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Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 5, Feb. 2012 - 15th Apr. 2012

Reach Within to Embrace Humanity



A ROMANCE WITH NATURE Is an Affair to Remember!

Meetings and Programs

The Finishing Line is in view... We are almost there! A new challenge (Milestones vol.9, 2011-12) was taken up with bubbling enthusiam and great devotion. Efforts to tap a fresh topic for the cover story each time, publish original articles, reports & literary contributions (by members) supported by illustrations & photographs (taken personally by our team & members) have all been instrumental in yielding immense satisfaction of being true to your job. Now that we have covered a good distance & stepped into the last quarter of our term there is a chance of becoming complacent. Now is the time for the real test. As Dr. Jagmohan Katakia PDG ('94 - '95), D. 3040 (Baroda) says in his letter of encouragement to us

"Compare yourself to a runner in a race. If that runner was moving at world-record pace for the first three quarters of his race but suddenly slowed down because the end was in sight, he would not succeed in giving his best performance." Totally stirred by his advice, we have made a sincere attempt once again & bring for you, RCKG's achievements at it's colourful best! So my dear readers, Sit back, relax and read on... ...

24th Feb - 26th Feb 2012 : The 42nd Rotary District 3110 conference was held in Kanpur this time. A variety of activities including plenary sessions and cultural programs were held during a 3-day workshop. The Incoming District Governor for 2012 – 13 was elected. RCKG was represented by President Rtn. Archana & her team. 28th February 2012 : The venue for the 8th board meeting was fixed at the residence of Rtn. Subhash and Ann. Rekha Vaid. It was time for congratulations and celebrations as the members rejoiced the success of the fundraising project – the play, Krishan vs. Kanhaiya. Dinner was arranged for by the hospitable Rotarian couple. March - April 2012 Bal Grah Celebrations Ann. Sobby Saluja, Ann. Madhu Kanodia & Ragini Khanna, Rtn. Mahesh, Ann. Sangeeta Kapoor, Ann. Anjali Agarwal, Ann. Nikita Gupta have played perfect hosts at the birthday celebrations for both boys & Girls. 9th April 2012 : In tune with the date, the 9th board meeting was held at the residence of Rtn. Kanwarpreet and Ann Sobby Saluja and was followed by dinner. The highlight of the evening was the discussion regarding the induction of a new member Mr. Deepak Kothari, who was unanimously elected to be a part of the RCKG family. Another important issue that was considered was that of the utilization of funds for MDR patients. 15th April 2012 : In our continuous effort towards maintenance of children’s health, a polio camp was organized at the Raina Market, Nawabganj on a Sunday. Presidents (Present & Incoming), Rtn. Archana Khaitan and Rtn. Anil Agarwal along with Rtn. Anup Mehrotra actively administered the medicine to the children in attendance. 17th April 2012 : With a never say die spirit, Rtn. Dr. Harsh Agarwal implanted the 7th pacemaker of this Rotary year successfully. The patient was Mr. Abdul Rajjaq, a 60 year old resident of Hamirpur. As always, Rtn. Dr. Atul Kapoor provided for the necessary medical assistance and support at the Regency Hospital.

Look out for details in the forthcoming issue of Milestones : 22nd April 2012 : ‘Amrita’, a school for special children and run by our very own Ann Dr. Rashmi Kapoor, organized an awareness talk and workshop on autism at the Ragendra Swarup Auditorium, Civil Lines. RCKG also co-sponsored the event. 29th April 2012: It’s time for Performing Arts! A spectacular song & dance show by the RCKG members for extended family and friends was held at the Merchants Chamber Auditorium, Civil Lines. T.B. Clinic (Every Tuesday 11am - 1pm): Success in curing more patients (also MDR patients) has been soul stirring as before.

