Mkyfe;k & jks- izgykn lwrokyk

4. Gentleman in the making - Rtn. Anup Mehrotra 5. Flashback before the bulbs flash - Rtn. Gopal Bhargava 6. eSa vkSj esjh VkbZ

& ,u- #ph tSu 7. Mirror, mirror on the wall I'm the fairest of them all! - Rtn. Archana Khaitan 8. The Rotary TIE-coon - Ann. Kiran Agarwal 9. fn[krs rks vaxzst gSa&fQj Hkh fny gS fgUnqLrkuh!

& ,usV nsfodk xqIrk

This is certainly not the end of the road, for there may be many more faces of 9 lurking round the bend. Spot them researchers…you never know…you could land up on CLOUD NINE!

Ans. King Vikramaditya - Chandragupta - II the Great


Nine planets


Navratri Nav (9) + Ratri (night) or a festival of 9 nights is celebrated in the honour of Goddess Durga. A different form of the deity is worshipped each day. According to a famous folklore, Goddess Durga comes with her 4 children – Ganesh, Laxmi, Saraswati and Kartikeya – to the earth to visit her parents. At the 9th day she is given a fond farewell. There's fasting and feasting too. Although universal in nature, the festival is often found to transcend religious influences of local culture. The Garba dance of Gujarat, the Ramlila of Varanasi, the Dusshera of Mysore, the Durga Puja (with its grandiose pandals) of Bengal and the Bommai Kollu in Tamil Nadu where dolls called Kollu/Golu are displayed artistically on odd number of wooden steps – deserve special mention.


Aug. - Sept., 2011



The Power of 9 NINE, a trinity of trinities is a mystical number. Multiply any number by 9 and the sum of the digits of the multiple will always remain 9. It seems like sheer magic! Here's presenting the significance of this versatile numeral.

Navras Navras is a hindi word – Nav meaning nine and Ras meaning sentiments. The Natya Shastra by sage Bharata, dealing with theatre and acting, enumerates these 9 basic sentiments. A myriad of emotions that spring from these basic sentiments are exhibited during music, dance, drama and also in visual arts. We can see all of them even in our day-to-day lives. When we, at MILESTONES, asked our Annets to enact them, some were shy, some very excited but all agreed readily. Imaginary situations were given, sets, backdrops, props arranged and costumes according to the mood worn. Our camera kept clicking and the results were delightful!

1. Shringar Ras:

3. Karuna Ras – Sympathy, Pity, Compassion

2.Veer Ras: Heroism, Bravery, Victory

Attractiveness, Sensitivity, Perception of love Annet Devika Gupta

Annet Esra Rehman

You are specially dressed up for an occasion when your fiancé whispers lovingly “….you look gorgeous tonight!”

4. Vibhatsa Ras – Disgust, Apprehension, Aversion

10 seconds left in the final quarter and the match is heading for a draw .... all at once, you dribble, leap, aim and shoot. You've scored the winning basket. You are the real Hero!

5. Haasya Ras – Comedy, Mirth, Laughter

Annet Tanvi Tandon It's a cold winter night and you're tucked in cozily in your warm bed. On your sparkling white linen sheet, you spot a patch of deep brown running towards you – there's another occupant in the room – the imperishable cockroach!

Annets (L to R) Prakul Tandon, Ritwik S. Prasad, Utkarsh Agarwal & Vatsal Jain You're out in the garden to play when one of you decides to read out the most rib-tickling jokes from a book he's just been gifted!

Annets Suhani Kapoor & Devansh Kapoor It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. You are relishing your favourite, 'yummyliscious' scoop of ice cream when accidently your naughty little brother drops his share!

6. Bhayanak Ras – Terror, Horror, Fear

Annet Vikunth Chandra You're home alone watching your favourite Cartoon Program when suddenly the lights go out. You reach out for your torch and simultaneously there's a loud knock on the door…!

9. Shant Ras – Calmness, Tranquility, Peace

8. Adbhut Ras – Amazement, Marvel, Wonder

7. Rudra Ras – Fury, Wrath, Anger

Annet Saumya Lohia

Annet Abhishek Kapoor You are getting late for your flight and have to rush through your bath. All lathered up for a quick shave, you turn the tap on…only to realize you forgot to fill the water tank last night!

It's prom night! Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the most beautiful girl of the evening. Guess what….they call out your name! You are crowned the 'Prom Princess'!

Annet Kartikeya Mehrotra After a hard days work, you take a hot water shower, put on your favourite music, cuddle up in the beanbag and transcend to a different world – a world of melody and harmony!

Thank you dear Annets for the wonderful experience of bringing the 'RCKG Navras' alive! 6

Aug. - Sept., 2011

The Installation Ceremony (10th July, 2011) Fragrant flowers in full bloom, an august gathering of distinguished guests and dedicated Rotarians and an aura dignified summed up to make the XVI installation ceremony of Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater. The evening commenced with the lighting of the lamp. A devotional chant in praise of Lord Ganpathy was sung melodiously by Ann Seema Bhartiya, Ann Kiran Agarwal and Annet Siddharth Khaitan with Rtn. Prahlad Sutwala striking tuneful chords on the keyboard. Rtn. Sandeep Garg, backed by his innate verbal prowess, played the seasoned MoC for the evening. Past President Rtn. Sanjay Chowdhary began the proceedings with a confident farewell speech. Past Secretary Rtn Rishi Kapoor took over to give a detailed report of the activities and achievements, including a haul of 14 district awards, in the year gone by. It was then time for the most awaited moment of the evening – the induction of Rtn. Archana Khaitan as the President for the term 2011-2012. With grace and poise she introduced all the members of her board with a special word for each one of them. “I’m happy that God has not given me what I wanted, but what I needed most” is what she said as she promised to give her best for the year. The release of the Club bulletin MILESTONES was next on the agenda. An excited Editor Ann Neeta Mehrotra requested the chief guest to launch the magazine. This edition wore a completely new look and was welcomed warmly amidst applause. Our chief guest for the ceremony was Dr. Kiran Modi from Udayan Care, Delhi, an NGO that works towards the welfare of orphaned children. Extremely charming and soft-spoken, she was amazed at the striking similarity of ‘service beyond self’ between her organization and RCKG. Pleased with our past accomplishments, she wished we continued in our endeavour to make the world better and brighter! PDG Shri D.N Raizaday, a keen supporter of our Club, was the Guest of Honour for the evening. Both our distinguished guests were presented with a memento ably arranged for by Ann Beena Sutwala. A token of a small bunch of incense sticks was presented to other special guests. The program came to an end with a Vote of Thanks given by the new Secretary Rtn. Rajiv Bhartiya and the house proceeded to a delectable dinner spread. Many thanks to Ann Bharati Garg and Ann Neeta Mehrotra, who paired up as the Project Directors for this ceremony.

Bollywood Quiz (24th July, 2011) The exclusive premier show of 'Bollywood Quiz' was screened on a Sunday at the only restro-plex of the town – Mehfil. Under the RCKG banner, it was produced by President Rtn. Archana Khaitan and Secretary Rtn. Rajiv Bhartiya. The RCKG club members poured in great numbers ensuring a ‘House-full’. Screenplay writer Rtn. Neeraj Prasad set the ball rolling in chaste Hindi with the yesteryear ‘Black and White’ round followed by the ‘Karaoke’, ‘Golden Greats’, ‘Double Dhamaal’, ‘Same Movie Song’, ‘Item Song’, ‘Dumb Charades’ and ‘Dhun’ rounds! The competitive participants were divided into 4 teams. They fought for each point and vociferously protested the allocation of points to another team on technical grounds. Each one was ready to outdo the other, whether it was crooning old melodies or dancing to recent item numbers. Directors Rtn. Neeraj Prasad and Ann Nivedita Tandon; Set Designer and Coordinator Rtn. Anil Agarwal; Music Directors Ann Kiran Agarwal, Rtn. Prahlad Sutwala and Annet Mukund Bhartiya; Art Directors Rtn. Dilip Agarwal and Anns Sangeeta Agarwal & Beena Sutwala and the last minute appointee – the Cinematographer – Rtn. Kanwarpreet Singh Saluja all combined together to churn out the biggest blockbuster of the year!