On the cover View of the side gallery inside the All Soul's Church, Cantt, Kanpur. 22 cylindrical columns (or pillars) each approx. 15ft. high support the arches. The top section or 'capital' (also known as the 'chapiter') of each column is decorated with carvings of flowers & leaves in different patterns. A Romance with Nature in stone. Spellbounding! 3 1. Countryside (in oil) 2. Hillslopes (in water colour) by Ann. Suman Agarwal ('10-'12) Dahlias (in ink) by President Rtn. Archana Khaitan ('08)




2 1. Carnations (in water colour) 2. Mussourie(in water colour) by PP. Rtn. Suchitra Singh ('90-'93) 3. Orchard at 'The Plaisance'(in oils) by Mr. Raghavendrajit Singh ('82)

Waiting under the Plum Blossom (in water colour) by Ann. Minakshi Rastogi ('87)

RCKG Sponsors Sports Event for the Physically Challenged Dr. Ambedakar Institute of Technology for Handicapped (A.I.T.H.) was established in 1997 at Kanpur, (U.P India) by Government of Uttar Pradesh under World Bank assisted project through Technical Education Program. A.I.T.H is an autonomous institute imparting technical education to students through undergraduate (B.Tech.) and Diploma level courses for both normal & disabled students. At present A.I.T.H imparts technical education on Computer Science Engineering, Architecture, Electronics Engineering, Information Technology and Bio Technology amongst others. The institute is well equipped with workshops & labs to fulfill the training needs of the students including a comprehensive library, a 60-seater computer room, and an auditorium too. A sports event for the Physically Challenged was held here on 28th and 29th February 2012 :

RCKG co-sponsored the event, which included races, high jump, long jump, javelin throw, shot put & the 'always welcome' tug of war Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. A. S. Prasad was the chief guest for the sports day. Together with him, our President Rtn. Archana Khaitan, Incoming President Rtn. Anil Agarwal and Ann. Neeta Mehrotra, (Editor, Milestones) were welcomed and provided with a tour of the college complex by Mr. B.P.Singh, Director Mr. Gaurav and the college administration team. It was heartening to see the care that has gone into making movement for the handicapped as comfortable as possible via railings down all corridors, ramps for wheelchairs to go up to the first floor, green & open courtyards between sections of buildings etc. The prize distribution ceremony was touching in its own way. Constant cheering for the winners and their respective teams – from those on wheels and otherwise – reverberated through the air with great applause each time a prize was announced. The Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater feels honored to have been a part of this project, one that has inspired them to brave all odds. What a leap on a Leap Day!

From Cure to Prevention (15th February 2012) To make our Anns know themselves better than before Ann Dr. Rashmi Kapoor (Pediatric Intensivist and pulmonologist) organized an informative talk addressing the issues on Breast cancer and Cervical cancer, at the Regency Hospital Ltd. The articulate speaker was Dr. Yuthika Bajpai, trained in Australia. She is an infertility and Adolescent gynecology expert and runs IVF and adolescent gynecology clinics successfully and regularly at Regency Hospital. She informed the audience how to self examine the breast and also that all sexually active women should get a regular pap smear done. She also suggested that cervical cancer vaccine should be given to all girls above 12years of age because cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be prevented! Dr. Bajpai emphasized that a yearly mammography should be done after the age of 40yrs. All the facilities were made available to the Anns then and there at the Regency Hospital and a few Anns even got their pap smears and mammography done also the same day!! Thank you Ann. Dr. Rashmi Kapoor!

Husband's cook out (29th January 2012) It has been said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. But that it also works with roles reversed is what we found out! This much-awaited event, especially by the Anns, was held during lunch at the residence of Rtn. Sanjeev and Ann. Ritu Jhunjhunwala. In this event, the Rotarians happily donned the aprons & chef caps and willingly took charge of being behind the cooking stoves to win the hearts of all ladies around. Meanwhile, the Anns sat back, relaxed and enjoyed being pampered with gastronomical delights excitedly prepared and served by their husbands. Must add, inspite of trying to pick out fine faults, theywere swept off their feet! The food counters ranged from that of Pasta, Shashlik, Barbeque, Ludwaya& Salads to Parathas, Jeera-Aalu & Daal and Desserts of course. Rtn. Sanjeev did not let any one feel the heat of the sun with his constant service of self-made unique beverages. Project Director Ann Ritu constantly did the rounds of all tables making sure that whatever any one required was provided for immediately.The other Project Directors Ann Aparna Kejriwal, Ann Shraddha Lohia and President Rtn. Archana Khaitan were also always ready at hand for any assistance. Food cooked from the heart surpasses all expectations and so it did! Each one felt at home at this RCKG family picnic on a wintery but warm Sunday afternoon.

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The play: Krishan vs. Kanhaiya th The date: Saturday, 4 February 2012 The venue: C.S.J.M Auditorium, Kanpur Finally, the much-awaited play was staged! 12 noon onwards… An excited reception committee of RCKG members welcomed acclaimed actor and comedian Mr. Paresh Rawal and his team at the Cawnpore Club lawns. After cordial exchanges, the star cast joined the members for an informal lunch. It was heartening to see that inspite of having reached the heights of being a national award winner, Mr. Paresh Rawal was a man completely down to earth, making polite conversations and obliging all with photographs. 5 p.m. A group of enthusiastic journalists from leading news dailys swarmed the make up room of Mr. Rawal for a quick round of question and answers. Not to be left behind, our special correspondent for Milestones, Ann. Ritu Bhargava put up a few queries too. Since time was less, the actor responded willingly, but with short & precise answers. Here are 2 of Mr. Paresh Rawal witty one - liners! Q. Where does your wife, Swaroop Sampat fit in your life ? A. No, No ! She is not my wife... She is my life ! Q. How would you sum up this play ? A. It is not just a MINDless comedy. MIND IT ! 7 p.m. onwards An eager audience started pouring in much before the scheduled time. Past President Rtn. Rajeev Agarwal conducted the preliminary formalities during which President Rtn. Archana Khaitan presented each sponsor with a potted green plant as a token of appreciation. And then… the play began… Krishan vs. Kanhaiya is about an atheist's battle with God. Krishan is an atheist who incurs huge losses when his antique shop was destroyed by an earthquake. The insurance company refuses his claim because the destruction happened due to act of God. At this point Krishan decides to fight the almighty God “Kanhaiya”. What follows is a very intelligent, deeply thought out and well argued case for and against the existence of God, the role of multi-billion religious trusts, how the common man has become 'God fearing' rather than 'God loving' and the fallacies of insurance. To add a twist to the tale, Kanhaiya – the Lord Himself – presents himself to Krishanlal and through witty dialogues & smart arguments gets him to see the true picture of God. Yet, this play isn't about an atheist getting converted to a hardcore believer; but rather the discovery of oneself with the help of a wise friend in the avatar of God. Rift with hilarious situations and thought provoking dialogues, the play was a runaway success with the viewers. As always, Mr. Paresh Rawal just lived the role - his acting effortless, spontaneous and completely natural! A deserving vote of thanks and a gift token was given to the performers. Together with the cast & crew of the play, the RCKG members proceeded for a formal dinner. Thank you project directors – Rtn. Dr. Atul Kapoor (administration), Rtn. Rakesh Kapoor and Rtn. Rajiv Bhartiya (sponsorship), Rtn. Anup Mehrotra (publicity), Rtn. Rishi Kapoor (hospitality) and Ann. Madhu Kanodia (ticketing) for the exemplary arrangements and taking special care of each and every aspect of the play.

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A Romance with Nature My little cuckoo clock just chimed times five As I stepped out from my boudoir-hive Out into the garden emerald green Fresh with dewdrops, my heart too keen. No sooner than a ray of sun Came peeping out of leaves new spun Morning glory bugles made trumpet sounds And floral greetings rung out in rounds.

Nature in all it's splendour is God's gift to man.

The Pole Star hurriedly dived to hide In the corridor of the Allamanda bright, Other smaller stars quickly found room Under tents of the Bougainvillea boom.

The Adenium pods seemed to burst with joy Heralding radiant flowers blushing pink and coy The Calliandra took steps in melody Akin to a peacock, strut in glee.

Flowers speak ! They symbolize the feeling they are given with -

Facing Father Sun, now big and bold Were queued in line cloned Sunflowers gold Were they soldiers marching in a row Or dancers, pretty maids each in tow?

thus they bring... good health & cheer to the sick, love to the beloved, good luck to the examinee, prosperity to the newly weds, celebrations to the winner............ & ......