The First Pacemaker Implantation (1st Aug., 2011) – of this year was performed successfully on 50-year-old Mrs. Farida, wife of a vegetable vendor and a mother of four daughters. Rtn. Dr. Atul Kapoor and Rtn. Dr. Harsh Agarwal need to be applauded yet again for the noble feat. Movie Show (12th Aug., 2011) – The RCKG family trouped in to the INOX multiplex at Z-Square Mall to watch

Independence (15th Aug., 2011)

the film ‘Aarakshan’.

Celebrations at the Balgrah (Girls). The enthusiastic girls prepared a short program of patriotic songs and dances. The rains did not hamper their spirited performances. Sweets and biscuit packets were distributed to them. President Rtn. Archana Khaitan, Rtn. Rajiv Bhartiya, Rtn. Narendra Dalmia, Ann Seema Bhartiya, Ann Ruchi Jain and Ann Sobby Saluja attended the program.

1947-2011… Sixty four years of independence have passed. In retrospect, one is tempted to think…has it been, as John 20th July, 2011 - Rajkiya Balak Balgrah, an orphanage in Milton wrote, a 'Paradise Lost' or a 'Paradise Regained'? Bithoor, Kanpur is home for a 100 boys who had no idea The answer, of course, is highly debatable, for, while you of what a birthday party is like. Despite the rains, celebrate being independent of certain issues, there are many President Rtn. Archana Khaitan and some RCKG Anns others you wish had still been around. met at 3:30 p.m. at Balgrah where the children were waiting for the “July Birthday Party”. Three boys whose Independence Regretted birthdays fall in the month of July – had been chosen to cut Independence from the art of writing – Gone are the days of the cake for the first time in their lives. As the celebrations hand-written letters and, with it, the thrill of knowing who sent began they were apprehensive but once the food boxes it even before opening them (simply by recognizing the writing were opened all inhibitions gave way. Their eyes shone on the envelope). All electronic mails now, no matter who sends with happiness and their faces gleamed with joy. All the it, carry the same common font. Adieu to you 'cursive copy children feasted on the snacks courtesy Ann. Beena writing' and 'hand-writing competitions'. Sutwala, Ann. Sangeeta [Mahesh] Kapoor and Ann. Ritu Independence from simple living – No more does a family Jhunjhunwala along with her daughter Annet Vedika. sleep out in the courtyard on cool summer nights on 'charpoys' 29th July, 2011 - A similar celebration was planned at the with an earthen water pot or 'surahi' by the bedside. A handful of Balgrah (Girls). Excitement ran in plenty and the girls were sweet-smelling 'mogra' by the pillow that numbed your senses to extremely at ease…even ready to tease! This was probably sleep is missing. It's the alarm on your mobile that wakes you a result of frequent visits by the RCKG over the past 5-6 now and not the gentle chirping of birds at dawn! years. Anns Dr. Madhu Tandon, Pramila Agarwal, Rushda Independence from the purity of music – Music has lost its true Mehboob and Kiran Agarwal sponsored the event whole- essence and originality. The songs of today lack the meaningful heartedly, giving the children a delicious treat of their lyrics and melodious lilting tunes of yesteryears. Old songs that favourite food. have been as good as gold are re-polished to be heard, only as pallid re-mixed rock. 20th Aug., 2011 - This August birthday special was celebrated at the Balgrah (Boys). Ann Madhu Kapoor, assisted eagerly by daughter-in-law Mrs. Ruchi Kapoor, Ann Sangeeta Garg and Ann Sobby Saluja ensured that the boys had a sumptuous treat of home made delicacies. 23rd Aug., 2011 – Ann Dr. Rashmi Kapoor gave an informative talk on hygiene to the girls at the Balgrah. This was an interactive session where she stressed on the cleanliness of the body in a very interesting way. 30th Aug., 2011 - This birthday party had a surprise element to it! The 4 birthday girls cut the birthday cake along with Rtn. Deependra Gupta and Annet Vatsal Jain (who had their birthdays on that very day). A live counter of freshly cooked food won the hearts of all 80 girls. A game of Passing-the-Parcel was played. The girls performed the task in each round sportingly and were happy to win chocolates as prizes. Anns Ruchi Gupta, Ruchi Jain and Neeta Mehrotra played hosts & were helped by Rtn. Archana Khaitan and Anns Manisha Chowdhary, Preeti Singh, and Ragini Khanna. It is my humble request to ALL members to please come forward and feel the joy of celebrating their birthday with the birthdays of the less fortunate ones. A smile on their faces will be the perfect gift for you. - Ann. Ruchi Jain