A robust red Hibiscus fell within my glance When I spotted it's twin cousins just per chance Lo! dainty earrings for an evening wear Were Hibiscus pink dangling mid-air!

To us at MILESTONES they brought

Scurrying on a leaf of the Passion Flower A tiny ant ran errand up the bower, Buzzing around the graceful Hollyhock fair Was a busy-bee garbed in nectar gear.

poetry... & prose...!

Ann. Neeta Mehrotra April 2012 Photographs of the flowers taken between March and June 2011

God's creatures at work hinted - I should leave I left all charged, no sigh, no heave With a promise to return from life mundane To romance with nature tomorrow again!

One Blissful Evening

Ann. Dr. Rashmi Kapoor May 2006

I could not help bringing forth my heart and soul felt happiness when I happened to attend a twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations the other day....! As you descended your car a soft tingling welcomed you…..the ambience of the place, the walk away with the ambit of bougainvillea, leading to a moor surrounded by a dense bush of berry lighted purple giving it an appearance of a dreamland.... where one could sit endlessly....without uttering a word... just lying or sitting, absorbing and appreciating the solitude and beauty. Further from the walk a rough pathway leading to a verdant green fountain...the pathway lit by little earthen lamps... On the left of the road a marshy pond where lotuses afloat…. . Not very far away, a green house covered with the railway creeper looked like a pregnant cloud in the purple hue of artificial light, as if just about to deliver rain….. Amidst this dreamy sequence, upon a beautifully landscaped hillock a swain playing the mellifluous "loh tarang" with the mélange of melodious old numbers… What else could one ask for on this night with moon on its full bloom and soft bellowing of air ??... One was almost levitating in the air!!

And February marches into March….. Finally the dullness of cold prolonged winter seems to be fading away. I saw a tiny little “bulbul” perched on top of a bougainvillea twig abutting my window, while I was on my usual workout on the treadmill today. The Mexican cotton tree in front of our house, ashamed of its nakedness, has started wearing leaves, the creeper jackmunsia, that adorns our boundary is showing signs of it being alive by bearing all those lovely blue flowers. All of a sudden every living being seems to have come alive. The Bulbul pirouetting over the bougainvillea shrub, will soon find a partner and make a nest there. It is amazing to see these tiny creatures make their nest with such proficiency that even best of the architects can be put to shame. They design and construct all by themselves. It intrigues me every time it chirps as to what it must be saying to its companion, what feelings these tiny creatures must be sharing. How they seem to be regaling in their own conversation! I wish someone could decode their language! Suddenly in the silence of dusk one can hear all frequencies and baritone of chirping! Within ten days of warm sunshine, the cotton tree is laden with angry reddish orange flowers, that dry bougainvillea twig is replaced by fresh foliage and bright magenta flowers. The leaves that withstood the strong winters and gave the tree enough to survive now lie scattered all over the ground, strange phenomenon of nature! It soon dispenses with something which is redundant! why can't we learn from nature and keep getting rid of the junk, that includes the thoughts too! Suddenly there is a riot of colour in my garden! The violet, indigo and yellow giant pansies, the pale pink geranium, the ceneria in all shades of blue, the bright yellow asters, the silky yellow California poppy with a long stalk, careening with the flow of wind. Fragrant sweet pea, in all those pastel colours is climbing in cohesion with the ivy, but the sweet smell is unmistakable! The clusters of phlox in small beds, the rows of white candytuft, they all simply add to the variety and colours to my garden. The pale mauve and white petunias on the top of the boundary wall standing like a policeman, as if protecting my garden from the evil eyes. The proud pink, red, lemon yellow roses regal like the king of flowers make my rose bed really special! The giant dahlias in the bed adjacent to sweet pea look majestic! The lush green grass this time seems to be keeping pace with bright and vibrant colours of the flowers. When you see all these amazing colours in all shades one marvels at the richness and creativity of nature. There is just one expression on the vast array of flowers, exultation! This magnanimous bouquet of colours can bring smile to the most poignant faces. "Aisa lagta hai jaise kudrat ne alag alag rangon ke katore upar se neeche bekher diye hon!" This is nature’s rendition for us! This season also brings back those memories of childhood when the arrival of February was accompanied by racing of adrenalin in our veins, ’coz the exams were round the corner. This cooing and the chirping in the silence of 10 am, when everyone else of the house had gone for work, is reminiscent of those times when I used to be immersed in books, bunking my school, preparing for the finals. The days used to be short and the course interminable! If you wanted to go out, the roads looked barren because children were not running across, the streets empty ‘coz kids Indian musical instruments can be broadly aren’t playing cricket, the buses were not plying, the picture classified into categories of classical, western and halls empty, you could manage to get a seat in a restaurant with folk. Some instruments include those that create a ease! All because the life of any town is submersed neck deep in ‘tarang’ that literally means ‘waves’. COURSE & COARSE BOOKS!! Some how this bulbul never ceases to bring gloom to my mind! The Loh Tarang is a melodic percussion I don’t know why? instrument. It consists of a set of circular metal Ann. Dr. Rashmi Kapoor plates of different sizes held in a frame. Each plate is March 2008 pitched to a note and when struck in harmony with sticks held in hand, a musical tune is produced. Other famous percussion instruments are: 1. The Jal Tarang – played with ceramic bowls of varying sizes filled with water. 2. The Kaanch Tarang – a type of glass harp 3. The Kanstha Tarang – a kind of metal xylophone 4. The Ghata Tarang – a set of ‘ghatams’ or earthen pots 5. The Tabla Tarang – a set of Tablas.