Art Quest (28th Aug., 2011) Art Quest has been an ongoing project of our Club spanning over the last decade, in which we try to explore the different forms of art. We have held exhibitions of painting (watercolor and oil on canvas), sculpture (in clay, wood, stone, metal etc.), a 'handicrafts mela' of local artisans, weavers and potters and an inter-school painting competition. Art Quest season 5 brought 'The Lighter side of Life'! An inter school 'Cartoon & Caricature Drawing Competition' was organized on Sunday, 28th August 2011 at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. Children of classes VI to XII, from 13 leading schools of Kanpur, participated enthusiastically in the event. It was interesting to note that out of total 112 entries, 62 cartoons / caricatures were based on Anna Hazare. Some awakening! Some of our own RCKG members – Rtn. Ashok Seth, Rtn. Arvind Rastogi, Rtn. Govind Agarwal, Ann Kiran Agarwal and Ann Meenakshi Rastogi displayed their creative caliber. Little did we know that there was so much talent in hiding. Their caricatures were excellent. Veteran cartoonist Shri. Ankushji from Dainik Jagran, Mr. G.S. Kalra from the famous Kashish Cards (printers) and Mr. Ateeq who runs 'Finesse' – the school of Art were our 3 honourable judges. They were impressed by the creativity of the contestants. The winners were awarded with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes & 6 consolation prizes in each of the three categories. Participation certificates were also awarded to all, even the RCKG artists. The entire Independence Appreciated event was covered by the local print and television Independence from standing in queues and booking counters – Be news media. it your travelling or your cinema tickets, holiday resort bookings or bill payments at banks, or even shopping from home…everything is Ann Neeta Mehrotra conceptualized the project and online and merely a click away. It you're caught up in jam, do not the Project Directors Ann Anjali Agarwal, Ann fret, you are 'mobile' enough to call up home. Nidhi Chandra, Ann Ritu Jhunjhunwala and Ann Independence from the “Girl” stigma – Being a girl, a daughter or a Shraddha Lohia worked with complete devotion woman is no longer a matter of shame. Our very own RCKG is a fine and responsibility. PP Rtn. Sanjay Chowdhary, Rtn. example of humanitarian work done for the upliftment of girls at the Anup Mehrotra, Rtn. Rajeev Bhartiya, Ann Rachna Bal Grah Girls. On the social front, have you seen a mother-in-law Seth and Ann Seema Bhartiya assisted in the and daughter-in-law together lately? 'Saas-Bahu' no longer, it is invigilation. President Rtn. Archana Khaitan was actually an affectionate mother and a loving daughter that you will instrumental in arranging the venue. She was at the find. helm of affairs right from inception to Independence from being old – A desire to stay healthy is in its completion. prime. Morning walks, yoga, meditation, good food habits are being adopted by more and more people who believe that even if you grow older chronologically, you needn't age. Young and evergreen is here to stay!

These were just a few issues that flashed through my mind on Independence Day. Strangely, I saw both sides of the coin. You can take it just "As you like it!" The debate goes on… - Ann. Neeta Mehrotra

Beauty Within (24th Aug., 2011) The first Ann Wing program was held at Ann Ruchi Jain's residence. Mrs. Priti Singh from Bioclinic, Mrs. Ruchika Bakshi who holds workshops on selfdevelopment and healing and Mr. Srivastav, a magnet and colour therapist grouped together as panel members. They spoke at length on how internal beauty is the key to external beauty. The talk was interactive and many myths were clarified. We only wish more Anns had been present. Ann Manju Agarwal coordinated the program most efficiently. The PDs Anns Nandita Gupta, Madhu Kanodia and Sunita Dalmia arranged for the snacks. Ann Ruchi Jain was hospitality personified!

izhrh vkaVh - - izhrh vkaVh I;kjh gSa] lcls I;kjh U;kjh gS tks gedks i<+krh gS] vPNh f'k{kk nsrh gSa] ge lcdks crkrh gaS] i<+ fy[kdj dqN cuuk gS] thou esa dqN cuuk gS] lgh jkg ij pyuk gS] >wB dHkh ugha cksyuk gS] pksjh dHkh ugha djuk gS izhrh vkaVh I;kjh gaS] lcls I;kjh U;kjh gSA dqN u vk, le> esa rc mnkl dHkh ugha gksuk gS >V mB tkuk ;gh lkspdj vkaVh rqEgsa le>krh gaS] vkaVh ,sls i<+krh gSa] fnekx esa fQV gks tkrh gS] ;kn vk,xh mudh tc] mnkl ugha rqe gksuk vkยก[ks cUn djds ns[kksxh] vkaVh fny ds vUnj gksxhA izhrh vkaVh I;kjh gaS] lcls I;kjh U;kjh gSA Teaching on a wall of Balgrah (Girls)

A surprise for all ... Topper Meenakshi (3rd from right in the group photograph above) has penned a poem straight from the heart. There could not have been a more befitting tribute to our teacher of RCKG on Teachers' Day (5th Sept.)

An open letter ... Dear RCKG members, I'm overjoyed to share the results of the 16 children from Balgrah (Girls) who I was teaching last year. All the children have passed and many have secured ranks in the first tens. Meenakshi stood first throughout the year [2010-2011] in class III and has been granted a double promotion to class V. Rekha stood first in the half-yearly examinations of class IX. Jyoti passed with first class marks in her X board examinations. It was a successful and a very satisfying year. I do hope that this year too, I shall be able to do justice to them. Warm Regards, Ann Preeti Singh

A Teachers' Day card made by Annet Pranav Lohia, the youngest (7 years old) member of the RCKG family.

Congratulations, Teacher Preeti May your tribe increase!

Hello everyone, The past two months have seen a flurry of club activities. A number of club meetings, events and festivities meant that team Milestones was always on the run clicking pictures, writing articles and constantly thinking of ways to make this issue more interactive, more informative and more captivating than before. Admittedly, I learnt a few important lessons in the process - (a) Be sensitive, understanding and patient as your editor mother learns the nuances of operating the computer and (b) Forget to carry your common sense if you will, but never, ever, forget to carry your camera. Life is a persistent teacher. And as we celebrate our nation's 49th Teachers' Day, here's a witty conversation, a salute to Dr. Radhakrishnan, one of the greatest teachers of them all. Churchill, wartime British PM, was having a cup of tea with Dr. Radhakrishnan. Churchill said, "SUGAR is the only word in which's'is pronounced as 'sh'". Radhakrihnan smiled and asked, 'Are you SURE Sir?'


Aug. - Sept., 2011

This issue has been sponsored by A-2, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur - 208005 (INDIA) Tel: 2242201 to 07 Fax: (91)(512)2213407, 2212008 Email :

Courtesy : Rtn. Dr. Atul Kapoor President Rtn. Archana Khaitan 09336101965 ................................................. Secretary Rtn. Rajiv Bhartiya 09839100726 ................................................. Printed at Solar Press, Kanpur Rtn. Gopal Bhargava EDITORIAL BOARD Ann. Neeta Mehrotra 09839066950 ................................................. Annet. Kartikeya Mehrotra 09792355444

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Milestone for october,2011

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