"Spot the 6 differences" Milestones Dec. '11 - Jan. '12 SIXTH SENSE

Chiminies of Elgin Mills (in oils) by Mr. Raghavendrajit Singh


dkuiqj Fkk dHkh ;s liuksa dk 'kgj vkt gS i;kZoj.k dk dgj dHkh xjtrh Fkh ;gk¡ feyksa dh fpefu;k¡ vkt /k/kdrh gSa dSalj dh HkfVV~;k¡ eu O;fFkr dj nsrh gS ;g QfCr;k¡ f/kDdkj gS mudks ftudh gS ;g iafDr;k¡ iapdksfV dks vius lk;s esa yisVs gS ;g dkuiqj f'k{kk dk fyckl gS ;g dkuiqj O;olkf;;ksa dk izkax.k gS ;g dkuiqj ân; esa iz;k.k djrh gS lEosnuk;sa ut+jksa esa ygjkrh gS lEHkkouk;sa dk;kdYi gS ftudh dkeuk,¡ ogha gS dkuiqj ds luokfluh ogha gS d.kZ/kkj&tks djsaxs ft.kksZ)kj &jks- uhjt izlkn

Holmes is back to tell you the 6 differences in the pictures. I. The white tag on the hip pocket of Devashish's trousers. II. The letter 'U.S.'written on Vatsal Bhaiya's maroon T-shirt on the left. III. The window panes at the top of the window on the left. IV. Shubhi Didi's face (seen after the boy in a white T-shirt) on the right. V. The blue coloured signboard behind the white cable car at the back. VI.The rope hanging from the huge machine on the right of the picture. And dear R.C.K.Gi'ans , just in case you are wondering how I became the FIRST to spot these differences , here is the secret ! All I did was pick up like Sherlock Holmes a MAGNIFYING GLASS and look through it ! My sixth sense you see … “

“Elementary My Dear Watson…!


Hello everyone, While my travels across India have exposed me to a fair share of diversity, they have also underscored the essence of distinctiveness; that exclusive and unique characteristic of a place or a person that makes one go “Oh, that is unmistakably…” The pictures above need no explanation. The flower seller with the large vermillion on her forehead symbolizes Chennai…unmistakably, the dhoti-clad hand rickshaw puller represents Kolkatta…unmistakably, the hawker with colourful bangles denotes Firozabad…unmistakably & that dignified gentleman effortlessly rolling a cigar is Winston Churchill…unmistakably. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is something noteworthy about each one of us that makes us ‘special’ in the eyes of the world. I really do not have to look any further than my own home for a fine example.... a cursory glance at the flower so elegantly pinned to the left of her hair bun, and I know that it is my mother…unmistakably!

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